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  1. the whole of panteras far beyond driven
  2. I normally use 2mm as I really love the precise attack, I read some interviews and most of the players I like use 1mm or thereabouts so I did a bit of experimenting and came to the conclusion it just wasn't the same. I didn't think I would notice the sound difference as much as I did
  3. i had a p affinity stuck a quarter pounder in it and it was pretty much a monster. I had ideas of modding the hell out of it but didn't need to, tuners were incredibly stable as to was the bridge
  4. if you watch the year and a half vids prts 1&2 they hazed Jason for years and don't think it ever stopped. it was a shame really because I think he fired the band up live wise and after he left and they then resumed live playing with Rob I don't think that fire in their bellies has ever been the same. if you listen to the isolated bass for dyers eve off the justice album Jason is an absolute monster on the bass
  5. ive never excerted (SIC) that much energy in all the 20 odd years ive been playing bass
  6. that's a beaut. love the pearl inlays
  7. Ive had one of these, 200 notes is an absolute steal
  8. I think he did break it twice. the stool incident and the one you mentioned. a roadie picked up like the weights bar and dropped him down a flight of stairs headfirst (OUCH)
  9. they have some great metal rock content on theresometimes. Other weekend they had iron maiden flight 666 then download highlights
  10. ive been married to my wonderful wife for 10 years and she is my heart and soul, even if she gave me these id seriously consider divorce let alone APPARENTLY new from a company
  11. I use the rotosounds Rotobass rb50 I normally if lucky get them for around £13 a set on ebay
  12. I had one of his yamahas I obsolutely hated it. wanted to love it so bad but it was just horrible
  13. I can just about pay my bills at the moment but id sell a kidney to get a walnut 4003
  14. ive sold loads of Ps over the years, roadword and otherwise. wish I had them all back ,proper having p gass at the moment
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