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  1. I'd say JTUK is really overrated. Despite my view he's still a legend in his own mind.
  2. Yeah, I figured it was something like that Alan. Also, apologies, I took in the frequency range with the high pass filter. Not taking into account that you could just turn it off. Personally, I think your uber series with the multi coil pickups have the low end of a Wal with the top end of an Alembic. Great gear squire.
  3. Unless you're going to use similar pickups (Rautia) and preamp (ACG) it's not going to work. I think even the ACG preamp (EQ001) goes up to about 6kHz so is more like an Alembic filter than a Wal. Plus, he hasn't sold them for at least a year as I asked when they'd be back in stock as I had an idea for a project.
  4. Another thing that Warwick can ruin. Great. Whether this is early teething problems or not remains to be seen. I can't say it's looking great.
  5. That sucks dude. If it's true of course.
  6. I think it was under warranty. I can't remember where I read that, though I'm afraid. I just remember I did.
  7. Oh no!!! Who will bail out Westside Distribution when they can't totally fleece us anymore?!! I hear a faint screeching sound of the world's smallest violin. When I was younger I wanted to own a Mesa 412 for bass. I injured my knee really badly in my 20s and decided that heavy gear wasn't going to work, but I never really let go of my dream until recently when I've ben using a Vanderkley 2x12 which kills. Every year I saw the price get even more insane. I resolved that I'd never pay something that was basically marked up to the clouds. Westside are truly awful. I decided when I read (whether it's true or not it sounds true) that they weren't going to service Mesa boogie gear not bought in the UK.
  8. I hasten to say that they sound brilliant as well as I played a couple at last year's bass show. The pickups are like flamethrowers.
  9. Oh come on. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would say "I don't get free stuff from guitar companies and I wouldn't have one!" Or some other nonsense. Am I not right in that Ashdown don't pay people to endorse their products? You actually have to buy them I believe. Kind of like Wal or Alembic, but noticeably unlike Hartke who would pay anyone to play their stuff. They're not something I'm bothered about as my needs are more than covered presently, but that's not to say they won't be good basses.
  10. None of this is anything new. Check out some of the virtual guitars by Musiclab. I used them on my solo album and nobody could tell the difference. Is that okay because it's a guitarist that got replaced? Besides, if you use the 8 string guitar, you can use it as a bass which you could have done years ago. I tried it out of curiosity and it's not bad. As with all these things, the detail is how much you're prepared to do to make it sound real. Yeah, play straight 8ths if you want U2, but I bet there's plenty more under the hood. If you're decent with midi editing and programming, you'll be fine. That's just to show you how easy it is to get something usable. Does anyone here actually object to Superior Drummer? Really?! As we all play bass here why would we ever need this software? Are folk complaining because it's "comin' over 'ere, takin' our jobs!" Really?!
  11. In the end I got a Lomenzo Hyperdrive. Meh! Meh! Meh! As much as I would have loved to get an original rpm or a retroglide, with funds the way they are and my studio stuff being vastly curtailed, it's about all I can swing really.
  12. Yeah. I always thought it was the done thing that the top of the pickguard should follow the contour of the upper horn. At least on fender type basses.
  13. In truth, I was thinking Retroglide. Then I realised most of my studio work has been shelved for as long as we're all in lockdown, so it might not be the best time to spend £500. Bummer....
  14. I was toying with a retroglide. Is it really 800W or are the specs rubbish?
  15. Funnily enough, that's pretty much my spec were I to ever get one. I'd go chrome and get the B2 circuit as I prefer the 2 band eq and Mids in my Buzzard rather than the 303 board. I'd never seen a stealth with roman numerals before though. Top work squire!!
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