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  1. No worries Stuart, you basically had all the details correct anyway. Cheers Buddy.
  2. The bass above (Ebay sale) was indeed a hand made bass (Made in Essex). Out of all the Iceni Zoots that were the same as this one, I only made 3 in this peacock blue. The reason for this was I used up the left overs from the bass bodies I painted for the Mark King basses he endorsed for Fender (Martin Simms did the necks and LED's etc and final assembly) I remember at the time I had some heavy swamp ash in stock and that got used on these Iceni Zoot basses as well, I seem to also remember they were as punchy as hell. The original Zoot Chaser was indeed made in Japan by Nanyo Beakoi (bass collection, Deviser basses etc) However, we did the final setup in Essex, and fitted with a John East 2 band E.Q. and our own custom made "Iceni CSD" pickups (or you could have Bartolini / Seymour Duncan's as a cost option upgrade) Here's a picture of the Mark King bodies being painted at my old factory. Note the colour. Also a picture of one of the other 3 that had a pickup option upgrade and is still being gigged every week by Bassist Steve Clark. The King bodies are in fact the same colour as the Zoots, it's just that the King basses are waiting for the second and third colour coats to be applied, that's why they look a bit lighter in the pictures.
  3. Yes, Hipshot Kickass is my main choice of bridge for custom builds and retro fitting.
  4. Bass hand over day. Here's Martin this morning collecting his new Zoot Funkmeister 32" custom build.
  5. Here's a shot of the back of the headstock.
  6. If I'm available on the date/s, I'll bring down some Zoots & Funkmeisters and if I get one done in time my new Zoot Artemis. I may bring down some basses and/or bass necks that are in the process of being made, so people can get an insight in to how I do things.
  7. Depending on what date/s I'd love to attend and to bring down some new Zoots and Funkmeisters, It would give me a chance to support the charity as well. Bury is not to far from me if I go across country via Halstead from Silver end.
  8. Here's another I made for Andy Reeve last year in Candy Apple Red with cream edge binding and a Hipshot 'D' tuner on the low E string, which was heavily based on the original that Mike and I designed. Anyone considering buying Mikes white one will not be disappointed.
  9. Merton has asked me to colour the headstock face black to match the body, which I think will be a very nice touch and make the bass look more retro'.
  10. Totally agree with Mudpup, Personally I would try for a 500W setup as that will also give you some clean headroom. But good advise from Mudpup and Chris-b.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/zootbass/videos/251221669091193/
  12. Yes and here is a picture of Richard H tuning it up. It was a great day.
  13. Speaker cab first Mark.....Let's not get ahead of our self's
  14. The body will get it's top coats of Hi-gloss black tomorrow, then when completely dry (two days) a flat and polish. Umm... I might do a quick video of me polishing the body.😉
  15. B/W/B scratch plate coming soon
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