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  1. Having looked at the website, I can see why! But I can't find any reviews or YouTube tests. Is it right that only 10 were made?
  2. I'm sure you're right, but please don't blame me!
  3. Every time I see an Atelier Z bass of this vintage, I get tingles... which only subside when I look at the price. I wish I could afford this, but GLWTS!
  4. Really sorry to hear that, but at least you can gig with the g.. gui... it's no good. Can't say the word! GLWTS!
  5. This is incredible value. I don't do 5s, but there must be someone out there who would want to snap this up. GLWTS!
  6. Nice job! What's that thing on the back of the headstock?
  7. Just like your P, this is difficult to imagine without the tort pickguard - lovely bass. GLWTS!
  8. Thanks so much for this. It's so tight from the top view. Awesome work.
  9. They definitely emptied the case candy store for this one!
  10. Generally, I find Foderas completely over the top and unlovely, but this beautiful bass has proved me wrong - what a looker! I am though a little confused by what looks like a butt-join neck attachment. What is going on there, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Here's a bump for a truly gorgeous looking (and bad back-nurturing) bass!
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