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  1. This news just came in: http://mmrmagazine.com/featured/korg-usa-inc-acquires-spector-bass-company/?fbclid=IwAR28-ZzSkwAWRw7UdQtCo0ZHwmrTEyegy_qsrAon0_3k5mQTPqUgvkwCJuU I'm proud owner of several US and Euro basses and they are my main basses for a long time. I'm sure this move is good for Stuart Spector in terms of retirement and I'm curious what this will bring to the brand.... fortunately I pretty much have all the Spectors I've ever wanted (well, almost) so I don't have much to worry. Also they keep the custom shop so who knows and I guess will extend the Czech and Korean lines so this might be good in the end for the players. What do you think?
  2. I don't know as I was replying to a specific subject and those numbers were assumptions made in a previous post by somebody else. But to me 300-400 seems a good ballpark figure. Certainly they don't make thousands a year
  3. Just one thing: I think the average selling prices of Fodera basses are a lot less than what you suggest. They make quite a lot of standard models which are less expensive, they sell most of them (and quite a lot of the custom ones, too) through dealers so they are making a lot less than the 'street price' of the instruments. I actually don't think that they are making super money tbh but I do think they are a more solid operating business than in the years before Jason joined the team. Can't and won't comment on the calculations but strictly from a business point of view I think that as long as they have a clientele that is happy and satisfied by what they are getting and are willing to pay for it then the business will be all good. And in this day and age I'm happy for all small to mid size business that can survive - especially so for one that produces bass guitars and very high quality ones, too
  4. Paulhauser

    Spector fans!?!

    @cetera pretty much nailed it. I'm using Spectors almost exclusively live and in studio for the last 10-11 years. (Euro5 and NS-5XLs) What I really like about my Spectors and Spectors in general are three things: - they suit me ergonomically. The sleek undersized body sits well both sit down or stand up position and the bass hangs balanced and the same position stand up as it does when I play sit down. No need to use any of my nahds/fingers to keep it in position. - the sound is very easy to work with both live and studio. I don't use any pedals, the eq is flat on my amp (or preamp/DI if I'm going direct) and on the bass as well and the sound cuts through even in a dense mix. - the community of the Spector players is awesome, said facebook page is great and also the way Spector and PJ Rubal treat customers is top notch. There is a constant and quite stable market for used Spector Euro basses so you don't risk much if you buy one used. Good luck!
  5. Paulhauser

    Spector fans!?!

    Do you already have it? If so, how do you like it? I was on the fence about these but decided against as I don't use 4 string basses.
  6. Paulhauser

    Spector fans!?!

    Any clues? 🙂
  7. Paulhauser

    Spector euro

    This is most probably from 2002, based on the serial number. Have you checked the electronics? Chances are it has the Aguilar OBP1 i/o the TonePump that was introduced 2003ish. These are killer basses, whoever gets this will not be disappointed!
  8. Paulhauser

    NBD - stingray stealth

    Congrats! An SR5 is on my list, too! Lovely looking DR Neons, they lit up especially well under UV stage lighting. I use the same color on my Spector and the only problem is they go dead sounding pretty quick (so I use that bass only for the gigs)
  9. Paulhauser

    NBD - the sixers are taking over!

    Actually my SR5006 is a bit heavier than my 3006. I don't have the exact data in my mind now but the 3006 is around 3.6-7ish kgs while the 5006 is around 4.3-4.4 IIRC. Must be the titanium rods and maybe the wengé top and back in the 5006 as most of the other specs are pretty same (neck dimensions, mahogany body etc.)
  10. Paulhauser

    NBD - the sixers are taking over!

    I own an SR3006 and an SR5006 and they are the most comfortable 6 strings I've ever had. Just curious: what is making you selling the 1006? I had a 1005 and was a great bass even if a bit heavy.
  11. Paulhauser

    STOLEN: Unique Dingwall Super J5

    I was marveling at this pic the other day as you have posted it in an other thread. Will keep an eye for it and I hope you will get it back. Good luck!
  12. Paulhauser

    Spector rex brown 5 string

    It's here: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/spector-bass-pantera/953804128-74-4413 VB after the price means more or less that you can make an offer, the price is not fixed. Good luck! (just for the record I have nothing to with the ad or with the seller)
  13. Paulhauser

    Spector rex brown 5 string

    They are extremely well made instruments especially for the money. I think they originally have EMG HZs in them. The one I had a few years back had EMG DCs in it, probably a previous owner upgraded it and sounded wicked. Balance is one thing to keep in mind, due to the body shape and the resulting position of the strap buttons it tends to be neck heavy and mine always wnated to go to a horizontal position. Which is probably not a issue for some but it certainly was for me (I wear bass quite high as it is obvious if looking at my profile pic) Actually I've just seen one 5ver for sale in Germany in the coveted holoflash color.
  14. Paulhauser

    Spector fans!?!

    For a while I have used an EBS Fafner II head with two EBS Proline 410 cabs Nowadays I use a Prolude Brick head and two 115 cabs. Sounds even better than that above and weights a lot less, transports a lot easier.
  15. Paulhauser

    Spector fans!?!

    That is a cab cover, there are two 115 cabs from a local maker that I use and I strore them one the EBS for the time being. Prolude KO is the name and they kick donkey, lightweight, punchy and killer sounding 15"'s, totally made my rethink my gig setup. No more 2x 410 I'm afraid.... 🙂