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  1. Combined cost of equipment

    £1200 for me
  2. Anything with Motorhead or Orion with metallica on their 86 tour
  3. Singing bass players

    "DIXIE" dave Collins - weedeater ross dolan-immolation steve tucker- morbid angel glen Benton -deicide
  4. Harness for a bass

    I have not seen it but Tom Araya from Slayer has a bass harness as he had his neck operated on. God knows how his works as you cannot see it visibly live
  5. Quitting A Gigging Band?

    I totally understand this bit but lifes to short to hang around being unhappy. Take the leap
  6. Bass heaven, bass hell

    Heaven - Lemmy in his prime, slayer in the mid 90s Hell- most metal these days, over produced albums
  7. 2018 What Are Your Plans?

    most prob packing it to be honest. fed up with no one going to smaller gigs no matter how much you promote, that's not including the venues that think one facebook post a month is promoting a gig. Even if people do turn up promoters and venues thinking its fine to pay you pennies or a case of beer when they have basically done sod all. At 38 im getting to old for the sodding around and spending loads of money and recouping nothing
  8. How old is too old to play bass?

    100% spot on for me as well
  9. Help needed -Therapy/ Silverfish Rock city 90s

    i loved Therapy in the troublegum era still listen to lots of early 90s british rock
  10. The most musically talented musician of all time

    Beethoven- wrote a symphony while almost deaf and conducted orchestras while completely deaf And that's not including his first 2 masterpieces
  11. Can't name my guitar

  12. Your favourite rock and jazz albums of all time?

    the wildhearts- earth vs the wildhearts Metallica- ride the lightning Mastodon-blood mountain
  13. What’s the Bassline that you really had to work at

    Five magics- Megadeth Piece by piece I can just about get through, but playing the whole song still feels like a car crash waiting to happen
  14. 'Your' band

    Akercocke for me Back when I was 18 watching them at the red eye in kings cross.Back then they used to play in full suits ( minus the jackets) I was mesmerised