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  1. I’ll be working my way through this -
  2. There are four of us in our band, all have different professions and mix with lots of people through work on a daily basis. We have the luxury of our own very spacious rehearsal studio (no one else uses it), but there is still no way, even though we are all good mates, would we even consider rehearsing together.
  3. Personally, I think bands practicing is a no no in the current situation.
  4. Is the company based between Soham and Newmarket ?
  5. It’s closed doors for the Queen Vic, the Woolpack and the Rovers Return then.
  6. Bo Jo has now informed clubs, theatres and pubs are to be closed until further notice from tonight, all gigs will definitely now be off.
  7. Guitarist started the intro riff at the correct tempo, when the rest of the band kicked in the tempo sped up and carried on speeding up, luckily for you it was at the correct tempo to start 👍
  8. In the current situation it looks sadly, that you will be busier than usual.
  9. At least you won’t have to worry about the skull guitar anymore.
  10. Just listening to it, yep, that will be us not gigging for the foreseeable.
  11. Two. MM Stingray 4 string in teal. MM Sub in Walnut.
  12. 23rd November 1971 Trapeze (Glenn Hughes) played at a local pub .
  13. I was the guitarist in Iron Maiden, but I left before they made it big time.
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