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  1. leftybassman392

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    I can't remember the details now (it was some years ago), but it all got a bit tribal as I recall. I'll see if I can dig something up but no promises. Update: I can't find anything of the vintage I have in mind, but as recently as November last year a thread on Wilkenfeld got closed within 3 pages. Some were talking about her playing skill as a guide to her achievements; others were talking about her looks...
  2. leftybassman392

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    Hmmm... Pleasant enough (and certainly no worse as a singing voice than many who claim it as their primary skill) - I mean, if it was playing in a cafe I was frequenting I wouldn't feel the need to leave - but not really my cuppa I'm afraid. My fault no doubt. I've always enjoyed her bass playing (even in the midst of the minor civil war that broke out on Talkbass a while back as i recall), but I found this a bit underwhelming. Sorry.
  3. leftybassman392


    Not so much calluses as hardened skin on all the fingers of my fretting hand. Had that for as long as I can remember. You'll probably find that most seasoned players have much the same. I did occasionally get them on my picking hand after an energetic fingerstyle acoustic guitar gig though...
  4. leftybassman392

    The future of music storage?

    Just watched an interesting piece on BBC's Click tech programme. Best if you can watch the programme yourself if possible, but here's a bit of background: https://memories.dustyoldthing.com/dna-music-storage/ https://www.ethz.ch/en/news-and-events/eth-news/news/2018/04/entire-music-album-to-be-stored-on-DNA.html https://idmmag.com/tech/tech_news/dna-stored-music-future-music-storage/ The BBC piece is based on the ETH piece in the second link. What do we think?
  5. leftybassman392

    Recrystallised using nature's power, apparently

    Somebody will buy one. Mark my words.
  6. leftybassman392

    Good evening from Solihull, West Midlands

    👍 To be continued...
  7. leftybassman392

    Good evening from Solihull, West Midlands

    Crikey! We could have been neighbours. BML
  8. leftybassman392

    Good evening from Solihull, West Midlands

    Welcome. Whereabouts in Solihull are you? We live within a stone's throw of Shirley station.
  9. leftybassman392

    Gain and Volume

    On a guitar amp, a master volume gives you the option of lots of distortion from the preamp whilst keeping the output level under control. For the average pub band this is likely to be an important consideration. Also (as any guitarist with a valve rig knows), cooking the power stage a bit gives a better result tonally if it can be managed at the venue you're playing. Another way to do it with a high MV level is to set the preamp gain fairly low but have a pedal in the chain to boost the signal. With my 20w Cornford Hurricane I gigged with a graphic eq in the chain; channel input at around 3 or 4, master at around 7 if possible, and set up the graphic to give extra gain with mid boost for soloing. Because the graphic and the input stage were interactive, o/p level had to be managed via the master but I'd have it as high as I could reasonably get it. Another option would be to use a power soak of some sort (e.g. Marshall Powerbrake). Although opinions differ as to how it affects the sound, it does give you the option of pushing the output stage harder without deafening everybody in the room.
  10. Can't see you getting away with that one...
  11. leftybassman392

    Practising your scales

    Crikey! Practice, modes and art in one thread! Is nothing sacred?
  12. leftybassman392

    Do you name your basses?

    This. With knobs on.' As if evidence of it's oddness were needed, F1 driver Sebastian Vettel apparently christens his race cars with fairly racey (sic) names (e.g. 'Rachel's dirty sister'). I kid you not. Need I say more? I think not.
  13. Nice going. No, really: a truly astute observation. Since I've been a member here for around 10 years I think I'll pull rank and make the observation that I have a pretty good idea what a public forum is for thanks for asking. As regards my sense of humour, well I've had a look and that seems to be in pretty good fettle too. Good of you to ask about that too though. While I'm here: 1. Based on your stated opinion I simply offered a suggestion. Seeing it any other way is simply wrong 'cos it just ain't so. Unless of course you just wanted to spout off about it for the good of the assembled throng, in which case spout away mi amigo. 🙂 2. In the spirit of lightweight discussion, I would respectfully suggest that you might care to lighten up a touch. Just a thought... Have a nice day. 🙂
  14. Ummm... has it occurred to you to not listen to any more of it and save yerself and the rest of us a bit of time? Specifically, having listened to the first one and having expressed your dislike of it so candidly and at such length, why would you put yourself through the torture of listening to more of it? And then coming back here to complain about it... again?
  15. leftybassman392

    Punk - musically significant or not?

    All due respect Paul but that just doesn't make any sense. Are you really saying that anything musically worth saying can be said in less than 3 minutes? I'm not partisan in this discussion because although I think Punk has made a worthwhile contribution to popular music that doesn't need any help from old farts like me, I also think this 'sweeping away all the pointless, self-indulgent, po-faced sh!t that went before it' line is misplaced, not to say trying to rewrite history. Fake news 70's-style. There's more to popular music than 3-minute slabs of pith and bile. More to the point, the world would be an altogether poorer place if there weren't. ETA: As a by-the-by to some other posters, the reason that Stadium Rock bands like Whitesnake, Springsteen and others flourished is that they needed venues that size to accommodate the numbers of people that wanted to see them play. It didn't need to have anything to do with the quality of the music, but these bands had huge followings. Were the audiences just stupid or brainwashed? Of course not! Everybody's entitled to their views of course, but let's please not get silly about this.