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  1. I have just replaced the EMG HZ pickups in my Spector q6 with a pair of EMG reversed P soapbars. I know the change is from passive humbucker to active P but the low B is now much tighter and more audible and the harshness that the high C could some times have has gone. I'm sold.
  2. Who uses one? Is it for solo practice or live band type stuff? What pedals are good bad? Thanks :)
  3. Nice sounds like he gets more of a scooped tone from the alembic and more mid poke from the mm ... nice full sound together
  4. Yes .. Mine isn't "perfect" but it has the "thing" ... wouldn't part with it
  5. Do you think he has a phaser or something on here? 💫
  6. I wouldn't let that worry you ... My Spector has a basswood body and has some great tones ... Apparently it has good midrange tones too
  7. Didn't BMW have something to do with this bass from memory?
  8. hmmm .. 🤔 I like it .. I would have it as a 6 string though (if it is avaliable), as your already stepping into "out there" bass territory anyway with a six.
  9. Awesome cover and check out the credits....!?
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