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  1. I didn't really get into Tool until Fear Inoculum, no idea why. Maybe because they weren't on streaming services for so long and that release made their back catalogue much more accessible. I was a 15 and mostly listening to pop-punk when Ænema came out.
  2. New Found Glory / International Super Heroes of Hardcore. Singer and guitarist switched places to play comedy hardcore songs. The Draft was basically Hot Water Music without Chuck Ragan, but that was more because he wanted to spend more time with his family and do his solo thing, they reformed as HWM again a few years later.
  3. Mark bought my Jaguar bass, great to deal with, good communication and prompt collection, thanks!
  4. The Horse - A Wilhelm Scream (the only punk song I know of with tapping!) Jack of all Trades - Hot Water Music Want - Jawbreaker
  5. Sold! Thanks everyone for the interest.
  6. Yes I think jrixn1 covered it, unusually for a multi-effect, you can't assign multiple effects to one button, each one is one effect, so you're limited to three per patch. I always had button 1 as my compressor, and the other two as effects. You would need the B3n if you wanted slots 1 and 2 to always be your compressor and preamp, with different effects switchable on the buttons.
  7. Well used Zoom B3 for sale. I think I probably bought it from here, many years ago! It's got velco underneath, and plenty of scratches, but in full working order. No power supply - I always used a USB power bank. Postage would probably be around £7?
  8. I absolutely don't want to be selling this, but with a massive bill to pay something has to go. Fender MIJ Jaguar Bass, the serial dates it to 2007-2010. Olympic white. It's in good condition, besides a small crack in the finish at the neck pocket, a chip at the end of the headstock and a small mark on the back, all shown in the photos. There is another tiny mark where the jack socket would be on a P, but I couldn't get the camera to focus on it. Plays really nicely, currently strung with D'Addario Heavy Gauge (55-110) tuned to D standard (saved me having to change tuning for all the Eb and Drop D songs my band played). The cavities have been shielded, but there is still a little bit of buzz as is standard with these. Includes a Fender case (missing one catch), but I wouldn't trust it to keep the bass safe when flung over a fence by a Hermes driver, so local collection / reasonable distance meet up only please.
  9. The 'MEET THE NEW 2021 PRS PRODUCTS' page has a blue SE Kingfisher. I assume that means the Kestrel is now discontinued since that's only found on the 2019 page. https://www.prsguitars.com/index.php/electrics/model/se_kingfisher_2021 As far as I can see, the only difference to the previous model is the figured maple veneer, and new blue colour, which may now be the only available colour? I had a Kestrel and it was really well made, but I couldn't get on with the 7.5 fretboard radius, I need something flatter. If this new Kingfisher had that I'd consider one, but I doubt that's changed, it's not in the spec anyway. I heard people say the pickups sounded weak on these and had excessive hum. The new one gives the same 4B'H' name, so I doubt they've changed either. It's a shame, while PRS are constantly improving the SE guitar range, they haven't done the same for basses.
  10. I've got the Headrush Gigboard. I was looking at the HX Stomp, but for one patch covering 90% of my sounds I needed four switches. And then the Headrush came up on Andertons for £350, ex-demo, so I thought I'd give it a try. It's so easy to use - it's got a big touch screen where you can tap on empty blocks, select what you want to go in, drag them around to change order, etc. Then there's one big knob (😐) to help with fine tuning where dragging your finger across the bar isn't giving enough control. Even when playing live, you can switch between modes, through patches, control the looper, etc, with the foot switches. Pros: Easy to use - you don't need to set it up patches on your computer, just plug in your bass and speaker/headphones and off you go. Quality of sounds. It's great - after coming from a Zoom B3 this sounds so much better. The octave tracks really well, the distortions sound aweome (I've split my sound to have a distorted guitar amp mixed with my bass amp), everything can be tweaked to what you're looking for. Well built Very customisable - one switch can control a single effect, or multiple effects & amps etc. Different signal paths options. USB audio interface - record direct, or record clean and re-amp later. Looper Ability to load IRs (the Markbass 212 sounds way better than the default cab sims to me) Exactly the same abilities as the big Headrush Pedalboard, just less switches and I/O. You can still add a separate expression pedal. Cons: Very guitar focused - Only a couple of bass specific amps (mostly Ampeg) and effects compared to 30+ for guitar. However, the ones it's got are all I need, and I've never not been able to find the tone I'm looking for via a combination of amp, EQ, cab or IR. Limited effects list compared to the B3 (though most of those I'd never use. All of the Headrush effects are usable and sound good). No DI out. At the price, and sound of the unit, I'd expect one. Maybe because it's guitar focused? Cost - this goes for all of the multi effects / amp modeller pedals, but I'd struggle to justify the £500-£1500 for these Helix, AxeFX, Headrush pedals for my limited use of a couple of tones, a few effects and something to practice and record through. For a cover band guitarist with patches for every song, I can absolutely see the value. At the £350 I paid, I'm very happy with it.
  11. I've got the Vox, I never use it, I wouldn't recommend it!
  12. Maybe I should give Reaper another go 🤔 😄
  13. I've been using Cakewalk. I found it easier to use than Reaper, and it's completely free!
  14. I started listening to this today and of the two I found Scott much easier to listen to. Too many interruptions from Jayme, let the man speak!
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