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  1. Are you still able to continue rehearsing with Tier 3 being implemented up in your area ?
  2. I was over in SW Florida in 2007, I visited Sam Ash music store in Sarasota, I could have picked up a new Ray for $1200, the exchange rate at the time was two dollars to the pound, £600 !! I still kick myself for not buying one at the time.
  3. I have a teal one, I think you let yours go too cheap, mine has been my only bass and has been gigged for many years, still in almost mint condition, don’t think I would ever consider selling it.
  4. Here’s some from one of my all time favourite bands, Journey. Do You Recall Only Solutions A Better Life Ask The Lonely Don’t Stop Believin Escape Only The Young The Party’s Over Separate Ways Too Late Change For The Better To Be Alive Again I Can Breathe Precious Time World Gone Wild Look Into The Future It’s All Too Much City Of Hope
  5. We usually do this one for an encore. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top
  6. Walking by Myself - Savoy Brown or Gary Moore.
  7. Nineteen - Paul Hardcastle nnnnnnnnnnnnnnNineteen
  8. Agree about Jeremy Vine being a complete 🔔 end, I’m sure he thinks he is highly intelligent, he has a very blinkered knowledge, real world stuff, he hasn’t got a clue, some of his comments are embarrassing.
  9. Lizzy are one of my all time favourite bands, seen them many times way back when. I now try to see these guys perform whenever I can, the next best thing.
  10. This one has been dropped a semi-tone.
  11. I remember playing out in the sticks at a local village pub several years ago, we played classic rock covers and always went down very well with the punters. At the time I think our fee was £200, when we finished playing our last set the punters were calling out for more, we obliged and played a couple of extra songs, after these they were still calling for more and specifically wanted us to play Black Dog again, the landlord said if we played it, he would pass a glass around. When we were packing away our gear, the landlord paid us our £200 plus the contents of the glass which amounted to £50, that’s the most we ever got paid for one song.
  12. From the heading, I thought it was a Mustang car. I would pay that for the car, no way for a bass.
  13. Depends on how large the glass is.
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