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  1. I wouldn't let that worry you ... My Spector has a basswood body and has some great tones ... Apparently it has good midrange tones too
  2. Didn't BMW have something to do with this bass from memory?
  3. hmmm .. 🤔 I like it .. I would have it as a 6 string though (if it is avaliable), as your already stepping into "out there" bass territory anyway with a six.
  4. Awesome cover and check out the credits....!?
  5. Thanks ... That's a full on box of knobs .. I'm after concentric ones tho 🎛️
  6. What do you guys think? Probably has a fair bit to do with the bass they are on but in your experience.....
  7. How many fags was he smoking a day?! Even his voice has "tone" .... 💨
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