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  1. Really the one word that prevents me from buying it: Brexit I really loved the times when I could make great deals with fellow players in GB. Bought and sold quite some through this very forum. Sadly that is over....
  2. Nice! Does it have the right color this time? 😄
  3. What a pity about the sizing as it narrowly misses the EMG40 sizing (101.6 x 38.1 ) and that has plenty of options as to what's inside the housing.
  4. To be honest taking it so long it just shows how incompetent bunch is that RNRHOF is. Same goes for so many not even inducted and for some that were inducted and got nothing to do with "rock'n'roll" Morons. Sorry for being a bit edgy, I have other problems like trying to talk myself out of buying a Classic 5 and a Euro 5 LT. First world problems I know but we are on a bass forum, right? 🙂
  5. Exactly this. I practice on the same bass that I'm going to gig with and also I do it standing up. My gigging basses (I have a couple that I use for different bands) see the most practice time. I have a recording bass which I don't gig with. This is a Spector NS-5XL which is a favorite with engineers. Of all the sessions I've done since I have it this was to be used. We tried others but this one won all the time (except for fretless cuts) I use this quite a lot at home, too because I love it but when I'm preparing for a gig I'll use the same bass I'll gig with.
  6. These are some of the best Euros the Czech workshop ever made, the quality is outstanding and the sound is immense, clean, powerful yet very dinamic as well. Those DiMarzios are outstanding. I have this and the '77LE as well and love them both. (my only two 4 string basses)
  7. Looks so much better with the crown inlays.....
  8. Yes it is. The great thing about it is that while it looks great it sounds even better. And this is not coming from me but from live sound engineers and record producers as well. It is the one that is actually asked back for next sessions.
  9. It is my Spector NS-5XL. I bought it 5 years ago and while I use my other Spectors for gigs and practice this is the one which is the ONE. Hard to explain but this is which feels like home. For example whenever I'm working on something this is the one I reach for. Also this is the one that I recorded the most since I got it (all the other were fretless sessions) Had other US Spectors but this one is special.
  10. Easy if you don't actually playing the thing..... 😄
  11. Me too, they got it really right, my only issue is the matte finish, would have loved it high gloss.... (all my satin finishes glosses up where my hand rubs against the finish )
  12. It depends how the controls on the bass you are getting are set up. By definition it should be either vol, balance, stacked mid/sweep and stacked bass/treble, or vol, vol, stacked mid/sweep and stacked bass/treble. You're most probably leave the stacked ones as they are and replace the vol, vol or vol, balance with the two push-pull vol pots that the EMG sets have. You are not going to use the rest (ie active tone) The BQC have center detents, therefore a no boost no cut position and comparing to the Tonepump is tricky because the TP operate in a different way. But I'm sure you'll be getting the tone you want from this setup.
  13. @Mongo here's what I think: - get the X series over the normal 35TW because with the X series one the volume (output) does not drop much when using the coil tap - unlike the original 35TW where it drops significantly. - the push-pull volume pots will come included with the EMG pickups if you buy the new, they are part of the package - I would wait with the preamp, the BQC is a great system and has the mid control which many find very useful. So I'd intall the 35TWX and see (hear) If the preamp really needs to be changed
  14. Yes. If I like something I have more than once ended up getting more of the same. - have an addiction to Spector NS models, both US and Euro, have 7 of them while 2 or 3 would do fine (recording and gigging with backup) - love the Ibanez Prestige Soundgear six strings, currently have two of them (SR3006 and 5006) but there's gonna be more I think, a 1SR006 calls my name 🙂 - have a fretted / fretless pair of WW Thumb 6NT Both of them are quite recent so I may end up another one but from the '89-'91 period....
  15. If I were you I'd first put on a new set of strings to see (hear) if there is anything to fix.
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