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  1. Erm, because it's a good song, perhaps...? Just a thought... If it bugs you though, feel free to post something different.
  2. More acapella from me. Not so sure this counts as a Christmas song, but whatever...:
  3. @Stingray5, what a lovely piece of music! Thanks for posting. For me, one of the great results in this thread is the sheer breadth of musical talent on display. Horribly clichéd I know, but in that respect it's exceeded my wildest expectations.
  4. I hope folk will forgive me for pressing the point on this, but I just can't seem to get past these guys ATM! Ok, so it's a studio take with extra layering and production (so it wouldn't sound quite the same in live performance), but even so...
  5. Thought I'd revive this thread after an interregnum of a few months. Contributors to this thread may remember that I have (among many other failings!) a weakness for good ensemble singing. A few days ago I found these guys while meandering my way through some Youtube vids. 2 songs from them, but before you listen, you need to bear in mind that, aside from a bit of FX at the start of each song, every sound you hear is made by a human voice (Note: I've posted some of this stuff on another thread, so apologies if you've heard it already) :
  6. Apparently they had a selection of alter egos. Never knew that. One of them was called 'Hornets Attack Victor Mature' (it says here...)
  7. R.E.M. and Hindu Love Gods. I have CDs by both.
  8. I've started getting issues posting emojis from outside sources (I use allsmileys). I have a PC and a Macbook, and the same thing is happening on both of them, which suggests to me that it's likely to be one of the two websites involved. Anybody? ETA: Update; it seems to be the Allsmileys site, so you can all relax and go back to whatever it was you were doing.
  9. ...all of which is absolutely fine, but not really to the point of my previous post.
  10. I like it too. Great guitar playing; great singing. Must be honest, I don't really get people slagging off music they don't enjoy listening to, often to the point of prejudging it before a note is played. It's a free country (more or less...), but if you don't like it then why not just say so and be on your way? When the thread title starts with the words 'Jazz cover' it's not exactly aerospace engineering to work out what it's likely to sound like, surely?
  11. That's a shame. I was over in the States with friends at the time I picked up the Jazz, and had a very pleasant phone conversation with him. It would be a real shame if he's not making basses any more. I seem to recall that he branched out into guitar making as well. Ho hum.
  12. Indeed it did! Good spot. You doubtless remember it from my time on Leftybassist. Beautifully made by Rod and great to play (although it had to have some - admittedly very minor - post sale work done on the electrics to kill an annoying hum) and I'd say it's pretty good value at that price. Very old school woody tone as I recall. I remember it as having a Nordstrand pup (can't remember which model). If that's what you're after, you could do a lot worse and pay more. Haven't been to Leftybassist for years. Do you happen to know whether Rod is still trading? I sold it as a commission sale through The Bass Gallery in London. No idea who bought it but whoever it was but it was apparently taken pretty much on the spot after a try-out in the shop. Good to see it again @LeftyJ. Thanks for posting.
  13. Tell me what? Eh? Eh? I've warned you about this kind of behaviour before.
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