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  1. I've got the Headrush Gigboard. I was looking at the HX Stomp, but for one patch covering 90% of my sounds I needed four switches. And then the Headrush came up on Andertons for £350, ex-demo, so I thought I'd give it a try. It's so easy to use - it's got a big touch screen where you can tap on empty blocks, select what you want to go in, drag them around to change order, etc. Then there's one big knob (😐) to help with fine tuning where dragging your finger across the bar isn't giving enough control. Even when playing live, you can switch between modes, through patches, control the looper, etc, with the foot switches. Pros: Easy to use - you don't need to set it up patches on your computer, just plug in your bass and speaker/headphones and off you go. Quality of sounds. It's great - after coming from a Zoom B3 this sounds so much better. The octave tracks really well, the distortions sound aweome (I've split my sound to have a distorted guitar amp mixed with my bass amp), everything can be tweaked to what you're looking for. Well built Very customisable - one switch can control a single effect, or multiple effects & amps etc. Different signal paths options. USB audio interface - record direct, or record clean and re-amp later. Looper Ability to load IRs (the Markbass 212 sounds way better than the default cab sims to me) Exactly the same abilities as the big Headrush Pedalboard, just less switches and I/O. You can still add a separate expression pedal. Cons: Very guitar focused - Only a couple of bass specific amps (mostly Ampeg) and effects compared to 30+ for guitar. However, the ones it's got are all I need, and I've never not been able to find the tone I'm looking for via a combination of amp, EQ, cab or IR. Limited effects list compared to the B3 (though most of those I'd never use. All of the Headrush effects are usable and sound good). No DI out. At the price, and sound of the unit, I'd expect one. Maybe because it's guitar focused? Cost - this goes for all of the multi effects / amp modeller pedals, but I'd struggle to justify the £500-£1500 for these Helix, AxeFX, Headrush pedals for my limited use of a couple of tones, a few effects and something to practice and record through. For a cover band guitarist with patches for every song, I can absolutely see the value. At the £350 I paid, I'm very happy with it.
  2. I've got the Vox, I never use it, I wouldn't recommend it!
  3. Maybe I should give Reaper another go 🤔 😄
  4. I've been using Cakewalk. I found it easier to use than Reaper, and it's completely free!
  5. I started listening to this today and of the two I found Scott much easier to listen to. Too many interruptions from Jayme, let the man speak!
  6. Just before lockdown started I responded to an ad and joined a band. Only met them a few times, and then we couldn't rehearse anymore! But we didn't let it stop us, and we've had a go at recording one of their old songs. I recorded through my Headrush (compressor, EQ, SVT into a Markbass 212 IR, with some chorus in the instrumental section), using Cakewalk. Never used it before (or really done any home recording at all) but it was pretty intuitive and didn't take long to get the track down.
  7. Thought I'd start Schism by Tool last night, long overdue!
  8. Send me a message with your address and I'll get it in the post.
  9. Anyone want the above B string? I somehow ordered a 5 string pack by mistake! 🤦‍♂️
  10. When I started playing guitar aged 16 I wanted a Fender Jaguar, probably because of Kurt Cobain, Brian Molko and John Frusciante. Then I took to playing bass and forgot about them, until Fender released the bass version in 2006, but I couldn't afford one at the time. And I didn't really like the red with matching headstock which was the only one I ever saw come up for sale. Early last year I hunted down an Olympic white 2015 US version, and it's been my favourite bass since. This week I saw a MIJ version for sale, I had to have it, and I picked it up today! 2008, never giggled, in great condition. Now I have twins, with the added benefit of being able to choose between the P and the J sound!
  11. I saw the singer Craig Finn solo in Bath earlier this year (with Brian Fallon from The Gaslight Anthem). It was a good night, but I'd like to see the full band. Boys and Girls In America is a great album.
  12. Price drop to £350 - I've seen something I want!
  13. Hi, sold subject to collection at the weekend sorry!
  14. Selling my PRS SE Kestrel bass. It's probably the best made bass I've ever had, better quality construction than my US Fender, but at the moment I'm not regularly playing in a band so I'm just keeping my Jaguar and selling this to help pay off a few bills. Neck through, 2 Jazz pickups, all Hipshot hardware. Balances nicely and plays really well. Pick ups are a little noisy but sound good. If I was keeping it I'd probably get the cavities shielded to see if that helped. Great condition, I think I've taken it to three or four rehearsals and played two gigs with it. Includes the PRS SE gig bag, allen keys etc it came with. I added a PRS truss rod cover because the original said 'Kestrel' which was already on the headstock. I'm in north Worcestershire and I work in Coventry, so could deliver/meet up around those areas if needed.
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