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  1. @fretmeister Thank you for your contributions to this thread. I'm not interested enough in the outcome of the case to care much either way, but it is refreshing to hear from somebody who knows how it actually works.
  2. Haven't tried it but it looks like a decent idea. I'll have a closer look at it some time soon. I do a lot of voice editing in my role as lead sound editor for my local talking newspaper. I use Audacity most of the time but have a sub to Adobe Audition for those special jobs that need a bit more polishing. Thanks for the links chaps.
  3. Call me a hard-bitten old fart cynic, but I feel a 'tonewood' thread coming on, so I'm going to bow out. Have a good one guys.
  4. Not in and of themselves, no. OP is making massive assumptions about how the instrument is to be used. So many factors to consider here that the question is entirely academic.
  5. Indeed it would my son. Indeed it would indeed. Thing is though, I'm y'know, a busy pope, y'know, and, y'know, if it's all the same, y'know, to the brethren and sistren of, y'know, the DoI, it would make my job a bit more, well, busy trying to, y'know, be in two places at once. Now God, She's really good at that kind of thing, what with being omnipresent 'n all. Just that, y'know, I'm, y'know, not. Omnipresent that is... Not complaining. Oh dearie me no. Not a bit of it. Perish the thought. Nothing further from, y'know, etc. Just, y'know, something my dear friends in the aforesaid DoI might, y'know, want to take into consideration. Y'know?
  6. This could wind up as the longest greetings thread in the history of Basschat. Just sayin'...
  7. You're gonna fit right in! Oh, and many happy returns commiserations hail and welcome!
  8. Very nice. Pity it's not a lefty as I've been after a short scale bass for a while. Just don't tell Mrs. LBM, ok?
  9. As a musician, why wouldn't you?
  10. Indeed. If you look at the start dates of the threads, they discontinue at about the time the Guitarchat site opened for business. Not trying to be insulting, patronising or rude, but it occurs to me that a fair conclusion to draw is that the owners were looking to have new threads about guitars on the shiny new website. Again not trying to be insulting, etc., I must cofess to being honestly baffled as to why people seem so reluctant to go over to the dedicated guitar website to talk about guitars.
  11. Indeed. With no less than 2 Tele threads all of its own. People have complained about passwords not working. It has been said several times (but appears to bear further repetition) that if you contact one of the admins they'll sort it out for you. They've also complained about it being very quiet over there. Well, pop-pickers, there's an easy solution to that...
  12. This post is an illusion. Any claims that I double posted, either by accident, design or incompetence are untrue, unfounded and just not cricket. OK?
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