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  1. What is it, incidentally...Fender, Squier, Bitsa...? I like it...looks slab-like too from the picture...or is that just the angle...?
  2. Ooooft, not even a Sunburst fan normally, but this is the mutt's nuts!
  3. That Merchant City Music in Glasgow by any chance, looks like their display and I know they have a stock of these. Been meaning to stop by and try them out myself, like the look of some of their models, a bit different.
  4. No worries, I keep looking at this...would suit me and my band so much, but I've s J to move on first...which I'm not sure I really want to, to be honest...🙈😂
  5. Erm...or J's... Just chancing it...😂
  6. Personally, I would go with no pickguard all day long...looks the business...!!
  7. Ooooft, nice one, that was a fast turnaround 👍
  8. I was interested in the one you bought...black 'n maple is THE cassic look for me, but I unfortunately I couldn't afford the one you bought, so I certainly can't afford this...but I WILL have a black 'n maple P, I guarantee that...😂
  9. Stunner, replacing old with new?! 🤔😎
  10. I had cause last year to contact the police, long story, but we suspect a break in during a family weekend away in Ayrshire. It was my sons birthday and only when we came back, we counted at least £300 missing, including my sons Birthday money all the family had given him. We contacted the police in Troon where we had been staying. They however passed it across to the local Motherwell police, who then came and visited me at home. A Male and Female officer attended, didn't know anything about the case, the female officer couldn't be nicer, asking what happened, where, when etc., but the - we'll call him - mouth, immediately piped up to his colleague, bold as brass in front of me... "this happened in Troon, why are we dealing with it?"... I was aghast...I get his point, but really, bring it up in the car..I was livid, I was nearly going to just throw the mouthy one out my house there and then, only refrained to get the report filed for the insurance claim...which, incidentally, only returned £50...🙈 😤
  11. Ohhhh...I've been lusting after a black n' maple P for a while now...this looks mint... The usual problem of nae cash just now though...
  12. Which model included a Zorro mask in the case candy?! 🤔
  13. OOoft that's a lovely looking bass...although at that price, I'd be expected a case as standard...but I see DV247 are also selling with gigbag only, no case...certainly worth challenging...
  14. Some people have baws of steel...!!
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