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  1. Oooh, I like that, and I don't even like Stingrays Out of interest, what are the details of the Mike Lull?
  2. I'm another one who's had mixed dealings with Bass Direct over the years. Mostly good, but my last dealing with them 4 or 5 years ago was selling an amp through their commission sales, long story short, the owner claimed it sold for much less than we'd agreed - not that he'd consulted me on reducing price - and it took weeks of chasing to get my money from them. And it was quite clear from the phone calls and email exchanges that he really couldn't give a toss, he couldn't even spare a half arsed apology. Prior to that I'd bought 3 basses, an amp and several odds and sods from them, spending more than 5 grand with them over the years. But I have not spent another penny with them since and don't intend to ever again. I get that shops can't get it right for everybody all of the time, and different people expect different levels of customer service, but there do seem to be a few too many BD disgruntled customers given their size. Regarding @binky_bass's opening post, anyone who's ever been to their current premises knows it's a pretty tiny lace, albeit brimming with stuff. For someone to have left the office, checked their shelf of used pedals and returned to the office would quite literally have taken a few seconds, 10 at the most. That's really not asking too much, is it?
  3. Not an injury as such but I'm prone to get occasional unexpected nosebleeds, it's a genetic thing on one side of the family. At a gig around 20 years ago my nose started bleeding mid set on a gig. A girl who I knew in the audience, rushed up to me and stuck a tampon up the offending nostril which I proudly left there, plus the blood down the front of my bass, until the end of the gig. Oh to be young and stupid again
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. A quick update to my last comment. I've just got off the phone from Jimmy after it turned out that the speaker cab I'd sent him had been damaged in transit. He'd already had the speaker replaced - his tech had diagnosed that the cab had been dropped which had dislodged the magnet which had killed the speaker - but was an absolute gentleman about the whole thing. He was philosophical about the experience and put it down to being one of those things. He was even gracious enough to turn down my offer to cover half of the additional unexpected costs. Basschat is full of decent people but how many people are truly that gracious when things go wrong like this? It gets banded about a lot on some of the feedback threads but Jimmy is an absolute credit to Basschat. Don't just deal in confidence with Jimmy, deal in absolute confidence.
  6. Jimmy bought a cab from me and it was nice easy sale, he paid promptly and let me know once it had arrived safe and sound.
  7. There's always one, and it's usually me. And this is no exception I had a set of La Bella's come fitted with a short scale Warwick Corvette and I couldn't take them off quick enough! I don't like bright bass sounds by any stretch but the La Bella's were devoid of any definition, just an non-descript, woolly thud. The closest analogy I can come up with is when the elderly couple next door (we live in a semi joined onto theirs) turn up their telly up really loud and you can hear something but can't make out what it is, it was like that. No punch, no clarity, no life. And no amount of EQ'ing could get a usable sound of them for me. 10 minutes later they were off the bass for good. My JMJ came with factory Fender flats and they were much better, there was more clarity and definition and you could recognise different pitches and notes which I couldn't do with the La Bellas. But I still prefer rounds and once I'd fitted my favourite Nikel D'Addario 50-105's to my short scales they all feel like they have much more life in them, the audio equivalent from going from VHS to 4K HD without bothering with DVD or Blu-Ray in between.
  8. Selling my Tecamp M212 cab with Roqsolid cover. It's a 4 ohm, 600 watt cab with a pair of 12" drivers and an adjustable tweeter. It weighs around 20-22 Kg so is an easy lift considering its size. It's in excellent condition, it has a couple small nicks in the Tolex but no obvious rips or tears. Comes with a fitted Roqsolid cover that cost nearly £100 on its own! This had been my main gigging cab for a few years prior to the last band moving over to IEM's. As such it has been used but not abused. It's a huge sounding, transparent cab that puts out what you put in without imparting much in the way of its own flavour. It can put out huge, deep lows, big punchy mids and a top end that is bright but never shrill. But it'll faithfully reproduce whatever you put into it. It's a perfect single cab solution. The only reason for sale is that I'm downsizing to a smaller cab as I don't need so much volume these days. I'm looking for a straight sale please, no trades. Collection preferred from just outside sunny Wellingborough Unfortunately I don't have any suitable packaging to post this but I'm willing to drive around an hour or so from Wellingborough for a socially distanced car park handover.
  9. Selling my Ashdown RM-112 cab. It's an 8 ohm, 300 watt cab with a single 12" driver and a switchable tweeter. It weighs a modest 14 Kg so is an easy one hand lift. It's in overall good condition, it has a few small nicks in the Tolex but no obvious rips or tears. Comes with a fitted cover. I'm ideally ooking for a straight sale please although I could possibly be tempted to trade for a decent preamp pedal. Collection preferred from just outside sunny Wellingborough although postage might be an option at the buyers cost and risk.
  10. Love the psychedelic scratch plate, where did you get it? I have an identical bass and it now needs one too
  11. Quick update on this, I ordered some of these, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122740864851 M5 size (5mm as I understand it) and they are perfect for what I need. They're a very snug fit but reassuringly so, I ordered 20 yellow ones as I expected to lose a few when out gigging but I can't see them coming off unless deliberately pulled which is unlikely as the loose daisy chain connectors are now cable tied to the underside of the board. They're also now beer proof too - at least I hope so. So thanks again to @MartinB for pointing me in the right direction
  12. You ought to get onto Spector's marketing department with this, it sounds like they're missing a trick, "That delicious Spector growl - it sounds like there must be something up with your amp" 😀
  13. The Super Siamese Twin, surely?
  14. Cheers, that's exactly what I'm looking for 😃 Maybe half a dozen or so, a couple to use on the board and some spares in case any go missing. I'll probably order a job lot of 10 or 20 from the eBay links above.
  15. The closest thing I can find online is these, but haven't been able to find anything in the UK yet. https://www.amplifiedparts.com/products/cable-cap-power-all-insulator-caps-barrel-connectors
  16. Cheers folks, I like the idea of a sleeve, would some heat shrink tubing work? Just thinking that it'd probably last longer than some electrical tape.
  17. Wasn't sure how to best title this but I have a question about a couple of unused outputs on a daisy chain. I've put together a small utilitarian pedal board powered with a daisy chain*. I've tidied the cabling up and the unused outputs are on the underside of the board, do they need to be covered to make them waterproof, or more accurately beer proof, as the board will be gigged? Or do they need to be shielded in any way? Or are they OK left exposed? Does it even matter? Any thoughts, folks? *It works fine for my needs, there's no noise or any need for an expensive isolated supply.
  18. Just received a cab from Clarky, and all was great. He was an absolute gent to deal with from start to finish.
  19. Just received a pedal board with a power supply and a shed load of patch cables from Patrick and it was a quick and easy, hassle free transaction. All was quickly delivered and well packaged. I'm happy to recommend him as a sound guy to deal with to other Basschat users.
  20. The steaming turd icon by the input socket should make this an essential purchase for everyone 💩
  21. I'm not concerned as such, more curious. But the question still stands should you care to indulge me. For the record I have bought a tuner and cable this year. Neither good nor bad, just purely functional.
  22. Not trying to be an arse here, at least no more than usual 😃, but is this a case of cause and effect? Or more accurately effect (no, not pedals) and cause? In that if you didn't spend so much time buying gear that - and I may be wrong here - you seem to be buying with the intention of not actually using, plus the time spent selling it on afterwards, then you might actually have the time to use the gear that you currently own? * *Smiley to show that this enquiry is good natured, albeit I am genuinely curious to know why you buy gear and then don't seem to use it as I buy gear and then put it through its paces both at home and out on gigs.
  23. So we're both right. Or we're both wrong. 😃 Possibly true as a sweeping generalisation, but in literal terms it's still accurate whether people choose to define it that way or not. Just sayin'... 😉 I know, it was meant to be rhetorical as it's already been covered. Maybe another case of adding a smiley would have made my intention clearer 🙄
  24. Regarding the conversation in question, I was quoting the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the world multi whereas you were going by your own interpretation of the word. Did you ever contact the OED to let them know they were wrong?
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