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  1. Well it’s tomorrow, and I have a useable guitar. It still needs work; Setup; fret dress; pickup balancing. I’ll do the setup & balancing later in the week. The fret dress is a bit above my pay grade so I’ll leave that until I can get it done professionally and put up with a couple of slightly iffy frets in the meantime. if I had the inclination I would tinker with the electrics a bit (cap values and maybe antilog pots for the tone controls) but I don’t, so I won’t - at least not right now. Soundwise it’s early days as my main objective today was to get it working, but I like it already. It’s a properly distinct sound, noticeably different from any of my other guitars, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted. On one level it feels a bit weird hearing a pumped-up single coil sound from a Les Paul (yes I know early models had P90s, but it sounds nothing like the 80s LP Custom I used to have), but then again I did it to get a different sound so I’m happy. The Fender Blues Junior IV has a very bright sound which is impossible to control with the current tone pots so I may need to tailor it a bit with my graphic pedal. So far so good.
  2. I'll let you know when I've finished. I've been working on it today. Pickups are in but I've wired up the neck pup wrong so I'm going to have to unpick it. Not now though as I'm still a bit annoyed that I did something so stupid. I used to do this stuff quite a lot at one time (I did basic guitar repairs and maintenance as a side line to my tuition) but haven't done it for around 10 years now. Despite the mishap with the wiring I'm actually enjoying it and finding it very therapeutic. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow, and will report back as and when.
  3. Thank you one and all for the many helpful and insightful replies. Basschat at its very best. As a bit of an update, you may want to know that I've gone with a matched pair of Seymour Duncan Phat Cats at a whisker under £180 (with due apologies to my good friend @skankdelvar for going somewhat against his suggestions on cost ). In a different situation I would do a build - or in this case rebuild - diary, but since the only thing I actually need to do beyond screwing it all back together and setting it up is installing the pickups I don't really see the point. An earlier plan to pimp it a bit has been abandoned: to a casual glance it will look exactly as it did. I will however take a couple of shots of the finished article (and possibly do a couple of sound samples if I can get some half-decent recording facilities organised). Later.
  4. Nice thought, but it's P 90s or nothing. Sydney or the Bush, Shlt or bust, etc. Hum is a function of what's near enough to cause it. If I still had a recording studio to record in or a band to play in I'd need to give it consideration. As it is, it's not something I need to worry about.
  5. I first put this topic up over in Guitarchat, and got a very helpful reply from the inestimable @ezbass. I'd now like to expand the discussion a bit, at the same time as exposing it to a (hopefully) wider audience. Preamble: I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard circa 2000 (give or take a bit) set neck model that I've inherited from my nephew. Unfortunately it came to me partially stripped down (electrics are mostly intact though). After a year or two of prevaricating I've decided to do a (sort of) custom rebuild. Finish is red sunburst (which I have no plans to change). Hardware is chrome with cream plastics. Plan: As part of the rebuild I'm going to take the opportunity to replace the standard Epiphone humbuckers with a set of P-90s. On advice from the aforesaid @ezbass I've decided to go with a humbucker-sized alternative, and am at this point looking at Gibson original units available from Thomann. If anybody thinks they have a better idea about this though, please feel free to say so (but bear in mind that I do like the retro look of the Gibsons). Aside from knowing about the general design parameters I'm a bit clueless about P-90s (I just fancy something a bit different from the standard layout with a bit of a different sound), so am happy to consider alternatives. I'm aware that there are different schools of thought about pots and caps for use with P-90s, but at this stage Ive decided to keep things simple and retain the current electrics (although again I'd be very happy to hear people's thoughts on the matter). In similar vein I'm keeping the current hardware and plastics pro tem but may go to black for a starker look. If it looks stupid as a result then that'll be down to me. I'd particularly like to hear from anyone who has done something similar on a HB-equipped instrument, and/or anyone who can speak to the specifics of P-90s. Over to the Basschat Collective...
  6. Playing lefthanded would seem to be your best option. There's a number of ways to pick the strings, but there's really only one way to fret them. The injury you've sustained to your left hand makes it unrealistic to use it to fret strings if I've understood the nature of the injuries correctly. Over the years on these forums I've been a fairly vocal advocate of playing the way that comes naturally to you, but your circumstances appear to dictate otherwise. The good news is that being totally one-handed is rare; most people can do things with either hand at need even if they have a strong preference one way or the other, and the human brain is remarkably good at adapting to its situation. Hope this helps.
  7. Greetings! Any friend of @lurksalot is welcome here. As a fellow guitarist-turned-bassist, you may like to know that membership here gets you a free pass to Guitarchat
  8. Does this mean you think you might need to learn but don't fancy doing so? Understanding how keys and scales work is a cornerstone of music theory, so the short answer to your question is 'yes, if you want to do it properly'.
  9. https://www.guitarchat.co.uk/topic/143-stratocasters/ https://www.guitarchat.co.uk/topic/45-telecasters/
  10. '90 Black USA Std. Strat, much-gigged, much-modified and available to view over on guitarchat '93 Eggle Berlin Plus, much-gigged and looks it! '97 (I think) Takamine EN10L acoustic. Also much-gigged, and also looks it. Bought in preference to a Fylde acoustic that I could have had instead. For many years my favourite guitar Late '90's Ibanez RG470L. Bit of a one-trick pony soundwise but a lovely guitar to play. Cost me around £450 and paid me back many times over . '84 Gibson 335 dot. Cherry red. Fabulous guitar, made at a time when Gibson were the ones to beat. Pretty sure I've never actually played 'Johnny B. Goode' on it... '13 Custom Tele set neck, made for me by Rob Williams. Also available to view over on Guitarchat. '18 Faith Mercury parlour guitar. Quality and tone out of all proportion to its relatively modest price (I think I paid a little over £700 for it). My current favourite guitar. Ca. '00 Epiphone Les Paul set neck (project). Currently in a state of disassembly. I keep promising myself I'll get round to putting it together and getting it working. With the time I now have on my hands I don't think I'll have a better opportunity...
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