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  1. yeah spot on! thought about it and res freq of pickups ain't changed, pole pieces wire and winds all the same after all, Doh! so yeah the airy stuff loss and less smeary focus in the lows will be from the lack of acoustic transfer to amp. good call
  2. yeah just got a bunch of them downloaded yesterday night. then I jammed a few, then it was 2am. Then my daughter got up at 5.15am........
  3. Yeah, but at least here that a shared and safe space space for me to bore the tits off people.
  4. Indeed I went down this road. Separate octave/fuzz/filter to EHX BMS to MB SS to Panda FI. Finally found sometime this week to jam and setup my Future Impact and it is all that and a chicken Biriyani so far. The journey wasn't that interesting just needlessly long. I'll let you know when I start just taking a MIDI keyboard and laptop out with me to gigs 😂
  5. So I recently noticed that my Yamaha BB 424x had got really microphonic and transferred loads of acoustic noise to the amp when tapping the pickups, body, control plate, anywhere on the bass really with the strings muted. gave it to my local tech, the awesome amazing Job Dickinson of Dickinson Amps in Crystal Palace and he did indeed diagnose the pickups as being very microphonic. So we went for it and wax potted the pickups. From a bit of research I know it's a bit of a mixed bag at whether it'll sort the problem so didn't know what to expect. Got it back and had a jam yesterday and it been cured!! microphonic noise reduced to about a 10th of what it was before So the trade off, and Jon did tell me about this pre-potting, was that the pickups would lose a bit of air and top end to the sound. They have indeed lost a fair bit of treble content which was instantly noticeable. Its almost lost too much by a hair, but the strings on it aren't the newest, I also dipped the tone a smidge before anyway and I've got plenty of pre-amp and drive control on my board to add this back in if needed. however losing that air, and I'm guessing shifting the resonant frequency of the pups down a bit and getting rid of the acoustic transfer to amp has also given the bottom and low mids incredible thump and focus!! and doesn't sound scooped at all so no Quarter Pounder syndrome. If you thought the BBs sound was massive before it's even bigger now! So all in all great to get it done and experience the results 1st hand and thou I had to trade a little top end now the bass sounds like a vintage voiced rock monster
  6. well trodden topic but I recently changed a fender vintage bridge for a high mass on a fender precision deluxe. It's definitely did make a difference with was a nice surprise. in agreement with @Lozz196 it definitely brought out slightly more focused top and bottom. I kinda didn't like it. lost some of the mid thump and character IMO so I went back to original bridge.
  7. 🤣 that would indeed then make it mc awesome! alas I'm at my 5 bass limit already.
  8. my mate got one of these last year. amazing neck and playability for the price! Drop in a solid pickup and you've got a great bass. GLWTS.
  9. bump, price drop again. any takers for this purple laser squelch cannon?
  10. 😂 yeah here's hoping there's a show 😏 I've been cursing all the random pedals I'll never use and bought in the past few weeks when this came up again.
  11. Markbass combo, 250W blackline head and 1x15 speaker Good working order. Its been my gigging amp so has some scuffs to the control knobs and corner guards. No rips or tears in the fabric thou. Comes with this handy little velcro lid I made for the back panel (see pics) which means you can leave your cables plugged in and just coil them and store them in the cavity for transport. Try out and collection from Forest Hill, S.E. London
  12. Ltd Edition Combo from Ashdown, with and ABM 500 EVO 3 and a 2x10 neo bluelines in a combo Only 20 units were made worldwide. Comes with FS4 Footswitch Casters fitted to the bottom Tiny scratch on front grille and pinprick hole in the tolex but otherwise in excellent condition Full Details Here: https://www.gear4music.com/us/en/Guitar-and-Bass/DISC-Ashdown-15th-Anniversary-ABM-Bass-Amp-Combo-2X10/NCC Try outs and collection from Forest Hill, S.E. London
  13. Great for headphone practice and on the road tune learning. Good condition. Fresh batteries in it. Uk postage included
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