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  1. Recently joined the family. Loads of fun and I’m getting used to the short scale. Punchy sound in omg, if there is any such thing as too much?
  2. Nice one, thanks. Looks like another option. Yes, I thought about upgrading the bridge and pup on the Bronco, but then that does give other options for price.
  3. Looking for a cheap lightweight short scale bass. Any recommendations? Harley Benton PB Shorty for £74 delivered seems amazing for a new bass. Squier Bronco in Red for £141 delivered. Is it twice as good? Gretsch Junior Jet secondhand maybe a bit more pricey, but seem to be very highly regarded. I can’t seem to find weights anywhere and Thomann’s won’t weigh or give weight information. Any advice appreciated
  4. T.bone LC97 found in Tho site for £17 looks like the ticket. Anyone tried one?
  5. Love my HD280s but I get sweaty ears sometimes so change to pods. Am talking with friends about getting a Yamaha AG03 for use with Jamulus. Getting a mic and stand just for talking seems overkill as we have a very small house, so I was thinking of non over earphones with a boom mic. So questions are; Are over ear better at masking internet latency effect? Do you get headphones with XLR plug for mic input, but 3.5 jack for output? Any advice or recommendations welcome
  6. Get your rocks off - primal scream .....oops .... too slow
  7. Just tantalisingly out of my reach 😖 absolute beauty
  8. I think I meant Black Beauties Stew, but consirable cost upgrade in comparison to the bass 😂😂
  9. There may be trouble ahead 🙃 set of DR Black Magics would just set it on fire I reckon
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