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  1. What a star you are, Chris - thank you so much. One of my favourite tracks. Apologies for slow reply - been offsite for a few days.
  2. Whenever you're able, Chris. Great stuff!
  3. Chris, still enjoying your work! Have you ever looked at any Bill Withers? For instance, "Who is he (and what is he to you)?" It's got a really catchy bass line, not flashy, but very funky! Pete
  4. That's what it looks like to me. Either way, they seem to have found themselves a perfectly good bassist in Chris Bartle, though somehow i doubt whether it was on BC.
  5. That's pretty rubbish, Jamie. Anywhere else suitable in the same vicinity?
  6. After all the discussion, concern and hope, have to say it was a bit meh. Hoping the Manchester event will be a lot better. No pressure!
  7. I've just picked up an EBMM Bongo 4H from Mark, complete with hard case, and it was such an easy and friendly process. He was extraordinarily helpful in advance, very easy to communicate with, he came out to the station to meet me and, all in all, it was a delightful transaction (and I'm equally delighted with my purchase, at a very fair price). Thanks, mate!
  8. And I'm happy to make the trek down south!
  9. Still interested - payday next week!
  10. Thanks so much, I'm on SBL, but hadn't seen this.
  11. Apologies if this has been addressed in previous topics, but I'm a learner with a left-hand problem. When I fret with my little finger, my middle finger flies away from the fretboard. It's as if I need to get more leverage to support the pinky, but I've proved to myself that that's not necessary. The action on my Ray 34 is pretty low, so I don't have to push hard on the strings (Ernie Ball Super Slinky). It's not a problem most of the time, but anything fast with lots of eighth notes can be awkward (I'm not even thinking about sixteenths!). Apart from practice, practice, practice, any thoughts? Thanks. Pete.
  12. Just looked up petrichor in the dictionary and now it's my favourite word too, I love that after-rain grassy smell.
  13. So interested! Please PM me if other expressions of interest don't work out. Thanks.
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