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  1. They’re a decent alternative to Elixirs. I actually took them off fairly quickly as I convinced myself I wanted something with less tension (which turns out not to be true). I’m set with DR Lo Rider steels for now, but if I wanted to go back to the coated route I’d give the LongEvos another try.
  2. Another great experience with Bass Direct. I accidentally bought a couple of sets of the wrong strings. I sent them back and BD exchanged them quick as a flash for the correct ones no questions asked, and even ate the cost of posting the 2nd shipment. They’re a really good bunch.
  3. Sold some strings to Dan. Faultless transaction, no hassle at all. Thanks!
  4. Never in my 15 years of playing have I ever broken a string or had a bass crap out (battery, jack, etc) mid gig. In fact I’ve never broken a string, period. I never used to take a spare to gigs because of this reason. But I have started to now. It feels slightly ridiculous, and means a longer setup (gotta make sure the backup is ready and in tune). But as my gigs tend to be functions, I don’t want the blame if something goes wrong. Trouble is you can go down the rabbit hole. Spare amp, spare cab, spare suit, spare car...
  5. 3 brand new 5-string sets of DR Pure Blues 40-120. Bought a bulk set but have changed my mind and I’m now using hex core strings. These gauges aren’t the easiest to get hold of, so if you’re into the lighter end of nickel-plated steel this could be a good chance to try them. £25 each, or all 3 for £65. UK postage included.
  6. Thanks! Yeah I’ve really been coming around to it last few days. The neck dive really isn’t that bad (“dive” is a strong word), and barely there on a strap. Change can be a strange process! The midrange focus is something I was actually aiming for, but when I got it it was different from other instruments I own, and therefore alienating. But I do admit it sounds really good. And yes, it’s gorgeous.
  7. I’m discovering good things in the tone control. I can’t wait to gig this and find out how it sits.
  8. Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream is a particularly joyful example.
  9. Well I don’t know. I think I might just be getting used to the P sound again after a while on Js. It’s definitely more polite in the highs but maybe honk was the wrong word. It’s hard to describe sound with words.
  10. Yep, passive. The P solo sounds huge, to the extent where I think I’m gonna have to be careful about where I deploy it! That could have something to do with it! I feel like maybe I’ve overemphasised the neck dive. It’s not huuuge, just if I hold the neck at 2 o’ clock it wants to be at 2:30.
  11. SOLD Comes with everything EXCEPT the kettle lead - no idea what I’ve done with that. Great condition. Has Velcro on the top of the unit which I used to mount to the underside of a pedal board. Very useful, bulletproof piece of kit which I’m only selling to fund a downsized board. For trades, I’ll take smaller power supplies (that can fit under a Nano+), as well as a Source Audio C4 if anyone has one knocking about! Now £90 inc UK postage.
  12. I actually received this last week, but wanted to live with it for a week or so before coming to any kind of a verdict. I can’t help but compare this to my Carvin SB5000, which cost me less than half what this did (albeit used) but is a very very good bass. The good: Relatively lightweight at 8.5lb - the Carvin is around 10lb, so a significant saving B string seems legit for a 34” Nice slim neck, easy to play Looks fit Very tight neck pocket Fit and finish is brilliant (as it should be at this price) The not so good: A bit of neck dive. Not so noticeable on a strap, but it’s there. The Carvin (after installing Hipshot Ultralites) balances *perfectly*, so maybe I have unreasonable expectations in this area. I understand that this is probably the cost of the lightweight body. It already has Ultralites so nowhere to go there. I can't help but be slightly annoyed as before I placed my order Adrian told me the Elwood Ls balance much better than standard jazz basses. The strings. Ostensibly these shipped with Maruszczyk own-brand nickel strings. The B and E were DOA. This led to an annoying wait while I sourced my preferred DR Nickel Lo-Riders, which of course have cleared this problem right up. It felt like they’d put on an old set which they had lying around, which I can’t imagine they did, but in any case not a great advert for Maruszczyk strings. The sound. This is the most subjective bit. It seems a bit bland and overly mid-focused to me (some might say ‘honky’). Maybe I just need to adjust to the difference from the Carvin, which has quite an open sound. And of course I'm comparing a P to a J, so apples to oranges. Also I haven’t tried it in a live mix yet, so it’s probably a bit early to judge. This might be a case of underwhelming solo, but fantastic in a mix. Certainly playing along with some records seems to point in that direction, it sounds BIG. Ultimately ordering a custom bass is a bit of a roll of the dice but I think I did OK here. Not a 100% roaring success, but maybe I’m being picky.
  13. Nux Loop Core, nearly new condition (a few scratches on the control panel). Boxed with manual. Selling to make room for other things. £45 including U.K. postage
  14. Now sold Nearly new condition, with box, PSU and manual. Didn’t end up using it that much and want to sell to make room for other things. £75 plus £5 postage.
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