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  1. With all the brands and options to choose from at this price level this bass is leaving me unimpressed to say the least. The headstock is meh, the font/branding too. I mean you name a bass bite and the best thing you can come is a headstock which looks like part of it is bitten off and a similar logo on the neck plate? Nonetheless all the best to them and hope they can get a niche market with the short lead time and customization. I'm not sure this is really important but maybe so for some folks.
  2. Also D'Addario makes the piccolo set of 52 42 32 20 (EXL280) so getting two other single nickel strings gauged 80 and 100 from them would do the trick and it fits to long scale necks (34" works for sure as I gave used these)
  3. Update: after owning and using this bass for 16 months I have to say this is a keeper and as such it effectively killed my GAS for super 5 string jazzes. The feel of the neck is especially lovely, it is high gloss finish but has such a warmth and ease to it, unbelieveable. As I've said I'd bought this bass untried and unheard, never ever even had an Atelier Z in my hands but I wish all the "blind" purchases would be such spot on like this. Can't recommend Atelier Z's enough, they very well worth their prices!
  4. While the original 4 string Spector headstock - a.k.a. “Gumby” has a cult following I think the Platypus kind of headstock that the Euro and US NS basses have are one of the best 5 string headstocks in the industry for me. I actually prefer it to the Gumby - but all my Spectors except one are 5 strings...
  5. Sure. It was from muziker.sk , a slovakian e-commerce site that grew big on instruments and related products and now they seem to branch out to other stuff. I think I bought about 6-8 sets of DR strings at that time. It seems currently they dont have those prices but worth to keep an eye as I must have been bought from them on good prices about three times in the last few years. (Probably my only purchases from them...)
  6. +1 on the DR Hi Beams. Those are my preferred strings to be used on my US and Euro Spectors. While their normal price is a bit on the high side there are deals to be found, I got my 0.45-.130 Hibeams for around £30 a set which is a quite ok. They sound great, feels great and last good (but not great) I love how my Spectors sound with them
  7. On second thought I would just leave it as it is.
  8. Lovely bass, congratulations! I think the red is passable but of course the stickers would do the trick provided they cover the existing inlays. This I’m not sure of, I used the crown pearl sticker set on a NS-CR to cover the dots and am not sure whether they are 100% the same size and shape as the inlays. I still have 2 sets but can’t check them against my Euro as I’m not at home.
  9. If I were you I would by all means start putting up an ad on Basschat and in some facebook groups - European bass market is one of the biggest such group on facebook. Basschat marketplace sees a lot of international traffic, I'm from Hungary and have bought and sold basses through BC from/to all over Europe. It only takes a few minutes and a small amount of money but you'll be able to gauge the interest and the price level. But of course you'll need to be able to ship and take care of an international money transaction and these can be seen as risky for some.
  10. Very nice of you Rotosound! For me it's gotta be Billy Sheehan. I have learnt a lot from his playing and his videos explaining what and why he does. His three finger plucking technique especially made an impact on my playing. Also I never used distortion until his signature EBS BS pedal convinced me to appy it to my sound at certain instances to spice up things. And his unique approach to distortion made that pedal to stand out. Kudos again to Billy!
  11. There was a time when my only bass was an Ibanez Prestige SR3006 and I took it to every gig. Nobody made a comment.
  12. This is still for sale or trade (bass only, no amps or cabs)
  13. My issue with the Thumb NT5 I had was the geometry and ergonomics of the bass: as Greg mentioned in the prev post the short upper horn makes it quite unbalanced and also puts the whole bass quite a lot to the left, meaning the 1st position is a lot farther to the left than on a Stingray for ex. As said above it may not matter to some but it was an issue for me for sure.
  14. My take would be pau ferro or walnut. The headstock back/front looks a lot like my walnut winged Spectors but the neck takes more after my pau ferro boards.
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