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  1. If that's a serious comment then you need to get it resolved sooner rather than later, and be prepared to take the first step back if necessary. Even if it's 'good-natured', it's not helping your child.
  2. If you're looking for the small willies big cabs thread, you'll find it here. No need to thank me.
  3. Yeah, great amp but just much too big for my needs unfortunately.
  4. @therealting Thanks for the thought (and I have no doubt that the Katana is every bit as good as you say), but although I haven't finally decided yet I now have a pretty good idea where this is going to wind up. After around 50 years of playing more guitars than I care to think about through more amps than I can shake a stick at (including some really rather good kit from the likes of Line6), I've decided to keep it as simple as possible - valves, manual tone shaping, no more watts than I actually need, and no digital interfaces. At some point I'll either sell (preferred) or trade the Cornford - on which I'm now taking sensible offers by the way - and put the proceeds towards one of two (or possibly three) models. Whichever one I choose, it will almost certainly have a Fender badge on the front.
  5. West Ham... That's... um... Now don't tell me... That's... Errr... Rugby! Isn't it...? No, wait. Football! Yes! Definitely football. Definitely. Yes. Football. Phew! Glad I got that one sorted out. Phew! Now then, Iron Maiden... Errr... Ummmm...
  6. Update: in case it's not already clear, the amp comes with the speakon cable.
  7. Well it's over for another year (until Cyber Monday at least), and the results are in... + Only a couple of weeks until we get to do it all over again. Yay!!! Shortly after that, it'll be time for the January sales (which will of course start on Christmas Day). Then it'll be time for...
  8. Heads up: don't spend money you don't have to spare on stuff you probably don't need.
  9. Bought a PJB Cub from Tom. Well looked after & in excellent condition. Very smooth, easy transaction. Thoroughly nice chap too. Trade with confidence.
  11. Final reduction. Now offered at £500 ono. I need to shift this pretty soon now as we're most likely moving house in a month or two and I need to start thinking about packing. If it goes much lower than this I might as well trade it in for the amp I'm after. I'd sooner it goes to a good home rather than have a dealership make a shedload of money on it, so if you're at all interested then please let me know.
  12. Streamliner now reduced to £325 ono. I need to shift this now, so sensible offers will be considered. If it doesn't go reasonably quickly I'll need to trade it in for the gear I'm after. We're looking at moving house in a couple of months and I need to be thinking about packing fairly soon.
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