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  1. I tried this route with Guitar Guitar and PMT when trying to sell my Cornford Hurricane guitar amp. I was told by GG that their normal procedure was to offer around a third of what they thought they could sell it for, "...perhaps a bit more for a prestige item like your Cornford...". PMT couched it differently but made essentially the same offer. PMT weren't interested in a commission sale, and although I didn't ask GG I imagine their stance would be the same. This would suggest that it's the way the large retail outlets are going. I can't decide whether it's an active disincentive to trade up in that way ('why use up floor space with old gear when you can get more by selling new stuff' kind of argument), or whether they're taking the p*ss just to see how desperate people are to offload their gear and/or buy the item they're after. P.S. The amp is still for sale if anybody's interested...
  2. Glad you said this first, but yes. If it works like it should and sounds like it should then what, really, is the problem? Without wishing to sound unduly immodest I have very good spatial awareness and can spot minor misalignments a mile off. Being bothered about them is an extra step that I don't feel the need to pursue unless they materially affect the sound or playability of the instrument. No names no pack drill, but at the risk of incurring the wrath of my fellow Basschatters I can't help thinking that there are one or two people around here who really should get out more.
  3. I've been watching Stuart Copeland's excellent Adventures in Music series on BBC4, and heard part of this piece by Caroline Shaw. I should say right away that this won't be everybody's cuppa (and as I said in the title there is no bass guitar - or indeed bass equipment - content whatsoever). If you're looking for bass content, you won't find any in this post. I found it fascinating though, and am planning to have a look at some of her other work. Curious to know what others think.
  4. Now retired so I play what I like playing and have no need to use techniques that don't interest me. Having said that, a good chunk of my income in my 'proper playing' days came from teaching. While I'm aware there are people out there who teach on the basis of 'this is what I do; if you want something else then get another tutor', most musos who teach across the spectrum don't have much choice but to be able to play in a wide variety of styles and be familiar with a wide range of techniques.
  5. Yes. I assume you have read the OP regarding sale conditions. Whereabouts are you?
  6. I have one of these. Fantastic little amp; proper professional kit at a great price. Good luck with the sale.
  7. I've occasionally had the suspicion that an individual, having opened an account, made a complete Richard of themselves and basically either been shown the door by the collective or banned by the mods, has opened another account with different details. It's unfortunately very easy to do if you have access to multiple email accounts. Nothing concrete of course, but all the same...
  8. ...and to you. 👍 However... No reflection on you guys of course, but this is what I'll most likely be doing...
  9. Update: The decision has been made to commit to a Blues Junior IV. More power than I really need, but hey! As you may... Ahem... recall, the plan was to sell the Cornford to fund the purchase at the local outlet of a certain UK music megastore chain. However, recent events have caused me to rethink some of the details. I'm still buying the BJ, but the trade-in offer from said megastore was pretty miserly and their asking price for the BJ is frankly a bit steep, which always made that route something of a second-best option even with a degree of negotiation. However, and despite my best efforts (not to mention a substantial drop in the asking price), the Cornford remains unsold (although in fairness I have what I believe is a properly serious expression of interest). In the absence of a confirmed sale, I had been planning to withdraw it on Monday and go with the second option just to get it done (so to speak). However, in the aftermath of a recent major national event that we don't need to discuss any further here, the Pound has shot up in value (relatively speaking of course) against the Euro, so that the same Blues Junior is now trading from a certain well-known online retailer of German origin at under £500, making over £70 cheaper than the local asking price. This is a fact I cannot ignore since - among other things - I now have the flexibility to be more, er, flexible in regard to what I will accept for the Cornford. Discussions with Mrs. LBM over to how to proceed are now underway in full earnest, and I am hopeful of a positive outcome.
  10. Change of plan re. the earlier post in this space. I have been able to source the item I was after from sales of other equipment so the plan to withdraw the Cornford on Monday is now off the table.
  11. Standard Blues formats are the 12-bar (of which JBG is a textbook example), 8-bar (as used, for example, in 'Key to the Highway') and 16-bar (as used, for example, in 'Hoochie Coochie Man'). There's lots of variations though, not to mention that a lot of the old Blues guys would commonly add or subtract beats or even whole bars as they saw fit. John Lee Hooker did it a lot.
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