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  1. Nice dual Precision pickup jazz bass from 2011. Bass is stock. Hi mass bridge. Great finish. Incredibly beefy sound with the 2 pups. Lot of unique tones here with the neck p-pickup being slightly higher than on a normal P and the bridge solod sounding like a burpy jazz on growth hormones and everything in-between. Also has 500k pots on this so a big range with the tone knob, which starts brighter than the normal 250ks and sweeps down fairly evenly across the travel. It's been gigged so has some wear which I've tried to photo as best I can but happy to provide more photos if needed. One thing or note is that a bit of the fingerboard by the truss rod hole has a bit knocked off, it's behind the nut on the headstock side so doesn't affect playing. The important bits are all in fairly good nick, electrics, tuners all good. Neck and fingerboard generally good with a couple of tiny bumps on each. Frets have a load of life left in them. £550 including UK shipping or £530 collected from Forest Hill, SE London or I could maybe even drop it off with you if you're fairly local.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. A truly most excellent ampeg/Marshall style overdrive/distortion up for the chop. Awesome range of tones, lovely SAG, hair, grit, girth and feltch! Definitely one of my favourite drives of this style. Only moving it on as my board and bass bits get left in cars/storage a lot so just went with cheaper pedals that can get nicked /ruined without a lot of heartache😍. Also seem to just be using a nice pre and amp Sims in the studio now so this has just sat pretty on a shelf. Best that it get used and abused. Mint condition with box and bits. Inc. UK postage.
  4. Hipshot A style bridge in chrome/Alum. Screws included Excellent unmarked condition. Fender fit without additional drilling needed Price includes UK postage.
  5. Great DIY build compressor, basically a DBX 160 in a pedal with a clean blend added for good measure. If you're a fan of transparent punchy comps that just sits you in the mix right this is the one. Think Keeley bassist or MXR bass comp but better and with more control. Bought on here ages ago, then sold on here, and then bought again 😅 I've recently got hold of a Becos Stella pro and it is indeed more than everything I could ever want from a comp so this is going back up for sale. Price includes UK postage.
  6. Nice lightweight ABS hardcase from Stagg. Universal fit so will hold your normal shaped basses. Good used condition. Catches and handle all working fine. No key for the lock thou Collection from SE19 , south East london.
  7. Got the S212 of these cabs and they are stellar! Nice and thick in the lowmids/bottom but still very well balanced and super light to boot. Ceramic drivers as well so I don't how they made it 20kg! GLWTS
  8. Brand new and sealed. Bought a couple of packs to try but I prefer 45-105s after using one pack. Price includes UK postage.
  9. Yeah got band mates down in Brighton I see regularly. PM if you want to sort out a meet up. Cheers
  10. Comes up at just shy of 4kg on my luggage scales. Cheers
  11. The best bang for your buck Mexican fender jazz killer imo Thin Vintage frets with little wear. Couple of cosmetic dings but otherwise in good nick. Front and back of neck in good condition. Bass is all cleaned up and has had a decent setup with medium/low action. I can post safely boxed,bubbled wrapped and in a functional gig bag for an additional £25 More pics to follow
  12. Agreed. Mines my main gigging bass and couldn't be happier. I've had a few and the QC on them is a bit hit and miss with some having sharp free edges, high frets and cosmetic bits and bobs. But when you get a good one it's stellar!
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