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  1. Any idea what this cab weighs? Is it the 8ohm version? I does look like a great one cab solution. I’m pretty close (Livingston) but like Dave, I’d need to sell some other gear.....
  2. Awesome looking bass and I bet it sounds and plays beautifully. I played a fretless Wal in Sound Control in Glasgow in about 1989. It was lovely and less than a grand. I kinda regret not buying it but I was rubbish with fretless so probably for the best. Sadly out of my price range now. :-(
  3. SOLD

  4. That’s nice. Unusual colour too. Shame you’re at the other end of the country.
  5. SOLD

    You can never have too many Barefaced cabs CJ but sadly the logistics would not be practical with me being so far away now. Good luck with the sale anyway.
  6. SOLD

    Hey CJ. Fancy seeing you here. ;-)
  7. Southpaw Spotted

    I saw this one. Looks like a decent fixer upper. If only I hadn’t just bought a brand new Stingray......
  8. Eden WTB400

    Whereabouts are you, Mike?
  9. Shuker 5 Sold

    That is a thing of beauty. GLWS.
  10. Our singer uses one. Looks odd. But no 'odder' than my lefty bass. No one cares once the party gets going. After my bum notes last night, I could probably do with getting a stand too....... ;-)
  11. Sandberg TM4 or Stingray

    Thread resurrection. I finally took the plunge and bought the Stingray last week. Loving it so far. :-)
  12. Bass Direct

    I've bought a few Hipshot products via BD over the last year. Mostly straightforward with only one 'hiccup'. I would use them again but I think they can probably improve their order tracking and communication with customers.
  13. NA&CD!!! Ampeg PF-350 & Barefaced One 10

    Interesting. I too play in a rock covers band and use a pair of Two10s with a TC BH500. I am looking to downsize the amp and this wee Ampeg is on my list along with the TH350 and the Tech21 VT Bass (which I had originally bought but was dead on arrival). To be honest, the two cabs are overkill much of the time but they do look the business and are still fairly easy to transport.
  14. Lefty Photo Gallery

    [quote name='sblueplanet' timestamp='1507824628' post='3388244'] Did you have the scratchplate made? [/quote] Yes - Jacks Instrument Services in Manchester. Really good fit and nice quality. Not cheap but I couldn’t find an off the shelf plate that worked. Plus I reckoned a quality scratch plate would make the whole guitar look just that bit more pukka.