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  1. Been out in Antigua for the last ten days and saw some excellent quality reggae bands, fabulous musicians and amazing female vocalists. One of the top bands are Spirited, a 7 piece including two female vocalist, featuring two ex world class cricketers, Curtly Ambrose on bass and Richie Richardson on guitar. This is a promo video doing a Maroon 5 cover.
  2. Been out in Antigua for the last 10 days and managed to avoid everything about this abomination of a music contest, I’m totally chilled and reggaed out at the moment.😎
  3. One of the first songs I played with a band on bass many many years ago, pretty sure we played it in D.
  4. The retailer often sells it to them at 50% of the mark up price (because they’re on the telly), if you or me went in and said I’ll give you half of what your selling it for, the retailer would tell you politely to fook orf.
  5. Then add a flame and end up with that burnt finish you always wanted 😀
  6. Went to the first two Knebworth Festivals, definitely paid for them, certainly weren’t free.
  7. Been playing bass for many years, before that I was a guitarist. Moving from guitar to bass it was natural to use a pick and I used it all of the time on bass for a few years, I gradually weened myself off it and now play predominantly with my fingers, so you could say my style has completely changed.
  8. All the warning signs are there, it ain’t gonna happen.
  9. I suppose it depends what type of covers you are doing.
  10. Cannot see any issue with this request if it’s a covers band. If it’s an established gigging band, they would already know every song on the set list, giving the person auditioning their own choice of songs (in this case four) from the set list is a great idea. The band would need to confirm the versions (formats) they play and what key if different from the originals.
  11. I thought all the ashtrays were throw away when the smoking ban kicked in 😀
  12. Just an observation, surely if you are doing covers and the original used a fretted bass, why use a fretless, it will lack the attack IMO. I would personally use a fretted most of the time.
  13. Excellent documentary, a very complex and at times a very un- likeable human being, but a fabulous musician.
  14. A 90 minute documentary on Ginger Baker, covering his 60 year career. The late great Jack Bruce is bound to be featured.
  15. Blimey, I thought the old page three girl Sam Fox had taken up bass 😀
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