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  2. Hello all.. Tentatively putting out feelers for this beauty.. Specs from the Mayones website below! •Body - Profiled Ash •Top - Spruce/Matching Headstock •Construction - 6 Bolt - on - custom profiled heal •Neck - Maple - additional carbon-fibre rods •Neck dimensions:Width at nut – 43.0 mm Width XII fret – 61.7 mm Width XXIV fret – 70.8 mm Thickness I fret – 20.0 mm Thickness XII fret – 23.0 mm •Fingerboard - Rosewood, 20” radius •Scale - 870mm (34,25") •Frets - 24 medium jumbo Ferd Wagner •Markers & inlays - Luminlay side dots, SGM-23 Super Green in Black pipe, 3 mm •Tuners - Hipshot Ultralights •Bridge - Mayo Vintage bridge, 18mm string spacing •Nut - Graphtec Tusk •Pickguard - Tortoise 3 ply, clear acrylic ramp between pickups •Pickups & Electronics - J-J / Delano JMVC 5 FE Jazzbass Twincoil Humbucker Set •Active May 3 band preamp •Control - 2 x Volume, Stacked bass/treble, tone, active/passive switch •Body finish - Satin •Neck finish - Natural wood / Matt finish (T-NAT-M) •Hardware colour - Chrome •Strings -SIT Nickel 40 - 125 •Weight: 8lb 14oz/4kg I mainly use this bass passive as that's what I prefer generally ( #flat9vAnxiety ) but it sounds great active! Has only been out on one gig this year unfortunately so it's pretty much mint condition other than a few scuffs on the back of the neck (pictured) which don't affect playability at all. Has an incredibly playable neck and a wide variety of sounds! Comes with Mayones flightcase. Considering trades of 24 fretted 5 strings of equal value or similar + money my way/yours. - Thanks! Jack IMG_1595.HEIC IMG_1596.HEIC
  3. I’m looking for something with 24 frets, 5 strings and 19mm spacing.. I’ve got a Mayones Jabba atm which I adore but I just can’t get on with the 18mm spacing (or more that switching between that and my other wider spaced basses gets too annoying) Ideally something not too lairy looking like the MTD’s etc, I really do just like the look of a fender or a nice bit of wood.. Always got on with the jazz bass configuration. Also not overly fussed about it being active! Any advice??
  4. I’ve got one of these, one of if not the best neck I’ve played and sounds incredible recorded! (Haven’t found out if it sounds good live yet )
  5. Hey guys, I’m looking to take the plunge into buying overloud for the Markbass amp software, just wondering if anybody here has much experience with it and whether it’s worth buying in comparison to using the DI out of my TH 500? In general will I get a better sound from the Di out of my amphead or a plug-in? If anybody can recommend any plug-ins also that would be great! Thanks!
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  7. Looking to get a new pedalboard that can fit a QMX10 on, the PT2 is a couple inches too short, QM is 68cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 26.77in x 1.57in x 2.28in - anybody know of a board wide enough to fit one that is far enough back to fit 10+ pedals on?
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  9. Hey guys,I've been using Aguilar for some years now and love the tone, but I just find it doesn't always keep up and find my clip light on quite a lot.. I know this doesn't actually damage the amp and isn't a warning like normal clip lights, more of a tone thing, but the signal obviously disorts somewhat and doesn't deliver the volume I need. I'm running it into two Aguilar DB112 (8ohms - 300w) cabs. I recently sat in at a friends gig where he was using an EBS HD350 with a singular Barefaced 1x12 and it sounded modern, thick and just HUGE. Do people think this has more to do with the head or the cab? I've seen an EBS HD350 up for sale and I'm wondering if, despite the lower wattage, it will be paired nicer with the cabs? Or have peopled found the DB Aguilar range to be quieter than other cabs? Thanks!
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