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  1. No problem! Glad it was of some use!
  2. I've had a few posts and threads on here regarding a "bass playing a bass and octave up guitar/fuzz signal" set up. In my case, I have an EHX Nano POG pedal set fully to octave up. Because the Nano POG has both Dry and Effect on outputs, I send a Dry output into my bass amp and the Effect "On" output into an already overdriven Boss Katana amp, via an Overdrive/Distortion pedal and a tweaked reverb pedal. On the basis that the above is not what you want, and in light of your purchase of the Ultra Shifter pedal, the following link might be more useful!: https://youtu.be/EYRLzAO05q4
  3. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1505812683' post='3374427'] Oh that makes sense, so the higher range without any low end is going to the Katana? Can't see why that won't work! [/quote] That is correct good sir! I'm basically using the amp for it's purpose as a guitar amp. It means that my bass sounds like both a bass and a crunchy/distorted rhythm guitar. And it works BEAUTIFULLY! B-)
  4. I could be misinterpreting what you mean by full range, so I don't know what the answer to that should be. I will tell how it was set up the gig I played. The bass is first plugged into The Nano POG. The signal is they split into 2 channels via the Nano POG. The Dry output went into the headlining band's Behringer amp, which was D.I.ed preamp. I didn't change any of the bass amp's EQ. The Effect Out output had the Dry and Octave Down to turned off and The Octave Up on full! This was then put through my overdrive/distortion pedal, then a reverb pedal, then my Katana 50. The bass is fully off/cut on the amp EQ. Like I said earlier, this might not be the precise answer you were looking for, but it's the most accurate one I can give. I hope it illustrates how my amps and signal are set up!
  5. [quote name='radiophonic' timestamp='1505654307' post='3373360'] I went into PMT this morning and had a look. Out of stock, predictably and their listed dimensions didn't agree with the measurements of the amp either. However, I was a bit concerned about the level of protection offered to the front panel. Is this ply or just padded fabric? [/quote] Well, I purchased mine 7 years ago, so I can't comment on stock problems. However, I can tell you that my 2U case is a plastic flight case that has fastening lids/covers on the front and back, so you shouldn't have any worries!
  6. Well, the moment of truth has come and passed!... ... the Boss Katana 50 passed the test with flying colours! I only had it on 25 watt output, and it sounded great onstage! I also got glowing feedback from the audience after the gig about the sound too. So, if anyone fancies trying to go for a Royal Blood/Slaves/Drenge style sound, then the Katana amps are great option in both price AND performance!
  7. [quote name='Delberthot' timestamp='1505474753' post='3372172'] They fit perfectly in a Gator 2u shallow rack [/quote] I'm sure it does! It's just that the 2U case I bought-a version/copy by Black Rat, which is P.M.T.'s rebadged Stagg brand-was the only one available at the time. And I don't see much point in removing it, as it does it's job!
  8. Tonight, I try out the Katana 50 & brand new pedal set up in front of a paying audience @ The Academy 3 in Manchester! Will it be a triumph or a disaster? Watch this space to find out!
  9. [quote name='bonzodog' timestamp='1504299088' post='3364053'] I don't think they are as heavy as people make out. Unfortunately with the birth of class D amps everything else feels heavy. But the LH500 is not as heavy as others I've had. Only reason I moved them on was size rather than weight. [/quote] +1 to this! They are cumbersome and a little awkward in terms of their dimensions. Mine is more so due to the slightly oversized 3U Flightcase I have it housed in (It overlaps the front and back of my cabs. Though this does allow for the safe storage of the necessary plugs and speaker cables!). And yet it's still only a quarter of the weight of an Ampeg valve head or the like! :-)
  10. [quote name='dudewheresmybass' timestamp='1504502584' post='3365223'] The new bass preamp box from ehx has a glove built in as its drive section- the only difference essentially being that they be added a blend to the circuit. Should help alleviate any low loss 😉 [/quote] If the pedal you mean is the EHX Battalion, then I DID seriously consider buying that one, as it too, looks awesome! However, I'm happy with how my setup is shaping up! I really like my clean bass tone! So it makes more aesthetic and sonic sense to both my preferences and my current band's live sound! It's just a shame I got the Glove before the Hot Wax and Russian Big Muff Nano got released! :@ Then again, I could still buy The Crayon and the Russian Big Muff later anyway! B-)
  11. Ta for the feedback! I take your points about the low gain tone and the bass drop off. I do have to say that that last point isn't a problem for me with how I use it; as the pedal is pushing a guitar amp with all the bass EQ cut, set to "Crunch".
  12. There's a LOT of good things and great features about the ME-50B! The Sansamp emulator ("Bass Driver") and Overdrive effects are great, particularly the Bass Driver. The Octave up and down features can be activated by the whammy/wah/expression pedal or by the first footswitch bank. The Modulation bank has a sweet Chorus + Delay effect! The onboard tuner and compressor/limiter are great to. I did have a problem with the power cutting out a couple of months back which was a bit worrying. Then again, I've had it for over 14 years, so they are well built and tough/rugged! Mine will have to go soon, Though it's more to do with a rig overhaul. My rig is, as I've mentioned multiple times on this page, is a Royal Blood/Slavesesque guitar and bass amp rig, so I'm only running drive and Distortion through a guitar amp, whilst keeping the bass tone clean! If you do get one though, you shouldn't be disappointed!:-)
  13. Just curious if anyone uses one of these! I really like mine! I just wanted to know what anyone else thought of them.
  14. [quote name='isteen' timestamp='1504179531' post='3363181'] The LH500 does not have Speakon connectors, or am I wrong? [/quote] Just to confirm, the LH500 does not have Speakon connectors. It has 1/4" jacks. If your EBS cabs have Speakon only connectors, then purchasing 1/4" to Speakon speaker cables shouldn't be too much of an extra expense. Not used mine for a while, as my TC Electronic BH500 is an easier carry and has better Mid boost features. The LH500's still a cracking amp, so if you want one, new or second hand, it shouldn't be too hard to get hold of one!
  15. [quote name='interpol52' timestamp='1502715406' post='3353031'] Thanks!... My avatar and username are nods to two of my all time favourite bands. I love the Husker Du logo. [/quote] Excellent choices! I really like Interpol. And Hüsker Dü-just like Sugar or anything Bob Mould does now!-are awesome! The band's logo is the only thing I've ever considered getting a tattoo of! More importantly, I hope the rig, be it in it's current form or potential future expansion, keeps serving you well!
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