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  1. Maybe tag some of resident builders whose work you admire in this respect.
  2. Well done. Glad this found a new home suitably quickly.* *Phew! That was a close one
  3. ezbass


    All are welcome. I’m impressed with your filling the bass gear void, no messing about with dipping your toe in the water with some lower priced, budget gear, no, Sir - you’ve gone full bore. 👍
  4. WOW! That shows so much pride in his product. Massive kudos to Mr Shuker.
  5. Works for me, always preferred Snickers anyway. >
  6. They are brilliant and I don’t mean that sarcastically. I’ve had to do some loom splicing recently and using lead solder has made this operation much easier.
  7. I second that, Paul, Wyatt and yourself have been a lifeline in these very odd times. An extra special mention for The Shortest Show on the Radio, often surreal, often grumpy men chatting, always entertaining.
  8. Definitely post photos here, a good number of folks on BC do not use FB and I’m certainly trying to wean myself off of it.
  9. I do hope that was typed on purpose 😂 I used to have the radio go quiet and pc access (non app) just stop when I was down south. I think flakey is an appropriate description.
  10. They have their own, that’s the one the omits the ads, but perhaps that one does too.
  11. Best listened to using the app, less adverts that way. Not that we have a choice up here, the PR radio signal is rubbish and unobtainable in the house, despite having a big åss aerial ☹️.
  12. And currently reading the traffic report! Is there no end to your multi tasking abilities? Ooh, Supertramp - nice. 😎
  13. He’s quite keen to point that out too, can’t say I blame him, no one wants a rosy Richard. In addition to his Spectors, DR also has a Ric and a fur covered Steinberger/Hohner cricket bat.
  14. Best, JMJ Mustang. Not perfect, but it’s rekindled my joy of playing and particularly playing fretted. I did some comparison recording yesterday and it’s fantastic in a mix with little or no EQ required. As for the scale, colour me converted. Honourable mention for the Beat Buddy. Worst, a set of nylon wrapped, LaBellas. The ones on my Rob Allen sound great, but they don’t work as well as cobalt flatwounds on my other fretless. Not the product’s fault, just a mismatch.
  15. I find the non reverse a lumpen mess, no matter who makes it or whether it has a P/G or not. Why, just why? YMMV
  16. Yeah, that yellow going into purple is very fetching. Oh, you mean the bass. Ahem, ah, is that my coat? Must go.
  17. Yes, he is. He’s been to a few bass bashes too.
  18. Yes, I know, quoting yourself if very much not 'the thing' but I have an update: Today I made a simple 6/8 blues, backing track with drums (props to the Beat Buddy pedal, which recorded marvellously), 3 layers of guitar and then added all of my basses, including 3 takes of the J type to encompass all the main pickup positions. Does the Mustang need another pickup? No, not unless I'm bothered about really ringing 4th/9th fret harmonics. It held its own in the mix and was more pleasing than the neck or mix settings on the J type (they were nice enough, but uninspiring by comparison to all the other basses/settings). Where I think the Mustang really won out was on the D & G strings, where the tone was nice, rounded and balanced, opposed to snarling and jumping out tone heard with the J type bridge position soloed or the MM type. A very enlightening exercise, which seems to add more credence to the 'P basses are perfect in a mix' standpoint, at least to my ears. Before anyone asks, no, I will not be posting sound clips, as it was way too rough & ready and would be a tad embarrassing. However, the fitting of a new neck plate and subsequent heel reshaping still remains an option.
  19. It’ll be worth the wait, I can’t get over how much I like mine, the neck and pickup on the JMJ are a delight. Once again, I’m toying with adding a ‘51 type as a bridge pickup, but not sure it’ll really add anything in a live mix. Also considering replacing the neck plate with one that’ll allow me to shave the corner off of the rear of the neck pocket for improved upper fret access.
  20. IIRC I used to use a Taylor guitar wrench.
  21. Plainly influenced by Bobby Vega, there's Cody Wright: Can't mention funky without Rocco Prestia (or anyone who depped for him, including Booby V): Some Chuck Rainey perhaps: When not being a full on prog guy, Tony Levin can funk: And, of course, you can't say funk and not include Bernard Edwards:
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