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  1. Hum? That's the sound of Rock and Roll. I had some hum-free pick-ups one time, it turned my stomach. Bought a hum pedal, big smiles all round.
  2. I like P90's, distinctive sound, sit well between HBs and SCs. Had them on 2 Gibson solids, a cheap Jazz box and (currently) on a thin-bodied semi. Can deliver a wide range of tones depending on how controls set, amp, etc. Good for most stuff short of surf or metal. Another popular option is to drop a P90 into the neck position and keep the bridge HB. The P90 is a very simple, very basic pick-up and it seems to me that as a result there's generally less voodoo bollocks and 'vintage tone' cork-sniffing than you get with classic HBs. To which end I'd pause before pulling the trigger on a set of genuine Gibbos (£88 each? Surely not). The P90's on my Sorrento are Warmans, fitted by the previous owner. They do the job fine and there's a pair of HB sized P90's left on Warmans web site for about £30. Other makes are available - e.g. Catswhisker do a handwound HB sized P90 for £64 each. The world's yer oyster, basically
  3. New Foxton Interview here . Host site also has other, older Foxton IVs.
  4. I'd go for the original, meaning the Paul Bigsby headstock that Leo nicked when they were still mates. A bit more swirly and exaggerated and when people say 'That's not a Fender headstock' you can say: 'Well, actually...' then bore them shirtless for half an hour and when they black out from the tedium you can nick their wallets and spend the money on hookers and crystal meth.
  5. I don't think our Bridgey was having a pop at you. You've been helpful. Anyway, you and him could meet up on a North Sea Ferry and do the deal. He'd probably like a nice ocean cruise.
  6. Couple of things about Rory Gallagher and his Strat: * His sweat may have been much more acidic than normal due to liver / kidney damage caused by a combination of alcohol consumption and - possibly - haemochromatosis (strangely prevalent in Irish men). Strange to think that the reproductions of his guitar may actually reproduce the secondary effects of the disease that killed him. Excessively acidic sweat can be an indicator of various medical conditions and should be referred to a medical professional. * A few years ago one of the guitar mags took a basic Strat and Rory'd it by stripping it to bare wood, masking off the areas of wear with a template and spraying a sunburst over the top. Outcome: pretty much a CS Rory Gallagher - as one of the earlier contributors to this thread has surmised
  7. Hi WingedWords and welcome to the forum
  8. Fine by me. These days I'm only posting stuff that's useful in a practical sense, like how* to get minor orange peel defects out of a poly re-spray. * Use a sanding block and progressively finer grades of wet and dry paper up to 12000 then finish with Meguiars ScratchX-20 on a rotary buffing attachment.
  9. @MattyBoy Ta for the update and if you see him around tell him thanks for the good times
  10. Bought an Ampeg B15-T from the Slough branch in the 90's. IIRC, the parking was awful which can't have helped in the long run.
  11. Probably a bit late in the day but Stewmac sell truss rod rescue kits designed to remedy this eventuality. Mind you, they're pricey, starting at about $200 exc shipping.
  12. Indeed so: Nice as in 'giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or enjoyable '
  13. Italics indicate singing with an Italian accent. Not like Pavarotti. Like Joe Dolce
  14. It's the BassChat 'Singing Filter'. It automatically increases the font size when you sing, the final size depending on the song's key and how loud you're singing it. So that's Eb and you're singing loud enough to bother the neighbours.
  15. Flat, round, half-round and tape. One of each. Seriously, though, the world is @TJ1's lobster. There's playable stuff from the ground up, vids galore on YT and BC here to help along the way. Best wishes to him!
  16. Another question which would furnish that answer would be: Who, when visited by the bailiffs, poured petrol on the bailiff's car and set it alight with the bailiff still inside? Poor Wayne; sectioned for a year or so.
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