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  1. Reding, riting and 'rithmetic. The three pillars upon which Civilisation stands. If one can't red, rite or do sumz one can't do any of the other edjermacational stuff at which juncture one finds oneself remarkably fuͤcked.
  2. Maybe the best opening verse to any song ever: I went home with the waitress The way I always do How was I to know She was with the Russians too * Except poss Guts by John Cale
  3. One of his best and includes my favourite Zevon track, the entirely epic Lawyers Guns and Money. Vid from 1980 concert - better than the plodding version from the Stand In The Fire live album (even if top end missing in action).
  4. Prof filter updated but umlauts are your friend, viz: lööphöles (Warily) For you, my old friend, that's an uncharacteristically 'meta' observation. And no face? And no ellipsis? What the ...
  5. FizzNews sat down with Dad3353 and asked him the question we ask everyone... What's The Top Five Things That Annoy You Most? 5. "Profanity filters with loopholes" 4. "Drummers who hit bass guitar strings with their sticks for a novelty effect. It's just degrading" 3. "Reggae because of ..." 2. "Reggae bands which over-run their set time and when you go on stage all the audience have left" 1. "Songs which use the oooh vowel sound. What's wrong with using eee or ahhh instead? If a band goes oooh I'm out the door".
  6. One band, we played Not Fade Away which is basically two chords. An OK song if you just do it short and sweet but tedious if used as platform for guitar gymnastics. As is so often the case. One time we were about six minutes in and I put a passing 5 in for a laugh and bit of variety. Guitarist stopped and went mental. 'Who played that 5? It creates a false resolution!'. I laughed out loud and he became even more enraged, took his guitar off and said ' I'm so angry I'm going outside to cool down'. Priceless
  7. No, in part because the music teacher was a ghastly old bastard whose sole qualification was that he'd played lounge piano on cruise ships in the 1950's and who operated a lucrative sideline whereby he shanghai'd you very much against your will into the 'school orchestra' then charged you instrument rental, said musical instruments being no more musical than a Zip firelighter. If he'd been any good at his job I'd be on ViolinChat right now saying disobliging things about bass players.
  8. Once having read the observation above I would probably have given up any hope of a sensible dialogue.
  9. I was at one time quite partial to a bit of La Düsseldorf (the Dinger brothers Klaus and Thomas and some chums). This one ↓ slowly builds up to a mother of a groove then drifts away again.
  10. Not K***trock but (slightly American-influenced) political rock performed by German anarchists Ton Steine Scherben from the album Keine Macht Fur Niemand (No Power For No One), a platter which was seldom off my turntable in the 1970's.
  11. Kraut, Hun, Fritz, Teds, Heinies (US), Mof (NL), Szwab (PL), Boche (F), Gummihals (CH), Hunni (FIN), Skopčák (CZ), and Piefke (A) are all pejorative terms that have been used to refer to Germans. These appalling words must never (or, at least, very seldom) be used on BassChat because someone here might be offended even - or especially - if they're not a German citizen. The phrase 'Sausage-scoffing squarehead' is expressly verboten as it falsely characterises Germans as being excessively preoccupied with pork products. Equally de trop are problematic culinary-based references to other European nationals such as spaghetti slurpers (Italians) or garlic munchers (French) or - coming back to the offending term - Krauts (on the basis that many Germans are fond of a spot of fermented cabbage* i.e. Sauerkraut ) It is as inappropriate today to slur entire nationalities on the basis of what they are perceived to eat as it was 100 years ago during the Great War when Austro-Hungarian soldiery mocked their German comrades as Marmeladinger (i.e. one who consumes marmalade) on the basis that Germans were given cheap, ersatz marmalade as part of their combat rations whereas Austrians had proper jam. The Germans counter-attacked with spiteful remarks about the Austrians' boots, insulting their allies with the words Kamerad Schnürschuh, a reference to the necessity that said boots needed to be laced up rather than simply pulled on as per the standard issue German Army boot of the time. I do not know why this sort of ghastly bigotry was permitted on the battlefields of 1914-1918 but I think we should be told. In any event, there's no place for that sort of thing here. * Sauerkraut is actually quite nice both as a side dish and as an ingredient e.g. the popular French dish Choucroute Garni
  12. Sorry, Brig, not a clue. Best give them a bell, spec out your needs and presumably they'll give you a price.
  13. Mark Jenny have got a nitro 3-tone burst Jazz bass on the bay but it's a US import, obvs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MJT-Official-Custom-Order-Vintage-Aged-Nitro-Finish-Guitar-Bass-Body-Mark-Jenny/313143689095?hash=item48e8d17f87:g:67UAAMXQwMdREqcO Another option is to buy a bare wood body (plenty of those around) and drop it into a spray shop like Martin Sims https://www.sims.guitars/spray-shop/overview If you keep plugging away on Google and eBay you'll find something eventually
  14. Further proof, were it needed, that we are still living with the consequences of decimalisation.
  15. A bit of faffing around reveals the 2020 version runs at 140 BPM whereas the original release is allegedly 148 BPM. Which goes someway to explaining why I thought 'Is this a bit slow?' when I first heard it. Also, checking out the waveforms reveals the bass is just microscopically behind the beat for the intro but subsequently settles down. This performance isn't maybe quite as driving as the original but (IMO) once it gets going it grooves like a motherf**ker.
  16. Now you mention it, I recall that the term did indeed at one time imply a certain deficiency of some of those qualities which make us human. No such disparagement is intended on this occasion, the word simply being a contraction. I would moreover draw attention to the plump little dog which enters the scene at one point and pootles off again, visibly unimpressed by his master's exquisite performance of perhaps the greatest 60's British Soul hit ever. 'In the presence of genius, eh? Where's my dinner?'
  17. In shocking news, the 72 year-old muso fails to trash his own legacy but instead emerges triumphant. F**k me, he can still sing.
  18. Late entry for August 2000 BC composition challenge from a total newbie to this enterprise. Done in Reaper with stock plug-ins (apart from a freebie transient editor for extra added murk), an SM55 mic, an Epiphone Sorrento. Drums by Jamstix, and a Bronco into MIDI into the 'Gutbucket' washtub bass VST by Samsara. ↓↓ Dunno if I've got in over the line but here it is anyway ↓↓
  19. Ah, well, tried posting link here but it all went wrong. So, try again...
  20. It's like the woman who opined that Shakespeare is over-rated, his plays being no more than a string of popular quotations.
  21. Clapton Thread: Training Wheels for New Forum Members? I'm beginning to think that this thread should be co-opted into some sort of induction programme for new BC-ers. It's a perfect example of how the forum works and how to comport oneself. Imbued throughout with the spirit of give and take and IMO, it starts with a bold contention, garners some useful critical analysis, wanders briefly into controversy (and a promptly extinguished flame war), derails across ever more unrelated issues and finally collapses, chortling like a madman, into a stream of appalling puns. The thread shows BC at its most typical and is therefore useful instructional material.
  22. I'm now finding it difficult to N-gauge with this thread.
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