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  1. Can’t move on stage for pedal boards. 😀 Phil Mitchell on vocals 😀 Nice one 👍
  2. Fitted the Retrovibe Stinger kit to my Sterling Sub yesterday, easy to fit with a few bits of soldering, really pleased with the new sound, pretty close to my original MM Stingray, can’t wait to try it at full gigging volume at the rehearsal next week. I can now get a nice clean snappy tone rather than the woolly sound of the standard fitted electronics. 👍
  3. Here’s his torched Strat, played upside down with standard string configuration.
  4. Voyager - American Journey Tribute band. These guys are superb musically and their vocalist looks and sounds just like Steve Perry.
  5. Just ordered the Stinger kit for a right handed bass, sorry but I don’t understand the bit about series/parallel switch you have mentioned.
  6. Just ordered the Retrovibe Stinger kit, hopefully a good £74 well spent to make my Sub sound a bit more like my original Stingray, love the walnut satin look and playability of the Sub, just not happy with the sound it produces, too distorted for me.
  7. Thanks for that, I will definitely be going for this mod.
  8. Anything by the great Roger Dean.
  9. For those of us old enough to remember record shops, every thing was alphabetical and categorised, that’s how you located your artist or band you were looking for. I’m pretty sure from memory, Deep Purple we’re in the Progressive Rock sections, this is not to be confused as Prog as we now know it.
  10. Take up guitar. 😀😀😀
  11. Really enjoying the Rudeboy programme on at the moment, some great tunes taking me back to my teens at the local youth club. We had Jamaican neighbours at my parents brand new bungalow when I started senior school, Joe and Anna and their six children, lovely people, they actually got my mum into reggae, she had a lot of singles on the Trojan label in our radiogram cabinet.
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