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  1. Yeah! You know that sustain that these neck through tables have is another level. It really makes your dinner last a lot longer... 😂
  2. 😄 😄 Actually no. I have this neck through table in our living room, the '77 table was outside on the porch and now in my cousin's garden.
  3. Speaking of white Spectors, I just had a great and fun rehearsal with my band for our gig on Friday using my Spector Euro 435 (35" Euro 4 LX with solid maple wings) This is my main live bass since last spring and although I prefer the NS-5XL for recording this is really kicking donkey for playing live. Since the G string is not a necessity for the gig it is tuned B(A)EAD and I can have the iconic white Spector PJ look onstage 🙂 This is such a great bass, I got rid of the Aguilar P/J that it came with in favor of a X series EMG PJ but kept the Aguilar OBP it came with. And in action! 🙂
  4. I'm quite safe as I don't play 4 string basses much but still have two 4 string Spectors. So it is quite easy to convince myself 😄
  5. Someone was looking for a blue 40th, if I get around remembering who and where I'll direct him to here.
  6. I got mine directly from Japan. The shop I got it from is Ikebe Gakki and I had wondeful time working out this with them, the second time I dealt with them.
  7. Lovely! I have a ash body / one piece maple neck/ board M265 with 3 band Bartolini eq. '60 spacing... (see pic below) Congrats to the safe arrival of the Celinder! Have fun with it and I'm looking forward how it will be performing after the initial impressions. I always wanted to have a Celinder 5 string jazz...
  8. @ped don't mean to deraile the htread, but which / what Atelier Z have you bought? I have a M265 and really like it.
  9. Ohhh. The white one is stellar, as is the black. Wondering about the pu placement, it seems like the same spot as on the 1977. So it is not like a regulare Ian Hill w/o the bridge pu, but seems to me that with getting rid of the J they moved the P closer to the bridge, too. Any thoughts?
  10. I know. Thing is I don't use traditonal tuned 4 string basses much other than playing along with some music. I play the 1977 mostly at home playing along songs from the '70-80s My NS-5XL is the main recording bass I have been using for years and custom Euro435 that I use for live (tuned AEAD) plus a pre LX Euro5 as a backup. Exchange rate is bad, covid is here so it's getting hard to justify a "new toy" even if funding it is not a problem.
  11. Still hankering for a 1979. This is the prettiest I've found so far. Can't justify having it though.
  12. But actually I AM from 1977 (no joke)
  13. Plot twist: I don't have that table anymore! (still have the '77)
  14. I too concur with @Eldon Tyrell and @ead love my 1977 too.
  15. Wow! I used to own #109 which was completed a month after yours. That had full maple wings just like this. I have a couple of NS-5XL's and for me basses don't get any better than these. Good luck with the sale!
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