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  1. Paulhauser

    Fretless basses

    +1 for the Spectorcore. Incredibly good basses for the money.
  2. Paulhauser

    Fretless: Warwick, Spector, Mayones... ??

    +1 for the Spectorcore The Spectorcore is one of the best value for money fretless out there and it was designed to be a fretless, not just a "defretted bass" @Dood did a great review about this bass, it's really worth your while.
  3. Paulhauser

    Thanks Bass Direct!! MAJOR NBD (Sadowsky content)

    Congrats! Bora is one of my fav Sadowsky color! As for the clear pickguard here is my Atelier Z, I love the clear pg and "bell"
  4. I'm very much liking the new stuff, especially the Euro5LT and the LE79. I loved if the Czechs would do a 5 string version as the specs, looks and the woods are really killer, just like the LE1977.
  5. Paulhauser

    Ken Smith and the 6 String Basses

    Thanks to @1966powers now I have a strong GAS to get a Smith. Been there before and was able to fight the urge but who knows what will happen this time
  6. Paulhauser

    Ken Smith and the 6 String Basses

    Thank you, it was a very interesting read!
  7. Paulhauser

    STOLEN: Unique Dingwall Super J5

    I always liked that pic of the J and P together. This is such a special bass that I'm sure it will turn up some time.
  8. Paulhauser

    "KORG USA, Inc. Acquires Spector Bass Company"

    Basses come and go but my small Spector collection keeps growing. It's just that I use them for almost all my live gigs and recordings, too.
  9. Paulhauser

    STOLEN: Unique Dingwall Super J5

    @therealting any news on this?
  10. Paulhauser

    Dingwall - unidentified feature

    IIRC that is to be used as an alternative rear strap placement for Dunlop system.
  11. Paulhauser

    "KORG USA, Inc. Acquires Spector Bass Company"

    I think the MM Bongo is a great bass although I would not think it is superior to the Euros but to each their own. I have a Euro5 with the Tonepump 2.0 and it is a great recording bass and I never had any problem dialing in the preamp or getting a nice sound out of it. The hot output was an issue with earlier TPs but the TP2 has an internal trimpot that adjusts the level of the output signal so that can be set to a desired level, too.
  12. This news just came in: http://mmrmagazine.com/featured/korg-usa-inc-acquires-spector-bass-company/?fbclid=IwAR28-ZzSkwAWRw7UdQtCo0ZHwmrTEyegy_qsrAon0_3k5mQTPqUgvkwCJuU I'm proud owner of several US and Euro basses and they are my main basses for a long time. I'm sure this move is good for Stuart Spector in terms of retirement and I'm curious what this will bring to the brand.... fortunately I pretty much have all the Spectors I've ever wanted (well, almost) so I don't have much to worry. Also they keep the custom shop so who knows and I guess will extend the Czech and Korean lines so this might be good in the end for the players. What do you think?