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  1. Yep, it didn't take much to get to grips with it to be fair. I actually love it in passive so I'll be interested what I end up doing when I eventually get out gigging with it.
  2. First concert - jamiroquai Glasgow secc 95ish Last concert - machine head, Glasgow academy Nov 19 Best concert - extreme Glasgow 2012 Worst concert - shed 7, Strathy Union 2000ish Loudest concert - machinehead Seen the most - dream theater Most surprising - beardyman 2015ish edinburgh Next concert - dream theater, armadillo glasgow Wish I would have seen - deep purple Glenn Hughes era
  3. The one I always remember for me is when I was 16 I was doing a gig in a pub in Glasgow.. My bro drive me in with my bass amp. After sou d check I had my p bass copy plugged in and leaning against the fabric grill of the amp. Windsor the drummer stepped back off the 4" drum rise, onto my lead which pushed right into the cavity, breaking the plastic pick guard and making the lead stuck inside at an angle. It still worked so we decided just to play the gig as is and deal with it at a later date. Started the gig to find my amp farting as it had never farted before. After a quick look I could see that there was a perfect tuning peg sized hole in the speaker.. Must have happened during the lead incident. Had to just put up with it, however I then broke a string and had no spares, so one of the other bands handed me their bass to play. Complete disaster. Only to get back to the car to find it had been broken into! Oh what a night that was.
  4. That's incredible. You definitely should stick a more detailed build diary up as I for one would be keen to see the process.
  5. Cool, I'll have a look. Thanks
  6. Nylon coated. Pretty fun to play although I think ill be swapping out to standard roundwounds when i can.
  7. I had a wee go on this over the weekend and I i can assure any potential buyers that the video above is a true reflection of the sound and tone you'll get. It doesn't lack anything you'd expect from a more standard scale length, and it's very (very) playable, even for someone with big hands like me! Plus, it looks and feel's tremendous as per all ACG's I've tried.
  8. I bought mine 2nd hand, hopefully that still allows me membership to the ACG club! I present my medium scale Finn 4. In fact, I got it yesterday, from this very forum so you might all recognise it. I had my eye on it from the day it popped up in the classifieds and instantly started to sell things in order to fund it. Not everything has sold but i decided why not just to go for it anyway. So here it is. It's quite simply phenomenal. It's the most playable bass I've ever had in my hands. The 31.5" scale allows easy movement around the neck, and the thing is perfectly balanced when on a strap. It's light but not super light; it still maintains the feel of playing a big block of wood which I think gets lost when you play super light basses. The build quality is breath taking. and the neck join is seamless - it's a thing of beauty. I can't wait to show my dad as he's into his woodworking; he always appreciates good work. I'm struggling to get my head round how the active controls work. Grant explained to me what they all do but I think I was just so excited to actually play it I didn't take it all in - I've kinda worked it out, but I probably should look it up anyway to get a better understanding. I love having the passive option available to me too. One thing though is that the active circuit seems to be too hot for my zoom b3n. Even with nothing turned on the b3n, it seems to be distorting at input. I wonder if there's any internal controls that might allow for the output to be turned down abit? This seems to be the b3n's fault though as it doesn't do it with my amp, or when I go direct into my AI. Anyways, I cannot wait to get out and gig it although unforunately my diary is empty until March... hopefully something comes in before then! Taken from the ad: Body Wood: Swamp Ash Body Finish: Satin Lacquer Neck Wood: 3 piece Maple with Ebony heel block. Finger Board: Acrylic Resin Treated Maple Scale: 31.5″ Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer Pickups: ACG RFB Humbucker Hardware: ACG/Hipshot bridge, Gotoh GB350 Resolite tuners, Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks Low Battery Indicator Pre-amp: East Uni-Pre 4K
  9. I remember it just being an extreme dull and uninspiring sound. My 2nd amp was a beringer 120w tilt back thing.. That instantly gave me a more top end zing type sound which I preferred at the time. If there was nothing else to play through then it would do a job, but it's not one of those amps that has aged well. When I think back it must've been earlier than 98.. Probably 95ish. But it was already an old amp.
  10. Ahhh amazing - That brings back memories. My first bass amp. My big bro got it for me out of the local adverts in the paper. I remember it being huge, extremely ugly and sounding awful. Probably around 98/99. Would love to try one again!
  11. That was me! Sold it at full price through Facebook. Thanks again! And Graham who bought it off me frequents this very forum, although I can't remember what his username is. I've only recently got back into Facebook , but I've already sold that bass and a lens. I'm also attempting to sell an amp which I've had a few keen parties but now quite sold. I've also got another bass (yamaha bb1000 '78) which has had no interest. Possibly because it's more expensive, but im happy to wait. So overall I'm pretty happy with FB market place. I used to use Gumtree but I'm finding that pretty awful.
  12. A friend of mine got an ACG custom made. It was 5 string and had a huge string spacing so wasn't my favourite design, but holy flip it was seriously good quality and clearly played brilliantly.. It made me rethink how basses should feel and play. Hence i want to buy that 4 string above.
  13. No you don't want this. It's active, and you definitely said you wanted passive. Mainly because I'm selling stuff in the attempt to get this for myself.
  14. Cool, that's absolutely fine. I've got a few things up for sale at the moment so I may be back in contact, if it doesn't go. Cheers
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