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  1. That chickenfoot cover is outstanding. Sammy Hagar is a force of nature.
  2. Oddly, I prefer it like that over some of their records! I sometimes feel his timing a bit off when the clank is ott, but sounds fine here. Although that's probably just my brain playing tricks on me.
  3. Nice One! love the bass too. What is it? And is that a bb1100 in the background there?
  4. fret buzz and pickup clicking is quite incredible on this. Although, unlike a lot of these isolated things, this one is really well played and i think the actual tone is top notch! Just shows you, its far more to do with performance than anything else.
  5. personally Id just sell all your pedals and board, and buy a zoom b3n. You'll have change too i think.
  6. Can't say I've got a desire to get lessons as such, but if I did, I would be checking out SBL stuff first. I like his teaching style and I thoroughly dig his free stuff. It looks like a stinky poo load of work, and i admire his work ethic! Awesome Awesome player too.
  7. Looks more like a publicity stunt more than a genuine attempt at providing live music.
  8. Another one I had no idea he'd done. Great tune, great bass line.
  9. When you hear alot of these isolated tracks, there is alot more hums and buzzes, open strings ringing out etc than I would be happy with. But, I'm slowly beginning to get my head round over the years is that it's more to do with the performance, rather than technical perfection! Performance trumps technical perfection every time.
  10. if it seems to have reverb then there's a good chance you're hearing 'direct monitoring' at the same time as the recorded sound. Even when set up great theres going to be a slight latency between you playing and whats recorded... milliseconds... but if it's low latency and you set it up to record what you sound like through the recording, then you'l barely notice the latency. Doing 'direct monitoring' just means you hear exactly how you sound with no latency. However, if you mix the two together you'll get an echo effect. It's always the one or the other for me, not both. Definitely got the Hi-Z switched on?
  11. Next instalment. with a little help from some friends.
  12. I've been doing a load too, with my own band, and other random muso pals! It's addictive once you get into it! This sounds awesome. I've used alot of phone audio in mine and its quite astonishing.
  13. As others say, most pubs are absolutely fine. Cant recall ever playing a pub where I've felt in danger of any sort, and i can only think of one bar fight whilst playing. Load in/loud out vary massively too, as with any type of gig - some of the wedding gigs I've done have been horrific. But I think that is more down to what gear you decide to take, and if the band have a sensible PA. Some of the PA's ive seen in pubs are simply stupid. And then theres the drummers that insist on having 20 cymbals to play some classic rock covers, or the guitarists who need to have their 2 4x12's to play to about 30 folk. If the band are sensible, then load in/load outs are ok. My load in is on trip. bass on my back. Amp in one hand, the other hand free to open doors. If you enjoy playing the set, then I think the positives outweigh the negatives so go for it!
  14. Nope! 😂 I could've went substantially deeper, so if you take more away then yes it'll make a difference.
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