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  1. I hasten to say, I am a King's X fan. I'd never use Dug's tone though. Not my voice. If people want samples, I'll try and find 10 minutes over the weekend. I'll use a reamp DI so there can be no issues with technique or bass playing inconsistency.
  2. Just to clarify, "thick" meant "meaty with an emphasis on the lower mids." You have to go to pretty extreme settings to get mud with the Darkglass.
  3. When I said mid scoop, it can be overcome to my liking mainly by engaging the mid shift and virtually maxing out the mid dial. It works perfectly well in a band mix. The darkglass has a natural tendency to be slightly "thick," but it's just different architecture anyway.
  4. So, I recently acquired a Darkglass X ultra for my studio. I'm using my Tech 21 Dug Pedal in one of my bands. I'm sure some people I'm sure will be interested in the comparison? I sat down the other day with my Rick 4003 and set to work. Firstly, both pedals are brilliant. There is no denying that. Now, let's get down to the meat. The Dug is obviously based on achieving his own tone. Now, not everyone wants that. I don't. However, despite it having a fixed crossover it's amazingly versatile and even at more extreme gain settings is still musical. Now for the downside. The mid scoop. It's there where the problem lies with this. Even with fiddling you can't get it back as the pedal eq just isn't voiced that way. Most of the time this isn't a problem though. The clean tone is a bit so-so and it's impossible to switch from clean to dirty with settings that are workable for either. This then brings me to the Darkglass. It has both a filter for the lows to keep them clean and one for how much frequency wise of the signal gets distorted. Sharp bite to brutal fuzz is possible. The 7 band eq is great as well, so a clean tone is easy enough to achieve. This brings me on to the distortion. It has a different character than the Dug. The only way I could describe it is "Darkglass." It's just what it is. So, can you get the same sounds out of each? Yes, but it takes some effort. At harsher settings the Darkglass fizzes a bit and at higher low end settings the bass turns a bit mushy in my view. However, unless you're mental, you're not going to do that. So which is better? Depends on your point of view. The Dug is £150 cheaper give or take. But it's less flexible. The Darkglass has more things to get used to, but is much more agile to change on the fly. Is that worth the price difference? Depends. On a personal note, I'd use the Dug live as I know it better. However, I feel that more can be wrung out of the X ultra if you choose to try to. The fact it has switchable cab emulation is another bonus. Maybe the inherent "Darkglassness" of it might put people off, but in many ways it's better than the Dug. Possibly, the Dug has a more musical distortion, but that is a very personal choice for the player. I'm a Tech 21 person for life, but always like trying new stuff. Take your pick. I doubt either would disappoint anyone.
  5. Its funny that. I've always had a fondness for delays on bass and long before I ever heard Tool. Funnily enough, I did a solo album last year and one of my mates said I'd went a bit Tool with this song. The fact I'm playing a Wal with delay on it is in no way a problem.
  6. Well, I'm running my studio full time now rather than part time. I came to the decision that if I didn't do it now I never would. That's my shameless plug for this thread now! I might try and get a covers gig for a laugh and see if I can do it. You're more than welcome to pop over if you want Bas. I'm doing 2 original bands at the moment so the variety of instruments is why I have them all. None of them sound like each other.
  7. It's black Trevor and my mum watched High Chaparral when I was a kid. She likes westerns.
  8. So, here we go for one more. I needed a backup bass as it seems quite likely that I'll be on tour next year I'd been casting my eye around for a backup which could also double as my active studio bass. Anyway, I got a backup (No 10) and it kills. Kind of like a Stingray on steroids and it only cost £240! 1. Fenix by Young Chang (short scale) 2. Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Standard 3. Status Graphite John Entwistle Buzzard 4. Warmoth 8 string Explorer 5. Hamer Chapparal 12 string 6. Eko Florence acoustic 7. Wal Mark 2 8. Fender Classic 50s Precision 9. Rickenbacker 4003 10. Schecter Raiden - Custom
  9. The 1975 are awful. I try to not listen to bands like that as it makes me feel sad that they've got a deal and someone, somewhere with better music didn't.
  10. Blue, if you're going to leave your band, do so. If you don't know what you want from your playing by now (other than money), you never will. Look for new opportunities. It's what we all do and fair play. Enjoy the journey. I've found that by being more open to things and people in the last few years has resulted in some of the best musical experiences of my life.
  11. Not at all Lozz. Just putting our potential customers at ease that we're not going to walk out the store with a huge bag of basmati rice grinning for the CCTV. Or worse still, fret wraps. We've got the organisation covered. No storing bounty in our own wardrobe waiting for a knock at the door. Alibis have already been procured from high ranking politicians who quite frankly will say anything for a cheap holiday and a kickback.
  12. So, just to make sure we have pre-arranged roles here. @Frank Blankis in charge of wheels, I'll handle "the shootahs," @fleabag can arrange for a cash paid lockup to store and then fence the goods and @hiram.k.hackenbacker will be in charge of "fitting up" one of our rival firms in the aftermath to divert attention in case an unfortunate store assistant should be accidentally shot in the head for refusing to open the Dingwall and Fodera rack. We've got this covered peeps. DM us any orders of gear you want and we'll see what we can do in the 5 minutes after the alarm goes of and before the cops turn up. Relax. We're professionals. All basses will be delivered with filed off serial numbers. Untraceable. Okay, someone might have been kneecapped for your new NG2 Combustion and Darkglass Microtubes amp, but if you can look yourself in the mirror afterwards, we'll take your money.
  13. REM were a band I never liked too much as I found them a bit boring and dare I say it too safe. That's not to say they don't have good songs, but most of them said nothing to me. They certainly hung around too long. Then again, most bands do. Not everyone quits at the top like The Jam. My theory is that The Rolling Stones are the model of what happens when you try to carry on forever especially after you're incredibly successful. U2's career has followed that pattern and if you compare the ages of the members between the two bands and the albums they released at similar ages there are some very interesting parallels. Not necessarily interesting music I hasten to add, but interesting "time of life" parallels of waning creative juices and the occasional good song.
  14. Get an estate car. It'll come in useful for the ram raid as well.
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