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  1. its not a weird tuning but I was in a doom band who tuned to drop c and I hated the floppiness on my jazz so bought a 5er and tuned the b up to c. was like a revelation to my untrained ears :-)
  2. rex brown from Pantera for me. that bass tone on far beyond driven is perfect
  3. Storm studios in Holloway for me. ampeg cabs (8x10) and svt heads
  4. the thing that should not be - metallica
  5. five magics by megadeth. I have only ever learned the intro because I like it but as soon as I try and play along with the recording it goes pear shaped. play without perfect everytime
  6. there is no "to heavy" for me. currently listening to scour
  7. akercocke - footsteps resound in an empty chapel
  8. I always play with quite a bit of gain and dirt to my sound so it fills quite nicely with one guitar but as stated above octaves go a long way
  9. no consolation but we all feel your pain. it never gets easier
  10. just please please don't use Hermes or yodel
  11. Hey Lee im a bassist in London 20 years exp would defo be interested if you are ion the London area J
  12. id use my name here. CHRISTHAMMER666
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