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  1. Speaking as an elderly white man, I'm fascinated by his current take on music's domination by the conventions of old white men - just refreshing to have such a well thought through challenge to the perceptions we take for granted. Probably doesn't improve my bass playing, but it sure as hell improves my approach to the music I love to listen to.
  2. Me too, but they didn't seem to be a sales or marketing thing, or at least not obviously.
  3. While we're talking about YT bass educators, what do you make of Adam Neely?
  4. Funky - yes. Loo - yes. Booga? Clearly a personal choice!
  5. I get the Jaco thing in terms of his incredible dexterity and creativity, but I'd much rather listen to and work out a Carol Kaye line than try to dance all over the fretboard.
  6. It's probably because of my advanced age, I tend to sign into things out of politeness - like they've put this stuff up, I ought to introduce myself!
  7. That works for some things, but I think the word bass combined with guitar is enough for him to be all over me on YouTube, for instance.
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