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  1. steantval

    Unsung Brit Bass Hero.

    Colin definitely did a stint with Whitesnake on a tour, not actually a member of the band as such, hired as a bass player for the tour as I understand. He was also involved in Mick Jaggers solo album. Pretty sure he is now the bassist for Ten Years After.
  2. steantval

    Gregg Allman band ?

    A question was posed by the original poster, so why bother commenting on this specific post and it’s not your musical genre and you don’t care. 🤔 Blue Planets just started, so I’m outa here.
  3. steantval

    Gregg Allman band ?

  4. steantval

    Gregg Allman band ?

    Allmans etc have always been known as the Southern Rock genre, that goes back as far as the 1970’s, it’s not something new. Most of the acts on the Capricorn record label fell into that genre.
  5. steantval

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Lewis Hamilton’s ex.
  6. steantval

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Check out The Voice, Nicole Shirtywoman is turning into a MJ lookalike 😱
  7. steantval

    How was your gig last night?

    Happens far to often, especially when a new owner/manager takes over a venue. 👎
  8. steantval

    Band Banners - is there such a thing as? YES! 😁

    A very large Red Indians home 😀
  9. steantval

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    We as a band have decided not to incorporate any Cyril Smith tunes in our set.
  10. Unfortunately it’s retail in general, music stores included. I and probably a lot of folks on here are all as guilty for purchasing via the internet.
  11. steantval

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Not sure any of his songs would fit in with our genre and set list, so not something we would need to consider.
  12. steantval

    Guitar Tabs, Very bad news

  13. steantval

    Can you hear it?!

    I wished I hadn’t done this, I now have serious ringing in my ears, tinnitus.👎
  14. steantval

    First gig with new band. Del Bromham/Stray

    Stray were my best pals favourite band when we were 14 years old, I’m pretty sure they are based in the Herts/Beds area.
  15. steantval

    What are you listening to right now?

    What a cracking bass tone.