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  1. I’m pretty sure the body is Alder. Not sure about the fretboard. If not rosewood I believe Sadowsky have used both morado and pau ferro on the metro basses. Unfortunately the listing on the Sadowsky site will be long gone, shame as that would have been the definitive source.
  2. DylanB

    Feedback for Sambrook

    Just sent a bass to Sean, easy deal, he arranged courier pickup so no hassles. Would deal again.
  3. Fractal Walnut. They were a great band.
  4. I’m assuming that’s pounds not kilos 😉
  5. Yeah that's it. TBH I've kind of gone off the idea of a stack with one cab tilted back, for a lot of the reasons posted. I also I think the real solutions have been posted in the thread; either proper IEMs (or at least a decent wedge), or a cab with better off-axis projection.
  6. Ah fantastic! Yes always good to know the provenance of an instrument. I never had any issues with it, only great memories.
  7. Excellent info, thank you. So I’m extremely simple terms, when using a single cab you essentially have to choose whether the player or the audience gets the midrange? Hopefully mitigated somewhat by the fact I have two cabs, only one of which would be angled.
  8. Incidentally this used to be mine! I purchased it new from Sadowsky in Dec 2009. Brilliant instrument, I moved it on in 2015 (to you? I don’t remember) when I switched to 4 strings. I’m now back on 5s, but don’t have the funds to buy this back. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Have tried stacking cabs vertically with little effect. Maybe that would reduce the size of crate/stand needed underneath though. To your other (v good) suggestion, I’m not sure. I’ve never been happy with previous dalliances with IEMs, I suspect I need to bite the bullet and get some proper moulds made. And yes, IEMs are the full and proper solution to this problem, the issue for me is some of these gigs are fairly basic in terms of gear and set up time. Did one last month with no sound check whatsoever. I just want a basic lo-tech solution which means I can reliably hear myself in these situations.
  10. Good question. It may be. I’m quite tall so it’s going to take a fairly large crate or stand to elevate them to near ear level. So I’m a bit scared of the height they could fall from. But then I guess the argument is that they're less likely to fall when sitting flat on something.
  11. Many thanks! Will give it a go. Sometimes even on gigs where I’m going through the PA the sound guys don’t seem to be keen on putting bass through the monitors so this looks like something sensible to have in the back pocket. I have also been tempted by some of those Mark Bass cabs which have the tilt back built in, but this is a slightly cheaper option 😉
  12. I have two lovely Berg 1x12s. I sometimes find myself on small stages in medium sized venues (weddings etc) where there is no PA support for bass. Therefore I need to use both cabs, but due to the size of the stage the monitoring isn’t great (my sound goes directly to the back of my knees/bum). I want to be able to tilt the top cab upward, to direct some of the higher frequencies towards my ears. See attached photo for a mock-up. Anyone else do this? If so, what do you use? I don’t think a Mark Bass style wedge will work here because of the danger of the top cab slipping off the back. I’m thinking I need something with back support, like a Mud Stand: https://www.mudstand.com/buy. Unfortunately they only seem to ship to North America. Any other ideas?
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