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  1. Think it may have been, or a year or two earlier. ‘Sound issues’ would be putting it diplomatically.
  2. Velvet Revolver at Brixton were so loud I couldn’t tell which key some of the songs were in. Just noise.
  3. It’s a 5 with a slim neck. I originally ordered it without rods, but this thread prompted me to add them, so good advice. I guess it’s early enough in the process that I can still get away with making a few changes.
  4. I placed an order earlier this month. Reading back through this thread gives me doubts I didn’t have before. It seems that 2-3 years ago there were several issues with quality (see around page 100 in this thread). One of the theories back then was that this was to do with a move to a new production facility, and also coping with suddenly increasing demand. So has anyone had any issues with more recent orders?
  5. That’s mad. I’ll try and be optimistic and hope the situation improves before mine is shipped. Doesn’t help everyone else though!
  6. In the age of Amazon Prime I’ve forgotten how to wait for things.
  7. It has been 12 days since I ordered this thing. 12 weeks seems like it’s gonna be a really long time! And I’m assuming the border situation will add a few more days/weeks on as some others have experienced. Nevertheless I am excited!
  8. I sold Paul a set of strings. Good communication, no issues. Thanks!
  9. Sold Sean some strings, smooth transaction, no issues. Thanks Sean!
  10. From a practice point of view lockdown has been a positive for me. I’ve taken on a teacher, and have sectioned off an hour a day to practice (which I often use!). As a result my walking skills have gone through the roof, comparatively speaking.
  11. The Soul Vaccination live album is fantastic. One of the albums that brought me to TOP. Saw them a couple of times, once at the Astoria and then at the Indigo2 I believe. Incredible live band. Rocco was one of the greatest ever. Everyone talks about the muting technique but his overall sense of feel was insane. Rocco + Garibaldi 😍
  12. They are so, so smooth. Like the proverbial baby’s bottom.
  13. Thank you! It’s a pretty old video now. We’re miming but the soundtrack was definitely recorded with this Precision.
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