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  1. I did think about it and decided against it. Where did you get your mod from just out of curiosity?
  2. @Hellzero this is superb. Thank you so much my dear boy.
  3. So, just to be clear on this. I could use a 9 pin stereo jack with a switch to go from mono to stereo? As you can all tell, I just play basses, not do any more than rudimentary wiring changes. Which means the volumes for each filter can be wired straight to the jack? I presumed the diagram above wasn't an official one as there is no pickup selector switch on it?
  4. Does it? Will it need a switch to the 9 pin stereo? Yeah?
  5. Thanks. I actually own an Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Standard as well as a Wal. I remember playing a brown bass many years ago and really liking it, but went for the Standard because it just felt right. Probably a mistake in hindsight. However, it's just a change in shape I'm after.
  6. Hi Peeps! Hope someone is quite good with electronics and on board preamps can help me with this. I'm at the moment in conflabs with a luthier about a new bass. I decided on a filter type setup. One for each pickup. However, I want the ability to treat both pickups differently. Kind of like Alembic Series 1 or the Ric-o-Sound features on the 4003. So, the person who sells the filters has agreed to sell me the filters without the blend and master volume. No problem. What I'd like is to have filter and volume for each pickup (pickup selector switch as well) with a stereo out as well as a mono out so I'm not tied to a Y cable a la Billy Sheehan. Can anyone help me with this? The luthier wants to have dual output (one jack output for each pickup) and I'd like the ability to use the bass in mono as well if I have to. Whether that's having a stereo jack or one that can be switched between stereo and mono I am open to ideas. I'd appreciate any advice and suggestions anyone may have.
  7. Pity Alembic did it before Warwick though. Another one of HPW's "inventions."
  8. Sadowsky now being reduced to a joke brand under the helpful "management" of Hans Peter Wilfer. That guy must have a massive trophy cabinet filled with brands he's destroyed, screwed over, claimed credit for inventing their products and generally being a tool. He now goes over tonight to the cabinet, looking at the Spector, Alembic and Status Graphite trophies he has collected and now adds the Sadowsky trophy knowing that nobody will buy them as the pricing structure is now more ludicrous than Musicman's recent announcements which has no doubt been sponsored by "Mickey Rooney's crazy Pills."
  9. Well, there is that. I hasten to say, I have a 4003, but I was really lucky in that the bridge didn't stop me setting the thing up to my liking.
  10. Really? Are the Rick purists not going mental?
  11. A very reasonable theory. However, it does have one tiny flaw. After Covid is over and Brexit calms down, do you think the prices will come down?!! They won't.
  12. To be fair, I wonder if the price increases have something to do with this... http://tenor.com/Yj2t.gif
  13. They can go and do one. It's made of basswood!! I'd love to know why we're getting such a hike as it's really grim.
  14. At £3000 I want to decide whether the bass is made of platinum or if the bridge is encrusted with diamonds. EBMM have been on the gear with this pricing. There is no way I'd pay that for one.
  15. Well, you have some very nice basses squire. I think if Darkglass make it full midi, I might get one actually.
  16. Not missing anything squire. That's why I said, a slightly different species of apples. The PSA does have cab simulation, but not uploadable. It does have a headphone out, but not an aux in. It's not just a stomp box pedal any more than the ADAM is as it's a multi band distortion unit with EQ. As I've said a Darkglass pedal with midi presets would be worth £500. This just happens to have quite a few other things too. Just a pity it has so few presets. I should read the ADAM manual myself, but how flexible is the multi band? Can you choose the ratios and frequencies of the bands or is it just dials? I had thought that it was midi controllable but couldn't remember if it was just the IRs. As I say, it's not an accurate comparison as they're different in many ways, but similar in others. Just one I wondered about. I'd certainly like to have a go of one. Demo videos my dear boy as I'd like to hear it played by someone who isn't just going to "do a Nolly" or worse still "do a Patrick Hunter," which as you play Warwicks it'd be interesting. For me at least.
  17. I'd have been surprised if it was rubbish. However, the Tech 21 PSA 2.0 is a a similar one box solution that's only £350. Full midi implementation as well. I appreciate that it's an apples and different species of apples comparison, but I think it's one to be made. The upgradeable firmware is very clever. Pity it's only 3 settings. I'd certainly like to try one.
  18. At the last SE Bash we had one hooked up to a Vanderkley 2x10. By the time a decent volume was attained the red light was on constantly and there was some obvious compression artefacts. It's a jazz gig amp.
  19. I'm not spending £350 on an underpowered matchbox on what might happen. Then you have the double frustration of you can't turn up to the same level because it has zero oomph. If I get a spare, it'd be a better amp than that.
  20. After all this, can we all just agree that the Elf is awful?
  21. Well, it appears that the bods at Ernie Ball have pushed the boat out too far after overindulgence in "Mickey Rooney's Crazy Pills." £3k is laughable. 2 years ago you could get an HH ash/rosewood from thomann for £1900. They are mental if they think anyone will take that up in decent quantities. They can go and do one as far as I'm concerned.
  22. I loved the 12 band heads of these. When Peavey pulled out of the UK, the Bass Centre did a fire sale of the amps and cabs from this range. I remember it was £250 for thr 4x10 brand new. Was insane, but the weight put me off.
  23. Exactly. I'm in my early 40s and associate Trace with John Entwistle due to him using the V8, MP11, poweramps and TVT9 preamp. I think it's being suggested we should only associate Trace with Mike Kroeger of Nickelback or Mark King or whomever we shouldn't like. I'm not a slap monster. Definitely not one of those 50 year old Mark King fans that have paid kept Status graphite in the black for the last 20 years. "New, marginally tweaked Kingbass!! Bendwell!! 16.5mm string spacing!!! Set up like Mark!!! Listen to me play Mr Pink on it!!!" Not me. Sorry.
  24. "Range?" Sorry, just to confirm that word again. "RANGE?!!" Trace Elliot have a sad window corner in crack converters where their new products (sorry - range) is covered in dust because nobody wants it. The 12 band Peavey era was great. This new stuff is pish.
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