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  1. Thanks folks, I've read that Google calendar can be unreliable at time on Android devices, any experience with that, or generally has everything been hunky dory based on experiences? Ta.
  2. Looking for suggestions on some apps which allow group access for collating diaries, so any one in the band can access and mark up dates they're unavailable etc., to make it easier for booking gigs. Looks to be tonnes to choose from. Just wondering, is there a band 'standard' others are using you could maybe recommend? The collective in the band are a bit technophobic, myself included, so the simpler to work the better. Thanks. Ps, tried a search, but as soon as I put in the word diary, it brought up a million build diary threads!
  3. lou24d53

    How was your gig last night?

    Had a great gig last night, played Audio in Glasgow with my band The Substitutes. We're a cover band to The Who and only been going since March, so this was only our 2nd gig. Front of house sound was apparently great, but stage sound (for me anyway) was pretty muddy, but bearable. Played 1 hour 40 minutes of hits, a mini-Tommy set and a mini-Quadrophenia set, to about 80 people there. Best part, raised over £550 for the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.
  4. Hey, anyone know of anywhere I could get a copy of the bass tab for the live version of Squeeze Box from The Who By Numbers album? Can't find it anywhere online, just the regular album version - of which there are various versions. My ears are struggling to keep up with what is happening with the fills after each section. Thanks, Dougie.
  5. Peat Loaf... My bands drummer played with him years ago...his favourite line, every gig... "Are you all having a good time...? We'll if yer no', you can just f*ck off...!!"
  6. lou24d53


    I've always thought same with Bowie's "Five Years"...
  7. lou24d53

    NBD - US Standard Precision

    My recently cleared Credit Card made me do it.......... I've just ordered a Fender American Standard Precision in Olympic White, Tort, Maple which is being delivered next Tuesday. The serial number is US1307####, which I believe dates it late 2013 / early 2014, but it is brand new from the shop, still even has the plastic covers on the tuners. Dougie is a happy bunny...!
  8. lou24d53

    NBD - US Standard Precision

    Certainly an option, but cost wise I’d be looking at just under a grand when adding in the cost of new pups... I think I’ll keep looking for now...it’s still very early days in this search...👍
  9. lou24d53

    NBD - US Standard Precision

    Cheers, there’s a 2011 model on Reverb for £849, based in Coventry, which looks pretty decent condition - sunburst, black, maple. I’ve only started looking out for a new P-bass, so I’m reluctant to dive in without getting a chance to try one out. I’ve went from looking at Classic 50’s to Roadworns to Am Standards...so, basically keeping my options open! 😆
  10. lou24d53

    NBD - US Standard Precision

    Curious, is there much of a difference, if any, between the 2011 and 2012 Am Standard models? I’ve read pick-ups were upgraded on 2012 model on TB. I’m currently looking online at a 2011 model, but it’s too far away to try out and debating if it’s worth the gamble. Sorry, I just seem to be cluttering up your NBD threads lately with my own queries 🙄👍
  11. lou24d53

    Headphone Amps - Looking for Recommendations

    [quote name='CameronJ' timestamp='1509367975' post='3398338'] The headphone output of your amp will do the job fine. Even better if it has an Aux in. What amp are you running? The real question though is how mobile do you want to be? [/quote] It's a Genz Benz Contour 500 - http://www.genzbenz.com/?fa=detail&mid=2862&sid=705&cid=95
  12. Since becoming a first-time parent mid-August, I've been finding that my practice time at home has been pretty limited...the obvious main reason being that I have other things to focus on, but secondly, it's that I'm not wanting to practice at home using my main bass amp in order not to disturb the wee man when he's kipping...which would then lead me to incur the wrath of Mrs Lou...! I've been looking online at headphone amps, but to be honest, I'm not sure what I'm looking for, hence I'm asking for advice or recommendations on what's out there, preferably being Android compatible... Or am I simply best just sticking with the headphone output on the amp? Cheers, Dougie
  13. lou24d53

    Metallica /Trujillo

    [quote name='bassbora' timestamp='1509220313' post='3397436'] I saw them at Glasgow but was sitting up high and sound was awful. I have seen few bands there and usually sound sh*t. I have been a fan of Metallica since before 90 and really liked RT since ST and IG. Not sure if it works but I think it’s a match that should work. RT was on fire though and nice to see another Warwick player but I remember his days with Tobias. I never noticed Spector or Zon but what a good taste, the man is brilliant [/quote] I was standing, right of stage - well, at least where it would have been! The sound for the first few songs, Hardwired, Atlas Rise!, and Seek And Destroy was terrible - could hardly even hear any bass for these three songs, but it was gradually better each song and I’d say was fixed by Harvester Of Sorrow. Edit: Just edited as that in itself is ironic, Harvester Of Sorrow with audible bass...🤔😆
  14. [quote name='thepurpleblob' timestamp='1509094860' post='3396529'] I once turned up to an audition the evening after spending the whole wrestling the gearbox and transfer-box out of a BMW 4x4. I'd done so much damage to myself that I couldn't play a note. People do sometimes have off days. No, I didn't get the gig. I didn't like the drummer any way [/quote] I believe we very very briefly crossed paths at an audition, perhaps even the one you refer to...because yes, that drummer was a knob and although I was 'lucky' to be given the part advertised, the band less than spectacularly imploded in less than six months having never played a note outside of the rehearsal room, which was largely due to drummers aforementioned knobness!!