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  1. Love Sculpture AKA Dave Edmunds
  2. I didn’t realise Living In A Box, that band from the 80’s had reformed.😀
  3. Definitely, every band I have ever played in has been my type of music. I’m a weekend warrior and just play as a hobby, I would have zero interest in joining a band that played music I didn’t like. I totally understand musicians who rely on gigging for a living doing it, as they need the money coming in.
  4. Sky Arts tonight Saturday 21st May at 11.30pm. The Doobie Brothers - Let the Music Play. The story of the band from its beginnings in 1970. Update - It’s now showing as starting one hour later at 12.30am.
  5. I was really into all of the following in the 80’s, managed to see them all live in concerts. Simply Red INXS Go West The Christians Terence Trent D’Arby
  6. Sky Arts tonight/morning. 1.45 am Beth Hart live at the Royal Albert Hall.
  7. Paul Rodgers - Muddy Waters Blues Album. A raft of guest guitarists, top players and superb tracks.
  8. In answer to the posters question. When the utilities bill drops through the letterbox.
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