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  1. 20 Greatest British Rock Bands

    No Maiden, No motorhead booooooooooooooooooooooooo
  2. Metallica /Trujillo

    if I remember correctly, he said somewhere that he didn't want his kids to hear him swearing so he packed it in
  3. Guitar Players Who Don't Get Their Due Respect

    ^^^^^^^ this x1000, the guy is crazily talented
  4. Who are you seeing live next?

    Akercocke 28th october Talanas 11th nov
  5. Love the band, hate the fans?

    Any black metal bands fans, all trying to outdo each other "im more metal then you". All dressed up like rejects from the matrix. Dream theatre fans who think their fandom is worth more because they can play their songs As much as I hate to say it, some Motorhead fans. You are not a Motorhead fan unless you got fall on your face drunk when you them. I did a sponsored sober month for charity once the abuse i got when I ordered a soft drink was bonkers
  6. "Dad, I want to play bass, who should I listen to?"

    Yes- heart of the sunrise
  7. Best cover you've heard?

    Death covering judas priests painkiller Akercocke covering morbid angels chapel of ghouls
  8. Survey on musical gear

  9. Your reasons for quitting bands

    I have recently just left a band because I cant just book x amount of time off at the drop of a hat to swan over into Europe. They had toured before in eastern Europe and admitted some nights they stopped playing after 2 songs where the places were empty, yet they were still rattling on about about lets pay £6000 to tour with so and so or lets go and play out the back end of the world to no one........nope not for me
  10. Simple songs - suggestions needed

    ZZ top- Tush
  11. bassist available london rock/metal

    bassist 37 in south London looking for rock metal band. into everything from deep purple to deicide. Years of gigging and recording exp pro gear, have transport and a 9-5 job Am not willing to pay £££ to play/tour the ass end of eastern europe to 5 people apart from that im quite a nice chap thanks
  12. This week I am mostly enjoying playing.....

    I know dave mustaine is slowly turning into a woman but bloody hell lol
  13. Reasons for not quitting a band.

    apart from digging the music its the craic. all the sitting around waiting at gigs etc it really makes a difference Sometimes I have laughed so hard ive nearly wet myself
  14. This week I am mostly enjoying playing.....

    Headcrusher by Megadeth. proper gives the wrist a workout
  15. Who are you seeing live next?

    possibly rock goddess,possibly GnR if I can rob a bank