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  1. Kip winger surely on the... er... Wing!
  2. We've probably crossed paths, I was in Hector bizerk. I'm sure we've shared a few stages/festivals over the years!
  3. Alot of big names in this list! For me, delamitri at Glasgow Hydro, 2014ish. I like there 90s albums but not exactly a fan. Only went cis my mate had a spare ticket. It was a wee bit like watching a wedding band, very dull. Tommy emmanuel, Glasgow concert Hall 2015ish. I only really oat attention to his gypsy jazz stuff online but this gig was his solo acoustic stuff. Very boring. So we ended up just leaving and going to the pub!
  4. Aye that's true. Dunno what the strings are but they do have that feeling they're old but they've been boiled. I'll fire on new strings today.
  5. Thought I'd introduce the new member of the family! My current first bass is an ACG 31.5" scale and I absolutely love it. It's an incredible instrument and the easiest bass I've ever played. So much so I've basically not touched my other bass in a year. However, it's only single pickup and had an urge to get something with a bridge pickup. I was open to anything really but the jazz was an obvious choice. I also really fancied trying a 33" scale but there's not a lot on the market- or at least not in the more budget market. I could only really find this model. It was going to cost £660 plus postage brand new, which was a bit more than i was hoping to spend so i sat on it for a week or two, then I saw one pop up on Ebay, so I pounced. And here it is. I've probably paid a bit much for it 2nd hand once the fee's etc are factored in, but should come in under £500. Good points: I love the 33" scale. light Finish on it is lovely Tuners seem extremely high quality, and the other bits seem good enough. once set up, plays fine. came with a good quality soft case Bad points: When i received it, the neck pickup was almost flush to the pick guard. When I brought it up to where it should be, it was really loose and hollow feeling. I've had to put sponge underneath to stop it from moving. I've not touched the bridge pickup yet but that's loose too so will probably need the same treatment. I think that's how they would have been out the factory because I don't see anything to suggest the previous owner had been dabbling about in there. The knobs are really stiff The pickups are ok but a bit uninspiring. That might be though because I'm spoiled with the active circuit in my ACG. But still, assuming they are standard size, it might be a future upgrade to be considered! Overall, I'm happy, but I still think I overpaid, and I'm very happy I didn't buy brand new. It's not a £660 bass in my view, but then again if you want a 33" scale there's not a whole lot out there to choose from! Not seen anyone else play one on here, so thought Id show it off to you all!
  6. I've went between 4, 5, and 6 over the years and I'm back to 4. I've came to realise that the 4 is enough for 99 percent of tunes, and when it's not, I just need to accept that I need to play up the octave. I use octaver a little bit but even that is just for a wee bit of colour, not necessarily to extend the range! Saying that, it's very satisfying hitting the b string on a good 5string through a big pa! It's a head turner! 😂
  7. I've been playing alot more! Partly because it's a hobby, so it gives me something to do on the evenings! But also partly because I got a medium scale just before it all kicked off and that has made me really push my playing! Whether this stuff translates into my playing in a live setting I'll need to find out! I've also done a few wee collab things with my band and other muso pals. All just for social media fun. So I've been keeping myself busy!
  8. I'd agree with others though. If you listen to his isolated tracks on Dean Town etc, the tone is not particularly inspiring. It's the dynamics in his hands that makes him sound like him!
  9. I'd roll off the super lows and boost the mids a touch.
  10. Can't put my finger on it but these just look unbelievably comfortable to play! Never played one, but it just looks a joy to play.
  11. Elfrasho

    NAPD Zoom MS60 B

    Brilliant piece of kit! I had one for ages, it was my comp /pre amp / tuner and normally octave! All in one pedal. Brilliant.
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