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  1. GONE: Acorn Archimedes A410/1 (Upgraded to A440 spec)

    You're welcome Antonio. Pleased you can find a use for it. I only wish I still could.
  2. GONE: Acorn Archimedes A410/1 (Upgraded to A440 spec)

    We're heading over to North Wales on Friday evening and back probably Sunday afternoon. I imagine you'll be going M6/M5. I'll have a look at our travel itinerary to see if there isn't somewhere we can meet up. Message me with some approximate timings and I'll see what I can do. ETA It would need to be an exchange on the outward journey as I'm doing a track day on Saturday. Failing that I should be able to talk Mrs. LBM into letting me hold on to it until we arrange an exchange.
  3. GONE: Acorn Archimedes A410/1 (Upgraded to A440 spec)

    Hi Tony. We're about 15 miles round the M42 from the M5 junction. We go that way from time to time so know the road well. We could go south towards Worcester or north towards Halesowen. Alternatively there's Hopwood services a few miles up the M42. In our Fiesta a fiver would cover fuel pretty well (maybe a tenner for the Worcester area). We have a busy few days ahead but I can be around on Thursday or next Monday. Early Friday or late Sunday are also possible at a pinch. Since posting I've dug up a bunch of other books and software on 3.5" floppies. You're welcome to everything I can find. Let me know. Once we move I've promised my wife it will go one way or another. I would love it to go to someone who knows about it, but after carting it around from place to place for around 20 years I will reluctantly take it to the local recycling centre if needs must. Andy
  4. What's the closest you've ever come to making the big time...

    I remember Sack The Drummer. At the time I was playing guitar in a covers band called Tango With Dignity, and we followed you onstage at a marquee gig outside the Britannia pub on the Bedford Road. That would have been mid/late '90s. I can't bring any of your songs to mind, but I do recall being impressed by your performance if it helps...
  5. WITHDRAWN Canon Pixma 850 printer/fax/scanner

    Item is now withdrawn.
  6. Eric Clapton Takes Up The Bass

    Blurry, but it looks a bit like a 250 GT Berlinetta. Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto Or possibly... Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta
  7. As advertised. Please note these are in VHS video format and require a suitable VHS player. Moving house so I have neither the time nor the inclination for P&P. Collection/handover only please. I live in the Solihull area near the A34 Stratford Road but can travel within reason.
  8. As advertised, consisting of base unit, keyboard and mouse. Original CRT monitor has long since bitten the dust. Owned by me since new (mid-late '80s). Can't remember what's on it but there will be some games of the period, plus Impression and Pipedream and possibly some other stuff as well. I have all the original manuals for the machine. I also have original disks and user manuals for most of the software. It worked ok the last time I fired it up a few years ago. As indicated, this unit was upgraded to A440 spec and fitted with a W.E. 30mHz processor replacing the original 20mHz jobbie. I'm told there's a bit of a market for this type of kit but it's moved house with us several times and I haven't found that market yet. Hopefully someone around here knows more about it than I do... We're moving house soon so I don't have the time to do any P&P. Collection/handover only please. I live in the Solihull area not far from the A34 Stratford Road but can travel within reason.

    8 x Maxell CD-R 3 x Philips CD-RW Unused and still sealed. We're moving house so I have neither the time nor the inclination to pack and post them. Collection/handover at agreed location only please. I live in the Solihull area (just off the A34 Stratford Road) but don't mind travelling within reason.
  10. Seller's Remorse

    I never saw them as merely bits of wood and metal - I'd hate to think that anybody might view a finely crafted musical instrument in those terms - but in my world they were there mostly to do a job, yes.
  11. Seller's Remorse

    At the risk of being a party pooper, I very rarely if ever suffer from post-sale angst. I do get qualms sometimes before putting stuff up, but I can always provide a rationale for selling so once it's gone it's gone and I can invariably wish the new owner well with little or no regret. I guess a lot of it is down to why you buy & sell equipment in the first place. If you do it primarily because you love basses and are prepared to pay the cost of that infatuation then fine (no criticism implied), but I tried always to take the view that they're tools built to do a job and that anything I bought had to earn it's keep irrespective of my views about it as an object. With one or two notable exceptions I have stayed faithful to this mantra over the years.
  12. Are there such things as maracca virtuosos?

    Fair enough. As was I. Thanks for clarifying the point, but drummers (along with guitarists, singers, keys players and just about everyone else who doesn't play bass) do come in for a bit of stick on these pages from time to time. Just making sure.
  13. Are there such things as maracca virtuosos?

    {My emphasis} Not to be overly picky (and allowing for slight inaccuracies in the quote), but actually that's not correct. As a matter of Mathematics very similar considerations apply to both melody and rhythm. (I can flesh that out a bit if anybody wants me to.)
  14. Are there such things as maracca virtuosos?

    Apologies if I'm wrong about this, but what I'm getting from the OP is a bit of an echo of the 'do drummists count as musicians?' debate that has been aired on these forums in the past... For the avoidance of doubt: yes they do. Like many around here no doubt, I've had the good fortune to work with some spectacularly gifted musicians whose instrument of choice is percussion. To a man (or in one case, woman) they have been a joy to share a stage with.