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  1. Gone.. pending carrier pidgeon with bluey
  2. My ehx grand canyon in top condition Been used at home only .. has PSU and box and instructions ect.... Amazing sounds and very good looper Works well for bass and doesn't loose your lows I got loads of sounds chorus reverb trem distortion bit crush p.o.g synth... And loads more Just tweak away Good saving on one new.. price includes postage . Also interested in interesting trades 🙂👍 Cheers .. Tom
  3. This was my fav pedal but I accidentally plugged it into an 18v power supply.. 🙈 I'm fairly sure I've blown the charge pump these have... 😔 It does make a noise still sometimes ? Anyone fancy a project I will post to you if you bung a fiver up the internet to me to cover postage and packaging..
  4. I've been going back and listen to the album this week and there are some songs that are really sticking! And like most of the albums after one hot minute.. a lot I could happily never hear again
  5. Bart funk your a hero ❤️
  6. SX stuff is great.. got a strat 2nd hand for under a tonn quite a few years back that is now my daughter's guitar... really good instrument As good as some fenders I have played
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I think pickup and strings have a huge effect on sound / tone of any instrument
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