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  1. That’s exactly what I’ve done. I actually thought the NYXLs were great out of the pack, but the B string went dead FAST. I think I just got a dud B to be honest, but as both sets are around the £50 mark Elixirs are a safer bet for me right now. Let us know how you get on with the LongEvos. I’ve got a set on the shelf, but I’ve got an annoyingly fresh set of Elixirs on the main bass, so I’m thinking I’m gonna try the LongEvos out after Christmas. Until then I’m forced to live vicariously through the posts of others!
  2. GR2 gone, just the Deep Impact and Soundblox left.
  3. Update Sep 11: Only the Deep Impact and Soundblox pedals left. Will listen to offers. 1. Akai Deep Impact. I’m really torn on selling this as it’s a piece of history and they don’t come up that often. But I’m downsizing my pedal collection and this is a biggie! Pretty good condition for how old it must be. A few paint chips missing. Functioning perfectly. It came to me with a power cable which I’m pretty sure is not original, but it works so I’ll include in the sale. I never really used the cable as I had it on a board with a Voodoo Labs power brick. Includes a v tatty box and instruction sheet. Collection/meet up only on this one. £500 2. Source Audio Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion. With box and manual. 9/10 condition on the top, the protective plastic is still on! I was a bit over-zealous with the velcro when attaching to my pedalboard, then when I went to remove it some of the finish peeled off the back. Tried to remove the velcro at the top but chickened out when it was clear the black sticker would come off along with it. Operationally tip-top. NOTE - THIS PEDAL CAME FROM THOMANN AND AS SUCH COMES WITH A EUROPEAN POWER SUPPLY ONLY (see pictures). I have not used this power supply, I always powered it from the power block on my pedal board. £110 posted. 3. Sansamp Bass Driver DI. It’s lived a life, but still in pretty good shape cosmetically. “Built like a tank” gets thrown around a lot but it really applies here. Velcro on back. Includes box. £120 posted. SOLD 4. 3leaf GR2 envelope filter. Very versatile envelope filter, with built in effects loop. I’d say 8/10 condition wise. Velcro on back. No box or instructions on this one. £180 posted. SOLD 5. Redwitch Zeus. Basically 2 pedals in one, fuzz and octave. This can get very gnarly! Box included. £110 posted SOLD I’m in Carshalton, Surrey. Can travel a reasonable distance to meet, shoot me a PM and we can discuss it. I’m willing to post all the pedals except the Deep Impact.
  4. Another shout out for Strings Direct. Last week I ordered a set of 5 D’addario NYXL singles on Sunday, and they arrived next day via Royal Mail! Paid nowt for shipping either. I assume that’s the sort of thing they’re doing to try to compete with Amazon Prime, but I really didn’t expect anything to be dispatched on a Sunday. £50 for a 5 string set is a bit dear (Elixir money!) but so far they are remarkable, lovely strings.
  5. Oh this is incredibly bad news. A gorgeous PB5 to complement my SB5000, which is easily the best 5 string I’ve owned. Let us know when you have the weight. For the sake of my bank balance I’m hoping it’s in the 12-13lb range.
  6. I’m pretty sure the body is Alder. Not sure about the fretboard. If not rosewood I believe Sadowsky have used both morado and pau ferro on the metro basses. Unfortunately the listing on the Sadowsky site will be long gone, shame as that would have been the definitive source.
  7. DylanB

    Feedback for Sambrook

    Just sent a bass to Sean, easy deal, he arranged courier pickup so no hassles. Would deal again.
  8. Fractal Walnut. They were a great band.
  9. I’m assuming that’s pounds not kilos 😉
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