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  1. I was a late incomer to The Cure, being introduced to them - (I mean, like really listening to them, I always knew the singles) - by the now brother in law. First saw them in 2006 when they played the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs, playing 37, 38 songs, over 5 encores, utterly incredible. Fast forward a full 10 years and I next saw them at Wembley Arena, the Saturday night gig where they played 9 songs from "Disintegration", which was honestly one of the best concerts I've ever been to. The last time was at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, where they played the Glastonbury set, but a combination of the 10 hours plus rain, sodden, muddy ground added to the exuberance on my part with a few too many pre-match refreshments, leaves this one a long, long, long way behind the other two. As mentioned earlier in the thread, the "Pornography" / "Disintegration" / "Bloodflowers" albums are the ones to focus on, in my opinion...however special mentions to "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" and actually, bizarrely I do quite like the last two "4:13 Dream" and "The Cure" which were otherwise universally slated...! The live gig on Spotify / Deezer "Curaetion-25" is also a pretty decent listen too - remember when that gig was announced and was desperate to get tickets for it, but couldn't work around work / holiday / personal situation at the time. Each to their own I guess.
  2. I see the Facebook Post that started it all has now been deleted... We've all been there, few sherbets too many...looking at pictures of your ex, or some other chunt that's currently p'ing you off... Ah, sod it, I'm proclaiming it to the world...cue 27 missed calls and 49 texts from big Bobby Smith later... The biggest ever feeling of the morning after "fear" ever, when 6 million plus Facebook fans of The Cure fans stalking you the morning after... 🤪🤪🤣
  3. That clip in what, 15, 20 seconds, is the perfect example of stereotypical over-excitable Americans versus stereotypical downbeat deadpan British sarcasm...!
  4. Genuinely a bit gutted at this...such an integral part of The Cure, both in terms of sound and look over the last 30+ years or so... Still, if the call comes...!!! 😏😂
  5. Precisions, Precisions, Precisions...? 2011 Am. Std. 2 x Self-Builds And with Jazz cousin...
  6. Haha, nice of you to 'fess up...! Seriously, I'd been swithering doing summat anyway, so that idea was the winner that kicked this off. Have a (virtual) beer 🍺 on me...!
  7. I didn't need a new bass...no-one ever needs a new bass...but well, sometimes stuff just happens in life, innit...?! So, a while ago @Useless amateurfires up for sale, a @KiOgonloom loaded Olympic White P-Bass body, with all chrome hardware fitted. In the same thread, a comment's made along the lines of... "Oh, that'd go lovely with the Status neck that's also up for sale!" Right there and then, I've went full Partridge.... "AHH-HAAAA" And the project was born. Switch / upgrade the chrome to black Hipshot Bridge, Thumb Rest, Ultralight Tuners, throw in a set of Delano's, fire on some DR Black Beauties, and et voilà. Of course, it didn't actually dawn on me for one second until it was completed, what I was actually putting together was my very own Duff PJ, minus the J...! Anyway, I present "The Substitutes" P-Bass, complete with engraved band logo neck plate. My 2nd, and last, project bass.
  8. lou24d53


    I bought a John East J-Retro 01 off Charlie recently, excellent communications and it arrived in bomb-proof packaging, all good. Thanks Charlie, Dougie.
  9. Haha, that sounds like a disaster...and the drummer a total control freak...!! The songs we are planning on using the MP3 for are "Baba O'Riley", "Who Are You?" and "Won't Get Fooled Again"...all of them lend themselves for a wee but of time to get ready to come in...so far the extremely important pressing of play has fallen on to the singer and to date, 15 gigs or so down, we haven't had a single problem with it from that point of view. The only reason for posting was more our lack of technical know-how...we are looking for a solution which the band can set up and take care of ourselves, without relying on the house sound guy. Cheers, Dougie.
  10. Im really no good with the PA's and mixers at the best of times, but that's such a brief and simple solution, even I get it... 😂 Thank you 👍
  11. Btw, I should have added, the drummer also uses a PJB Bighead headphones amp to boost the signal at present. 👍
  12. Firstly, apologies if this isn't the right forum for this post, I wasnt sure where was best suited to post it. So, as per the title, I'm looking for a wee bit of advice please, as to how we can send an MP3 backing track signal to the PA, but split the same signal, so that only a mono track is diverted to our drummers headphones? A bit of background as to what we are trying to do, I play in a The Who covers band and we use MP3 backing tracks for playing along to "Who Are You?", "Baba O'Riley" and "Won't Get Fooled Again"...it's the latter that's posing the main problem. We want to send the whole signal to the PA, so not take away from the song, but when we also send the full 'stereo' signal to the headphones, one side of the signal is very reverby and when it's being sent to the drummers headphones, it's making it hard for him to follow and throwing him off, so he's really wanting to only hear the 'clean' side of the signal. He's literally playing along to the MP3 backing track, without hearing anything of what the rest of the band are doing, sounds bizarre to me, but it works for him! 😂 Anyway, we are also looking at a solution that we can basically plug in and play, whether that be in the rehearsal room or a gig situation, so we're not at the mercy of the sound guys all the time. At present, the MP3 signal is basically being sent via a smartphone, I actually play it using the Deezer app, but we are happy to look at ANY alternative that makes life easier and more reliable to use. So, would the best solution be to introduce a DI box or, perhaps a secondary small mixer just for this solution? Any other options? Budget-wise, we were looking at say £100-ish, but we would be happy to look at that for the right piece of equipment. I had been researching DI boxes previously, but to be honest, I've no idea what we should be looking for? Passive or Active? Are there any benefits to a £100 that you wont get with a £20 one? However, I've also been warned that by using that solution, depending on the DI box type, there is a slight risk that you can fry your phone...which obviously we could be doing without! So any advive, or equipment suggestions, would be massively appreciated, as I'm really at a loss with these things and we don't want to fork out for something that's the wrong thing! 👍 Thanks in advance, Dougie.
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