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  1. Marky Screen

    SOLD Please remove

    Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive A few paint chips and cosmetic scuffs. Tested and in good working order Price includes UK postage
  2. Marky Screen

    COG T-16 **(SOLD)**

    Cog T-16 mini analogue octave in good condition. It even has posh velcro on the bottom of it, brrrrrrr! Price includes UK postage. Cheers
  3. Marky Screen

    SOLD Please remove

    Darkglass VMT. This is a Made in USA version, so i think 2nd run with the reed bypass switch. All working fine and Ive gigged it a handlfull of times but it just not for me and my set-up Had been thrashed about a bit by the previous owner and priced accordingly cos of the cosmetic damage. Awesome rock tones still to be had, Velcro on the bottom Price includes UK postage. Cheers
  4. Marky Screen

    Light, warm (and cheap!) drive pedal

    talking used prices, should have been clearer. £20 quid at a push..seen them go for a tenner on Facebook if you trawl
  5. Marky Screen

    Light, warm (and cheap!) drive pedal

    +1 for mojo mojo. they're going for like £20 now and do dark mushier breakup well and also has loads of gain on tap if you wanted. +1 for the American sound. loads of sounds and control from old school to clankier modern sounds for 15 quid or so and tonnes of gain available if needed my favourite of the cheap stuff was actually the ehx hot tubes for this kinda sound. I did a big shootout the other week messing around at the studio against a VT bass DI and whilst all the pedals I've mentioned got you 80% of the way there against it but sounded a little flatter, compressed and "2D" the hot tubes actually marched the VT for old school goodness. YMMV.
  6. Nice clone very kindly built by local leg @paul_5 of this ear forum from a Fuzzdog PCB kit. Same layout as the BB Pre control wise with an added Clean Blend on the side of the pedal. Price includes UK postage. Cheers
  7. Been on a bit of a string odyessy trying new stuff and realised im a nickel rounds man all along 😂 brand new in pack bought a couple of months ago. up for trading for some nickel rounds if anyone wants to swap? otherwise £15 posted UK. cheers.
  8. Marky Screen

    SOLD Please remove

    last bump before this gets released into Facebook and Evilbay!
  9. Marky Screen

    EMG Jazz pick up set

    do you know what model these are? active or passive?
  10. Marky Screen

    -- SOLD -- Fano Alto de Facto PX4

    Too cool. and way too much for my wallet right with HMRC breathing down my neck 🤣 GLWTS
  11. Marky Screen

    Withdrawn please remove

    BUMP and PRICE DROP to £50. Cheers
  12. Marky Screen

    SOLD Please remove

    Emma Electronics Okto - Nojs Synth Octave Fuzz. Picked this up on this here forum a few months ago. Its an absolute all analogue Synth-gasm and its a shame to see it go but I have a combo of pedals that get close to the sound of this and I need to re-coup after recent bass purchase. Excellent condition, no marks or scuffs with box and manual. Good as new really. Price includes P+P to UK. Great Analogue octave effect on one side with filter for the sub octave from round, fat sub to nasal honky synth tone. Unique dynamic octave fuzz circuit and blendable square wave sub-harmonic with tone control from meaty to aggressive on the other. Both circuits can be used independently or together and have separate foot switches. Both circuits are 100% analog and feature high-quality buffers and true bypass switching for the best sound quality possible. Overall dry level for both channels to get everything balanced.
  13. Marky Screen

    Withdrawn please remove

    NOW £50 incl postage to UK Well regarded and discontinued tube screamer voiced OD. Great low/mid gain bass OD 2 band active EQ. Classic and modified toggle for low/hi gain modes with slightly different Voicings. Velcro on the bottom Very versatile and built like a tank. Comes with box, albeit with the wrong lid for a SC-2, rubber Tonelock cover to protect your settings from getting nudged and rubber foot which can reattached if its not living on a board. Price includes postage to UK Cheers
  14. Marky Screen

    £100 inc. shipping - Nemphasis VT Comp Bass

    a cool looking compressor not on ovnilab. I am at a loss 😂