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  1. Well worth it for the price 👌
  2. First impressions are that it sounds excellent, ive never had the ultra... Ive only got the B7k and B3k to compare it to so dont know if its supposed to be slightly different sounding 🤷‍♂️ i know the mid EQ points aren't matched with the ultra and B7k anyways. This pedal definitely has a similar sound but is a bit different ... More smoother ssounding distortion (less high focus) Its not exactly like my B7k but overal decent for the price. I think i prefer my B7k, but if it broke this would make the grade as a replacement 👍
  3. Came home to it today. Ill have a blast after dinner, the feel of the pedal actually feels quite premium
  4. Now the B7k.... I wonder if there is anything Darkglass could do about this?http://www.demon-fx.com/index.php?c=show&id=47
  5. Great price. that mid switch makes it another kind of animal, miles better than the original imo
  6. Ahhh.. ..completely forgot about that model, 🤦‍♂️
  7. I know its a sire par etc... But very cool looking imo... No just a fender style
  8. These look gorgeous https://www.solokingguitar.com/products/soloking-mj-1-classic-bass-in-pewter-grey-with-roasted-maple-neck, and the price 😲 But the shipping 🤔. Still not a bad price overall i guess
  9. Now in a smaller package, surprisingly good quality and sounds wonderful... £20!!😲 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114854801274 Bit o spray n new knobs 👌
  10. ive had big gas for one of these, very nice.
  11. Nice looking bass 👌... I was expecting to see a god awful 80's pointed headstock
  12. I snagged it £61 Hopefully the switches are up to it
  13. Got it for £73 all in all (not in 2nd hand ultra bracket) might be utter chaff or it might be surprising 🤷‍♂️. I think that the majority who could afford the darkglass equivalent new or 2nd hand would buy Darkglass(excellent quality as well as sound).... But as wrong as this is, if its any cop it might give those who cant afford it a tase of the just Hype. We will see if its crap or passable when i can Ab it? . I know its wrong but i dont think dougs sales will be affected .
  14. Im waiting patiently for a P5... Not showing in stock for weeks n weeks. Its a shame they dont do a natural like the v5 or a black though
  15. Ive just ordered one out of curiosity, it wont replace any of my Darkglass pedals but will be intresting to AB against them....even if it doesnt have the DG sound it Might make a nice on/off drive with all the options 🤷‍♂️.
  16. £73 on Ali express.... Less than quarter the price https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005002722840302.html Some right cheeky Af rip offs on the demonfx site😲 I cant imagine the quality will be any good imo though, reviews are positive mind
  17. Where are they selling these? I have a B7k and B3k... May be interesting to try it 🤔
  18. There's copying a pedal then there's copying a pedal 😮 bit naughty really
  19. Forgot about this.... Back on my list it goes, looks a cool little thing
  20. I only flipped my peg as i get gas to easily..... For what it was designed to emulate it excelled. Sure ill get one again down the line
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