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  1. In resp. of BC being unusual in banning RIC sales, I think BC also might be unusual among web forums in having had a hideous and protracted row with RIC during the course of which John Hall tried to bully a respected forum admin, issued blustering legal threats then scampered off to his adoring fan-boys on some poxy Rickenbacker forum where he selectively quoted his correspondence with said admin and - in my view - misrepresented what happened. BC is also probably the only forum where the owners threw it open to members to decide whether or not to ban Ric sales and the majority consensus was to do so and, in effect, tell RIC to poke it. It was the nine days wonder, to be sure. Anyway, those are two of the reasons why BC has - until now - banned RIC sales. I suppose the ban could have been lifted at any time but I always assumed nobody cared enough to do anything about it.
  2. If I recall correctly, the original controversy centred not so much around removing Faker ads - which BC was happy to do - but around the speed with which the forum was expected to remove them. IIRC, Mr Hall senior wanted stuff taken down the second he notified the forum of a Faker ad. I think our posish was that this wasn't always possible. Mr Hall demurred, BC drew itself up to its full height, toys exited prams and an Iron Curtain fell on the sale of Rics. The problem wasn't Faker ads in themselves; it was RIC's desire they be removed pronto, my way or the highway. It seems a bit odd that after a nasty bust-up which resonated across more than one forum we should contemplate re-introducing Ric sales without formally instating the most stringent filters against Fakers and / or entering into a preliminary friendly dialogue with a widely respected if slightly cranky instrument manufacturer. Some suggest that we should recline on RIC's perceived inertia or that we should just do it and hope for the best. To do so would make the forum a hostage to fortune and would be commercially amateurish. For myself, I don't give a flying f__k whether or not people can sell Rics on BC but if we're going to re-open this historic can of worms we should do so based on more than the hope that it will be alright on the night.
  3. Simplest and quickest thing to do would be to email RIC and ask them if they continue to maintain their previous policy in respect of web forums hosting ads for Fakers (instant demands for take-downs, threats of legal action for non-compliance, brutal cavity searches, etc). If they say Yes, that's still our position, then keep the ban in place. If they say 'no problem' then lift the ban.
  4. Indeed so. If those fuddy-duddy censors of yesteryear had triumphed we'd now be living in a bland world of inoffensiveness. Instead, Ed Sheeran tops the charts and Banksy rules the world of visual art. What a long, strange journey it's been...
  5. "(1)For the purposes of this Act a person discriminates against another if on the ground of colour, race or ethnic or national origins..." isn't exactly the same thing as xenophobia. Xenophobia might motivate someone to discriminate against someone else but it's the discrimination which The Act addresses. Indeed, being of a certain age, I can remember back when 'racial discrimination' was the thing that everyone was (rightly) exercised about rather than the animus which motivates the discrimination. I mean, you're not wrong but you're not exactly right, either. Happy New year, old chum!
  6. While I am in agreement that racism and xenophobia* tend to overlap I note that the word 'xenophobia' is used precisely zero times in the 1968 legislation. * As the word is defined nowadays rather than in its original sense
  7. Interesting... I'd drop you a Thanks reaction but I'm ↓
  8. Was it because this was the period when lots of players were switching to Arias and Yamahas and other non-Fender stuff?
  9. Hi Paul and welcome to the forum. Helluva set list you've got there Best wishes for 2022 and lots of gigs.
  10. Well, the bass sounded fine to me on all the tracks I listened to. The guitar's a bit upfront - not necessarily too loud, just needs to move back a touch in the mix. On the whole, some really nice quality songs and recording. Thing about mixing is that not every instrument can be the star and the bass is usually going to rank behind the voice, the drums and the mid-range instruments. But take the bass out altogether and the song will fall apart. Congratulations, excellent effort 👍
  11. Excellent choices, Sir. Also: Ladies of the Canyon - Joni Mitchell Third Album - Led Zeppelin Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel Fun House - The Stooges After The Gold Rush - Neil Young Man Who Sold The World - Bowie In Rock - Deep Purple Band of Gypsys - Hendrix
  12. Both your memories are correct. Musical Exchanges was sited on Broad Street before it moved to Snow Hill. The Broad St shop was a dingy Aladdin's Cave of secondhand gear with a Dave Hill Superyob guitar in the window. My recollection of the Snow Hill shop (not long before they went under) was of a posher, more brightly lit place with lots of new Strats on the wall and correspondingly of less interest. My only memories of Woodroffe's are (i) that it was the first place I ever saw a 4001 in the flesh and (ii) Jezz Woodroffe worked in the family music store and played keys on Sabbath's Sabotage and Technical Ecstasy. Mr Mark King may have visited Musical Exchanges but at this time I can find no documented proof of such a visit.
  13. My sincere advice to you is to identify those posters whose jokes you dislike and to use the ignore button. If you think a member is being trolled or that inclusion is not being promoted then you should report the posts to the moderators and let them decide if anyone is being bullied. This avoids unpleasant confrontations. Happy New Year
  14. I have shamed myself and shall henceforth withdraw from public life
  15. Huxley throwing epic dance move (1958)
  16. It's my old pal and wing-man Bertrand Russell, he of Russell's Teapot fame.
  17. I may reassure Mr @JapanAxethat the DoI has no association with this thread. Indeed, our guiding principles are a firm adherence to English as she is spoken, a penchant for clarity and brevity, and a fanatical devotion to the Oxford comma. That said, the 'Level 42 before Level 42' thread has excited the interest of the DoI's Faculty of Humanities; a team of our finest researchers are engaged in a deep-dive semiotic study, the results of which will be published in late 2022.
  18. Don't knock it. Off the back of that re-animating post some people have been getting 'likes' for stuff they posted three years ago
  19. I remember Macari's in the latter days after they moved to Charing Cross Road. I'd get drunk at lunchtimes and wander round and stare in the window. On one occasion I bought a Danelectro U2 in there; it seemed like a good idea under the circumstances.
  20. Blimey, that's some strong entries this year. Three votes is not enough.
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