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  1. Thought I'd share this in case it may avoid someone else spending hours fault finding like I did today. I have two keyboards connected via USB midi to my pc running through reaper. I've had them wired in for months but haven't really used them via midi, but yesterday I had. Wee recording sesh. No matter what settings i used, every so often midi would 'hang'. Leaving notes ringing out and the only fix was to completely shut the pc down. Anyways... After trying pretty much everything else including pricing up other daws haha I changed the usb cables and it seems to have sorted it! I was using a usb cable I got free with something probably 15 years ago. Switched it to the one I got with my helix, and no more hangs! Moral of the story... If something funky is happening, don't forget the cable
  2. I used to run a 50g and 60b... The 60b being my always on FX, preamp and bass octaver, and the 50g for the occasional FX for specific tunes. That weren't worth having an individual pedal. Great wee pedals!
  3. Think I might be a bit ambitious with the price. Happy to take 180 delivered
  4. I've just purchased a sigma 18-55 2.8 which i think should cover my low light requirements so I'm happy for this to go. Excellent prime lens - sharp and compact, what else do you need? This one is in pretty good condition. Very light marks here and there, but no more than to be expected on a used lens. Optically it works perfectly. There's some very minor dust, but that has no impact on images, and there's certainly no scratches. No visible signs of fungus, but I've not examined it under a microscope. This is unboxed but will come with a sony Lens hood and non-sony branded back and front caps. I'll pop it in a wee leather style bag too. £200 with UK postage included. Negotiable
  5. My thumb never goes above the a string (I think) so the e and a are muted by the thumb more or less all the time. Sounds like it's an issue worth fixing in my opinion!
  6. They pop up 2nd hand for as low as 300. Brilliant. Footswitch, case and possibly even a spare power cable are must buys in my opinion. Also a balanced jack to XLR cable could come in handy too!
  7. I had an Hb jazz briefly. Played and sounded great, but was just too heavy.
  8. Embrace to space! Don't always feel the need to fill it. Have a good thick tone as a starting point and go from there. Alot of 'techniques' folk use to fill out sound end up having an opposite effect in live situations - the derrière can fall out the overall sound quite easily if the bass deviates too much!
  9. to me that sounds very much like a generic fuzz pedal with blend and the tone rolled off on the bass.
  10. Only thing to consider is if 3 pedals is enough. You can connect controllers too if you need more but might not be for you. Sound wise it's brilliant. If individual pedals sound better then it's negligible, and not worth the need for a traditional pedal board! I'm thinking about picking up a 2nd one if I see one cheap!
  11. Assuming the drummer keeps going, just lock a groove with the beat. Nae need for big show off pieces. A 16 bar bit of just drums and bass finely connected is a thing of beauty. Maybe not a true solo. But the best option in my opinion!
  12. I had one and loved that! It worked perfectly for the project I had at the time. I had a wammy on the sidey way pedal, think it was a distortion blend on the up/down pedal.
  13. I can't go straight into the amp because I almost never play into an amp. Any opportunity not to take an amp to a gig, I'll do it! Gigging life is so much easier and enjoyable with digital amp sims and iems!
  14. i had a non export model for years. Great bass, although the original jazz pickup was really weedy. I regret selling mine. I mean, i really regret... so much so i asked the guy if i could buy it back.
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