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  1. That's lovely, loving the birdseye board...wish I had the cash to spare...
  2. I recently put this together, my modern take on a '54P - first gig on Saturday night there, sounds maaaaaasive...!
  3. My recent 54P inspired build....
  4. To be honest, I'm utterly amazed that the phrase..."GIT TAE F**K...!!"...not to mention the tone that it's normally said in, could be taken in any way other than intended...!!!!
  5. Well, actually as it turns out, the only part of the neck which remains as being 'raw' Tru-Oil is the back of the neck. I had done the full fingerboard, neck and headstock with Tru-Oil, but to be honest, the more coats I added to the fingerboard, there was a 'guminess' to it at the frets, it looked messy, had a build of fibres from the cloth I had used (novice mistake, I didn't invest in 100% lint free!) so I ended up sanding it down and coating using a clear Nitro. Similar with the headstock, the Rothko and Frost decal I bought for it, the instructions specifically stated that they don't work with Tru-Oil, so I then had to Nitro both the front and rear of the headstock to apply it. There's a line literally behind the nut on the rear of the neck where the Nitro stops and the Tru-Oil remains...would need CSI to find it though if you didn't know it was there!!
  6. It's sooooo smooth, like glass almost. When I hold it up to the light, you can see that the grain hasn't 100% filled, but I'd honestly say we're talking higher than 95% filled though, as in that you can see the faintest of grain still showing, it is there ever so slightly, but you certainly can't feel it as it's so polished and smooth...so chuffed with it. Played it for a full rehearsal last night and honestly the sound coming from that Lindy Fralin split single coil just makes me smile so much, was cutting through effortlessly...I thought my 2011 US P had warm, punchy pick-ups, but this is next level. Making a minor tweak already, about to buy a Hipshot Bass Xtender to allow me to drop to D more easily, couple of we've only started doing since I starting this build that I need it for.
  7. A day late with this, but we had an absolute belter of an afternoon on Saturday playing at The Spree festival in Paisley in the Spielgeltent to over 400 people...we played the last slot between 4.00pm and 5.00pm when everyone was suitably watered, so it got a bit lively and dancey...! Set list was: "I Can't Explain"; "Substitute"; "The Kids Are Alright"; "I Can See For Miles"; "Baba O'Riley"; "5:15"; "Amazing Journey"; "Sparks"; "Pinball Wizard"; "See Me, Feel Me"; "Behind Blue Eyes"; "Won't Get Fooled Again"; and "My Generation".
  8. New (build) bass day. So I finally finished my build, so its happy new bass day to me. I wanted a modern take on a 1954 Precision, a la Mike Lull's 54P...so I made one at less than half the price. Tried it out last night at rehearsal and that Lindy Fralin pup is dynamite. There's a thread in the build diaries forum if anyone's interested in reading more. The spec was: Allparts Replacement neck for Tele-Bass - sold maple - no finish Lindy Fralin '51 P Bass, Split Single Coil Stellertone, Tonestyler Bass Ten Hipshot Ultralite Y Tuners, Shiny Chrome, 1/2" / 13mm Hipshot B-Style Bridge, Aluminium, Chrome, 19mm spacing – FM2 American Deluxe String Thru Hipshot String Ferrules, Chrome Hipshot String Tree, Chrome Allparts Tele-Bass Control Cover, Chrome Allparts Tele Jack Plate, Chrome Allparts Neck Bushings, Chrome Fender Neck Screws, Chrome Schaller Classic Strap Locks, Chrome Sonik Domed Control Knobs, Chrome Tru-Oil
  9. Finished...thumb rest and string tree now in position...👍... Very, very, very happy with it...only teeny, tiny gripe is that I would think more about the positioning of the decal in future, try set it parallel to the string line... Had use a nickel jack socket plate as the chrome one I had was too small, so may change that over too at some point... Ran through a few songs at rehearsal last night, man that Lindy Fralin pup is HOT...
  10. Nearly there... Just picked up from Strung Out Guitars in Glasgow, who have fitted the neck, new bone nut, shielded the cavities and wired up all the electrics... Minor buzz on the E string above the 12th fret which they reckon might dissapate once the neck settles, if not it might need some additional fret redressing later... Still to fit the string tree and thumb rest, which I'm going for the functional option of above the E string along the line of the neck, rather than the aesthetically more common / traditional placement... Sounds great running through the shops wee practice amp, full run through at rehearsal tonight...👍😎👍
  11. Ours is approx 5m by 1.5m, heavy duty PVC, with eyelets all around. We basically use as many large, heavy duty tie-wraps as required to fix it to anything suitable nearby. Looking into a free standing alternative for smaller venues.
  12. How'd I miss that...? 🙈 Thanks. I might contact them and see if they have them, or can make, with other pup configurations.
  13. Briefly, I'm only just starting out with the inception of it, but I've seen nothing so far. I play in a Who covers band, hence this design.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I've just finished my first self-build, and I'm thinking I'd like to maybe try again, but being a bit more adventurous in design. I can't seem to locate an explorer body that won't cost a fair bob though, Guitarbuild, Northwest etc., just P's and J's really...any ideas?
  15. Thanks, I was wondering if it was that, but I would've thought the hole would've been directly below the string rather than being offset, but I see it now...
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