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  1. Great song from a fabulous singer, but what a bass line! Or is it just me?
  2. Fancy posting something? Or recommend a song that I can go look for?
  3. Currently waiting for delivery of an item from eBay. Posted via Royal Mail. It should have arrived by yesterday (which was at the back end of a 4-day delivery window), but when I checked the tracking system it came up as 'item in transit' but gave no indication as to current location. By my count it has been 'in transit' from a UK address for a little over 2 days. I have contacted the seller and am currently awaiting an update. I see no point in getting overly stressed about it at this stage (especially given the current situation), but if the item doesn't arrive in the next day or two I'm going to start getting a bit uppity. It's not an expensive or critical item but it's a bit frustrating all the same, especially as we've made sure at least one of us is in at all times to take delivery.
  4. Picking up @Steve Browning's Voces8 theme, here's them singing a tune that LOTR fans will know. Written and performed originally by Enya. ...and while I'm here, how we got this far without anything from Eva Cassidy is not something I understand. Terminally ill when she sang this, which IMHO adds an extra poignancy to the performance
  5. Well I liked it! Beautifully produced too. A touch too much bass (and could have cut back a smidge on the reverb as well - unless of course it's the room they were in, in which case as you were) if I'm being hypercritical, but other than that a lovely rendition from a fine ensemble.
  6. That’s absolutely fine with me. I never said I didn’t like such music. I could quote plenty of singers I don’t consider good singers but whose music I like anyway. As examples, Dylan and Yorke spring to mind (not to mention any number of old-school blues shouters). That said, this thread is for people who are good singers. As I said up top, style and content are less important than technical and expressive skill (in this thread at least). The quality and variety of music on offer here is, I hope, a vindication of that brief.
  7. Couple more from me: First off, Bonnie Raitt. Bit of a personal favourite, this: Enya. I'm not really a fan of her style, but she can certainly sing. This was released as a single at about the same time as Bros did the most godawful tacky take on the song that you could ever wish to inflict on anybody:
  8. Time for another one from me. I'm also a fan of the female voice. I've done a lot of work with a succession of very talented young female singers over the years. Acoustic guitar-and-vocal duets remain one of my favourite formats. Not quite a duet (and one of the cheesier songs in the repertoire), but close enough:
  9. For the avoidance of doubt, multiple songs by the same artist are fine. Just don't post the entire back catalogue, ok?
  10. Oh dear! I've run out of 'likes'! Please don't take it personally if you don't get one from me today. I am listening to everything though, so keep posting.
  11. Thanks for all the fantastic contributions so far. It's been such a joy to listen to. Keep it coming. Another one from me:
  12. That is a mighty fine voice if I may say so. Beautifully recorded DB too. Thanks for posting.
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