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  1. My take would be pau ferro or walnut. The headstock back/front looks a lot like my walnut winged Spectors but the neck takes more after my pau ferro boards.
  2. My Spector US and Euro five string basses are tuned drop A and I use .130 or .135 strings and occasionally .125, too. DR HiBeams. Never had issues with the string being floppy, I recorded and played many gigs with this setup and never felt the need to go to thicker gauges. F# is another thing though....
  3. Thank you! I used to have a 1005 that indeed had the 16,5mm but was checking the SRSC805 the other day and it has 18mm spacing.
  4. @Woodinblack could you please check what's the string spacing at the bridge on the 5005? I have the 5006 with 16.5mm spacing and am curious if it is the same on the 5 string version and the official spec doesn't mention it. Thanks!
  5. Paulhauser

    Anti GAS

    I think that higher price would not necessarily mean that that particular bass is more suitable ("better") for you. In many cases higher price is a result of distinctive higher quality that any player can benefit from (pu, electronics, hardware, woodwork) But it still does not mean that you by default will enjoy playing that bass more, its just means that you'll probably have less issues. In many other cases higher price is a result of expensive woods, branding, customizing, etc which could be important for some and not much to others. But it still does not mean that you by default will enjoy playing that bass more, its just means that you got something that you've dreamt of and this may make all the difference. It takes time, effort and experience to work out what (and why) works for you and what isn't.
  6. I think that was already done by the prev owner... 🙂
  7. Never been fan of the 'birds but this looks amazing, lovely color, congrats! I'd have a neck/bridge option for the pu selector, I've noticed this before with the 3 pu versions of the Dingwalls. Makes more sense to me than the bridge solo when there is bridge/middle already there in the 2nd position. Never in my life have used bridge only.....
  8. A soon-to-be 22K bass (body) presented as laying on a hard cold concrete floor, that is quite something 🙂
  9. +1 for the Spectorcore. Incredibly good basses for the money.
  10. +1 for the Spectorcore The Spectorcore is one of the best value for money fretless out there and it was designed to be a fretless, not just a "defretted bass" @Dood did a great review about this bass, it's really worth your while.
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