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  1. Up for decent offers on this and partial trades as I need to sell a few bits. Also travelling to Farnham, Cheltenham, Manchester and Kent in next few weeks if that helps for a Double Cheeseburger meet up
  2. Thanks mate, yeah I finally listed it on here as I thought a trade might get it moving but everyone seems to be potless😂 Who thought Brexit uncertainty would be the thing that cured GAS
  3. What a great thing!! @AndyTravis don't look mate, it only leads down a dark road 😂
  4. Just heard some demos of this. Sounds awesome. Lots of interesting distortion and fuzz sounds in there. The fold-over, push-pull side of tones sounds similar to the right hand side of the Emma Octo Nojs I used to have.
  5. Absolute Gold!! Thanks for all the info. Ive just had a look under the scratchplate and theres no routing or damage. Heres some pics as well as an inside your cavity shot Didnt want to get all the knob covers and knobs out so hope you can make it out alright.
  6. Ubiquitous bass compressor and top tier Ovnilabs fav. The ratio selector knob is missing its cover. I lent this to a mate for a bit and it came back like this with the comment "I'm pretty sure you gave it to me like that" . He's a good mate😂 Otherwise in good working order. Velcro on the bottom. Cheers
  7. Now £290 collected. Open to working out shipping as well if required. Another one on the chopping block that I'd like to keep but can't/shouldn't 😛 Japanese Ibanez Roadstar ii RB750 BK with custom made pickguard and backplate. Its in great condition for a 35 year old. Bit of minor buckle rush and dings in the usual spots (top of headstock etc) but very minimal fretwear, truss rod works well and pups and bridge adjustment screws all work well with no rust. Neck front and back is in great shape too. The pickups on this are really decent, separate adjustable pole pieces and have nice slightly aggressive growl and med to high passive output (very slightly less output than my Yammy BB424x but more than a Geddy CIJ Jazz I tried it against if anyones interested) I've given it a decent setup for low/med action and decent intonation and its wearing a newish D'addario med nickel rounds with loads of life in em still. From Guitar Data Project: Your guitar was made at the on July, 1984 Production Number: 5038 Did a bit of research on this when I got it an its a bit of an oddity it would seem. So its a 21 fret neck and all the other images and old catalogue pages I can find are 24 fret, including this one thats selling at the Bass Gallery at the moment: https://thebassgallery.com/products/ibanez-roadstar-rb760-1985 Know there got to be some awesome 80s Ibby aficionado on here that can shed some light on things. The one 21 neck I could find on the net was this guys review of this model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM323wNIrRI Was a difficult one to price up with the mods and little other info so feel free to give me thoughts on value as well, especially if you think I can get more for it 😂 Collection, Coffee and Try outs in Forest Hill. S.E. London or I'm gigging regularly around the UK a fair bit so a meet up is possible. Cheers
  8. Car dying, Tax payments and the burning desire to TRY and get down to one gigging bass (and NOT 5) with a J and a P left in the studio means this has to go to a new home. Sandberg California VM4 2009 Black Hardcore (S&M ) Relic'd Nitro re-finish by previous owner. Haussel Pickups and Schaller 3D Bridge. Glockenlang 2-band active EQ with active/passive pull switch Master volume. Picked this up about 6 months ago. The electrics were a bit of mess but its since gone in to Dickenson's Amps in Crystal Palace for a full setup, fretwork, service, shielding and to sort out the electrics. Its now in great shape and returned to former glory. Its a beast and a versatile one at that but its made me realise that non roadworn RW board passive configs are much more my bag, especially with me trying out new comps, drives, heads and cabs all the time ATM Im trying to keep the bass I play (Yammy BB) the same for the time being. Collection from my studio at Forest Hill, S.E. London, or Im out and about gigging around the UK a lot so a meet up is possible. Courier is also an option, Ive got cases, boxes and packing material. I need to get a fair bit of cash back out of this but Im open to partial trades, especially if you've got the following: Empress compressor, Cali 76comp, Diamond BCP1,yamaha BB1024x in white, tech 21 vt500 head.
  9. Traded this with @Adee a few months back for a couple of 80s rock gigs I had lined up over the summer. They have since been and gone, were a lot of fun, but now its time to move this on. I've used the pictures from the old listing, hope you don't mind. I haven't added any wear to the bass since then. Active P/J config with 2 band EQ Master Vol and 3 way pickup selector. Collection from Forest Hill, S.E. London or I'm out and about gigging around the country a lot so a meet up is definitely possible. Up for trades, mainly fuzzes, compressors and dirt I haven't tried yet. Cheers
  10. Sounds great mate, what are the pups in this?
  11. Really nice clone of the classic Shin-Ei FY2 Fuzz as used by Radiohead, Graham Coxon, New Order etc. This was built by Elliot Selfe who sells his pedals on Facebook, check out his builds and pedal listings if you get a chance, he's a Fuzz Guru! Its has a few mods to make it more useful and Bass friendly than the original. Extra volume on tap to easily get unity gain, a Mids knob so no tone stack mids scoop for cutting through a mix and an extra Bass switch to avoid low end loss. I can post UK for and extra £4. Cheers
  12. and if it's white of black I'm definitely keen🤞
  13. Awesome 2 Channel Bass OD/Dist from Cog Effects and a BC favourite. I've gigged it a handful of times only and its in good condition. Had a reshuffle of dirty dirts and this is now surplus to requirements Velcro on the bottom UK postage included
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