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  1. Question for those in the know.. I have five dimer switches around the house... These things create literal noise on there own ... Would / could this be part of the issue?
  2. As the bass is sheldied as far as I know I will try and check if everything in the bass is correctly connected !? Maybe if I can get it quiet in my house then it'll be bullet proof next time I get a gig at the local power station ⚑🀘
  3. Wow.. I'm trying to keep up with all this, some truly knowledgeable individuals here.. thank you...... 🀯 a bit more info that might help pin point the problem but I'm not sure. Had a practice last night at a local Venu. I did have a tiny bit of the same hum when not touching the strings but to be honest if I wasnt listening out for it I would not have noticed. AND this was at not maxed but pretty high volume, at home it would have been buzzing like crazy. I live in a very old building so the wiring in here could be about as early as it gets 😬 I'm thinking my bass may not be perfectly shielded but I'm starting to think it may be a problem with the wiring of the house? That or a bass hating poltergeist πŸ‘»
  4. Thanks everyone for replys... πŸ€” the shielding thing might be right as it does seem to get worse when moving the bass around like it is picking up interference.. it has been copper shielded inside but maybe something is loose or not connected?
  5. Hi Can anyone advise me on this .. I have a passive P bass that is dead quiet when you are touching strings bridge etc but makes a buzz/ hum when your not. When plugged into my pedalboard any high gain pedals make this sound louder... I can also stop the hum/ buzz when touching and metal casing on the pedalboard pedals too!? 😬 I have an active bass with EMGS that doesn't do this when plugged into the same rig. Does this sound like a problem with the bass or the mains earth ..? Any suggestions welcome
  6. All sorts here! have a look at photos what you see is what you get bts circuit and knobs taken from a Spector bass All working New stuff: passive tone x 2 volume x2 and all the other bits shown most new and unused
  7. Bought a mini xo pedal from dannybuoy .. friendly, helpful, fast postage top stuff thank you πŸ‘πŸΌ
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