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  1. Congratulations! Very nice specimen πŸ™‚ I used to have one just like this back in the day, I think around 2008 or so. Similar poplar burl top but with EMG PJ, not Aggies. Can't find a pic of it but same model, same look. I loved it, I bought it when the Spector bug really bitten me but unfortunately couldn't use it much as most of the time I needed my 5 string Spector for the gigs so reluctantly I let it go. Seeing yours reminds me of that bass and the crisp, very defined sound it had. Fortunately though during the years I have collected a great selection of Spectors so I can't say I miss it but still, great memories. Enjoy it!
  2. Nice! I'm curious how are you gonna like the Aggie combo. I had the same combination when I received my white gloss Euro 435 - sounded good but only when I swapped the pus to X series EMG PJs became it a great sounding bass with the typical growl we all like. Kept the OBP2 in that though as I always run my preamps flat (or in case on the tp, a fav setting and leave at that)
  3. Whatever natty means in this context the bass still looks really big. πŸ™‚I mean by all means, 35”, 19mm and the body size plus the bridge placement makes a long reach for the first position. It is a very nice bass and if fits you and the sound is killer then what’s not to like? Have fun with it! πŸ‘
  4. I would fix the electronics or any technical issue (faulty jack, cracky pots etc) before selling a bass so the buyer knows he/she will have no unknown extra costs and I will have a peace of mind knowing I sold a fully functional instrument . I would not touch the dents and cosmetic issues - let the new owner decide if there is anything to be done to them.
  5. It is my old bass, sold about 8 years ago. I didn't do the mods as I sold it with the original pickup and bridge but I might have changed the electronics, I'm not sure (a pic of the cavity could help) It is a great bass, sounded killer and was extra comfy for a sixer, only sold as I had another Ibby six string (3006) Great value at this price!
  6. Congratulations @mattbass6 to your new Spector, it really looks beautiful and I bet sounds the business, too. I'm a sucker for purple, I have a Spector finished in this colour πŸ˜‰ I own a handful of Spectors and while I always admire and own / use some other brands and designs of basses this - Spector NS - is where I belong, where I feel home. Always great to see other players getting a huge kick out of their Spectors, feels like a brotherhood really. Have fun with it and more importantly , get the job done with it πŸ™‚
  7. I believe it is the usual 3 piece hard rock maple Spector uses and they stained it black and had a satin clear coating (or painted solid black before the satin finish, hard to tell from the pic whther the wood grain is visible or fully covered by solid paint) They used this for the bolt on US basses, sometimes only on the front side of the neck (the deep insert part over the 24th fret) sometimes for the full neck, like this.
  8. I've never bought a signature bass because of the name attached but I did have some signature basses along the line which I came to my attention mainly due to the name (either liking their music or playing or approach: - The Ibanez Gary Willis basses are simply some of the best designs for me in ergonomics. Would love to own one again - Geddy Lee bass: loved the skinny neck and the sound especially digging in, would still have it if it had 5 strings - John Myung Yamaha II, the one with the single MM pickup, didn't like it much but wanted to try because of the 34" tight spacing and MM pu, didn't like much Would like to have a Spector Alex Webster mark II without the splatter decal as I like the specs (neck, ebony fretboard, SD pu and DG preamp) Also Alex is a great player and likeable person but it is the specs that does for me, not the name. I have no issue if others buy signature basses purely because of the artist, I think it is great.
  9. No. I'm righty and a lefty bass can't be my dream bass per definition (as I can't use it) The thing about the Thumb though is you can buy it, try how that works and flip it afterwards for no loss.
  10. Could you please measure the string spacing at the bridge? Thanks!
  11. I'm loosing weight (diet) while my collection keeps growing (albeit reassuringly slowly thb). I say it's better than the other way around πŸ˜„
  12. It was intentionaly written that way but now it is grammatically correct at least πŸ™‚
  13. As in: if you buy both you get both πŸ˜„
  14. My reason in one word: bloody Brexit 😞
  15. The second I saw the thread I thought of you πŸ˜„ Come on, you know you have to have it! πŸ™‚
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