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  1. Looks awesome...and bass of the week on No Treble too...!! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/04/15/bass-of-the-week-brooks-telebird/
  2. Recently sold my Fretless Jazz to @Jazzman2477 and was one the quickest and easiest transactions I've ever been involved in...swift payment and great communications throughout. Buy with confidence folks with a really genuine dude. 👍👍
  3. I know in a couple of weeks this will no doubt be looking majestic, but right now looking at, the thought of cleaning that up honestly gie's me the boak...!!
  4. Are Tonestylers easy to install...? I ask this as a forty-five year old who has the soldering skills akin to a three year old's play doh modelling skills...!
  5. Does the Tonestyler work with passive basses? Does it work 'instead' of a normal passive P tone control, with preset 'tones' defined? I'll look later myself, just being lazy as its 7.30 and I'm about to head out the door...🙄
  6. I like the look of the 48's too, although I've read the lack of a distinct cut away at the bottom horn makes playing pretty much anything in the upper register nigh on impossible...never tried one myself mind you... I've been same as you McNach, last year being convincing myself I don't NEED to be thinking about trying out an Epiphone Vintage Pro Thunderbird that would fit perfectly in my Who covers band...thinking I'm winning that war though...
  7. Fretless Jazz bass for sale in absolutely brilliant condition. In the interest of full transparency, it actually started out life as a Squier Jazz bass and courtesy of its previous owner, has undergone some very worthwhile upgrades as noted below: - Squier decal has been removed and replaced with a period correct Fender ‘62 Jazz Bass Decal - Gotoh bridge - 'Kiogon' wiring loom - Additional shielding added within the electrical cavity – removes humming / buzzing from radio frequency waves interfering with the electronic signal in your bass - Full de-fret, with beautiful flame maple inserts fitted within the fret lines – work was commissioned by the previous owner and done professionally by luthier Matt Cooil, who’s made an absolutely stunning job of it too - Pickups upgraded to Sadowsky Noiseless Passive pickups which really helps bring out that mwah sound, again installed by luthier - Tuners have been upgraded with Schallers, again by luthier - Pickguard upgraded from stock plastic pickguard to full anodised gold pickguard to give it more of a unique look - Currently strung with La Bella flats There's the tiniest of tiny dings I've tried to photo just above the pickguard, but I've literally just noticed that there myself as I was taking photos! So all in all, a heck of a lot of bass, which has been significantly upgraded from what was a fretted squire jazz and converted to an absolutely cracking fretless. Bought this a year or so ago as an entry level “dip of the toe” into fretless playing type exercise…but time to face facts and admit that I’ll never be a fretless player!! Comes in canvas gig bag.
  8. 2008 Lakland Skyline Decade After much deliberation, I've decided I'm putting up for sale my Lakland Skyline Decade which had for a few years and has served me well, but since I switched bands last year, I've been with my P bass continually and it's hanging on the wall looking majestic, but not getting much use. Here's a link to the website: https://www.lakland.com/product/skyline-series-decade/ The single coil Lakland Chi-Sonic pickups give it superior “punch” with higher output and brighter upper midrange articulation than a standard single coil. The Skyline Decade features an ash body and an industry standard passive • Volume • Volume • Tone control configuration, black headstock, and bound Indian Laurel fingerboard with pearl block position markers. The previous owner had professionally modded to relocate neck pup, with new routing cut with copper shielding. The 2nd pickguard, exact same as original, also provided. Comes with padded black and red leather strap with Dunlop Straplocks fitted. Apologies, but I currently do not have spare hard case, or even a gig bag at present, so would far prefer collection. ** Edit 1: Gig bag sourced, could post at buyers expense, packaged up with neck removed to minimise potential for damage during transit ** ** Edit 2: Weight-wise, on my trusty bathroom scales, flicking between 9lbs and 9.5lbs **
  9. I hope you're going full on cartoon shirt and stone washed denims too... Or you could go for the Wembley outfit with the yellow short shorts and the Hilda Ogden T-shirt...?! 🤔🤣
  10. Saw that earlier, sure that's on Facebook UK Bass Classifieds page too...
  11. After a P, was originally after a Fiesta Red, Maple Neck - probably not too far away from the 50's classic actually, but without the gold pickguard... However, lately I've been swayed with those lovely sonic blue Limelights that have been on the threads of late...
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