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  1. Possibly the witless and superficial BBC report fails to convey the nature of the composition, the project, the site, the rationale, the technical construction, the historical semiotics, the aesthetic precepts, the metaphysical allusions, or the implications for numerous modes of ambient or experimental music. I went to a gig once. Won't do that again. Eight quid spent, and it was over in no time with nothing to show for it. What a con.
  2. I got a new Thumb 4-string two days ago. First bass I have owned since the late 1980s. Today is my first anniversary as a Basschat member, and it took me that long to settle on the right thing to buy. It was absolutely worth the wait. It chimes like churchbells unplugged and loses nothing when amplified. I didn't expect such smooth, resonant warmth or harmonic complexity. A fitting way to mark a year since I joined this truly remarkable site. (And many thanks to @Ricky 4000 for pointing me towards this thread.)
  3. Strictly speaking, MLK was shot just after midnight - and therefore early morning -- Dublin time. However, it was by then April 5th in Dublin. Poor old Bono. He can't catch a break here.
  4. One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small Not in 1967, Ms Slick. Also, had you known my mother, you wouldn't have been so sanguine about her sense of phamacological responsibility.
  5. Well done, mate. Our very own sweet Auntie-guffer.
  6. I'm unbuttered, unadorned Ryvita. Plain and adequate, especially when there's nothing else. Occasionally the right dose of austere crispness. On guitar, I'm a fry-up in a four-star hotel. Untidy, filling, and a little bit too arty for most tastes.
  7. This is a vague memory, and possibly wide of the mark, but I seem to remember seeing a list of banned songs in the free magazine Making Music that music shops started distributing in the mid-1980s. At least two shops I frequented (one in London's Denmark Street, the other in Aigburgh in Liverpool) had the same list. "Stairway to Heaven" was top of the list, and I think "Smoke on the Water" was at number two. I never played either of those, but I did once play a passage from "We're Not Gonna Take It" by the Who when I was choosing my first good guitar after months of adolescent agonising. The owner burst out laughing, and said, "That's the perfect song for you, because you never [obscene gerund suppressed] buy anything!" Shop staff got testy if you roadtested Boss effects pedals with the intro of "She Sells Sanctuary", too., but I can't remember if that was actually on the list. Those shops were extremely patient.
  8. Well, I tried to recreate the infamous lost Spinal Tap album cover, and now I'm very much in the doghouse at Chateau Pseudonym. All privileges withdrawn.
  9. I've been trying to reconstruct a few lost years in the early 1990s by using the BBC Genome site to trigger associations. It's shocking how much arty BBC2 stuff I must have watched while utterly wasted. Also, I've just remembered I still owe an ex-girlfriend fifty quid and a new pair of glasses. I think I'll let sleeping dogs lie. I have also managed to consolidate eight boxes of tax papers into six boxes of tax papers. I'm a real wild child. Hmmm. Getting my affairs in order, and getting my life to flash before my eyes. Must be more concerned than I realise.
  10. I expect mods to deliver tight rhythms, stylish insolence, and sharp tailoring. I expect skins to deliver steel toecaps to my bonce, going by experience.
  11. One of the upsides of social distancing: the impracticality of ensemble charity recordings. We can be pretty sure that Little Steven ain't gonna play Sun City, either.
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