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  1. inventory coordinator at kings college hospital in London. one of my wards has 20 corona patients .happy days indeed
  2. of what importance is it that your tall son in law was there. in case you said something and it kicked off ?. if that's the case your just as bad as the right wing loonies
  3. is it good for metal though ?
  4. Iron maiden - first metal band I ever listened to. metallica- when I first heard the black album my whole musical life changed pantera- was the pathway to heavier things but the southern groove has been ingrained in me and my playing forever
  5. enter sandman- metallica fear of the dark - iron maiden
  6. cannot post video as im in work (HA) for me gotta be Cliff Burton anaethesia (pulling teeth) from metallicas Kill em all
  7. a bit worse for wear set up and continued drinking . set time comes plug in and no sound. bemused looks all round until someone noticed id plugged into the wrong head
  8. First concert - Kylie Minogue- London arena 88 (I think) Last concert - Ghost- Wembley 2019 Best concert - the wildhearts - brixton 95 Worst concert - cradle of filth - LA2 98 Loudest concert - Airbourne - sheperds bush 2012 Seen the most - Slayer Most surprising - Hell Next concert - Machine head at brixton Wish I would have seen - Metallica 92-94
  9. I played the st Moritz club and they had o e of the tilted mark bass combos. I used my crappy affinity with a SD quarter pounder stuck in and I’ve never had a better live sound
  10. fellow bromlian (beckenham) welcome
  11. Only picked up the bass once this year while being deep in the depression that follows me around and just won’t quit resolutions ? Playing more often, finding a band and getting out there again
  12. Can’t pick one so it’s split between Rex brown (pantera) and Jason newsted (Metallica)
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