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  1. I had to get a double bass around London on and off the tube and overground to busk and play various gigs. A upright trolly and bungie cords did the trick for the most part.
  2. It sounds really good... although ( 0:27 )... i’d say that looks light / surf green 😕!?
  3. But keep an eye out in the classifieds just incase... 😂
  4. I learnt on a 4 ... then my girlfriend / now wife (so kind!) got me an upright as a gift ... Amazing but took quite a few years to get to grips with, physically mainly and the whole no fret thing. Got there in the end with it to a certain level and got gigs et.. A few years later I put a bit of gig money into a 5 string and made the bold (maybe stupid) mistake of selling my 4 string, “it’ll make me learn”. I thought it couldn’t be THAT hard? But gigging quite a bit at the time I didn’t have the hours to put in that we’re needed and it spun me right out playing live and having to think on my feet 😞 Defeated that 5 (a fender delux with a nice sounding b) was traded up on here for a limelight 4.. Couldn’t be happier back at home bass. Havent had a gig in a while and not playing much so after seeing a reasonable deal on that electronic auction site I just took delivery of an old Spector q6 pro🤙🏻 This time extended range... this time 🤨 So for what it’s worth I should have put the time in to getting comfortable with it, and that’s what I’ll do this time with the 6 string!
  5. That looks awesome! Great colour with that p/guard 😍 GLWTS
  6. Had a 5 string one of these.. Was a great bass. GLWTS
  7. Had a 4 string silver one ... was a really good bass 👍🏼
  8. Ah .. Yes thanks I wondered if the amount of rolling (in that screen grab it looks ALOT) was a specific v10 thing and maybe the v7's had a bit less? It seems like all the sire basses, even the v3 have all the same features, is it just the woods that are different? I am after a V7... I figured "diddle for middle" but If the end product (rolled edges, pickups, preamp etc) are all so similar maybe I sound get a V3 and save some cash?
  9. Is it buzzing or fretting out on the high frets or hard to play / fret in 1st position ? If not maybe don’t worry .. i had similar issues as this .. replaced the nut and that is sorted but still have some issues at the other end where the neck is twisted. I. Shimmed the neck and that has helped a little but it is not perfect... but don’t want to spend a fortune getting the neck reshaped / refretted. I don’t go up that end much 🙂
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