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  1. The main guys from The Little River Band, still sounding great, lovely harmonies, in their day I always though they sounded a lot like CSNY.
  2. We play Walking in the shadow of the Blues in our set, cracking tune.
  3. I have recordings of tracks I played years ago, there is no way I could play some of them now, I am now a lot older and do not have the dexterity.☹️
  4. On Radio 2, Ken Bruce after doing the daily pop master quiz, always plays a long track when it’s over, it’s pretty well known he either goes for a pee or dump during this time.
  5. Plenty of time to learn how to play both at the same time. 😀
  6. That will be difficult when playing live 🐙
  7. Let’s hope the weather is good, because I’m pretty sure they can only be held outdoors and not inside pubs.
  8. There were two fundamental errors mentioned on the list, out of tune and out of time, having an off day is no excuse IMO.
  9. A lot of us in bands have been in these situations many times before in either putting a band together or auditioning replacement members. Expectations are really high based on previous communications and when it comes to actually auditioning them (if it even gets that far), they have nowhere near the capabilities they have talked themselves up to have, reality soon hits and it’s a massive disappointment. We know how you feel, keep at it, you may have a few more to weed through, but you will find someone suitable at some point.
  10. These ladies really kick ar*e, great musicianship. Not an originals band, but a fabulous tribute to Deep Purple.
  11. He’s another Andy (AKA Pete), can’t have three Andy’s in the band. 😀
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