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  1. Hey guys, I’m looking to take the plunge into buying overloud for the Markbass amp software, just wondering if anybody here has much experience with it and whether it’s worth buying in comparison to using the DI out of my TH 500? In general will I get a better sound from the Di out of my amphead or a plug-in? If anybody can recommend any plug-ins also that would be great! Thanks!
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  3. Looking to get a new pedalboard that can fit a QMX10 on, the PT2 is a couple inches too short, QM is 68cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 26.77in x 1.57in x 2.28in - anybody know of a board wide enough to fit one that is far enough back to fit 10+ pedals on?
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  5. Hey guys,I've been using Aguilar for some years now and love the tone, but I just find it doesn't always keep up and find my clip light on quite a lot.. I know this doesn't actually damage the amp and isn't a warning like normal clip lights, more of a tone thing, but the signal obviously disorts somewhat and doesn't deliver the volume I need. I'm running it into two Aguilar DB112 (8ohms - 300w) cabs. I recently sat in at a friends gig where he was using an EBS HD350 with a singular Barefaced 1x12 and it sounded modern, thick and just HUGE. Do people think this has more to do with the head or the cab? I've seen an EBS HD350 up for sale and I'm wondering if, despite the lower wattage, it will be paired nicer with the cabs? Or have peopled found the DB Aguilar range to be quieter than other cabs? Thanks!
  6. I recently ditched my budget Stagg patch leads and got some George L's. I bought a batch with my housemate and when he rewired and re-ordered his pedals he found that everything was more responsive and he was also getting much more volume and tone in his signal. This did not happen for me.. I've attached an image below but here is my chain as it stands, I took it on a gig last night and was fine, the only thing that has changed is the cables and the pog being before the compressor.. Bass > Boss TU > Tone Hammer > Envelope > Octave > Octave > Compressor > Phaser > Reverb > Amp (Aguilar TH500 w/DB112 x2) All patch leads are George L's and two Fender leads I have always used previous and never suffered from low volume. When I plugged directly into the amp I had the regular volume again so it isn't an issue with my bass or instrument leads. Is there an issue with the order? I understand you will always lose volume with pedals but it seems strange that I'm losing more with higher quality cables? Thanks to anyone who can help! Jack
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