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  1. It is on paper aye, but if the crowds good which they generally are, then it's all fun!
  2. Weird question I know. How flat is the neck set into the body? Is their a big distance between the strings just after the neck to the body or is it quite flat? Also, any idea of age? (I'm reasonably local by the way)
  3. Superstition Summer of 69 Mr brightside Sex on fire Wagon wheel Call me al Loch lomond 500 miles Proud mary Sit down Crazy little thing called love Dakota Dancing in the daek Johnny b goode Valerie Ten out of ten Get lucky stinky poo up and dance Can't stop the feeling Uptown funk Don't stop beleiving A little respect Footloose Dies your mother know My girl I'm a depper, and I've found almost every band will play the majority of these tunes. In Scotland anyway.
  4. Like everyone else I drive to the majority of my gigs these days so I wouldn't even have a pint, but for a gig down the local, then I'll happily have a few!
  5. That action looks incredibly low! Lovely looking bass,
  6. I'm wondering this myself because I've not looked at a band website in probably 10 years but one of the boys in a wee band I've tried to put together was adamant we needed one and spent 100 odd quid doing it. I reckon we'll get a dozen views over the year and I find it hard to believe we'd lose our in bookings if we referred them Rob Facebook/Instagram instead.
  7. It's a piece of art. The back is as sexy as the front!
  8. Well the time it takes our drummer to line up a track, i think we need large print too!
  9. We use a splitter cable from a mobile phone! I was expecting bleed but there's zero! Might be worth a pop over you're laptop
  10. Must admit, I don't know a great deal about this bass, but I took it in on a trade. I've gigged it once, and although its a very easy bass to play and sounds absolutely brilliant, I'm not a huge fan of the body shape so looking to move it on. I'm not desperate to sell though as it really is a cracking bass, but also happy to move it on if someone wants it, or if an interesting trade comes up. I was told this is an '06 model and I've no reason to disbelieve it. Has a few battle scars to the body but the neck and headstock seem in immaculate condition. Electronically completely sound. The pickups look a bit weird in the photos however I've packed the insides with a little electrician tape just to get the covers slightly closer to the strings - personal preference and easily reversed. Comes with leather strap fitted with the recessed strap locks. No case or bag. Happy to package up if buyer arranges courier. Trades: Fender aerodyne Jazz in candy apple red, or something with 2 humbucker size pickups.
  11. think the ay to go is just to buy a matching stick of whats already in there and you'll be good to go. I'm not an expert but i would have though 8gb would be pretty low these days anwyay?
  12. Only scanned through so far but sounds tremendous!
  13. I loved my lh500... Unbelievably clean and loud... honestly couldn't work out a context where I'd need an lh1000! That must be bone trembling!
  14. It's baffling how good a bass you can get for £1250!! That's incredible.
  15. Look after your leads Don't fosters about on your instrument between songs Keep the set flowing, don't stop after every tune for a chat and a sip of your pint Get ear plugs Keep stage volumes as low as possible Don't flip about at sound check I'm sure there's plenty more.
  16. Think this is pretty normal, especially amongst musicians. As long as you enjoy the sound coming in, then it diesnt really matter why! I don't think I know a single song word for word all the way through, and I think it's simply the fact that I zone in on the guitar line, bass line, drum fills etc.. Even the melody, just not the words,
  17. 2 basses Spare strings Hx Stomp 3 leads (one spare) Di box 4 bar Iems I mainly do dep weddings so I've basically got a backup of everything as it would be terrible for something to break! If you're driving, I don't see a problem taking this lot. It's basically a rucksack and two gig bags. One bass stays in the bag. I've had two basses fail and broke a few strings over the years so having a back up for a quick turn around just makes sense!
  18. Yep, which is how I use it on bass, but with guitar I was trying to use it more as individual pedals. I prefer a drive boost on the amp though over adding an extra distortion block. This works a treat! Cheers
  19. Cheers! Got it! Couldn't seem to do it via the pc software but works perfectly in unit itself!
  20. NEED HELP - I cant work out how to do this. On my stomp, if you want to use it on stomp mode you've got the option to select a parameter within a block, for example an amp. I can then assign it two a footswitch, but when i press the footswitch it switches between 0 and 100%. Is there a way (surely there is) that I can set it so that when its off its at a certain %, say 20%, and then switched on it goes to 40%? Basically I want to us an amp drive channel as a boost. Is this possible? I cannot work out how to do it.
  21. I'm the same. A 16 year old me dreamed of that zingy tone... I seemed to have been under the impression that every tune needed slap! I love a far rounder tone... Not quite flatwounds on a p bass with tone rolled off style.... But definitely rounder.... Dare I say more boring tone. It just works better though.
  22. Thought I'd share this in case it may avoid someone else spending hours fault finding like I did today. I have two keyboards connected via USB midi to my pc running through reaper. I've had them wired in for months but haven't really used them via midi, but yesterday I had. Wee recording sesh. No matter what settings i used, every so often midi would 'hang'. Leaving notes ringing out and the only fix was to completely shut the pc down. Anyways... After trying pretty much everything else including pricing up other daws haha I changed the usb cables and it seems to have sorted it! I was using a usb cable I got free with something probably 15 years ago. Switched it to the one I got with my helix, and no more hangs! Moral of the story... If something funky is happening, don't forget the cable
  23. I used to run a 50g and 60b... The 60b being my always on FX, preamp and bass octaver, and the 50g for the occasional FX for specific tunes. That weren't worth having an individual pedal. Great wee pedals!
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