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  1. Lyrics you say? I've often wondered what all that pointless yodelling was between the guitar solos.
  2. Almost Famous and This Is Spinal Tap spring to mind straight away, but there's plenty to choose from.
  3. ... which is about as funny and insightful as the the one that goes: How do you confuse a bass player? Hand him a guitar.
  4. Sorry, I can't take this seriously. A couple of days ago there was a 'Is music getting worse?' thread (which come to think of it actually was done as a poll). I'm putting this thread in the same category.
  5. Crikey! Is it that time of year again already? Dear OP: Short answer: No. Long answer: No. You're getting old. Even longer answer: No. You're getting old, and you're asking the wrong question.
  6. I did P.A. hire for a number of years, which could include backline if necessary. I mostly found people were respectful of the gear, even when the band members were spotty yoofs with - shall we say - more enthusiasm than talent. It may have helped that I always ran the desk myself and invariably made the point upfront that abuse of the equipment would not go down well. As for lending gear to somebody for use sight unseen, I'd have needed to know them personally and watched them play with their own or somebody else's gear before I'd even consider it.
  7. I tend to take the view that if I'm selling something then by definition I'm asking somebody to part with their hard-earned. Getting dumb questions from numpties along the way is par for the course IMHO. The only time I got a bit shirty was when an american would-be buyer of my 35-year-old Wal Custom kept wanting me to lower the price because it looked as if it had been used, and insisted that he was doing me a favour making the stupid offer he was. That apart, I just deal with it. TBH I always find it hard to understand the rants we sometimes get on here on this type of subject.
  8. I do! I'm currently casting around for things to sell so I can afford it without leaving a big Chowny-sized hole in the bank account.
  9. Have you ever tried it in fourths? I've never owned a 6-string bass - never mind a 7 - but they're normally tuned in fourths I believe...? If so, that would actually make your tuning a bit unusual for a bass would it not? I found it fascinating. In fact I'm going to retune one of my guitars in fourths and leave it that way for a while just to remind myself how it goes.
  10. I experimented with permanently tuning one of my guitars in fourths across the board a few years ago. Chords need a complete rethink (more logical once you get your head around them though), but the melodic side works brilliantly - for me at least - once you learn to make the adjustment at the 2nd string/3rd string crossover. Knowing what I know now, if I were learning from scratch over again I'd do it that way. Just ask any 7-string bass player (paging @Bilbo).
  11. Nice flowers! Great looking bass too. I'm tempted and I'm not even in the market for a bass.
  12. ...and will shortly be handed the keys to the realm...
  13. I'm in! Hang on while I ditch this cross thingy and fetch my Rickenfaker...
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