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  1. Ooohh, most useful, thank you
  2. Thanks JimH sounds like a good one Dumb question - does it sound like a Jazz (albeit boosted and active and stuff) or do the humbuckers make it into something else?
  3. So, a month down the line - any good? Quite interested in one of these but can't find much in the way of reviews...
  4. anzoid

    NBD - must be my 5th or 6th Nanyo

    Now I need to go check mine to see if I've got the strings the right way wound...
  5. anzoid

    NBD - must be my 5th or 6th Nanyo

    Very nice! Quite a range of shades in the photos. You know where to send it when you decide to sell
  6. Just taken delivery of one of these (not ash's though). Awesome little piece of kit. Knocks the socks off the TC Electronic BG208 (which I also have). This is a crazy good price too!
  7. I've got The Greek's old purple SB100 and there's no way he's having it back (sorry... not sorry :D). I did have his fretless too... but that is now elsewhere... somewhere near Trowbridge when last sighted (I realise I am just so crap at fretless :D)
  8. That is stunning!! GLWTS - Guess you're not interested in trades? Do you have a Dalmatian? Cos in the photos on Google all the pictures move (or I'm going stark raving mad...) and there's a reflection of what looks like a dog
  9. anzoid

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Not to derail too far... I'll take a look, thanks
  10. anzoid

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Currently four - visited Bass Direct last week and traded three basses for a Dingwall ABZ4 - not quite sure how we're getting on so far - fanned frets aren't a problem, but the four way selector is proving to be... odd. Also got a Sterling Ray 34 that came secondhand from Andertons - trans white and it arrived the day before my visit so never even made it to the website - lucked out on that one as it's wonderful! There's a Hudson PB5 that is waiting for some TLC on the fretboard and, last but by no means least, a Bass Collection SB100 in metallic purple that used to belong to The Greek and which is the only one that's not on the "might sell this" list. Max I've had at one time was seven, four still feels like too many.
  11. anzoid

    Fretboard staining

    Thanks Grangur, hadn't thought about painting it... will investigate paint options
  12. anzoid

    This is not Andy Baxter!

    @vinorange have seen a few of these crop up - in particular a 5-string Steinberger for £1.32... craazy deal Initially couldn't find a way of reporting - the eBay help docs talked about a button that didn't exist. So I tried bidding on the item and it soon disappeared - obviously the person putting these up doesn't want to sell on eBay so any bids kinda ruin the plan. I eventually found a rather long winded way to report but the item didn't disappear... so bidding seemed to do the job when the official channels failed.
  13. anzoid

    Fretboard staining

    I have a relatively cheap Hudson PB5 that has turned out to be quite a nice bass that I'm "stealthing" (photos will inevitably follow...). The fretboard looks to have been stained but the job wasn't very good and it's a bit streaky. I would like to make it as black as the rest of the guitar (and hardware). I found a thread on fingerboard staining: The OP talks about using "Fiebings Leather Dye" and says that it was oil based. I've found the oil based version on Amazon (at a price...) I would quite like to end up with a slightly shiny (think Ebanol) look so wonder if this would be suitable - the non-oil based version specifically says "it is very hard to buff". I've read that India Ink produces a good effect but don't know how it copes with play wear. So, looking for recommendations for a black stain that I can buff to a light gloss and which won't lift off on sweaty fingers (The Fiebings may be the one... but would like to be sure.)
  14. anzoid

    One of a kind Curbow

    I think there's enough paint over the luthite that the luthite is safe from harm, though when I see one for sale with chips through to the luthite I steer well clear - that stuff stinks even with paint over it... Would love a 5-string Curbow... but will pass on this one.
  15. anzoid

    Steinberg XT25 vs Hohner B2

    Couple of photos: