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  1. Also ensure the singer takes a cash/credit with them, remember the rest of the band have probably invested quite heavily in their own gear already. 🤔
  2. Just a quickie regarding rehearsing, our band (4 piece) usually rehearse at our singers studio at his home, under current restrictions we cannot legally start rehearsing until May 17th (can’t come quick enough) until groups of up to 6 people can meet indoors, we are not pro musicians, just weekend players. I assume our bass chatter stewblack is a pro player (lucky boy) to be able to get together with other musicians in a commercial rehearsal studio. Below are the current rules for commercial rehearsal premises. April 12th – Solo bookings, small groups from the same household, and working/professional musicians May 17th – Bands of up to six people June 21st – Open, no restrictions
  3. Sky Arts now on, Planes, Trains and Eric. Documentary on Eric Clapton Far East tour in 2014. Great look behind the scenes plus live concert footage, Nathan East on bass and the brilliant Steve Gadd on drums.
  4. Californication by RHCP for fun and no slap required. The toughest bit is over the guitar solo, stretching fingers to their limit.
  5. Just found this small no frills concert, raw power trio. Joey B knocking it out the park, superb bass played by Eric Czar and drumming by Kenny Kramme.
  6. There are special clubs people visit wearing that kind of stuff😀
  7. Surely any venue that is worth its salt and expect bands to do outdoor gigs, should provide weatherproof facilities to accommodate these type of gigs. They do around our way.
  8. Currently enjoying watching Bowie Glass Spider, superb musicians and I was surprised to see Peter Frampton doing lead guitar duties, fantastic player.
  9. Really enjoyed the Paul Rodgers interview, came across as a really decent and unpretentious person.
  10. A huge amount of bands have just stopped and not doing anything, including mine. F*cking virus.😤
  11. Smith/Kotzen, really liking this collaboration between Adrian Smith and Ritchie Kotzen.
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