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  1. leftybassman392

    Fender Survey - women now 50% of customer base...

    Actually I think we're a dying species. Perhaps not the right place for that discussion though...
  2. leftybassman392

    Humble instruments that 'make the song'

    Everybody hurts No drums at all for over half the song's length. ETA: Wild Thing To the best of my knowledge, the only ocarina solo in the history of popular music. (Happy to be wrong though...)
  3. leftybassman392

    Hubba Hubba!

    Indeed; very clean, crisp playing. Those long fingers will certainly help with that I would think.
  4. leftybassman392

    ACG Recurve S 5-String

  5. Has anybody said that's how it should be done? Apologies if I've missed it but I don't recall that claim being made in the thread. As for your second paragraph, no disrespect intended but that's just rubbish and always has been. The list of great players who have produced teaching videos is very long. Not to mention that for large numbers of professional players in all styles of music, teaching is their bread and butter income. Playing is one skill set; teaching is another, equally demanding, skill set. Being good at both is IMHO the mark of a properly rounded musician.
  6. Beginners don't need inspirational pedagogy: they need a few simple rules to get them started and on which they can build. Everybody has to start somewhere: very easy to forget when you've been doing it for a decade or three.
  7. Crikey! Judgemental much? It's a beginner's tutorial ffs! My only beef would be her use of the word 'intermediate' (which it clearly isn't). If you can already do the things on the video then it must be because you're a good enough player not to need the advice. No offence intended, but how experienced players could fail to spot that is not something I understand. /rant.
  8. leftybassman392

    Fart noises

    Ahh, the joys of being a peri. I remember it with great affection. ETA: Shouldn't you be getting ready for your next student rather than hanging around here?
  9. leftybassman392

    Why am I seeing content from ignored users?

    Got it. Thanks for taking a look. I'm sure there''s a really snappy one-liner around here somewhere...
  10. leftybassman392

    Gibson ES-355

    Very slim. I don't have any numbers to hand but it's very slick. It was actually used as a template for the neck on my Rob Williams custom Tele (featured in the guitar porn section I believe). The tele has a slightly bigger fretboard radius, but apart from that it's very similar. Not sure about the pickups but I'll have a dig around. Update: looks like you're right about the pickups. Good spot.
  11. Apologies if this has been raised before.
  12. leftybassman392

    Gibson ES-355

    I have a cherry 335 dot '84 and it's a fabulous instrument.I bought it from Blues guitarist Michael Roach around 10 years ago for £1000. Now beginning to look a bit of a bargain. It's an incredibly versatile guitar too; I've used it for Blues, Jazz and a bit of lightweight Rock too. Can't imagine ever wanting to sell it.
  13. leftybassman392

    Gibson ES-355

    Had a try out on a 339 a few years ago in a shop in Exeter (Mansons?). Lovely instrument; all the best bits of a 335 in a compact body.
  14. leftybassman392

    Gibson ES-355

    Oi! There's a thread for that kind of thing.
  15. leftybassman392

    Summer of 69? Drop D?

    Que? I have no wish to fall out with anybody here (certainly not over a cheesy but perfectly acceptable cover song), so I'll just say that one of the joyous things about being a musician is that it's such a broad church that is well able to cater for all tastes. One man's enigma is another's good night out with his mates indulging his passion.