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  1. Just received a pedal board with a power supply and a shed load of patch cables from Patrick and it was a quick and easy, hassle free transaction. All was quickly delivered and well packaged. I'm happy to recommend him as a sound guy to deal with to other Basschat users.
  2. The steaming turd icon by the input socket should make this an essential purchase for everyone 💩
  3. I'm not concerned as such, more curious. But the question still stands should you care to indulge me. For the record I have bought a tuner and cable this year. Neither good nor bad, just purely functional.
  4. Not trying to be an arse here, at least no more than usual 😃, but is this a case of cause and effect? Or more accurately effect (no, not pedals) and cause? In that if you didn't spend so much time buying gear that - and I may be wrong here - you seem to be buying with the intention of not actually using, plus the time spent selling it on afterwards, then you might actually have the time to use the gear that you currently own? * *Smiley to show that this enquiry is good natured, albeit I am genuinely curious to know why you buy gear and then don't seem to use it as I buy gear and then put it through its paces both at home and out on gigs.
  5. So we're both right. Or we're both wrong. 😃 Possibly true as a sweeping generalisation, but in literal terms it's still accurate whether people choose to define it that way or not. Just sayin'... 😉 I know, it was meant to be rhetorical as it's already been covered. Maybe another case of adding a smiley would have made my intention clearer 🙄
  6. Regarding the conversation in question, I was quoting the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the world multi whereas you were going by your own interpretation of the word. Did you ever contact the OED to let them know they were wrong?
  7. The Genzler Magellan amps have in-built high pass filters, they're fixed with a "steep roll of below 30Hz". I had that information from an email from Jeff Genzler himself when I asked the question.
  8. Just had an email about this new intriguing looking EQ pedal from Genzler, featuring a 5 band EQ plus high and low pass filters. Got to admit I'm a massive Genzler fanyboy so looking forward to giving this a try as and when. RE/Q - DUAL FUNCTION EQUALIZATION PEDAL - Genzler Amplification
  9. I very much doubt that anyone's hymen would have remained intact after encountering that stench 🤢🤮
  10. Met up with Frank again today, this time to hand over a pedal. Everything that has already been said about him is still true. No fuss, prompt payment and turned when he said he would - although I might have been late 😃 Anyway, the moral of today's story is don't spend more than a couple of minutes in an enclosed space with Frank otherwise you will be subjected to chemical warfare from his unstable botty. And believe me, it's not pleasant.
  11. But that's not true is it. We're talking covers bands, ergo drunken covers band crowds. And it is an immutable law that regardless of what song the band is playing, the crowd are all dancing to the beat of In the Summer Time by Mungo Jerry.
  12. Interesting! When I bought my Magellan a couple of years back I tried a few other amps including the Tone Hammer and to my ear I found the TH wasn't totally clear, it had a certain warmth to it that wasn't bad in any way but just never really made it sound totally clean to me. Maybe it was the cab that I tried it with which was an Aguilar 1x12. I found the TH didn't seem to go too bright either when pushing the treble. The Magellan delivered a more appealing clean - to me at least - although I tried that through my own Tecamp 2x12 cab so it wasn't a direct comparison where the only variable was the amp.
  13. Now now, people in glass houses... Did you ever see the state of that shitty little home made cab you built? Eh?
  14. Thanks to the wise words of @nilebodgers who correctly identified the issue, the cable is now sorted so it's much appreciated. This morning I took the new plug off, stripped off the extra shielding layer on the insulated core and re-soldered the cable back up and all is good once more. Special thanks also to those who offered up the level of idiocy I have come to admire and respect from certain quarters. You know who you are. Although I suspect some of you probably don't.
  15. The low and mid content are the same going by ear, there's no additional bass, at least none than I can perceive. And that's not really something I'd want anyway as I play short scale basses which tent to be more rounded in the lows than longer scale basses. It was just the high end clarity that was missing, like turning down a passive tone control. However...
  16. Welly is currently awash with a plague of squirrels, no doubt sent by the object of desire of that cack-handed idiot from a few posts above. There's nary a nut to be seen around these parts, unfortunately.
  17. Thanks for that. I think I know what you're talking about and if so, then yes I think it has got a semiconducting layer. Of the 2 cores running through the cable there's the outer non-shielded copper core and the shielded core. The shielded one has 2 covering layers (I appreciate this probably isn't the correct term but it'll do if you know what I'm referring to!) a black outer layer and an inner clear layer. I noticed on the old plug that the black outer layer was trimmed further back, maybe 10-15mm or so leaving the clear inner layer covering the core pretty much up to around 1mm away from the solder joint. Not knowing any difference, and being lazy sod, I trimmed both layers off equally a mm or 2 short of the new solder joint. I'll dismantle the cable tomorrow and trim the black layer back and try again. Hopefully it's that simple.
  18. Funnily enough, although the new jack hadn't been used before, I've had it for years, I bought a load in bulk probably 10 years or more ago. Still got around a dozen left too. Maybe there was a duff batch at the time?
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