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  1. Thanks Basszilla, means alot. Talked a few hours before it happened, Paddy was busting to get back to jamming/recording when all this madness lifted. Stunned.
  2. This is my first attempt at recording a full band. Just went for it, rough idea what I'm doing....sort it out later. A little rough round the edges, but hey that's METAL !!!! I lost my best friend at the start of this month, He drummed on these tracks. I hope I done Him proud. This is for Paddy. UP THE IRONS !!!! Negative Of A Man | Gravepath (bandcamp.com)
  3. Great album. Infinity - YouTube
  4. The guy who mixed AJFA, talks about the bass situation. Metallica Mixer Explains Missing Bass on 'And Justice for All' - YouTube
  5. Found this on Reverb troops, looks sweet. Can't seem to find much info tho. E Bass V-5 handmade in Britain fretless bass | Tom's Gear | Reverb Hmmmmmm.......
  6. Cash converters got a 5 string for sale. Don't know much myself, but could be of interest to some one here. https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/shop/product/jaydee-celeste-5-string-bass-guitar-1989/229245?list=Search results
  7. Thanks everyone. Lefty, you were right matey, for some reason someone cranked the trim pot on the B down to near enough nothing. Just in case, in the cavity each string has its own volume pot for the piezo.
  8. Hi, Got a Esh 5 string various, and while I'm still getting to grips with it, one setting has a really low out put on the B string(may be the piezo setting). Any ideas ? Cheers in advance.
  9. Yeah, the new RSB's are not that great looking. What's with the scratch plate ?
  10. Always loved the SB shape (Cliff Burton) so always wanted a 5 string one. Found one recently, but the frets had been pulled . How do they sound ? Do they handle the low B well ? Anything to be aware of ? Cheers, Paul
  11. Thanks troops. So far I've seen 2 Esh models (one with dual K.Armstrong SB's and the other had a set of EMG j PU's) , I am leaning more towards the Warwick. I have a Spector Euro, wonder piece of kit. Got a gap where I can squeeze another bass in.
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