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  1. One of my favourite bands, seen them twice, top quality musicians. Found another great vocalist in Arnel Pineda to replace the legendary Steve Perry.
  2. Pet Shop Boys, tonight Mathew I’m going to like sound like Al Stewart.
  3. Keith Emerson proved you don’t have to be boring behind a keyboard.
  4. Let’s not forget the young lady who used to dance in the buff at old Hawkwind gigs. Her name was Stacia.
  5. None of them, I don’t drink on gigs, so it would be a couple of diet Cokes. Although I’m not into gigging for the money, I usually come away with £60 in my pocket, taking a loss or getting a couple of drinks is taking the p*ss, the only folks taking money are the promotors or venue. If you are an originals band I can see the point of taking these type of gigs to get the band exposure.
  6. A conflict of interest will occur sometime in the future, it’s what happens when musicians play in more than one band.
  7. I thought this thread was going to be about either Bob Seger or Metallica.
  8. I would have thought you would be listening to Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas 😀
  9. Can’t beat a bit of decent sub, so much more bottom end especially with the kick drum.
  10. No problem playing with the bass, not sure about the combo being loud enough for live gigging with our band, it would require being put through the PA.
  11. Seen a vid of you guys before, I must repeat that your vocalist has a superb voice (proper singing), in another league to these all sound alike modern lispy female vocalists.
  12. Blimey that’s £15 to £20 on strings per gig, hope you get well paid gigs.
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