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  1. Some people do those day jobs and still play in bands, fair play to em.
  2. Comparing the actual pa and back line to what is was years ago it’s a doddle nowadays. PA is lightweight gear/powered 2 x tops, 1 x sub, passive desk verses 2 x tops, 2 x large bass bins, power amps, crossover, desk. Personally my back line is Markbass verses a large stack of really heavy Trace Elliot stuff a few years ago.
  3. Only one. My norm used to three or four of the crazies after a day or two.🤪
  4. We have just added the Daryl’s house version of Heard It Through The Grapevine with Rob Thomas to our set, nice groove.
  5. I have heard somewhere that some of these wireless systems don’t work to well with active basses, is this true ?
  6. Just back from rehearsal, two new songs nailed and added to the set for our next gig.
  7. Totally agree, the Jazz Cafe, Incognito, food and wine, very civilised and chilled.👍
  8. To come together after learning all your parts beforehand at home and nailing the new song at rehearsal after going through it two or three times. 👍
  9. A good mix of Fairy Liquid and Cif will shift it.
  10. Just got back from seeing Gladys Knight in Nottingham, still has the voice at 76 years old !! Quality six piece band plus three backing singers, what I found refreshing is that she let each of the backing singers individually take centre stage at times during the concert. An amazing thing happened while driving through Lincolnshire on the way home, we saw a shooting star 🌠
  11. There is not one act on that poster I would genuinely go down the local pub to see for free. Now I’m really showing my age. This is what I would call a line up. https://www.ramblinmanfair.com/fair/line-up/
  12. Sorry, as previously mentioned, I have no access to SoundCloud, I’ll keep guessing the bass lines though. I will have to pass this on to someone else to put one on.
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