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  1. Aye, he's talking stinky poo. You're due your money back anyway whether or not it's true.
  2. My acg medium scale! Bought just before lockdown when I had plenty of gigs in the diary! Can't wait to give it a proper run out!
  3. Can I rejoin the BB club please? With this wee number: BBG4sII in white. Theres a story to this. My Dad and I visited sound control in glasgow around 96 looking for my first proper bass. I had been playing a cheap p bass copy which was OK but i wanted something a bit special. I picked this out, and my mum and dad got it for my christmas. Regrettably, around 6 years later, i thought it would be cool to put a bass trem on it, strip the paint, then defret it! I also painted a red stripe on it. I then sold it on ebay. Anyways, I've been hunting another one down for years for nostalgia sake, but it seems they mostly came in different colours other than white. This one came up on Facebook marketplace so had to go for it! Getting this in my hands make me regret mutilating the original even more! It's actually a very capable bass! feels great to play, and the hardware is solid. Sound-wise lets it down slightly. possibly because I'm used to having a mid EQ, but because it only has bass treble you're kinda limited - but it's easily giggable, which hopefully i will soon! I love it. brings back some seriously nice memories of jamming to tunes in my bedroom, through my hifi, with my big earphones. I wonder if theres some muscle memory going on which makes this feel better than it actually is, because I played this ALOT! haha
  4. That's ashame. Post a photo if you can be arsed il compare them to mine to see if they're fake or not
  5. I used to have one of these. Brilliant bass. Loved the neck.
  6. Just embrace it! The space is one of the characteristics of a 3 piece and isn't necessarily a negative! Nice bit of dynamics and actually it sometimes helps the tightness of bass and drums punch through which in itself adds a new layer to the sound! Especially in pubs where the sound isn't necessarily great!
  7. Some basses just look like a dream to play. Tgis is one of them. That woodwork!
  8. A USA Jazz. Bought one 2nd hand black on black with maple neck. Sold it within a few months, it was just not quite right!
  9. I've been lucky to play in some 2k-3k venues and I soon learnt that my 1x15 cab was pretty much pointless once you factor in the monitors and side fill cabs. So. I'd bring nothing!
  10. I tried the mezzo in merchant City music, pre covid so I'm sure they'll still have them when you come to Glasgow. It was a nice bass but just felt the body was too small for me. I still want something that feels substantial but just was easier on my fingers! I got a acg single cut so the body still feels like a proper big bit of wood. My 33" is the bachhuss 33". Think they are 650 brand new and not one if their premium lines. Again, the body feels substantial.
  11. Definitely consider medium scale. I've got a 31.5" and it still maintains the look and feel of a 'proper' bass but is outrageously easy to play. I've also got a 33", and even that makes life alot easier! The only downside to medium scale is there's not a massive selection if you're in the budget end of the market.
  12. I'd say oasis. In fact most of that era indie rock. I was in my teens at this point and I was into Steve vai and Mr Big, so oasis just want fir me. Fast forward 20 years and I've got many of their albums and really enjoy them! Probably says more about my attitude when I was younger more than now
  13. I moved up to 5 and the svt pack I had in 4 was directly available on 5. Sounds great but I do think there's a noticeable delay in opening it up, which is annoying. But once it's up its very nice!
  14. Aye, I'd be keen to hear your thoughts too. Mine are still going strong.. With Almost daily use and abuse. They sound lovely for bass practice and general purpose, however I've actually recently been considering changing them for something with a more flat response for audio work. 16 quid though is a no brainer!
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