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  1. The best bang for your buck Mexican fender jazz killer imo Thin Vintage frets with little wear. Couple of cosmetic dings but otherwise in good nick. Front and back of neck in good condition. Bass is all cleaned up and has had a decent setup with medium/low action. I can post safely boxed,bubbled wrapped and in a functional gig bag for an additional £25 More pics to follow
  2. Agreed. Mines my main gigging bass and couldn't be happier. I've had a few and the QC on them is a bit hit and miss with some having sharp free edges, high frets and cosmetic bits and bobs. But when you get a good one it's stellar!
  3. I've got the P/MM version of this. Ended up upgrading the electronics and pups on it but other than that it's scary how well it plays and feels (and now sounds) for a budget bass! Comparable to basses way up the price scale. GLWTS
  4. Bought a pair of RCF tops from Rick. Met me at my gig locally to him and let me try then out on the gig before purchase! Great stuff and top BC'er.
  5. Nice RAT based bass dist collab from MXR and the guy that runs Fuzzrocious. Separate controls for clean and DIST levels for blending as well as toggle to switch between silicon and LED clipping options for 2 flavours of dust. Excellent condition Price includes UK postage.
  6. Great entry level buds for IEMs with great build quality, detachable cord and good clarity and bass response. Brand new in box, never opened or used and now surplus to requirements. Price includes UK postage. Save yourself £20 on buying from PMT.
  7. Awesome boutique civil war era muff from Fuzzrocious. Great on bass and guitar. Kid paint version with diode selector switch on top. 3 way toggle between 2 sets of diodes or none. Usual volume, tone and sustain(gain) knobs with additional mids knob for cutting through the mix tone shaping Excellent near mint condition with box and bits. UK postage included
  8. PJ set of Nordstrand Big Blades. Great top tier authoritative, modern sound without the overblown mid scoop and high harshness of SD QPs. The J pup is the Clean and Clear version. Great condition. Price includes UK postage
  9. Picked one of these up as they seem to be the absolute long and danglies of bass drives. It's in mint boxed condition with Velcro on the bottom. They are indeed glorious, with a huge number of switches for sound and usage options and a great sounding, wide range drive section. Switches for deep setting in both channels which gives you more LF. 909 switch for more gain on the OD side. GO and bolt switches for mutual exclusive switching or someother magic. And the boost is top notch as well. Studio needs a big upgrade now thou and I should commit to the ease of the HX stomp for the few small gigs I'm actually playing this year so I'm looking to move it on, along with a few other hi end pedals, listed separately. Price includes UK postage.
  10. Had this listed recently and thought it sold but the buyer decided not to go ahead with the sale so it's back up again. Original post with more pics and details below.
  11. Putting up my 5 string for the chop and sticking with the 4s for now. Amazing workhorse 5. Just really easy to play with a great range of passive tones that slots into all styles well. It's got a bit of light gig wear to it but otherwise great condition. Seemingly unavoidable PA speaker is too close to me small chips and scuff to the top of the headstock. Some light swirling to the finish but no serious wear or anything through the finish. Weight is 4.4kg on my kitchen scales. I can post at buyers risk in worn but functional CNB gig bag and boxed for £25.
  12. Nice mini clone of the Tech 21 Oxford (Orange) amp sim pedal. I really liked this but is surplus to requirements. Would make a great get out of jail card to carry around with you. Mint condition with Velcro on the bottom.
  13. Great compressor based on the classic orange squeezer. In excellent condition. This is V3 or the pedal, so no DI or grit but has buffer on off switch on the inside. Volume, blend and comp controls for easily dialing in your preferred setting. Price includes UK postage.
  14. Very nice synth/octave pedal, built like a tank! It's no FI killer, thou the tracking is easily as good, but it's a great sounding and highly useable midrange option for synth sounds. Save and recall 12 presets. Tweak the major parameters from the knobs. Connects to computer by USB for deep editing of waveforms/filters and loading /saving patches. Comes with 12V power adapter, not the original one but works fine. Includes UK postage.
  15. One of the best in the biz for natural compression and features for the money. Great condition, a couple of tiny chips to the paint only. Feet still on the bottom Price includes UK postage.
  16. Does 414 have a slimmer neck profile to the 1024 you've got? Mainly front to back rather than string spacing. Loved the 424/1024 etc range but neck was a little bit too chunky for me. Cheers
  17. Very nice analogue octave. Absolutely huge subby down octave sound with a ton of volume on tap, much more in the meatbox camp than than the OC2 camp. Independent Tone controls for both the clean and octave sounds to really sculpt your sound. Excellent almost mint condition with box manual and rubber feet. Price includes UK postage
  18. Does this have any FX software with it? Looking for a card that can do decent monitor mixes as well with dynamics and EQ per channel in the monitor path, or ability to choose whether it's in the monitor path or going to tape. Cheers
  19. Moving on my classic boss bass Flanger. MIJ , Aug 87 from the serial number Is a beautiful sound but not getting used anymore. Few cosmetic chips but otherwise working well. Comes with original box, thou it's a but tatty. Price includes UK postage.
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