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  1. If you haven't had white Russian cornflakes you haven't lived.
  2. Gibson copies Cataldo copying Gibson.
  3. I'd be voting for an assortment of Polish, Finnish and Russian vodkas with a packet of cigarettes actually. I would have said crack pipe, but sometimes you can overdo it. Plus this is a family forum.
  4. That's because Warwick literally copy anything and say they invented it.
  5. I appear to be of the odd opinion that I really like the Peavey era stuff from about 2002. The older stuff is great as well. This new stuff is awful. Unless you play a jazz gig you'd need an 8x10 to play anything bigger as the Elf is so anaemic. You can put it in your pocket? Whooptee do. You'll be red lining it the whole way as it's got so little power. Also, whomever priced the new cabs is on crack. They're ludicrously expensive for what they are. Get the preamp of the older models bang a 1000W class D behind it. Job done. Instead, we get this ludicrous set of products that look like someone forgot to add water to get them to the correct size.
  6. Just to clarify, do you mean tonally, functionally or both? Just curious.
  7. Look, we need to see pictures of your rehearsal room lying in rubble after you played an open E. Oh, and if you set someone on fire as well that would also insinuate that the amp either has a flamethrower or possibly a pop out cigarette lighter that can "get a bit out of control."
  8. Immensely powerful, but the eq is awful. Completely woeful. I couldn't get a decent sound out of it because of that simple fact.
  9. Letting the side down. You'll never be heard in that jazz cafe gig. You should have got 4. At least.
  10. Exactly. Much like the Helix stomp. The power supply might say 3A, but it's been shown to work fine with 1A.
  11. Quality! Let's be fair, if Nolly has done this it'll have been tweaked and refined to an inch of its life so I would posture that virtually no post production will have been done or necessary.
  12. Also doesn't hurt that he's not Patrick Hunter either.
  13. I think you could say this is "Darkglass with presets." That's worth the money for me. The amps will only do clean/dirty. So, is it robbery? Not at all. If the TV doesn't make your bass sound better, what's the point of it?
  14. I had the master volume about 2/3 up, but neither the low or high end was boosted massively. Maybe about 1o'clock on the high side. Could be faulty as you say though what I'm talking about isn't massive, it's relatively subtle in some ways. I'll PM you a video tomorrow squire.
  15. It's like a buzz. I thought I was going mad actually but then I turned off the treble side and it was still there even with the filter all the way up to about 500Hz or so. It's enough so that you can hear it. Or, at least I can hear it. I played it straight from the jack output into a power amp. I have the Tech21 Dug Pinnick and I was hoping for something more versatile. In actuality the Darkglass is harder to get a sound I'd like out of it. I'm happy to send you a video to show what I mean by the bottom end not being clean. Literally, when the compression level and low level reach 5 it starts to go fuzzy.
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