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  1. I've currently got an "Items Wanted" post on the go, so if this isn't allowed, please delete. I'm currently putting together a new bass build and I've been searching everywhere for a Dimarzio Model P pick-up - (Black Casing / Black Poles) - but there's absolutely none to be found anywhere, everywhere is out of stock, awaiting delivery. I called Northwest Guitars earlier, as they were advertised the cheapest I'd seen, but they honestly can't say when they are due in, can't even give an estimated delivery, saying there are massive stocking issues with Dimarzio at present. I know these come up fairly regularly 2nd hand, but I just can't seem to find any at all just now. Please help a bass brother out, if anyone knows of any in their local Music Shop, drop us a line or a PM, I'd be eternally grateful...!
  2. Greg bought my Quilter Bass Block, very prompt payments, perfect communications and seems a thoroughly a lovely guy to boot, thanks again for your business, deal with absolute confidence. Cheers, Dougie.
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  4. Jeezo, timing, just bought a brand new one last week as well...🙈...great price too...GLWTS
  5. Still don't need it, still nae money, but would love it...🤷‍♂️🙈
  6. Can I ask, where did you get the Status-esque pickguard?
  7. Oooh, that's lovely, I have no need for it, nor no money to buy it, but if I did, I'd have it...👍...GLWTS...
  8. lou24d53


    Paul bought my MXR Analog Chorus, great communications and instant payment, no issues at all, deal in confidence! 👍
  9. Basschat legend, great guy to deal with, very fast and extremely helpful communications, not a hassle in the slightest...top fella. Cheers, Dougie.
  10. Bought these brand new, just arrived this morning and found that I've stooopidly ordered the wrong size internal diameter. Of course, I could change them, but by the time I pay for postage there and back it would be pretty much pointless. Would cost £15.98 to buy new (including postage on top), so say £11 posted? * These are 6mm internal diameter btw, would have been helpful to note that! *
  11. Just bought a loaded Olympic White P-Bass body from Jon...whole transaction went as smoothly as it possibly could ever go...thoroughly decent guy, great communications and the body arrived, well packaged and secure...absolutely first class from start to finish... Deal in absolute confidence... Cheers, Dougie.
  12. Fender fit chrome hardware, £35 posted to UK mainland. Chrome bridge, looks 19mm spacing. 2 x Chrome knobs, with grub screws. 2 x Strap Buttons, with screws and grommets. 1 x Neck Plate, with screws and gasket seal. Pay by bank transfer only, thanks.
  13. Just completed a 'Grade A' transaction with Trevor who purchased my Fender Jazz AVRI and it couldn't have gone better. Perfect communications and seems a bloody lovely guy to boot. Trade with absolute confidence, cheers Dougie.
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