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  1. Yeah I got it in a late night frenzy of impulse bidding at the start of the year😁 The neck is great but I wanna putting a rosewood block and bindings on it. I think the body is a 75 re-issue anyway, and saw they did a matching coloured headstock neck version as well. That would be the dream!
  2. I'm coming round to only wanting to play rosewood boards now so I'm looking to move this neck on that I got a while back. It's a 2008 MIJ 3 bolt Marcus miller Sig. I'll add more pics of wear and tear etc. Shortly. It's in generally decent condition. Frets have minimal wear and a bit of tarnish on them. Truss rod turning fine, microtilt working fine Nice bit of flame on the back. The fingerboard has one bit where a string has been pushed down hard and rubbed the lacquer off a bit. I've tried to photo it and a couple of tiny little lacquer rubs on it. The binding has a few chips out of it. The back of the neck is pretty clean too a couple of little tiny dings in the lacquer but otherwise good. Reverse wind Tuners are a little stiff so could do with a little service to get them really smooth but turn fine and hold well. Found this pretty hard to price up so have put it up at the same value as the only other 2 I could find online (Reverb) but happy to hear from BCers if it's worth more or less. Happy to take the neck of if theres serious interest and you want heel pics etc. Price includes UK postage.
  3. Bought one of these valeton Dappers to check it out recently. Not sure on longevity of build but ultimately It's silly good for the money! This and a decent fuzz in the FX loop and you're pretty much set for a tiny board that'll cover most stuff and you won't cry if it gets nicked. GLWTS
  4. Incoming new studio computer means selling is more of a need now. Price drop £540 collected from Forest Hill, SE London. £560 inc. UK postage packed in gig bag lots of bubble wrap and strong bass box. Still open to partial trades, just need around £300 cash back out of this but the rest can be bass related, FX, amps basses what have you, just try me! Cheers
  5. Nice bass synth pedal. Store 9 presets. USB it in to your computer for full GUI control of loads of all parameters to tweak all your synth patches. Decent octaver as well. Some cosmetic wear but otherwise good. Comes with original power adapter Price includes UK postage.
  6. Lovely little high quality utility pedal. Mini Parametric Mid control to boost or cut a specific mid frequency. Also has an volume knob so can be used as a clean boost. Active passive input switch as well. Great for getting a mid cut slap tone or mid boosted lead tone at the stomp of a button. Small touch if velcro on the bottom. Not very sticky so v easy to remove. Price includes UK postage.
  7. Clearing out more pedals. Got this from @Bigwan I think a while back on here. What's to say. It's the dogs danglers if you into that dbx, Keeley bassist, mxr bass comp vibe. Just great transparent compression without affecting your tone. It kicks all the above comps behinds tbh at half the money. Better gain reduction metering. Clean blend. Hard/soft knee settings. Active/Passive switch for wide range of input levels. Not touchy to set or grabby like the mxr and feels a lot more consistent and less aftifacty with the blend to my ears. Great low ratio smoothing and making notes more even or great as peak limiter with the high ratio and dynamic automatic attack/release. Bit sad as I'll probably not have one again now but I have two other compressore that I've got to be more than happy with so it may as well get used instead of sat on a shelf. Velcro on the bottom Price includes UK postage. Cheers
  8. Pretty much the daddy of bass chorus pedals, except maybe the analogman one (although this has a much broader range of useable and interesting sounds available). Not getting much use these days. Good condition with tin. Include UK postage.
  9. Classic bass synth pedal from Korg. Not getting much use these days so looking to go to a new home. Loads of cool interest sounds, 9 different waveforms. Great tracking. Stores 9 presets. Bit of cosmetic wear but working fine. Velcro attached to the bottom. Price includes UK postage.
  10. Up for the chop is my mid 00s MIM Jazz V Deluxe 5 string. Was originally passive but its been upgraded with an John East J retro preamp with a battery box professionally installed as well and the battery clip wires from the east extended. So no more taking the control plate off to change batteries its kinda wine red/burgundy (photos seems to be quite accurate on the colour) with mirror pickguard. there are two big knocks to it through the finish (see pics) and the pickguard has a couple of spots where the mirroring seems to have rubbed off under the perspex top layer. Other than that it's gravy. Neck front and back are excellent, frets have very little wear on them. Tuners (Gotoh) in good nick. oh and it could probably do with a new set of strings. The rounds on it are pretty dead. Any questions give me a shout. im open to partial trades and sensible offers. I have packaging, heavy duty gigbags and boxes ATM so can ship well protected. cheers
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