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  1. See if you just train yourself into a habit of curling them up tidily after every use, your cable woes will disappear! Get some velcro cable ties and it means when you pull them out the next time you need them there all tidy! Makes a big difference!
  2. well gigged but in perfect working order. These things work like magic, but this is just surplus to my requirements currently. no box but comes with a 3rd party power supply for free! UK postage will be £8
  3. I used the 20 quid behringer whammy clone pedal for years... I only needed the effect for about 20 seconds of the set so was a bit reluctant to spend a fortune. Done the job perfectly! Don't get me wrong, it didn't feel premium in in shape or form, but didn't feel like it would fall to bits! Ive had loads of behringer stuff over the years, bass amps, guitar amps, mixers etc... I wouldn't have a problem buying behringer in the future!
  4. Happy to move on price on this by the way. I'm happy for this to go to someone who will use it, rather than it sit in a box in my house. Would consider partial trade on small headphone amp (Behringer p1 type thing)
  5. Sold! Well gigged but in perfect working order. Absolutely rock solid too. Comes boxed with the 9v adapter. Happy to post for £13. Otherwise, collection from Glasgow. Happy to meet within a reasonable distance.
  6. Lovely bass. From the Bacchus 'cheap' line but still a mighty fine bass. Only selling because I'm, putting my money towards something different. This comes with a lovely gig bag and pick up cover. The neck pickup is epoxy resin filled, however this is entirely reversible by just buying a £3 pickup cover. Cant see any major dents but of course has the normal age related marks. The bridge pickup cover is a replacement and not a direct match to the neck pickup cover, only willing to offer as collection, however happy to meet up an hour or so from central Scotland.
  7. I'm gutted about this but this one needs to go. The easiest bass to play that I think I've ever played. I'm only selling because I'm needing something more conventional. If I could afford to have this along with another premium bass, I would. Anyone who's tried an ACG will tell you how good they are. This ones currently stringed with Ernie Ball P02832 Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Bass Set, .050 - .105, which are very nice. There's a few playing scuffs here and there, but no dents. I'm only happy for collection on this, central Scotland, but I'm happy to travel an hour or so each direction, if a deal can be struck. Sale only. Body Wood: Swamp Ash Body Finish: Satin Lacquer Neck Wood: 3 piece Maple with Ebony heel block. Finger Board: Acrylic Resin Treated Maple Scale: 31.5″ Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer Pickups: ACG RFB Humbucker Hardware: ACG/Hipshot bridge, Gotoh GB350 Resolite tuners, Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks Low Battery Indicator Pre-amp: East Uni-Pre 4K
  8. I started wearing war protectors pretty any where where the loud noise.. Even at gigs I'm there to watch! Might not be cool but it's not worth the risk! Plus, things just sound better when the sound is controlled a bit!
  9. For those hunting down a case for the Stomp, I've picked this up off amazon for £11.99 and it's perfect. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07T8FCL91/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's obviously quite lightweight but more than adequate to ensure the unit doesn't get knocked about when popped into the front pocket of my bass case along with loose cables and all the other random bits and bobs. Enough space for the stomp, power supply, and a few other bits and bobs.
  10. My mate got one so I've had a go. Loved it. And with more bands going towards iems I think there's a definite growing market for it. Too expensive for me, but as others have said, if it was more around 150, then I'd definitely consider it.
  11. I must admit, I had some initial concerns over the complexity of it. Butnow I've got it set up how I like it.. With the 3 pedals being assigned to 3 individual blocks within one preset, that's my live bass rig sorted and it's pretty easy to navigate. I still canr get over how good the guitar stuff sounds. Quite astonishing!
  12. Picked up a helix stomp yesterday. First impressions is that it's brilliant. particularly the reverbs sound lush and rich! Not really delved too much into it yet but I'm very excited to gig it. Bass wise I don't do much with effects, so it's mainly going to be used for its preamp options, so I think I'm more excited for the guitar side if thing. I think the knobs and buttons feel a bit flimsy though. I have a slight worry somethings going to fall off!
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