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  1. Does 414 have a slimmer neck profile to the 1024 you've got? Mainly front to back rather than string spacing. Loved the 424/1024 etc range but neck was a little bit too chunky for me. Cheers
  2. Very nice analogue octave. Absolutely huge subby down octave sound with a ton of volume on tap, much more in the meatbox camp than than the OC2 camp. Independent Tone controls for both the clean and octave sounds to really sculpt your sound. Excellent almost mint condition with box manual and rubber feet. Price includes UK postage
  3. Does this have any FX software with it? Looking for a card that can do decent monitor mixes as well with dynamics and EQ per channel in the monitor path, or ability to choose whether it's in the monitor path or going to tape. Cheers
  4. Moving on my classic boss bass Flanger. MIJ , Aug 87 from the serial number Is a beautiful sound but not getting used anymore. Few cosmetic chips but otherwise working well. Comes with original box, thou it's a but tatty. Price includes UK postage.
  5. Mega rig alert!! That's gotta flatten things that weren't flat before.
  6. Very nice mini filter/autowah from mooer. Excellent condition with box and bits. Supposedly inspired/cloned from a Maxon AF-9. It's a pretty nice thing for the money, certainly the better end of the budget micro filter offerings out there compared with Donner, Eno, Valeton etc. LP downsweep only from what I can hear. It's not the most in your face filter but will go from very subtle to a decent quack with the Q knob goosed. It's also pretty easy to dial in which can't be said of a lot of filters. Got hold of a MXR BEF now so this is surplus. Price includes UK postage.
  7. In excellent condition. Beast of an all in one drive solution. Huge range of models on here, does it all from low gain drives via Darkglass style distortions to full on synths fuzzs and beyond. Save 6 presets. Connect to the editor to load user presets and edit hugbarray of parameters. Comes with power adaptor and I also had a unused mini jack lead to connect it to a neuro hub or expression pedal you can have with it. Trade wise looking for analogue octaves: Cog T16, either version MXR Bass octave deluxe Boss OC5 EBS octabass, newer versions, studio and the latest one.
  8. These are the ultimate low and danglies. One pre to rule them all. You've heard the sound a million times in records before and here it is!
  9. Is this the version with the mids switch on top?
  10. Oh and this like a beastly jazz full of funky stank btw @FinnDave
  11. Yeah these are Suhr pickups. They did a run in the early 00s I think of having those single pole Suhr designed pups in the jazz deluxes for sure. After that they went back to fender 8 pole pups.
  12. This is probably the best all in one budget solution to a handy micro pedalboard out there currently. I'm way to much of a knob twidller to not have more control over my FX thou and kept enough seperate pedals around to built a board again so I'm moving this on and doing that. Tuner A not too bad comp/boost An excellent Balls balls style filter. An excellent sansamp style drive A so close you can't tell OC2 clone A thick slow wet one knob chorus, buzzzzing. FX loop in between octave and chrous to run a fuzz or whatever. Excellent ungigged condition. Comes with box and power adapter. Velcro on the bottom, still got the rubber feet so you can have those in if you want. Includes UK postage.
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