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  1. Howdy Y'all. So I've got a Yamaha 424x that won't let me play anything other bass at the moment and whilst waiting for funds and the right 1024x to come up I'd like to try and upgrade the bridge (keeping the string through option) and the string tree, ideally to the ones you get on a 1024. Had a search online and its been nigh on impossible to find these parts. Anyone in the BC universe know any suitable parts to upgrade or where to get the Yammy parts from? Thanks in advance.
  2. I had one of these kicking around for a while. It was truly a great bass and everything in your listing rings true. sustain was awesome with barely a dead spot. pickups were thunderous and the action went really low without buzz problems. Hardware was solid as a rock. And shockingly cheap for what you get! GLWTS.
  3. Disaster Area DMC-3 XL Gen 2 MIDI Foot Controller Good Condition. I used this to control my Future Impact but realised I can get by without it. Can be used to control all your Strymon, Eventide H9s etc and other stuff. Has templates for loads of the popular high end pedals. Can control audio looper pedals too with a mode for that. Midi IN/Out and expression pedal input on the back. Powered by Centre negative 9V so easy to power.
  4. Really Nice Cort GB74 in Natural finish. Loads of bass for very little. Hipshot ultralites, big donkey bridge with lockable saddles. Minimal wear generally to frets and a few bumps on the body but nothing major. Tonnes of control to you tone and 9V active/passive switchable, 2 band EQ 3 way coil selector for the MM pup to select humbucker or either coil and a mid scoop instant slap toggle switch too! I bought this to upgrade the pickups and have a project to do. Unfortunately its been sat mainly unused and definitely not upgraded for the last year and life has taken over so its time to move it on. I've also got a SD QP neck and Delano MC 4 FE (ceramic) kicking about. If you want them in with the bass to upgrade then let me know and I'll do a decent price for it all. I can post insured in a gig bag (not the one in the pick $) and well packed box for £25 Cheers
  5. Bought some pedal accessories. Super easy and quick delivery. Deal with confidence!
  6. @lee650 someone looking for one of these in the wanted section 😁
  7. Connect all your Source Audio pedals to this and save up to 128 scene presets for them all. Also has MIDI in and out. Comes with box but no power adaptor. Velcro on already UK postage included Cheers
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  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Set of fender p\j pickups taken from a 2002 Passive Mexican Precision Deluxe Special. Decent amount of wire on them. Price includes postage to the UK
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