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  1. I had one of these from new back in the day and I loved it. If you were closer I would probably buy it for nostalgia. Have a bump.
  2. More details: Body is swamp ash with a transparent red burst high gloss finish. I decided just to let the grain of the ash show rather than go solid. I'm glad I did because I think it looks great in the photos. Pickups will be PJ Overwater with volume, blend and tone. I toyed with the idea of getting an MM pickup in the bridge position but settled on a more 'classic' PJ layout. Hardware will be all black and I've specced a Hipshot extender (all my 4 strings have a Hipshot). The hardest choice was the pickguard. I still swing between black and red tort. I've settled on black but I could see me getting another one made up!
  3. kevham

    ACG beauty

    Has the new bass arrived yet John? Did you ever sell that WAL you had?
  4. Some interesting basses there. I nearly bought a Retrovibe once. It was really nice and light, had a big fat tone and played great. I just didn't like the looks. I do regret not buying it though. I had one of the first Sire V7 - great sound and easy to play but the tuners fell to bits (literally) and it wasn't reliable enough to gig so it had to go. Hopefully they've solved that problem by now so I might get one of the short scale Sire basses to try.
  5. Cheers. Neck is a flamed maple. Board is the darkest Laurel they had in the store. I decided to go for simple dot inlays.
  6. Yes I went for PJ configuration for a bit more flexibility. It's an Overwater.
  7. Because it is so hard to find decent lefties in anything other than bog standard colours or pay mahoosive amounts for a relic'd Fender custom shop, I decided to go for a UK crafted custom P-Bass a while back to get my dream bass and support British craftsmanship. Pics of progress so far. It's going to have a black scratch plate and black hardware. Neck will have a vintage tinted satin finish. Can't wait to get it and it will fill the p bass gap in my collection nicely.
  8. Can't get more 80s than that. Status and a Trace. Classic. I picked up a Status S2 during lockdown. My dream bass when I was a kid.
  9. I've been off basschat for a while. Just catching up with all the lefty news! My current wish list is: 1. Spector Bantam 2. Fender Aerodyne Jazz 3. Fender MIJ Precision I've got a new bass being built for me at the moment which has dented my back account severely so I might have to sell something soon....
  10. Got yourself a Washburn Status. I've had mine since new in 1989. It is the one bass I will never sell.
  11. This post reminded me i had a couple of videos on YouTube playing through the DP-3x with my son who is learning guitar. Here is one with my Spector (excuse the dodgy playing):
  12. Fantastic. My kinda music. Riff driven, reminiscent of the music I loved as a kid. And, the unmistakable sound of a Spector!
  13. I had one of these in the late 80s. Awesome cab.
  14. Looks lovely. Wish you were closer and we didn't have travel restrictions in place.
  15. I bought 2 jazz basses last year (including that Blonde one) and whilst I love the necks and the way the basses look, I have come to the conclusion they are just not for me. I can't quite explain why. I had a Stingray for a while and it was my number 1 until I got my Spector. I still would like a decent P-bass at some point.
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