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  1. I promise to be a bit more prompt with future posts!
  2. And of the headstock, which I gather now has its logo - can't wait to see that!
  3. I hope no-one's been holding their breath since I last posted. I've had a bit of a manic time recently, but I do now have some progress pictures to put up. So far, Jon's selected a neck - the bottom one in this picture, which is more evenly figured (he explained):
  4. Never mind the Pepsi... Shirley you should be looking at the timber?
  5. I imagine it is, apart from the machine heads and the neck width - what's yours? Looks awesome by the way! What a beaut - how are you getting on with it?
  6. This may be a bit premature, as there's not a lot to show yet, but I've ordered a P-bass from Jon and I had the first pictures yesterday of potential neck blanks. I intend to keep posting as I receive more informatuion and pictures, but the spec is as follows: 34" scale 20 frets 43.5mm nut width (since reduced to more like a Jazz at 40mm - I have small hands) 20.5mm neck depth at 1st fret 22,5mm at 12th gentle c profile flamed roasted maple neck flamed rosted maple fretboard two way truss rod carbon fibre reinforcement jumbo stainless steel fretwire brass nut satin neck lacquer 3mm luminlay side markers 6mm black face dots triple string tree gotoh GB 528 resolite tuners - the standard choice is Scahller Schaller bml lites, but I do like lollipops! alder chambered body reduced heel and recessed neck fixings Usual carves (the internal chambering is graduated around the rear ribcage carve to make the carve possible, not simple and its a shame all that work is covered up! haha, i would send pics of this before the top goes on) polyester basecoat black wet look lacquer gloss coat carbonlite shaped s/plate 3 positions on the s/plate, vol, mid/mid freq, treble/bass s/plate mounted jack rear flip top battery compartment, although may be possible to have the battery under the s/plate in case you ever wanted the bass to go passive, i could do a cover section or split the s/plate so you didn't need to take the whole thing off. recessed s/plate cover for the access to the truss rod. custom wound split coil pickup gotoh multi tonal bridge schaller s-locks black hardware rotosound 45-105 swing bass as standard shuker / hiscox logo case So far, the only pictures I have are of the neck blanks, but it's a start! Jon suggested nos 2 and 5 were the best, so I've left the choice to him. (Much) more to follow! Pete
  7. It's a beautiful bass, but that's 5.2 kilos in today's money. I try to stay under 4.2 these days.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. If I didn't currently have a Shuker on order, I would be all over this. Absolutely stunning. GLWTS.
  10. That's sad to hear. Take care and GLWTS of this stunning bass.
  11. Or people eaters, come to that!
  12. Much the same - coming off horses and bikes (of the motorised variety) more than 20 years ago - now come home to roost (and if that's not a mixed metaphor, I don't know how the cookie crumbles 🤣 ).
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