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  1. leftybassman392

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Nothing musical: I don't teach and I don't play in public anymore so I have more than enough gear to see me out (although I reserve the right to change my mind on that one...). In general terms I'm going to go pretty much completely over to Apple technology, hopefully with a Macbook Air. After the events of the last few weeks on my laptop I've finally had enough of Windows. I'll say no more on that one, 'cos if I start I'll find it hard to stop.
  2. leftybassman392

    PJB Suitcase & 4B Extension Cab

    I used to have an older version of this exact same rig. It is indeed great gear. GLWTS.
  3. leftybassman392


    Another perspective: a good friend and fellow BassChatter was Alvin Stardust's bass player for a number of years. I don't doubt that Alvin enjoyed what he did, but the primary motivation was apparently financial. He didn't write his own songs so didn't benefit from royalties. I believe there were other factors at work too but all the same... Not sure how many of his songs Cliff writes, but could be a factor.
  4. leftybassman392

    Am i a Musician?

    Does it count if I can go da-doo doo doo da-daa daa daa?
  5. leftybassman392

    Banjo Anyone?

    Follow-up: There's a nice video here on the difference between 3-finger and clawhammer styles.
  6. leftybassman392

    Banjo Anyone?

    Goldtone Orange Blossom Special here (It's a 5-string), which cost me around £900 if memory serves. Lefty of course (which partly explains the price). Haven't played it in anger for some time now (although I did do a sequence of beginner lessons for a friend about a year ago). Word of warning: closed back designs are much heavier than they look: mine weighs in at nearly 6Kg (around 13lb). Open back types don't have the richness of tone but are an awful lot lighter - and correspondingly cheaper. I keep meaning to go back to it but somehow it never happens. Ho hum.
  7. leftybassman392

    Paid NOT to play? Is this what I signed up for?

    Organisers are happy, punters are happy, you're wealthier. All part of being a professional musician. Take the rough (except that in this case it isn't, really) with the smooth and keep smiling.
  8. leftybassman392

    What would happen if...

    This. All of it.
  9. leftybassman392

    What does 'standards' actually mean for songs

    I think the loos in our house were made using the wrong standard.
  10. Going out now but one very quick point to add about graphics: tab and/or notation might be a thought too. Opinions differ around here as to which is best, but in this situation both could prove useful.
  11. I watched video 9. Mostly it's to do with fine tuning your presentation. As to point 4 I was thinking more of graphics to show finger placements, hand position and related matters. You could use photos or ViV but yes, something to give your students a closer look at what your hands are doing.
  12. Nice video. I wonder if I might make a few observations though. I'm a retired player and tutor, so please don't be upset if I sound overly critical at times. My comments are given bearing in mind the intended audience. Also I've only watched this one video so if issues are addressed elsewhere then my apologies. 1. The voice is nice & clear but the bass is still too quiet. Useable, but could do with more still. 2. Have you considered sitting on a high stool for these sessions? You move around quite a lot as you talk, and TBH I found it a bit distracting. Keeping a little distance between you and your students is a good thing, and that applies to video work as well as 1-1 sessions. Also, keeping still is much easier to do when you're seated. 3. I don't know how closely these sessions are scripted, but you seem to fumble a bit for your words occasionally. You can get away with it a bit in the teaching studio, but on a video it can come across as you not being too sure what you're saying. If you don't do it already you might want to consider having a lesson text on a music stand close to the camera (but invisible to the viewer), and following it as closely as possible - which means rehearsing it a few times before you turn the camera on. I know they're beginner sessions but that doesn't mean you can be sloppy with presentation - quite the reverse in fact. A more accomplished player will be able to filter out that kind of thing a bit better. As a side benefit, it will encourage you to think about what it is you're trying to say, helping to make your lessons a bit more focused. 4. I think it would be a good idea to develop your onscreen graphics somewhat. The presentation comes across as a bit dry despite your obvious enthusiasm for what you're doing. Everybody likes pictures to look at. Just a few thoughts. Hope it helps. Good luck with the project.
  13. leftybassman392

    SIRE M3 Bass - SOLD

    Very nice. I don't know if you've noticed but Steve Soar is back on the forum and looking for an instrument around this sort of price I think. You may care to drop him a PM. Just a thought...
  14. leftybassman392

    Bass through guitar gear...myth?

    AFAIK the amplifier circuitry will be fine electronically but may sound a bit odd due to the voicing characteristics. Any problems you might get would likely be due to the speaker cones not coping with very large excursions at very low frequencies. That said, it is perfectly possible to design systems that work equally well with both - PJB have been doing it for years.
  15. leftybassman392

    old stager returns

    Hey Steve. Good to see you back again. Sorry to hear about your tribulations; hopefully things are starting to look up again. I'm down to one bass now so can't help you in your search, but I hope you find something soon.