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  1. I've previously owned a 410+ which was an amazing cab. I wanted to downsize and replace it with a 2x10.
  2. I just wish they'd produce and ship the products they already have. I gave up waiting for a carbon 2x10 to become available.
  3. Source Audio C4 synth pedal - £160 delivered in UK. In pristine condition, comes with box and Source Audio PSU. Bought for a project that is now completed so no longer required.
  4. Empress bass compressor. Six months old and in mint condition with box. £160 delivered in UK. Some of you may be aware there was a technical issue with the first batch of these compressors affecting up to serial number 260. This one has a serial number of 376 which means it does not have the issue. I have owned a lot of compressors and this has been the best so far. Only selling as I'm curious to try the new Source Audio Atlas pedal.
  5. Boss OC-5. £90 delivered in UK. Fully boxed, as new condition and only a few weeks old. Sounds great but a recent purchase of a Source Audio C4 means I don't have a use for it.
  6. I was the second owner of this gorgeous bass and bought it from its first owner in Montreal so it made a trip back to it's birthplace in Scotland. I only let it go because it inspired me to have an ACG built to my own specs. A truly lovely bass which I would buy back in a heartbeat if I had the spare cash.
  7. I buy three sets of Hi-Beam 30-90 at a time from http://www.stringsandbeyond.com/ $22USD per set and I haven't been hit with any import charges yet.
  8. Thanks Ian, I just sent payment via PayPal f&f. Cheers John
  9. Still 4 available at guitarguitar. Three now as I just bought one.
  10. They are amazing. I’ve had similarly superb service in the past and glad to see it’s their standard practice.
  11. Hi Phil. Lovely bass and at a good price. GLWTS.
  12. Vanderkley Spartan amplifier in pristine condition with flight case, gig bag, powercon power lead, and rack ears. £1,100 delivered in UK. No box but will be well packaged. Bought here at the start of the year for a project that isn't going to happen. A truly amazing amp and the best I have ever had the pleasure of playing through. Price is firm-ish. Anyone interested is welcome to a trial in Glasgow. Blurb from the Vanderkley website: https://vanderkleyamp.com/spartan/ Input with 0/-12dB selection and mute 5-band active tone control, boost/cut with centre click; Low -18dB/+18dB @ 40Hz Low Mid -15dB/+15dB @ 90Hz Mid -14dB/+14dB @ 600Hz Mid High -15dB/+15dB @ 4kHz High -18dB/+18dB @ 11kHz Master volume The pre-amp is built up from high-end, audio op-amps Transformer Balanced DI out (mic level), Pre/Post Eq, Ground lift All signal switching is done with relays Output A: 800 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 400 Watt @ 8 Ohm Output B: 800 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 400 Watt @ 8 Ohm Total output: 1600 Watt High-end OEM two-channel class D power-amp Switch-mode power supply Universal mains, 100V – 240V Ultra silent cooling fan Weight: 5 Kg Dimensions: h x w x d = 9 x 30 x 23 cm It is two rack units high and comes with rack-ears for 19″ mounting Gig-bag for the Spartan is available
  13. I have one of these and much prefer it to my previous Strymon Zuma. Amazing PSU.
  14. This is lovely. I keep coming back to look at it. GLWTS.
  15. I have owned both and the tone circuits are identical with the SBP-1 having additional features such as DI and Tuner out. I went with the SBP-2 as it has a smaller footprint and takes up less space on my pedalboard.
  16. I have a Vanderkley Spartan and GR Bass cabinet. I recently switched from 4x10 to 2x10. My rig is very transparent and adds nothing to the tone. When practicing at home I mostly play through an ancient set of Event TR8 studio monitors and still get the same tone. I also found dropping down a string gauge worked for me. I now play 40-100 Hi-Beams which give a bit more snap than 45-105 strings.
  17. That is exactly the tone I was looking for and I feel using the SBP-2 with the stock pickups got me most of the way to my desired result. Strings will also be important. I use DR Strings Hi-Beams but Newtone Strings were also very close. I wanted to try Dunlop which Marcus uses but had two strings break during installation in the two sets I tried so gave up. Edited to add that I found having the pickup height much lower than the Fender specification really helped get the tone I wanted.
  18. I have the same bass and had the same requirement. I tried different pickups and internal preamps but nothing worked for me. The eventual solution was using the stock pickups with an external Sadowsky SBP-2 preamp pedal. Sheer magic.
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