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  1. Top seller. Purchased a Warwick double $$. Great communication and made sure(including a hard case) that the bass was well packaged. Reliable and great to deal with. Recommended. Cheers Lee.
  2. Hope this may help. SM7 but could be worth a try.
  3. Smooth transaction and super fast postage. Top dude.
  4. Just picked it up there. If things don't work out I'll be in touch Pete
  5. All my gear for years was old school Trace Elliot, still got it ,still love it.
  6. Cheers Yorky, most likely use a Genz Benz Shuttle. These things loud enough ?
  7. Hi, Getting into the lightweight gear thing and could pick one of these up for £280. Barely used and comes with the Markbass cover. Good deal ? Cheers, Paul
  8. Found a Wal here, https://bassbros.co.uk/product/1983-wal-pro/
  9. Think it includes pegs too. Could swap fretted to a fretless and switch out whenever needed.
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