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  1. rock hard, ride free - judas priest ram it down - judas priest metal meltdown - judas priest for whom the bell tolls - metallica
  2. ordered Thursday received Saturday, and read in 2 sittings, great stuff
  3. ive never been so scared of 3 pictures in my entire life :-)
  4. thank you for all the comments, a lot to take on board, thank you
  5. Yeah I’m pretty up with those and am happy to record stuff with phones mic to send etc. It’s just the whole home studio type thing I have no interest in. Just don’t want it to hold me back
  6. Hi all I’m 41 years old and have been round the block band wise. I don’t have a pc at home and have no deride to buy as I can do all my computing in work and just use my phone for home use. More and more band opportunities are all talking about file sharing,wav files etc. Even before COVID bands were asking for me to send videos of me playing their songs before even entertaining getting a room. If someone sends me files I can access on my phone and always learn what’s needed on time am I stuck on the dark ages ?
  7. My Current Hartke lh500. no frills but lovely piano like sounds form it and is a true workhorse
  8. yes definitely. playing wise I play downtuned groove metal but listening wise its pretty much Marcus miller, vic wooten etc
  9. I remember years ago mags like kerrang and metal hammer, if a reviewer hated a band it didn't matter how good an album was they got slated and hardly anything was said about the contents of an album
  10. I concentrate more listening to tech metal, stuff likem Sikth and some ambient tech like Toska
  11. the whole of panteras far beyond driven
  12. I normally use 2mm as I really love the precise attack, I read some interviews and most of the players I like use 1mm or thereabouts so I did a bit of experimenting and came to the conclusion it just wasn't the same. I didn't think I would notice the sound difference as much as I did
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