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  1. These both arrived today. My dream amp and cab. Now I just need gigs to resume.
  2. Jimmy Egypt has done superb work on my basses and my friends guitars.
  3. If only I'd known you were going to buy one I'd have advertised it a week earlier. How are you enjoying it?
  4. GSS Sumo [email protected] Power Amp - £325 delivered in UK. Comes with dedicated GSS case. Note that this is the 1000W version and not the more common Baby 600W version. Small, lightweight, and awesome sounding. Just like me. Bought new in August 2021 and I had to pay a pretty penny in import duties and VAT on top of the cost. Never left the house where it has been used for home practice with a Helix Floor and Stomp. Full details on the GSS website here: https://www.guitarsoundsystems.com/gss-1000w-sumo-guitar-bass-power-amp-c2x23791314 Only selling as I've just bought my all-time dream amp from here. Demos welcomed in Glasgow subject to Covid guidelines. John
  5. Stop press! I just remembered I have a carry case for it which I will include.
  6. Barefaced Big Baby II Gen 3 with silver cloth grill and Barefaced cover. £550 delivered in UK. Beautiful sounding cab in mint condition. Gigged once before lockdown killed live music. Potential buyers are welcome to try it out in Glasgow following all Covid restrictions of course. I no longer have the box but my packing skills are legendary.
  7. JohnR

    ACG beauty

    Alan had shared the specs on his instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYTYZZIs2OL/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. Dear Lord! That is stunning. I'd love to try an Overwater one day.
  9. I replaced the preamp and pickups with full fat EMG ones. EMG were nice enough to send me a proper left-handed preamp from the USA.
  10. I love the Hohner. It is always within reach and gets played a lot.
  11. Final price drop to £750 £700 Line6 Helix Floor in mint condition with box. £800 £750 £700 delivered in UK. Bought from here a few months ago and hasn't left the house. It still had the screen plastic covers on until a few weeks ago. Previous owner purchased it in May 2021 and it saw home use only. I love this and am only selling as it is overkill for my simple needs. I have already bought an HX Stomp to replace it. Trial in Glasgow welcomed as long as Covid restrictions are respected.
  12. JohnR

    ACG beauty

    And here it is in all its glory. I went for a completely flat fingerboard radius and it has been a revelation to play.
  13. Time for me to share. Left to right: MTD Kingston 6 string. My frankenbass which has been customised beyond recognition. USA Barts and a Mike Pope preamp with Hipshot hardware. Pickups have been moved into several positions over the years, the router is now my best friend. I installed the luminlays myself which was tense fun. ACG Recurve. Beautiful beyond words. I went for a completely flat radius and the fingerboard and it is hilariously easy to play. Fender American Professional II Jazz. PLEK'd by Peach Guitars. Babicz bridge, highly recommended. John East preamp. Ramp from Luca Merlatti at Finger Ramp. I also have a set of Nordstrand Big Bladed waiting to be installed. Fitted with flats which give this bass a very distinctive character. Hohner B2A. New EMG pickups and preamp make this bass great. Jimmy Egypt did some fretwork and it plays beautifully. I'm very happy with the way the basses all complement each other with little overlap of tone.
  14. JohnR

    ACG beauty

    The new ACG arrived yesterday. I will share pictures soon.
  15. I was there. Amazing times.
  16. You're killing me. Complete bargain for an amazing bass. I just don't need it though.
  17. It arrived yesterday. Took all of 20 minutes to install. Had my first rehearsal last night and the tone is superb.
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