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  1. Sorry for being a bit off topic here but all the tapered core strings I have used had the tapered section as a part of the speaking lenght of the string. Most of the tapered B strings I have used had only the core wire touching the bridge saddle and it tapers to full width after that point - in the speaking lenght of the string, not to the other way.
  2. These are great beasts, I used to have 3 of them, I liked the one with the TW pickups the most. (The only reason I don't own one is that I have a US Spector 6) Congratulations for having it and I hope it will be a long time partner for you. I honestly think they are capable of doing anything a sixer should with strong and articulte lows to clear highs and all this coupled with a very ergonomic design. As @cetera said the preamp needs some time to get used to but once the trimpot is fixed and the bass / trebles settings are understood it is a really useful preamp. Have fun with it and go, gig it šŸ™‚
  3. šŸ˜„ English is not my first language and if you add some typos then the result can be...hilarious šŸ˜„
  4. One of the best deals around, fortunately I'm not on the market for a Euro 4LX - and the pickup only option is not an option for me anyways but you seem to get that sorted šŸ™‚
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the Spector family!
  6. Three days? That's quite a long time, congrats šŸ™‚ I know better and don't plan such things....... šŸ˜„
  7. Well in short, yes. I have found a couple of them actually, my US made NS Forte 6 sounds and feels better than any of my previous 3 Euro 6s that I have owned and used before . My two Euro5s are highly modified and have a history with me and the white Euro 435 is simply a killer bass that I use now for my main gig so I hold the Euro line in very high regard and came through enough of the to be able to pick up the best of them really.
  8. @Al Krow I can only quote what I've written about it in another topic. Hope it helps.
  9. Thank you! My post was intended to reflect upon the previous couple of posts assessing the different models that Spector offer rather than an answer to your original question (to which I have already wrote my thoughts some days ago above) or finding an excuse to show off my bass. Apologies if it came off another way. Iā€™m sure you will find the bass that suits your needs, be it Spector or else. Have fun with the process šŸ™‚
  10. I have gone through many Spectors and I believe that personal preferences are very important and also the fact how they meet with a certain instrument. I'm a 5 string player (or should I say, I need at least the BEAD strings) What I have gathered so far: - I liked my Euro 5 basses over the Korean ones had. - I never really liked Euro 4s until I got my maple winged Euro 435 which is a 35" Euro 4 with X series PJs. - I had US made NS-5XL's that I did not consider to be better (for me) as my Euro 5's - One of my NS-5XL (pictured below) is simply another level compared to any of the Spectors I have every had or heard. The richness of the tone, the depth of it, the nuances and the look / playability is second to none, all other basses considered. It is my main recording and practicing bass and I feel very privileged to have found 'my' instrument. I have other Spectors and other basses of very high quality (Atelier Z, Prestige Ibbys, MM SR5 etc) but this is always the one. I don't know if there is any takeaway for you from the above but my experience is that finding your great instrument is transcending sales categories, price points and places / means of manufacturing but there is one thing for sure for me, the best bass I have is the one I have paid the most for. And we are looong after the honeymoon period.
  11. Great, I know how you feel. As I have said that is one of the best looking natural Euros I've ever seen. The EMG preamp is a great choice especially for the mids and will be easy to drop in. As for the pickups, EMG is the way to go with the Spectors, I have EMG is all my 7 of them. One of my Euro435 came with Aguilar PJ but replaced with the X series EMG PJ and it sounds absouletely killer. What I also like is that with the EMG 40's housing that they have in the Euro5 / NS-5XLs is they offer a great variety within that housing, meaning you can get dual coils (DC) splitable coils (TW) or P or J. I have a 5 string pre- LX Euro5 with 40P and 40J and it sounds much like my 4 string PJ. In one of my NS-5XLs I have used a double P for a year or so and due to the quick connect pin they are very easy to replace / change.
  12. If DJ means the Darryl Jones modell of Lakland's that is a great take on the classic jazzbass design. The Spector Legends are a very different breed, they are extremely well made for the price point and sound great, but different than the DJ. It really boils down to what you want/need. If you need a jazz, then go for the DJ or check Spectors Coda Pro line. If you need a modern ergonomic design and a sound that is very versatile and well defined then the Legend is the way to go. Or as @Mastodon2 suggested look out for a Euro 4 or 5 and you will have one of the best basses around ( I know I'm biased as I have a couple of them but still...)
  13. The separate battery box have only been added a few years ago to the Czech line, in '14 or '15 IIRC. Before that every Euros (or NS-CRs before 1999) had the battery inside the main cavity in the back together with the electronics.
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