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  1. Attended the first one in 1974 and the second in 1975.
  2. Is Sting using the same bridge on his new album, it looks very similar.
  3. Just watching a cracking documentary on Sky Arts - Phil Collins: Going Back To Detroit.
  4. Nice clip. Is your waistcoat a hand me down, your vocalist was wearing it five years ago 😊
  5. 7.00pm tonight - My Planet Rocks with JJ Burnel A one hour long interview, plus him picking some of his favourite tunes.
  6. Brilliant album cover design, summed up that era.
  7. I don’t do any of my own improvised bass solos, not my bag. I played in a pretty well respected Free tribute band for a few years, Mr Big had to be in the set, I learnt Andy Frasers bass line including the solo, note perfect, that track always went down a storm and it was really nice to get some extra special personal applause when our vocalist said it featured me on bass. 👍 A very good local rock covers band used to have Mr Big in their set, if ever I was out and about watching them, Dave the bass player would drag me up on stage to replace him and play it with the band. Sometimes it’s nice for the bass player to be recognised.
  8. A quick heads up. Sky Arts - Friday 12th November - 11.00pm Bad Company live at Red Rocks
  9. My only purchase is a Retrovibe Stinger kit which I fitted to my MM Sub, transformed the sound, it’s now my regular gigging bass over my 90’s Stingray. Best £70 spent this year.
  10. I think the term I used to describe myself in the day, was rhythm guitarist, I was never really good enough to be lead guitarist, far too many notes to remember in solos.
  11. The little 9 year old girl is a joy to watch. The 15 year old lad has a great technique, but it just leaves me cold. I remember many years ago when I was playing second guitar in a band and we were auditioning for a bass player, the guy was a bedroom player and had some seriously good technique, as demonstrated while we were setting up, unfortunately, when it came to playing with a band he was just awful, bad timing, couldn’t lock in with the drummer.
  12. Just got back from the Wishbone Ash gig tonight. Awesome bass tone from Bob Skeat, it looked like he was playing an Ibanez 5 string through an Ashdown rig, it was great to see a bass player going straight into the amp without any effects pedals/unit.
  13. Going to a Wishbone Ash gig on Tuesday.
  14. BBC4 this Friday at 11.45pm. On Bass - Tina Weymouth. I’m pretty sure it’s been on before, but for those who want to see it again or haven’t seen it, check it out.
  15. Dave, I hope you all got paid well for all that hassle and added expense.
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