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  1. Even before COVID I've always thought that if you're reasonably regularly being paid for gigs then it's professional or at least semi-professional i.e. Takes a level of skill etc. A jam around your mates house in higher tier areas is more than likely a no go.
  2. Hi @Big_Stu Re Marantz, I assume you've checked these people out ? http://sstonline.co.uk/our-clients/
  3. Hi Oliver Rather than saying it’s exercise based I’d say it’s music based which to me is much more interesting than ‘exercises’. There are tons of penny dropping moments that can applied to your own everyday musical lives. With that said there are a few tunes & licks along the way too. In addition, nothing is in tab therefore as an added bonus one's reading gets better as you go through the course. From what I’ve seen the 2-5-1 course focuses more on tunes. jason
  4. I am about half way through it & have to say it's the best money I've spent. In some ways I wish I'd recognised the importance of the course & purchased it sooner than I actually did. I purchased the lifetime version which paid dividends for me because last year I broke my hand & had to rest it for a few months (That sucks). If you watch each video more than once & practice the content properly I don't think you'll regret the money you've spent. In addition, I have also paid for a lifetime version of his 2-5-1 advanced course for me follow on when I've finished the 2 year one. Adios
  5. Dunlop Ultex Sharp 2mm The thicker the better for me. I think the good thing about thick picks is that they can retain that under belly depth. Also you can partially rotate the grip when you're playing to get a 'clackier' kind of sound & then play them perpendicularly to almost emulate fingers (not quite but almost), all within the same song.
  6. Here's the government website https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/the-visitor-economy Defo no indoor gigs but a bit unclear on outside gigs but it may have to be quiet ... no metal gigs then ...
  7. trying my best to improve the menu ... ;
  8. Hi @Craigster The Youtube channel 12Tone may be of interest, especially the building blocks area. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTUtqcDkzw7bisadh6AOx5w In addition, as somebody stated earlier, I can vouch for Joe Hubbard or Scotts bass lessons to contain useful info - both are worth paying for Have a good day
  9. without sounding like an epic snob I'm listening to Miles Davis's 'Footprints' !!
  10. Hi I am in the process of taking Joe Hubbard's 2 year bass mastery course & pretty much agree with everything Apeneck Sweeney has stated above. I purchased the Lifetime access version which for me has worked out because I've been very busy at work & last last year I broke my hand & had to take a break of sorts !! (lemme tell ya, that sucks !). I fully recommend Joe Hubbard's course. I have also been a member of SBL in the past & that was good at the time but IMO Joe's approach works better for me. Jass
  11. Hi TwoStrings what bass guitar have you got? - a quick phone picture of the whole bass may be useful. Have you got a capo or know someone who has? I take you have some kind of ruler? Cheers
  12. More of a nearly ... saved by the manufacturer !! A couple of years back I purchased a Mike Lull JT4 & unfortunately it had problems where some of the the grub screws would 'un-wind' during a gig but wouldn't at home (obvs due to do with me moving about at the gig etc.). Because it cost a pretty penny, I ended up being really aggravated !! I sent an angry email to Mike Lull guitars & to my surprise they very kindly sent me a whole new bridge - A guy called Paul Schuster was the guy I dealt with, a really nice chap !! All's good that ends well
  13. Many thanks all for all of your advice !! I eventually got round to changing the bridge about 3/4 weeks ago & with a mixture of your advice everything went very smoothly - again thanks
  14. Hi My first post here. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice to give with regards to fitting a new bridge to an old bass which has a different footprint. This question is aimed at brave modification types, luthier types or some anyone else with experience. I have an old Maverick bass that I mainly use for practice but the bridge is a bit heath Robinson & therefore can be a bit of a pig to set up. I have already bought the replacement bridge that has the same string to sting measurement. Nothing of the fittings/screw holes line up & was wondering if anyone has any thoughts before I start. This is a bit of an experiment but all the same I'd like not to miss anything out that I hadn't thought of. Many thanks for your time Jason
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