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  1. The Pretty Reckless, what a glorious set of pipes she has.
  2. Due to no gigs since March 2020, mine has reduced quite a lot.
  3. Quite a mix this week. To Love Somebody - Bee Gees Moby Richard - Zeppelin Iron Man - Sabbath Jean Genie - Bowie
  4. Cracking Joey B track, brilliant bass playing by Michael Rhodes.
  5. Well said, that’s exactly how I feel regarding chasing landlords for gigs, not the time.
  6. This beautiful song by Gloria Estefan, stunning vocal makes the hairs on my neck stand up.
  7. Didn’t need one this year, every gig we had was crossed out ☹️
  8. The wife and I had our flu jabs (first for us) on Wednesday, I think we were in and out within fifteen minutes, no side effects at all.👍
  9. If you play in the Bowie tribute circles, you must have come across my old friend and former band mate Paul Henderson.
  10. Steely Dan for me, incredible musicianship and tighter than a gnats chuff whichever line up they are using.
  11. Unfortunately this will be the case with pubs/venues in lots of towns and cities in the U.K. ☹️☹️☹️
  12. Fingers crossed, on a beach in St Lucia, it all went tits up this May, so we booked again for May 2021.
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