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  1. They do. Aerodyne P. They come up a bit less often. I've only seen photoflame finished versions come up in bright colours but maybe someone else here knows more on them.
  2. Whats the bridge pup thats been fitted, looks like a fender noiseless? Cheers
  3. Yeah the 1024x has the looks for me. Is it crazier still to have both 😬 TBF the revisions to the new BBs are great and make them ever more versatile IMO. Just that new scratchplate design?! What were they thinking 🤪
  4. Oh dear just sold my 424x and bought a 734A having given up waiting for one of these in white to come for nearly a couple of years.....
  5. Just sold my BB424x and the buyer didn't want the extra scratchplate with it so up it goes for sale by itself. I don't see why this shouldn't fit a 1024x and 2024x as well but don't quote me on that 😝 Price includes UK postage Cheers
  6. 😂Thought you might be interested. Surely you've got enough BBs in house already?
  7. New incoming BB from @jezzaboy means my old faithful is up for grabs. Lot of love on here and rightly so, unreal for the money tbh, j pickup that stands up on its own unlike most p/js etc. Been used for gigs and recording for the last couple of years but generally in good nick. Light buckle rash on the back, nothing through the finish. Some dings in the normal places, end of the lower horn and around end of the headstock. The input jack (barrell) is a bit on the way out, common problem with these basses, will need replacing at some point. it works fine with some jack leads that must have better width tolerance when built but cheaper leads it can be a bit funny with. It generally fine if you use a right angle lead through the strap kinda thing but is something to note. Comes with an extra white pearloid pickguard I bought from here a while ago but never got round to fitting it. £240 with UK postage £220 collected from S.E. London socially distanced. More pics to follow.
  8. Thanks for that. It looks a quality bass but way too heavy for me unfortunately. GLWTS
  9. Mate that white PG really brings it all together looks lovely. Sorry just double checking is it really 5.4kg? Can see why it would be with woods used etc. But that is a beast.
  10. Do you know what the neck profile is like compared to the old 424s/1024s etc. 424s I find a little bit deep front to back but I heard these may be a bit slimmer. Cheers
  11. Had one of these for a while now.They are seriously good on bass, guitar, drums, vocals, anything really. 3 comps, each with its own distinct sound and response including SSL bus and 1176 copies as well as the super sym mode. Great out the box settings and Complete control of everything (attack, relaese,.side chain HPF) when USB d into a computer and it's tiny and light as well. GLWTS
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