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  1. I agree completely Kev. The Dingwall/Darkglass thing is getting very stale. However, as a progressive metal bass player myself, I await claims of "passe" when my bands album comes out next year. "Wal and Tech 21? He must be an agent of the counterculture! Seize him!!" Out of all the Darkglass pedals, the AO to me is the best. I'd certainly be interested to try this one.
  2. I feel that I should say not all Darkglass stuff is overpriced. The ADAM if anything is cheap for what it is.
  3. A few years ago at the Bass Guitar Show I had a laugh about the price of the bag which was £90 then. I said that as it had memory foam padding in it you could use it as a pillow on the tour bus. However, at getting towards £200 for a bag, I honestly wonder what their costs and overheads could be to warrant such a ludicrous price. Does Nolly own one? Does the styling of the bag go with my 5 string Dingwall tuned in drop G? Does it have extra pockets to put a couple of other Darkglass pedals and a set of clippers so that you can still sound and look like Nolly? Does it come with a fake beard? These are questions we need answered.
  4. It does indeed. A few years ago I went to see @NancyJohnsonplay a gig directly after the SE Bass Bash. The sound engineer was periodically going to the toilet and it was obvious to me that him and his mates were getting completely nutted on coke. So, for quite a lot of any of the band's sets he was in the toilet with a golf ball up his nose. I can only say that the sound wasn't great either. Surprising that.
  5. The Black Album is merely okay and I must admit I've never been a fan of that mix. If you dissociate the sound from the songs (which is quite difficult as the songs are great) you'll hear it differently. Kind of like Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden. Sonically, it's not the best, but the songs are amazing so they get away with it. Load and Reload the bass is just mush and buried for the most part. Plus the material isn't their best through that period anyway. Ultimately, they'll never get stuff remixed, fixed, admit they made stupid decisions or apologise about it. I have very little time for any of the members of Metallica (aside from Trujillo) as I think that they're just not very nice people who deflect everything negative about them and whatever decisions they've made.
  6. He did for the soundtrack in 1979. I was talking about the tone on the 1973 album which is the one mentioned in the video.
  7. Scott can't ever say that Jaco's tone is divisive to put it mildly. Newsted's tone sounds fantastic if that really is what it is. I never ever heard it before and didn't realise the isolated tracks were even available. I would also go so far as to say Trujillo does what he's told for one simple reason. Money. Lars is the boss and is responsible for some of the worst production crimes in music, let alone metal. How many Metallica albums have got good mixes? Post Burton? None. Why? Lars is a moron. Anyone who's listened to the albums Trujillo is on will struggle to hear him. As an Entwistle fan, I've never been a fan of his quadrophenia tone. Mainly because it's Gibsons with no top end really. As for the Jamerson tone being bad? Really?!! Really?!! Insane. He's fantastic.
  8. I'm so glad I have Scott Devine to tell me what to like. I'd be lost otherwise as my taste has not developed in any way. I mean, it's the usual Scott Devine BS clickbait video. People like what tones they like. If it works it works.
  9. This could put paid to a 10th (10th!!!) version of the status kingbass. Hope springs eternal.
  10. Very probably. I think when he fret stoned the 12 string the amount of metal taken off could have built the empire state building.
  11. I do indeed. I've had my Status Buzzard down about 0.5mm at the 12th fret. My Alembic is pretty much the same. There is no way that I want to fight a bass with my left hand. Sod that for a game of tennis. Admittedly, some basses just can't be set that low. However, try doing tapping when you could drive a bus under your action. My style which is quite percussive (not slapping!!) suits this really well, but it's not for everyone. Even my 12 string Hamer has an action probably lower than most people could believe. Many thanks to Martin at the Gallery for that. A lot of it is down to style as well. I tend not to dig in and play somewhat differently to most. If I had a different style then I'd have a different preference.
  12. I doubt they'll sell that many. Ashdown are probably the only company who can still sell relatively heavy amps and get away with it. However, at almost £1100 it's probably not going to tempt anyone who wasn't going to buy it anyway. The price of the pedals is now eye watering. The new Geezer and Myung pedals are £300. Whether they're good or not, Ashdown isn't Darkglass and I'm not sure how many they'll sell at that price point without the "Nolly/Dingwall" effect.
  13. Depends how you set it really. I wouldn't say sterile though. With all the bump/contour/presence functions you can pretty much get anything you want.
  14. It's just really, really good. The EQ is great. Clean tone is immense and the dirt has to be heard to be believed. Not the Darkglass bin lid distortion, but beyond any level of brutal tube distortion you can imagine. I haven't used it at 2 ohms yet, but at 4 ohms and 800w it's devastatingly loud.
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