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  1. Just comment, this is not UJB but OB model..
  2. Sorry, not a big fan of Modulus..
  3. So it is Monarch or Emperor? :-)
  4. Is it possible to set 18 mm spacing? Thanks.
  5. Hi, LOWERED PRICE: £900 I have for sale this incredible Yamaha TRB 6 string bass. It´s a killer bass, with great playbility and huge B string (despite 34" scale). Open for trades if you have butique 4- or 5-string bass. Vintage Fender P or JB preffered (additional cash possible). Located in Czech Republic. Filip
  6. Hi, little offtopic: what strings are on this beauty? They all seem to be tapered.. Thanks.
  7. No, everything works properly. Just the covers are missing.
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