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  1. Funnily enough, that's pretty much my spec were I to ever get one. I'd go chrome and get the B2 circuit as I prefer the 2 band eq and Mids in my Buzzard rather than the 303 board. I'd never seen a stealth with roman numerals before though. Top work squire!!
  2. Honestly, if anyone wants a shot on mine, once all this lock down crap is over you're welcome to pop over to mine and try it out. It truly is the best pre-amp ever.
  3. What mod is that? Just curious.
  4. I run my own recording studio in South East London. Anybody need anything recorded or mixed and mastered? Prior to this, I was a civil servant for 17 years. I'm a pharmacologist by degree, but I haven't used that professionally for over 15 years.
  5. Whilst Gibson has been going downhill for some years it's really become quite noticeable the effects of the "Mickey Rooney's crazy pills," which the board members have been taking. Crushing instruments, sueing every smaller builder with a zeal that has to be seen to be believed. It's just monumental hubris. They deserve to fail and go bust.
  6. I hasten to say my comment was based on people not having the patience to sit down and fiddle. It takes a bit of time, but you can get some great sounds out of it. As a pedal it's great and I have used it to record on a few clients songs to great effect. The point I was making was that the Dug (to me at least) is more intuitive to use, but the Darkglass has a bigger feature set. As it should really as its about £150 dearer. I like to fiddle about with pedals so none of this bothers me. Some don't and they'd be frustrated.
  7. That was my point. Obviously the facetiousness didn't fully come over. It's not a big deal. Like, you've chosen a relic bass. This stuff can be easily fixed. Let's not start stocking up on Gaviscon as the solution has been clearly stated by Limelight and seems reasonable. Much like the barefaced handles nonsense a few years ago, now for 2020 we'll have #rustedlimelight as Basschat's new customer service issue.
  8. I got one for my studio. In direct comparison to the Tech21 Dug Pinnick I'm going to do a comparison because only by doing that will it make the review seem fair. The Dug has a fixed crossover so it should be the inferior pedal. It isn't. The Darkglass by having an adjustable low and high pass makes everything too fiddly. You'll get a wider variety of sounds, but it'll take you longer to find them. In itself it's a great pedal, but not the most intuitive thing. The EQ is great as is the adjustable cab sim. It honestly depends on how many sounds you need to get out of it as it does take a while.
  9. Just drama queens my dear boy. I welcome tips on my prose style from such practiced scholars such as yourself. In truth, I find it sad that someone's got a really nice instrument that can't be adjusted. It just seems like a bit too far down the line of relicing to me.
  10. In some ways, I can't decide if this is awful or utterly hilarious. Sure, getting a bass that you can't intonate properly is awful. That shouldn't happen. Then again, paying good money for a bass that has been reliced so much that the hardware was probably pulled out of a skip in 1981 and doesn't work because it's nothing more than a cube of iron oxide is hilarious. I guess that's what you get for an "authentic" relic job? Loads of rust, ulcers and tears.
  11. As a lifelong chili peppers fan absolutely nothing grabbed me. They're bland, crap albums. To me at least. Some might argue that their whole back catalogue is like that. However I digress. If you're outside Kiedis or Flea's house waving a placard saying "Bring Back Klinghoffer!" I wish you all the best of luck with that. You'll be the only one. My point is that kind of like how you can listen to 10 seconds of any recent Dream Theatre album or song and know it's all crap.
  12. Quite. The "Josh" of auto correct.... I skimmed both those albums and they're pants.
  13. I don't think his tone matters. The albums with Justin Klinghoffer are crap. The fact that they've been badly produced is only one more nail in the coffin.
  14. I made a joke at the time that not only had they copied TC Electronics styling, they'd even copied their falsification of their power output ratings.
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