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  1. kevham

    Short scale P bass

    PM me what you were looking for it. I’m not far away and I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks.
  2. kevham

    Short scale P bass

    That white one is lovely. Is it Fender or Squier branded (can't tell on my phone). I'd love a shot of that. I find as I get older that my small hands are struggling more.......
  3. kevham

    Short scale P bass

    Does anyone know if Fender ever made a short scale P bass or Jaguar bass in left handed?
  4. kevham

    Shuker Jazz 5

  5. kevham

    Elixir strings

    I’ve still got them on my Spector. Over 10 gigs now. Still sound and feel fresh. Tried Rotosound Nexus on my Stingray - 2 gigs in they are dull and the coating has visibly worn in places.
  6. kevham

    Elixir strings

    I can’t believe it took me so long to try these. I’ve used them on acoustic guitar for years. I’m now 8 gigs in and they still sound and feel like new. I’d have gone through 3 or 4 sets of Rotos or EBs by now.
  7. kevham

    Lefty Hipshot Extender

    There are different fitments of Hipshot to match the tuners on your bass. The BT2 is a fitment for vintage Fenders. I have a spare lefty (treble) BT7 that I had on a Squier - perfect for a Mexican Fender. I also have a Hipshot on my Spector. I’m looking to get one for my Stingray - I need a BT1 for that!
  8. kevham

    Elixir strings

    Last month I splashed out and put a set of Elixir coated nickel roundwounds on my Spector Euro LX. Six gigs in and they still sound like new. Normally I change strings every two gigs. I didn’t like the feel at first but I’ve got used to it. My new favourite string!
  9. That is most excellent. I wonder if I can raise the cash....
  10. kevham

    Southpaw Spotted

    I saw this. It's not far from me......
  11. kevham

    Affordable lefty P

    The necks on the player P bass are 42mm at the nut - same as a Standard P bass and a Musicman etc. They are definitely not Jazz necks. I loved the neck on my Squier PJ bass - but I’m getting used to wider necks again with my Stingray and my Spector 😉
  12. kevham

    Left-Handed Horror Stories

    How do you feel about someone who is totally right handed playing guitar left handed? The ONLY thing I do left handed is play guitar....... 👀
  13. kevham

    Twins on the sofa

    Nice. I like the black with maple neck.
  14. kevham

    Fender Player series

    The Tidepool is much more like the photo I posted above than the photos you see online. I quite liked it. The reason I didn’t buy is that I wasn’t sure on the day and by the time I had decided, they were sold out. I think when they are back I might just have to get one although I have bought a Spector since 😉
  15. kevham

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    I've had the Washburn from new. I've never seen another lefty so I guess it is quite rare.