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  1. Not really. Can’t hurt to try but I think I’m set for gear at the moment.
  2. Yes that would be a bit heavy!!! The old lb/kg mixup. Edited.
  3. Unique instrument alert... I don’t know that much about this one! I bought it a few years ago from someone of this parish. My best guess is this was black at some point and someone’s gone and tried to remove the finish. Not sure how the decals fit into this theory, as the effect carries on under the decals. I actually think it looks kind of cool, especially with the cream pickup covers. This plays really well! Would definitely benefit from a set of fresh strings and probably a setup. Weight is 9.2lb per my bathroom scales. Will include a hardcase. Issues: - Neck pocket is not as tight as you would expect on more expensive instruments - the neck is attached with 4 bolts and is stable. - Pickup routes are not the neatest - Probably needs someone to take a look at the wiring. Controls are volume/volume/tone, but requires all three to be at zero before volume is zero. With both volumes off and the tone on full there is a small amount of output. - A few small dents on the back of the neck. - A jack cable stays in the socket, but protrudes a few mm. No impact on the sound. Collection only from Carshalton. Trials welcome. Will drive to meet you for petrol money.
  4. Cheers! Yeah they are brilliant cabs. Already withdrew them once, who knows I may do so again.
  5. I had these listed previously and withdrew - now back on the market! Price is firm, and a lot less than I paid for them when I bought them 2nd hand last year. These are very musical and can get very loud - I previously thought they were slightly limited when used one at a time but that turns out to have been an issue with my amp! These can take loads of bottom end and stay clean. Both cabs together is a huge sound. These are the slightly older ones with black baffles, and the carpet is a bit frayed. Weight is around 15kg as per bathroom scales. I can’t post these so collection from Carshalton please, I will drive a reasonable distance for some petrol money. You’re welcome to come and try them out.
  6. Price drop! £300 each for the EXTs, £500 for the MNT.
  7. Cheers! Yes it’s a really great cab, as are the EXTs. I’ll probably end up regretting getting rid as well.
  8. 3 Vanderkley 112s for sale. Two are the EXT version (300W @ 8Ω) and one is the MNT version (600W @ 8Ω). EXTs - £350 £300 £275 WITHDRAWN - Classic change of heart. May re-list at some point. MNT - £550 £500 £450 SOLD The MNT is a fantastic standalone cab even when working with drummers and in louder situations, etc. Sounded great on its own in my function band rehearsals, paired with my Markbass LMII. Used with one of the EXTs it becomes a real monster 4Ω rig that goes very loud indeed. I purchased this used last year. It's in great condition. I don't have a cover for this one. Spec from the Vanderkley site: http://www.vanderkleyamp.nl/products/cabinets/112mnt/. I bought the EXTs used last year as well, I think they are a bit older as they have the black baffles (new ones are red). The carpet covering is a bit more frayed on these, apart from that they are in good condition. A single EXT would be a great lightweight solution for jazz, coffeeshop gigs, etc, or as an extension cab to an existing 8Ω rig. When I have used both EXTs together they are a monster rig that can handle everything I've put through them. These are really surprisingly light. I'm not sure mine are exactly as specced out on the Vanderkley site (http://www.vanderkleyamp.nl/products/cabinets/112ext/) as my bathroom scales have the weight at around 15kg instead of the 14kg quoted. I have non-padded Roqsolid covers for both EXTs. All cabs stack neatly either horizontally or vertically. The grooves in the plastic corners "lock" them in place. I'm flexible on what gets purchased in a single go, I'll split the EXTs or sell 1xEXT and the MNT together. Or buy all 3 for a drummer-vapourising 2.67Ω rig!!! (disclaimer - I have not used them in this configuration) Collection from Carshalton (or meet-up for petrol money if it's not too far). Very happy for people to come and try them out. Only selling as I'm not playing that much these days so am cutting back to the bare bones of what I need. As such I'm not really looking for trades, but I might be interested in the right looper pedal.
  9. Many thanks Dave. I keep meaning to do a deep dive into Who Did You Think I Was as it’s one of my favourite Pino performances, but have not yet had time to get it all down on paper. Cheers for the head start!
  10. Sold Chris a cab. No issues, great guy to deal with. Easy transaction. Many thanks!
  11. SOLD I bought this new from GAK in 2005, and have used it extensively. Coupled with a Little Mark II I’ve used it for pub gigs, club gigs, big outdoor gigs, the lot. Has never let me down. It’s the first generation of these, before they went orange. It is in full working condition and sounds great. It’s taken a few knocks over the years which I have done my best to capture in the photos. Basically the carpet is a bit tatty in places and the grill/screws are a bit rusty. In the interests of extremely full disclosure, it had half a speaker cable stuck in one of the jack inputs for a few years. Never bothered me as the other one worked fine. I have since taken it to Guitar Aid in Putney who removed the jack tip, all inputs are now working A+. Can take 800w, 8ohms. Only selling because I’m downsizing my rig and need the space in the house. This is a bulletproof, loud, musical cabinet and I will miss it. Collection only, from Carshalton (South London(ish)). I’ll drive a reasonable distance if needed. Only trades I would be interested in is Vanderkley 112MNT or possibly 210MNT.
  12. Largely agree with discreet. I do make big exceptions for nostalgia though. I sold a bass which I used as my primary bass through uni days, and bought it back a couple of years later when I realised what a mistake I’d made. I don’t even really play it anymore but I can’t see it going anywhere again. Nostalgia can be important.
  13. PLEASE stop posting killer gear at reasonable prices. Too tempting. Bump for a great seller.
  14. Just sold Matt a cab. Extremely easy transaction, friendly guy, hassle free. Cheers!
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