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  1. I wasn't objecting to that as I can cancel the direct debit. What I objected to was waiting 10 days for my money. That was highly unamusing. Before you could get paid and have it in your bank account from PayPal in 10 minutes. Now, 10 days as eBay want the interest from millions of transactions for almost 2 weeks.
  2. I sold a bunch of studio gear on ebay after the change. It took 10 days to get the money. Now, we're talking like £500 here and I was a bit short on cash, so them holding on to it like that dragon in The Hobbit was really annoying. The guy paid the day the auction ended. I then get an email to say it'll get processed in a few days. It took 6 for it be "processed" and another 4 to be stuck in cyber limbo before it turned up in my bank account. Ebay can now go do one as this is one step too far for me.
  3. Dude. Quite a few folk in the forum have lost loads of work myself included. Guess what? We haven't done clickbait videos. Nor are we jealous of people who have. People are jealous of youtubers? Well, I guess you could be of the ones who earn ludicrous amounts of money. But of your bass channel specifically? Come on. Really? There's a reason why people don't like youtubers. It's the constant take mentality. Same with Instagram influencers. Is that not some form of entitlement? I'm not a keyboard warrior. I make a rule to say nothing online I wouldn't say to someone's face. I fear the more you dig in with this the worse the reactions might become in the future as most of the forum is over 45 so the demographic isn't going to warm to clickbait titled videos. Check out how much some people disliked Scott Devine's. It's the nature of the YouTube beast and it has nothing to do with finding out information. It's just clicks.
  4. Do you want a lightweight bass cab? GR have made cabs out of the centre of a Cadbury's Crunchie. Simply take to a gig, add 3 pints of lukewarm water and see your volume demolish everything in it's path. Once the gig is completed, you fold down the hatch and drain it like a defective washing machine returning it to 14 micrograms nominal weight. Should the cab be damaged after load out, the side panels can provide sustenance for you and your bandmates should you get lost in the Yorkshire moors in a broken transit van.
  5. "Sad Ben Affleck has done WHAT to his bass? Find out what Steve Lukather from Toto thinks to Pino Palladino's reaction."
  6. I think what demos are missing is Patrick Hunter. Without his presence demos will sound different which will lead to bass players all over the world scratching their heads like confused plumbers. Soon, Patrick Hunter will be doing all effect pedal demos. Everything will sound the same. One clip of him gurning like a hyena with a particularly unpleasant rectal problem will become interchangeable with another. All pedals will sound like Darkglass. Later, a sub culture of bass players who could remember the days before Patrick Hunter gather together round outdoor fires trying to pass on knowledge that bass doesn't always have to sound hyper distorted and played like a seal having a stroke. After elderly bassists try to teach the next generation how to use a chorus pedal properly, all bass pedal companies are bought over by Darkglass with Doug Castro selling a range of pedals which are all B7k Ultra pedals with stickers over them that say "flanger," "delay," or even "ring modulator." Patrick Hunter is brought in to ensure reviews are conducted in their usual "dog chasing it's tail" way. Soon Patrick Hunter becomes revered as a bass playing god by the younger generation. Any review causes Darkglass shares to increase by 10% in value so much that Doug Castro is able to buy Amazon and turn it into a bass pedal shipping company. The population's needs are soon insatiable for more reviews and pedals. Dissent from anyone not playing a Dingwall/Darkglass combination is crushed mercilessly by Getgood stormtroopers. Anyone over 40 playing "Mr. Pink" on a Status Kingbass is executed immediately as an enemy of the state. Patrick Hunter is elected as Secretary General of the UN which by this point is nothing more than an extension of the Darkglass empire. All music is now controlled with Patrick Hunter limiting it to only songs which have Darkglass products used on them. Djent and Metalcore experience a resurgence in popularity. However, underground, a small group of p bass players using flats have managed to survive. Classified as terrorists, these bass players have avoided the Getgood kill squads and are now trying to bring down the system, by exposing the population to Jaco Pastorius and Kajagoogoo. Despite information being tightly controlled, they plot furtively in the shadows for the end of the Darkglass/Hunter hegemony imposed now by Getgood stormtroopers. As part of their published manifesto, they insist that all "Youtubers" will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity with trials being held in Silicon Valley. With these revolutionary ideas gaining traction, the one pedal state is planning a crackdown....
  7. I did think about it and decided against it. Where did you get your mod from just out of curiosity?
  8. @Hellzero this is superb. Thank you so much my dear boy.
  9. So, just to be clear on this. I could use a 9 pin stereo jack with a switch to go from mono to stereo? As you can all tell, I just play basses, not do any more than rudimentary wiring changes. Which means the volumes for each filter can be wired straight to the jack? I presumed the diagram above wasn't an official one as there is no pickup selector switch on it?
  10. Does it? Will it need a switch to the 9 pin stereo? Yeah?
  11. Thanks. I actually own an Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Standard as well as a Wal. I remember playing a brown bass many years ago and really liking it, but went for the Standard because it just felt right. Probably a mistake in hindsight. However, it's just a change in shape I'm after.
  12. Hi Peeps! Hope someone is quite good with electronics and on board preamps can help me with this. I'm at the moment in conflabs with a luthier about a new bass. I decided on a filter type setup. One for each pickup. However, I want the ability to treat both pickups differently. Kind of like Alembic Series 1 or the Ric-o-Sound features on the 4003. So, the person who sells the filters has agreed to sell me the filters without the blend and master volume. No problem. What I'd like is to have filter and volume for each pickup (pickup selector switch as well) with a stereo out as well as a mono out so I'm not tied to a Y cable a la Billy Sheehan. Can anyone help me with this? The luthier wants to have dual output (one jack output for each pickup) and I'd like the ability to use the bass in mono as well if I have to. Whether that's having a stereo jack or one that can be switched between stereo and mono I am open to ideas. I'd appreciate any advice and suggestions anyone may have.
  13. Pity Alembic did it before Warwick though. Another one of HPW's "inventions."
  14. Sadowsky now being reduced to a joke brand under the helpful "management" of Hans Peter Wilfer. That guy must have a massive trophy cabinet filled with brands he's destroyed, screwed over, claimed credit for inventing their products and generally being a tool. He now goes over tonight to the cabinet, looking at the Spector, Alembic and Status Graphite trophies he has collected and now adds the Sadowsky trophy knowing that nobody will buy them as the pricing structure is now more ludicrous than Musicman's recent announcements which has no doubt been sponsored by "Mickey Rooney's crazy Pills."
  15. Well, there is that. I hasten to say, I have a 4003, but I was really lucky in that the bridge didn't stop me setting the thing up to my liking.
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