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  1. kevham

    Affordable lefty P

    The necks on the player P bass are 42mm at the nut - same as a Standard P bass and a Musicman etc. They are definitely not Jazz necks. I loved the neck on my Squier PJ bass - but I’m getting used to wider necks again with my Stingray and my Spector 😉
  2. kevham

    Left-Handed Horror Stories

    How do you feel about someone who is totally right handed playing guitar left handed? The ONLY thing I do left handed is play guitar....... 👀
  3. kevham

    Twins on the sofa

    Nice. I like the black with maple neck.
  4. kevham

    Fender Player series

    The Tidepool is much more like the photo I posted above than the photos you see online. I quite liked it. The reason I didn’t buy is that I wasn’t sure on the day and by the time I had decided, they were sold out. I think when they are back I might just have to get one although I have bought a Spector since 😉
  5. kevham

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    I've had the Washburn from new. I've never seen another lefty so I guess it is quite rare.
  6. kevham

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    I had a Sire. I traded it to get the Stingray. The tuners were replaced within six months but the replacements were just as bad. Other than that, it was a good guitar.
  7. kevham

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    I still want a Fender Precision, a Fender Jazz and a custom Overwater to complete my collection. How are you getting on with the Sire?
  8. kevham

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    My collection as it currently stands: 2013 Spector Euro4 LX TW 1989 Washburn Status 1989 Hohner B2A 2017 Musicman Stingray
  9. Two days earlier and I would have been all over this but I've just bought another bass. GLWS.
  10. kevham

    Barefaced two ten NOW SOLD

    4ohm or 12 ohm?
  11. kevham

    Reverend basses

    Yes Merchant City was the shop I was referring to in my original post. Haven't made it in to see them yet. Maybe this weekend....
  12. kevham

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    They have become really expensive. I have a 2017 Stingray which was around £1700 which was comparable to an American Fender at the time. Now at around £2k, it seems expensive.
  13. kevham

    Lefty Sire Vintage V7

  14. kevham

    New bass incoming excitement! Now NBD

    Give it 6 months before really deciding. I was like you at first too. Don’t get me wrong, they are really good value but mine at least didn’t stand the rigours of regular use. Hopefully they have improved things and if they have I would certainly consider one as an alternative to a Mexican Fender.
  15. kevham

    New bass incoming excitement! Now NBD

    I had a lefty Sire V7 4-string for a while. For the money it was good but I only paid about £300 because I had some euros on a pre paid card that I’d loaded years ago! The tuners were frankly rubbish - two were chewed up within 3 months. Thomann sent replacements that were exactly the same so I put Hipshots on it. Sound was proper jazz in the passive mode and the active pre-amp is very powerful. Neck felt ok but I didn’t get on with the lacquered finish. So, upgrade the tuners and it’ll be a good giggable bass.