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  1. Is it just me, or does this look extremely comfortable to play? I could imagine this being an amazing bass for those 4 hour sets! Glwts
  2. In the wedding band scene it's pretty much standard for it to Be in ears now. I had a rock band where I was basically the sound man too and we ran in ears, without spending alot.. we just do happened to have a mixer which had enough aux sends. It's dead easy. Generally though I find guitar players disliking them the most, but once they've bought in, the on stage sound is almost zero and makes life so much easier. But aye, b3n straight into mixer with a short cable is absolutely the way to go for you I think. Remember you'll probably want to run a cab SIM aswell as a preamp, especially if it's going dirty. I tend to run the svt with the svt cab at about 90% mix. Go easy on the bass coming out the b3n too , I generally keep the svt preamp at 0 on bass and I also run a hpf at thevend if the chain. Allows the in ear tone to be crystal clear, and allows the PA to receive a crisp tone to add the heft to.
  3. Yep, exactly what I do. It's only a short run to the desk and I've never once experienced issues.
  4. Why not just run your b3n direct ? Exactly what I do and sounds immense. Apologies if this has already been covered.
  5. I used to avoid small body basses just because I'm a big boy and always felt a bit daft holding them. I now don't care therefore my favourite bass now is a nanyo bass collection which is wee!
  6. Few questions. How does it play? Frets 8n good condition? Any pics of what's underneath the tape?
  7. I used to like this programme when it was more about the repair rather than the emotions surrounding the piece! Always feels contrived to me! This bass one dies sound interesting though!
  8. I've asked about a different tokai and the answer was no, but are you able to narrow down the year at all? My next purchase I want a YOB bass an I love the Tokai stuff from this vintage.
  9. Yep, very similiar to that. similiar level of support but mines would be a lot more flush to the connecting surface, so that when it isn't needed it can be twisted inwards to be unobtrusive. It would need to be retro fitted and i would imagine a very thin metal base plate would need to be attached to the cab, so not sure how many id sell... and to be honest, it would probably give little support. Not sure Id even buy one.
  10. Yep.. For someone who's able to transport a 6x10 or 8x10 to gigs probably is able to also transport a stand without a problem! Although, I've always had the idea of having a rotatable bit added to small combos or cabs which would allow the neck to be rested up against it without risk of it sliding away. As in, the bass sits on the floor leaning against the amp, but this just provides a groove for the neck to sit in. When not in use it can be spun round so it sits flush against the top of the cab or bass. I'm sure that's a real thing, but if not, someone should make it!
  11. This isn't bass related but wanted to share anyway. I was looking for a nice looking semi acoustic of some sort. One that can be left in the living room without being an eyesore. I took a punt on this deco item. Think I paid 70 quid for it - no idea what a normal one retails at- and for 70 quid I'm blown away! The only issue I see is that the white plastic bridge section was loose and pointing towards the neck meaning the action was extremely low and of course making it not work. However a bit of superglue and its working a treat all the electrics work fine and I can't see any other blemishes at all! Love it!
  12. Self indulgent is not a term I'd use for this. Not exactly sure why someone would. In my eyes, self indulgent is when someone says they're reviewing sonething like a pedal but really it's a video to show off their slap bass chops.
  13. Does this have a babicz bridge?
  14. Could an ms60b not do this with the splitter effect? Can also double up as your tuner and compressor!
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