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  1. @Mada Music Any chance of your bringing this to the Midlands Bass Bash on 4th September? I'm sure there are quite a few Basschatters who'd love to see/hear this awesome thing (and - with any luck - more than 30 people will be allowed to congregate!)?
  2. Dunno whether or not it's a synth or a plug-in - it's certainly great.
  3. I know exactly what you mean - I lost 4 days as a result of Jabba (see what I did there?) 1 and three from jab 2. No fun at all.
  4. Really well, thanks! It has all the growl and brightness of the classic Stingray in a smaller and lighter package. I'm really loving it and can't recommend it highly enough.
  5. Beautiful! So sorry to hear the reason for your sale. Good luck with it. I'd have been in the market if I hadn't just got myself a SBMM shorty Stingray. 👍
  6. Not sure a cake bash is such a good idea 😂
  7. I thought this was an old pipe tobacco, but it turns out to be an amazing bass build - can't wait!
  8. I was literally just wondering that when I saw your post in notifications, Richard!
  9. I've just bought a Sterling by Music Man Short Scale Stingray from Tom and it has been the smoothest of transactions and a delight to chat with him throughout the process. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to other Basschatters, though - judging by the length of this huge feedback thread - they probably know that, as he's probably traded with them all already! Thanks again, Tom - you're an absolute gent.
  10. I think the other costs would be UPS's - back in the day, Thomann used to swallow the delivery charge over a certain purchase price,
  11. I don't think there'll be any extra costs from Thomann themselves - the website price will include VAT and handling, so it should be the price you pay: nothing else. But they're not there yet! I've ordered a product at £216 pre VAT and handling, and I reckon it's going to be £274.72, as against the old potential price of £256.80 (i.e purchase price including VAT), which means the additional handling fee will effectively be £17.92. That's not exactly earthshaking - perhaps we can call it the price of Brexit (no trolling intended!). Certainly manageable, given that I can't get the product anywhere else and - even if I could - it would probably be more expensive. But I was never great at maths!
  12. Just had this in an email from Thomann: We do understand that our UK customers would rather make one single payment for the total amount, so we are happy to inform you that we will shortly be introducing door-to-door pricing whereby the price on our website will be inclusive of VAT and the additional handling fees outlined above. We hope to implement this in the coming weeks and our website will be updated accordingly. So I guess that's progress, of a sort.
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