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  1. Found it... https://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender/American-Professional-Precision-Bass-Rosewood-Neck-Limited-Edition.gc Now that I like, the Surf Green works way better for me than the Shell Pink does...πŸ‘
  2. It's growing on me, the more I've looked at it...I've kinda normalised it now, since Saturday's first look... I still doubt, well, if I had the spare cash, that I'd part with the required to buy it... Though would like to see the Surf Green P...is that with the same similar rosewood neck / head combo...?
  3. I realise that, I've three matching headstock basses, but with a head of red wine it was the best way to describe it at the time! 😁
  4. https://www.guitar.co.uk/fender-limited-edition-american-professional-jazz-bass-shell-pink-rosewood-neck So this popped up on my Facebook feed...seems unique...not sure if I should like it or not, but the Swingometer is currently veering into the 'not' category... Think it's the matching rosewood headstock that's really troubling me, I like the concept, but that just seems completely the wrong colour scheme for me to get on board with it... Anyway, just thought I'd share, see what the Basschat brethren think...I'm off to bed to sleep of this red wine...πŸ˜‚
  5. Hi @walshy, maybe I missed it, but did you do any grain filling prior to starting with tru oil? I'm planning a similar build this summer, walnut body, 54p influenced and looking for tips! πŸ‘ Cheers
  6. Strung Out in Glasgow? https://www.strungoutguitars.com/repair-workshop/guitar-repairs-
  7. Unfortunately however, this is where we let ourselves down badly...uncontrollably badly... Fortunately, however Stevie Nicks was actually so intensively wrapped up in her magical performance that she did remain pretty much oblivious to the sheer lack of band control in the room...which just added to the surreal experience...
  8. Expect the unexpected, and try and remain professional and courteous at all times, even if what you're witnessing is bordering on the painful...! A wee story from a previous band I was in from 4 or 5 years ago when we advertised for a singer and got some very, very bizarre auditionees...the most memorable being one woman in particular who, via email communication, appeared exactly what we were looking for, but turned out to be as mad as a box of frogs...! We agreed a date to get her in the studio so sent her a few song titles to get started...the alarm bells should have sounded when she specifically asked if we could do Stevie Nicks, "Edge of Seventeen"...on her turning up, there was an immediate and obvious influence there...the flouncy black clothes for one and the overall general hippy exterior she exhibited...which certainly isn't a negative one if you can actually pull it off... The audition started...and so did Stevie...the singing was, well, incredibly "pitchy" I think the "talent" shows today kindly put it...it was actually God awful...but it was the stage histrionics which really done it for us...the down on her knees...the praying hands...the flouncing of her cape (!)...and I'm ashamed to admit, that me and the guitarist standing opposite each other locked eyes and basically lost it...we were uncontrollable...it was just all too much and too surreal, someone who so obviously couldn't sing, but had so obviously put so much into her acting out of the role of Stevie Nicks... Admittedly, this was all very unprofessional behaviour on our part, but we literally couldn't continue, we just got so out of control... So, moral of the story, don't do as we did...remain cool, calm and collected at all times...even if the audition is an immediate and obvious no-go from the off.
  9. You're almost giving this away!
  10. Please also post the reply...as I'm sure it won't be as polite as your helpful message...!!
  11. Had a 5502 about 6 or 7 years ago, awesome bass, but to be honest the neck was the reason I moved it on, probably the chunkiest necked bass I've ever owned, just couldn't get to grips with it at all. Stupid part is, I distinctly recall playing it in Guitar Guitar in Glasgow thinking exactly that too, but convinced myself the "chunkiness" would grow on me...it didn't.
  12. Looks real cool...πŸ‘ Curious though, why they call it a jazz bass special when its DNA is 80% (at least) precision...? πŸ€”
  13. An update to announce there's been no update since my last posts...well, other than I've had various components already delivered with some still on order awaiting delivery... HOWEVER...main point of post...I may need recommendations on replacement Tele necks if anyone can advise... I ordered an Allparts TBMO Bass Neck on 25th April, with the website saying there was a two week back order...however it still hasn't arrived and I can't say I overly enamored with Allparts general lack of response to my emails enquiring about it..."I will try and get an ETA for you..." then no response with me doing all the asking... So, if no suitable response forthcoming, may be a cancel, refund and look elsewhere...
  14. Here's what the Lakland website says... I'd say it is definitely chunkier than my Lakland JO Jazz, but certainly not to the extent of my Fender US P πŸ‘
  15. Yeah, it was a ball...everyone really friendly, looking forward to going back and playing at night though...πŸ‘
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