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  1. It’s more worrying when they do up the top button but leave all the others undone.
  2. One of the chaps on here plays with Stray, maybe he has some inside info on the cancellations.
  3. Bruno is actually a very good guitarist, probably better than Parfitt.
  4. Commercially based on US sales. Capt & Me - 2 x Platinum What Were once Vices - 2 x Platinum Minute by Minute - 3 x Platinum Like McDonald or not, the album sales proved it was a good decision.
  5. Love both of the versions of the Doobies, yes McDonald took them off in another direction, fabulous songs which made them even more successful, I would have doubted the longevity of the band if we didn’t have that McDonald era.
  6. Only watched half of the first show, utter sh*te. Read about the Justin Hawkins issue on the internet.
  7. Fantastic news, one of my favourite all time bands 👍
  8. Justin Hawkins has highlighted a point about the two females, Davina McCall and Rita Ora on the judging panel making lewd comments about him when in costume, this would be totally unacceptable if it were the other way around, good on him for highlighting it.
  9. We were rehearsing tonight and it flashed up on our drummers phone that he had passed away, very sad news.
  10. Thankfully, my wife also thought it was shite.
  11. I assume the folks on here doing in excess of 100 gigs per year are actually pro and doing it for a living, surely you cannot hold down a normal day job with that amount of gigs.
  12. I wonder if Nick Smith has it.
  13. I’m still not sure if the vocalist is a bloke or a woman.
  14. They are called Joseph, based in the USA, I would assume they were on tour over here at the time of recording the show.
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