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  1. leftybassman392

    World's oldest bass guitar...

    At the risk of being unnecessarily picky... Frying pan Predates the model shown by around 5 years. I've done a bit of admittedly superficial digging but haven't been able to come up with a value, although I rather suspect it might be a bit more than the $7.5m paid for the one shown.
  2. leftybassman392

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Been mentioned already, but SRV would be most peoples' choice in that category. Also been mentioned but KWS would be up there somewhere too.
  3. leftybassman392

    Tips on weird time signatures

    Fair point. Make that one and a 'maybe'.
  4. leftybassman392

    Tips on weird time signatures

    'Frolicking' comes across more as a triplet, don't you think? I've heard that some people think us bass players are a bit weird. Can't imagine why. Edit: Douglas beat me to it. See, that's two of us think it's a triplet so we must be right.
  5. leftybassman392

    Tips on weird time signatures

    1+1+3+1+1 doesn't count. 'Breakfast orbital delay' is definitely better. Yes. Definitely better. Yes. Definitely better. Yes. Definitely.
  6. leftybassman392

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    If you liked Terry and Magee then there's a good chance you'll like Cephas and Wiggins
  7. leftybassman392

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Indeed. 8 bars and 16 bars are allowed too.
  8. leftybassman392

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    [Pedant alert]: strictly speaking that's folk I think. Don't get me wrong, I like Renbourn and Simpson is an immensely talented player IMHO, but to me the term Folk Blues speaks more of Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson, John Jackson et al. In that vein you could do worse than listen to Stefan Grossman. John Jackson is a more direct route to the early players, but you pays yer money... I only say this because I spent a number of years working with the European Blues Association . The term would be contrasted with the harder Delta Blues tradition of Robert Johnson and others (which of course gave rise to the Chigago Blues tradition, which in turn gave us the electric Blues most of us are familiar with today). [/Pedant alert]
  9. leftybassman392

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Maybe this is a good time to point out (or remind as appropriate) that I'm vegetarian. And that I would be shrinking my genes rather than my jeans.
  10. leftybassman392

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Maybe so, but my mum used to like him and she was in her 70s at the time and knew nothing about music beyond liking Richard f***ing Clayderman. I'll pick the songs that aren't Blues if it makes you feel any better.
  11. leftybassman392

    Tips on weird time signatures

    Weird time signatures tend to get split into manageable chunks. For example, a bar of 7:4 might get split into 4:4+3:4 or vice versa. If you're playing from a chart it would most likely be like this. Depends how freely you're improvising I guess, but improv sessions would generally follow this type of pattern as well, but be aware that somebody might decide that it's a good idea to swap it around a bit mid-song. Learn to trust your ears. Oh, and (with apologies if it sounds a bit too obvious, but) it takes practice so don't expect to be good at it straight away. Not much I know, but hopefully it will help.
  12. leftybassman392

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Well excuse me! I did think he'd been mentioned but didn't find the reference when I checked through. No excuses though. I shall now go and spend the next two hours forcing myself to listen to the collected works of Richard Clayderman while sitting in a bath of cold oxtail soup.
  13. leftybassman392

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    +1 for Robbin Ford. Plenty of very worthy musicians to look at here, but I'm a bit surprised nobody's mentioned Jonny Lang yet. His first two albums (produced when he was a scrawny teenager but sound anything but) are well worth a listen imho. What about Kenny Wayne Shepherd too?
  14. leftybassman392

    Gibson ES-355

    Ahh. Well in that case I bow to your superior lust.
  15. leftybassman392

    What the **** is this?

    Just a couple of things on the Sarod thing: 1. Although improvisation is a major feature of the style, the music is actually quite formalised in structure. The way it goes through the sections is pretty obvious even from that short extract. Not really free improv in the strict sense; more akin to the interminable guitar solos you often used to get in prog rock (but less boring, obviously ); 2. Scales in Indian music are incredibly complex. I'm a bit out of touch with this stuff from not having studied it for probably 30 years so I'll need to mug up a bit; in the meantime, this Wikipedia article should give you a bit of an insight. It's a bit loose in places, but does go through the structural elements pretty well I think.