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  1. Band member spouses/partners/mates at auditions. Nothing good ever comes of these things. Mega no-no.
  2. Take the discarded piece of string you just cut, fold the last 1-2 cm of the end back into a v (like a hook), do the same with the full string and hook them together, then loop a long piece of thread wrapped tightly around to close the mouths of each v, locking the parts together. It works incredibly well.
  3. More heavy ones Ron Royce - Coroner Phil Rind - Sacred Reich Troy Gregory & Mike Kirkland - Prong Jeff Walker - Carcass
  4. G&L also have a Tribute line made in Japan by ESP, I believe.
  5. An early 90’s Blade B3 remains high on my want list. Lovely, lovely basses.
  6. It’s time to wake up the neighbours. David Vincent - Morbid Angel Glen Benton - Deicide Ross Dolan - Immolation and, on a lighter note, it’s worth highlighting that Doug Pinnick is still doing his thing with the excellent KXM
  7. I have that broadcast on tape somewhere. Michael Spencer was playing for F&J, soon to be replaced by Troy Gregory. He’s actually back in the band now. The Megadeth set sounds great apart from them making a meal of Peace Sells... I really need to find that tape now 🙂
  8. It wasn't the saddle which was the problem, it was the tailpiece. The slot for the B string wasn't wide enough to take a B sized wrapped string going right up to the ball end.
  9. Nuclear Assault supporting Slayer on their South of Heaven tour in 1988. Slayer were alright but NA were like an explosion. Cynic supporting Opeth in 2008. I had waited 15 years to see Cynic and, by comparison, Opeth were so dull I left a gig early for the first time in my life.
  10. First concert - Megadeth/Sanctuary - Olympic Ballroom, Dublin, May 1988 Last concert - Acid Reign - Grand Social, Dublin, December 2019 Best concert - Either Death, McGonagles, Dublin 1992 or Therapy? - Hamburg, October 2018 Worst concert - Limp Bizkit, Dublin Loudest concert - Sleep, Button Factory, Dublin, May 2012. Stupidly loud and I would have left had I not brought good earplugs. Seen the most - Chic Most surprising - Ondt Blod, I felt like Joliet Jake seeing the light Next concert - Zakk Sabbath, Birmingham, February 2020 then Cory Wong, Cork, February 2020 Wish I would have seen - Living Colour and Fisbone are the last on that list after finally seeing Coroner last year
  11. Ah ok, I wasn’t aware Warwick coloured the ball ends.
  12. E to G are D’Addarios and the B is a different brand? Never a great idea. Personally, I think tapered strings make for better low strings. The tapered B you get in a set of Dean Markley SR2000s is mighty.
  13. I was actually looking for something exactly like this an hour ago, btw, so this is perfect timing 😁
  14. Some batteries have larger terminal rings which causes this. The hole at the far end of each receptacle is just a little bit too small for them. You would be ok with a different brand of batteries, I suspect.
  15. I'd invite you all over here to stay in Ireland but... you know... well... wow, this is awkward... 😳
  16. Would love to do it but am in Ireland. If you’re properly stuck, though, perhaps... 🙂
  17. Sex Bob-Omb and The Clash at Demonhead from Scott Pilgrim vs the World are very listenable.
  18. I think it's in a format I can't open.
  19. That looks great, you should be pleased. Well done.
  20. I got the bass for peanuts so I could handle the shipping. The actual cost on the shipping label was about €90 but, of course, the seller charged a bit more. Going on ebay postage rates I have seen, the most is about €160 but it varies per seller. There is import duty payable, which works out at about 25% all in. Again, this was factored into what I was prepared to bid for the bass in the first place.
  21. A couple of ebay finds arrived recently. I bought the Aria before xmas but it took a while to get here from Japan. I thought it was an IGB-600 but it turns out to be an IGB-CST with a carved sen body. I can now understand where Billy Gould got that tone from, the output is outrageously high and it’s really easy to overdrive the amp. The EQ is very usable, particularly the low end. It might be the most musical low frequency control I have ever played. While waiting for the Aria to arrive and checking the tracking I saw the ESP. It desperately needs some love, particularly the frets, and it’s the only bass I’ve ever had which arrived with the truss rod completely loose. The truss rod nut doesn’t look like it has ever been touched. I’ve already stripped it, cleaned it (very badly needed), shielded it, replaced the bridge, shimmed the neck and set it up properly. I think this one has been around the block a few times and now I know why. Even with plenty of work left to do, though, it farts like an olde-time P should and I’m going to make it real nice, real nice.
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