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  1. i got mine new in 2010 for £500. Pretty much after that they weren't really available in the UK.
  2. I'm very sorry to hear this Lozz. I hope you can find something that has a bit less of a hectic schedule for you. Take care of yourself.
  3. I quite liked it though I did feel there were less exhibitors which was a pity. The venue is less travel for me so I'm fine with that. The main source of unamusement was that the guy who entered his kid to win the stingray is trying to flip it on eBay right now for £1600. That's a bit irritating. Like its went to a guitar player who won't even appreciate it.
  4. Wouldn't have done much good. Entwistle was broke post 1999. He's the reason I got mine actually.
  5. Also, as I'm a reasonable man, if anyone is close to south east London, you can pop over to my studio and try the rack version. The offer is open to basschatters.
  6. I've got no problem with this. If Darkglass can charge almost £400 for an on/off distortion, think what you're getting with this. A 128 channel pre-amp.
  7. Please feel free to. I'm a man of my word.
  8. Now for the main question. As we did this with the Dug pedal. Who is up for doing a buyer's club for this so we can maybe get the price down? @tonyxtiger is this possible?
  9. Yeah. Buzz, drive and low eq are all interactive so yeah, you can do what you say. The buzz, punch and crunch aren't eq per se as they are distortion points. I tend to have punch quite low for example and have crunch rather high. It's all to taste really.
  10. Basically, buzz distorts the lows, punch the Mids and crunch the highs. Drive is like poweramp distortion of a valve head. Quite creamy. It's not a crossover thing, but you can still distort bits of the signal or all of it if you ramp up the preamp gain.
  11. I use the rack PSA 1.1. This is basically the same in a mini flyrig format. For those of you who don't get it and are happy with your "on/off" distortions, this is a 128 channel pedal due to the midi. If this doesn't sell well it's because people are morons or think midi is the work of Satan. I stand this up as the best preamp ever. For flexibility alone it wins. Multiband distortion. Midi presets. The lot. It's voiced superbly, works with guitar and bass. I've used it as outboard in my studio on occasion to crunch up some drum loops. @Tech21NYC have scored a blinder with this. Frankly, I wished they put the midi presets on some of their other products. If the Dug pedal had them you could properly toggle between clean and dirty settings. Oh well, living the dream.
  12. Here's the thing, how many people get a Helix for octave up and down functions?! Really?!! That's absurd. Anyone with serious use of that stuff will have dedicated pedals as you say. As I've moved away from synth type playing I don't really need it, but I'd that's what you've bought a helix for.... Well, unlucky.
  13. Nobody will buy this at £399. The price will come down to something more sane like £299 by launch day and I'm sure Andertons and GAK will drop it.
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