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  1. We've been rumbled, lads! Scarper!
  2. I use the Guitar Tapp app on the iPad (also available for other platforms). It's free and is an aggregator that pulls tabs from all of the major online resources. Quality of tabs is variable as mentioned above but as a one-stop shop it's excellent.
  3. I could get used to the binding again - I've lived with it for ten years after all - but i really think the only medically safe course of action is a 4003s.
  4. It's strange but I've played my 4003 for over ten years and never had an issue with the binding digging into my forearm - until about a week ago. And now I've noticed it, I can't stop noticing it. I've decided that a walnut 4003s is the only solution.....
  5. Skinnyman


    Well pricey - I'd want it to play the bass for me at that price! I just had a quick look and while $500 seems pricey, it might not be that outrageous depending on the functionality. Boss loopers can go over £400 so a boutique pedal with a stock of esoteric functions might well command a higher price when you consider the R&D cost and, presumably, low volume sales numbers. Whether it's worth it is, of course, a matter of personal opinion.
  6. I think I’m with you, Dave. If I promise to do something, i feel honour bound to do it. Maybe that makes us old fashioned. Maybe it means we’re doomed to a life of disappointment. Then again, just about everyone I’ve dealt with on BC has acted with integrity and honesty so maybe I’ve been lucky - but I’d like to think you just had a bad experience that is not the norm for this community. Tell yourself that you may have dodged a bullet this time (who knows what else might have gone wrong when the money got involved) and put it down to experience - I know that doesn’t really help but there’s not a lot else you can do.
  7. Do i detect a little bromance in the air? Hmmm? Just be careful meeting strangers off the internet - especially as they don't come no stranger than Young Teebs! Enjoy the gig - but make sure you see the bottles opened and let someone know where you'll be
  8. Ooh, brilliant. You, sir, are a genius. I shall start with the PMs forthwith!
  9. Some of them already include an adequately insulting insult while others are insult-free and the rest need their insult quotient beefing up a bit. I have adjusted for this in my totals and am currently working through a substantial backlog (including For Sale items which have long since been sold). No, don't thank me - it's my civic duty. 😁
  10. ...and 1,596. Sorry, 1,597 - but you get the idea. Delete the lot. All of 'em. Airbrush Young Teebs from BC history like a Russian dissident in Stalinist Russia.....😀
  11. I have a long term project to go back and edit all of my, now 1,110, posts and include an insult to Young Teebs. It gives a purpose to my life at last.....
  12. 1,594 to be precise. Thank you.
  13. Going off that picture, yes.... 😀
  14. I rotate my gig bass depending on mood - I tend not to include the P bass any more as that seems to be made of pig iron and lead ingots. I also don’t gig the Dingwall (too scared of scratching it as it’s up for sale) or my Yam fretless as that’s a bit niche for a general gig. Everything else gets its turn in the limelight, usually with one as a backup. Depressingly, I’m equally inept with all of them.
  15. Why is that? Why do they always come and talk to the bass player? Is it that they figure we don’t have much to do? Or because we look bored (well, we should if we’re doing it properly 😀)? Nice piece, Dave - made me chuckle because it’s so accurate. And then weep for the same reason......
  16. Ah, who can tell? Who knows the ways of the Ricky? He's like a cat is our Ricky. Comes and goes as he pleases, answers to no-one, completely independent, semi-feral. And spends his evenings on the hearth rug cleaning his wotsnames with his tongue*..... (*probably)
  17. Aw, thanks, Dave (and ReggaeB) I've never met Young Teebs and, unless there's a weird stalker thing going on (which, let's be frank here, there could be...), he's never met me. So in his case, it's your third scenario. He's a p#ss-taking little scamp who has no respect for his elders and betters. Me? I'm going with number two on the list - I can't stand the fekker 😀 (Nah, not really. We save that for That Ricky4000. He's a right bar steward, he is.....) (Runs away giggling)
  18. So long as you've kept the receipt for when she/Teebsinafrock turns up
  19. But it has got that incredible bass "fanfare" at the start of Hold Out Your Hand... (I learnt it just so i had something to show off with if ever the need arose. The need has never yet arisen but i live in hope.....)
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