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  1. I ordered some recording gear from Thomann at the end of November. Shipped within a day or two, another day or two to get to the UPS warehouse in Tamworth, and then sat there for a week with 'DELAYED' written in big letters on the tracking site. No idea why, but prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt given the circumstances. Then when it is released with a forecast arrival day we make arrangements to be in. Only it arrived a day early, when we were out most of the day getting our new glasses fitted at our optician (140-mile roundtrip - don't ask!). Kindly taken in by a neighbour a couple of doors down. It would be easy to get mad about it but it wasn't time-critical and everything was in the box and undamaged so mostly just took it on the chin. The one caveat was that when it did arrive, the box contained an old-fashioned ignition coil for a vintage car. New stock, still in its box, but WTF it was doing there at all is outwith my comprehension. I think you have to expect some unusual behaviour from couriers ATM, especially with all that's happening and about to happen come January. Not an encouraging message unfortunately, but we are where we are. An exploration of the various reasons why we are where we are is a topic for a different thread (and on a different forum I suspect), but suffice it to say we'd all better get used to it in the coming months for pretty much anything coming from Europe.
  2. Update: I've invested in a matched pair of Rode M5s. I was tempted to go for the more expensive NT5s, but couldn't justify the extra cost given the modest nature of the work. If I was properly serious about it of course, I'd have bought C451s and lived on bread & water for a while. But I'm not. So I didn't. This gives me quite a lot more versatility for a fairly modest extra outlay (around £150 for the mics and the stereo gantry - the NT5s would have been closer to £300 all in ). Right now it's all money going out and nothing to show for it, but in truth I was never going to be starting on this until the new year anyway, so all good at this stage. First thing to do is spend time reaquainting myself with guitars that I mostly haven't played in properly for a year or more (and not gigged for a lot longer than that!). I reckon that'll take me a week or two at least. The technique's still in there somewhere; all I have to do is retrieve it...
  3. I have a vague memory of learning the song (including the solo) at some point in the dim & distant past. Long since gone the way of all things now though. That said, the song is known for being in 7/4. If you do a search of songs in 7/4, it's always one of the first that comes up. While I'm here, a lot of the songs known for being in 7/4 actually alternate between 7/4/ and 4/4 (Solsbury Hill, Paranoid Android, Led Boots - strictly speaking that's 4/4 and 7/8 I think, but you get the idea...).
  4. Indeed. 'Take Five' for example, is played as 3/4 + 2/4. 'Money' (7/4) is played 3/4 + 4/4
  5. Good post. Just out of interest, do you have any links you can put up. (Partly me being lazy, partly having something visible on the thread).
  6. Update: while I'm here, odd time signatures are invariably subdivided into 2s, 3s and 4s.
  7. I would have thought 3/4 - or maybe 6/8 - is a pretty good candidate. It's how your heart beats. Not to say that 4/4 isn't, just that if it is then it's unlikely to be the only one.
  8. [Namedrop] I knew Horace before he was famous. He went to school with my next door neighbour and would pop round for a chat from time to time. That was the late '70s. Then the band took off and I never saw him again. [/Namedrop]
  9. There's unlikely to be many band mixes of the kind I think you're talking about. I like the open space idea, but unfortunately none of the rooms is big enough to make it feasible. Something else to look at and experiment with though. Thanks for that. I have a mic screen, and one setup I'm going to look at is very similar to this. Watch this space...
  10. Update, I think I'm going to get an AKG P170 rather than the C1000S. It looks like a better mic for less money. Or I might push the boat out and get a matched pair of Rode M5s. Amazon has a really good price on them right now. If I were getting properly serious about it I'd get a matched pair of C451s (which seem to be one of the industry standards for recording acoustic guitar), but I can't justify the price at this point.
  11. Thanks for that Paul. Excellent advice as always. I do like the idea of open guitar cases as sound deadening.
  12. Indeed. I've used that technique before and got some good results with it. Thanks for the reminder though. All grist to the mill at this point. My recording will be pretty low-key and for my own satisfaction (certainly at this stage I have no intention of trying to revive a recording career that's been dead for 10 years). If I do produce something I'm happy with though, I may well put it up for review. Watch this space...
  13. Looks handy. The industry seems to be a bit dismissive of mic screens from what I've seen and read, but if it helps in my situation then I don't really need to care what industry pros say!
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