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  1. Cash converters got a 5 string for sale. Don't know much myself, but could be of interest to some one here. https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/shop/product/jaydee-celeste-5-string-bass-guitar-1989/229245?list=Search results
  2. Thanks everyone. Lefty, you were right matey, for some reason someone cranked the trim pot on the B down to near enough nothing. Just in case, in the cavity each string has its own volume pot for the piezo.
  3. Hi, Got a Esh 5 string various, and while I'm still getting to grips with it, one setting has a really low out put on the B string(may be the piezo setting). Any ideas ? Cheers in advance.
  4. Yeah, the new RSB's are not that great looking. What's with the scratch plate ?
  5. Always loved the SB shape (Cliff Burton) so always wanted a 5 string one. Found one recently, but the frets had been pulled . How do they sound ? Do they handle the low B well ? Anything to be aware of ? Cheers, Paul
  6. Thanks troops. So far I've seen 2 Esh models (one with dual K.Armstrong SB's and the other had a set of EMG j PU's) , I am leaning more towards the Warwick. I have a Spector Euro, wonder piece of kit. Got a gap where I can squeeze another bass in.
  7. Greetings. Both bass's seem to have loads of tonal options, and since I'm due a new bass( it's not a crime to be good to yourself) was wondering what experience people have had ? I'm looking at the 5 string versions. Any info would be great. Cheers, Paul
  8. May be of interest to somebody. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jazz-Bass-Custom-Built-Spalted-Mahogany-Maple-Active-Passive-EQ/163525000405?hash=item2612d97cd5:g:kWAAAOSwiKdcWB-h:rk:14:pf:0
  9. Thanks guys. Gonna see what the best price is. The electronics could be shot, the neck warped, truss rod busted, so could be looking at just a body.
  10. Well just found out the frets have been pulled and not filled. New neck ? New board ? Whats a fair price for whats left ?
  11. Yeah, thought that. Any info on these ? Active/passive ? Can the electronics be dodgy ?
  12. I'm tempted, but is it just me or have the frets been pulled out and left un-filled ? https://www.adverts.ie/electric-basses/aria-pro-vintage-bass-guitar/15512666
  13. Was wondering if any ones gave 'em a whirl ? Do some decent bulk buy deals. I currently use Ernie balls but if I can save a few beer tokens in the long run and they're good.....why not.
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