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  1. Very nice. Through neck BB goodness!!
  2. Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 preamp/od/amp sim DI/headphone amp Lots of info on these. Excellent bass preamp/overdrive. Sad to see it go but I want to fund an HX stomp and this is only getting occasional studio use. This has the Impulse Response cabinet Sims built in and is switchable on the DI and always present on the headphone out. Lots of really nice cabs to choose from when you usb it in a computer and use the darkglass suite and you can load your on IRs into it. In excellent condition generally with a bit of velcro jazz on the bottom. No box unfortunately but will be well packaged for postage UK postage included
  3. Boss TU-3 in great condition with box and manual. Price includes UK postage. Ta.
  4. Pedaltrain Junior with hard and soft cases. Picked this up as a set from a friend a while ago but I never got round to using it and in my eternal quest to take less and less things to gigs its become too big for my needs at the moment. The hard case is repurposed from somewhere but is a perfect fit. There is enough clearance to fit a future impact on the top tier (6.5cm height) and the hardcase close fine so should fit most pedals easily as the FI is very tall (see pic) Everything in great condition. Velcro on the board is fine, catches, corners, shoulder strap, zips, handles etc all in good nick. Was happy to split but it seems that the older junior which this one is, is an inch shorter in width and height so probably wouldn't split them now I know.
  5. Lovely dual octave/bass overdrive pedal from largely unsung hero Kiwi builder Redwitch. I got the fuzz/octave version of this, the Zeus, in a trade recently and loved it so much I picked up this as well to try it out and see which I found more useful. The analog octave is one of the best sounding and tracking I've had, tracks better than the MXR BOD I just moved on and that's saying something. The sound of it is OC2 ish, big ballsy square wave synthy with bass energy in the chest rather than sub/stomach frequency range with just a touch more grit and aggression. The Overdrive sound is also brilliant, great range with the drive and tone controls from just touch of grit to mid gain overdrive. The clean blend for the OD is great, really intergrate well with the wet and never sound like they're sat on top of each other. Both effects can be used seperately or together. Brand new in box with manual and denim pouch, only had a quick jam with it at home. I would keep it but I've decided to keep the Zeus so this has to go. Nice demo vid for it to show you what it can do: Price includes UK postage.
  6. Had a recording down the studio yesterday and bass layer bought one of these along in red. Needless to say it sounded epic in both active and passive modes and played amazingly! GLWTS
  7. Really nice distortion for bass and guitar, based on an OCD circuit. Bought this to try it out as everyone raves about the Fuzzrocious stuff. I had a good jam with it and it doesn't disappoint, but I've decided to move it on as it just not something I use will my current gigs, bands. It's decent as a low gain drive but it really excels at the mid to high gain distortion thing. Very little to no low end loss even when you crank the tone knob past noon and all the way CW. It just gets more toppy aggressive and articulate without the lows dropping off The 2nd footswitch kicks in a healthy gain boost and gate from wherever you have the drive knob set, roughly adding 30 to 40% more gain. The gates not sputtery at all, just cleans up all your noise when you're not playing really effectively. All in all I really loved the sound of this one and it needs to go to someone who will use it. Just very fat uncompressed articulate and dynamic distortion that retains you playing nuances and note definition incredibly well. Price includes UK postage
  8. Great budget OD for bass and guitar. Zero low end loss. Nice slightly dark and saggy drive 2 band active EQ and voice switch for a more mid humped TS style drive. Enough gain range to go from mild dirty boost to near fuzz. Excellent condition with box and bits Price includes UK postage
  9. Where abouts in London would you be at? Cheers
  10. My big gear cull continues. Sansamp BDDI deluxe Deluxe version of the classic analog preamp, amp sim DI from tech21. Inputs for 2 different basses Save up to 6 recallable presets. Saveable FX loop, parallel output. Does everything from clean preamp sculpting to full on clean blendable mid/heavy overdrive/distortion. A few cosmetic chips to the case but otherwise in good working order. uk postage included.
  11. MXR bass octave deluxe Good working order with a couple of chips to the paint. Great tracking analogue octave with 2 blendable sub octaves (growl - OC2 style synthy sub and Girth much cleaner deep dub sub octave) Also has mid switch to boost you dry signal mids to cut through the mix better. Mids freq gain and centre are adjustable with internal trimmer and switch up to 18dB boost of either 450 or 800hz.
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