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  1. Never went out of fashion in our house....
  2. That suggests that the 70's have ended. Not in my head they haven't....
  3. Thank you, Young Teebs. I did not seek to put myself forward in this way but if my friends and peers have decided that they wish me to enter the fray then I would be doing them and all of Basschat a disservice by refusing. It will be a hard contest but, I hope, a fair one. I pray that I am equal to the struggle and worthy to accept this heavy responsibility which you choose to place on my shoulders. Thank you, friends, for your confidence in me. I shall try my best to live up to your expectations.
  4. She'd be brilliant at Hide and Seek. No one would ever find her ... I'll get me coat
  5. Hunstanton Thatch-d’Avergne has a very, very upmarket ring to it* Sort of chap who’d have a sister called Clytemnestra (known to all her friends as “Minty”). Pops was something in the City, yah? *(tell me if I’m close?)
  6. I’m sure it does and rightly so - but it works both ways. I’ve come across a lot of very helpful, friendly and informative staff in music shops - but also above the national average of condescending ar$es.
  7. ^^^this. I was put off at first but once you're inside they're really relaxed and friendly
  8. You know the rules. Pictures or it didn't happen....
  9. Following lunch, I now identify as Prestwick Quiet Layby Off The A157. Not quite as snappy and a lot more ink on the posters....
  10. Music Junkie's gone? That's a shame - although I'm not surprised as it was tucked out of the way and always seemed pretty quiet. I used to be the same and worry about trying stuff out. I could never decide which i hated more; the silent shop where I'm the only person making a noise, or the busy shop with two people playing different parts of Stairway To Heaven, one metal head playing a Marshall stack at full volume, a fourteen year old playing EVH licks faster than EVH himself and a middle aged bloke (me) thumping out Seven Nation Army over and over and over.....
  11. Great news - and thanks for the heads up about the spot at Hemswell. If the rain ever stops we might have a little run out 😀
  12. Well I wasn’t going to put my real name, now was I?
  13. How recently? I was worried that they’d closed down but it seems I was wrong.....which is fantastic. It’s a great shop and I’m well overdue another visit. Back on topic, I often go into shops and don’t try anything. Unless I was genuinely interested in buying an item, I wouldn’t try it.
  14. A man of taste, clearly. White pearl on black every time. Do it 😀
  15. Only 'cos we thought it was you, Ricky-boyoh
  16. And what's the big assumption that you've made in that statement?
  17. No need to worry about buckle rash. Sweat rash, maybe....
  18. Please give her her full title. It's the long-suffering Mrs Teebs. And not a jury in the world would convict her given the extenuating circumstances (these being that she's the long-suffering Mrs Teebs....). Have a lovely time in Northumberland. And try not to bother the wildlife. PS Nice looking spot, btw. Will expect a tripadvisor-stylee thread to report on it when you get back
  19. Just bought a BF One10 from Chris. Easy transaction, good communication throughout and the cab is in fantastic condition. thanks, Chris
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