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  1. anzoid

    Another couple of Dekos on eBay

    More from barmcgabarr have just shown - looked at eBay's "Report an item" options but they have nothing that covers this kind of sharp practice... the "closest" option is "Fraudulent lIsting activities" but the following option is just "You suspect that a listing is fraudulent". Nothing else fits and I can see that just being ignored. The people who do this are complete tossers.
  2. anzoid

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    Well, any weight lost from the sale of gear brought for that purpose will be made up in Frittata, cherry scones and chocolate cake... we're doomed
  3. anzoid

    I want one of these !

    At least you could reshape it when you got tired of its current vaguely pointy ugly shape. Or use it to make biscuits.
  4. anzoid

    Warwick confusion

    As long as you leave the 4-strings to me My fretless Thumb impresses me more and more each time I pick it up. Anyone got a Korean WPS 4-string fretted they want rid of?!? Anyone...?
  5. anzoid

    Warwick confusion

    Now there's only Rockbass, Pro Series Team Built (made in Germany) and Custon Shop Master Built (big money...) The current Pro Series seems to be pretty much equivalent to the old Standard series German Warwicks. There are also older, discontinued German Pro Series (I think their serials started GPS, but can't find any picture) that replaced the Korean Pro Series after 2013 when production moved back to Germany. Not sure how older Pro Series relate to newer Pro Series The Warwick site has a Support page which is great for a deep dive into discontinued models: http://warwick.de/en/Warwick---Support.html You can select the "Brands" and then choose models and stuff. Bit of a rabbit hole of information So, yeah - Rockbass is still the budget line (though prices have shot up ...) Old Pro Series - same hardware, good body woods, mostly maple necks, though it looks like the Corvettes (Ash or Bubinga bodies) may have had Ovangkol or Wenge... consistency in marketing and all that... New Pro Series - pretty much like the old Standard series with Ovangkol and Wenge. Custom Built - go talk to your bank manager first Overall - I'd buy an older German Warwick (or another Korean Pro Series Thumb if I ever see one...)
  6. anzoid

    Warwick confusion

    I think you'd need to look at the serial number the Korean Pros should (I think, and someone may correct me...) start "WPS". There's a Thumb fretless on eBay at the moment: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warwick-Pro-Series-Thumb-BO-4-String-fretless-Bass-Guitar-2011/113415570013 and there's a picture of the back of the headstock that shows the serial number format. The 11 at the end is year of manufacture, so for a Korean Pro Series you'd be looking for 11, 12 or 13. (That one is more than twice what I paid for mine... so not sure if I just got an absolutely amazing deal, or that one is seriously over-priced...) The original Rockbass series had some good basses but the looks weren't all that and they had one piece bridges. My Corvette was active but ate batteries and had other issues so was returned for an ESP LTD 5-string (this was back in 2010). I had a modern Rockbass Corvette passive 4-string a little while back and it was very very good, and I'm not sure why I sold it really. On Thomann you can buy Warwick hardware and you can but a cheap bridge which is of un-specified material and a brass bridge which costs about three times the price. At a guess the Rockbasses will use the cheap bridges and the German Warwicks will probably use brass bridges - though whether that would be Master Built & Team Built... I read somewhere (sorry, no link...) too that whilst all Warwicks use MEC pickups (which were developed in-house by Warwick after things fell through with EMG, related to the history of the Streamer, Spector and certain lawsuits), the preamps vary on the active basses. So, Rockbasses get generic, no-name preamps whilst Pro Series and German Warwicks all get MEC preamps. The modern (post-2013) Pro Series looks pretty nice. Andertons have a GPS BO Thumb currently at £1,300 (https://www.andertons.co.uk/warwick-bass/warwick-gps-thumb-bo-4-in-solid-creme-white) which looks rather nice - completely out of my range but it has Ovangkol for both body and neck, but hard to tell from the picture whether it has the bell brass frets you get on older German Warwicks. And yeah... Warwick seems to love making things complicated to follow. After I got my Thumb I spent quite a bit of time trying to work out exactly where it "fits" in the Warwick line-up And I still can't quite work out if I got an amazing deal, or just paid an average, reasonable price for it. (Very happy with what I got for the money either way!)
  7. anzoid

    Warwick - Rockbass vs the Gerrmans

    You should be able to pick up a decent condition German Fortress around the £500 mark. (The Bass Gallery - with which I have no connection... - has a couple at the moment for a bit more than that.) The original series Rockbasses (which had the Rockbass logo) are a mixed bunch - I had a Corvette that was dreadful. The newer Rockbasses look much much better, but given that second hand German Warwicks are still very good value for money (though prices seem to be going upwards...) it would be worth hunting one down in preference to a Rockbass. Also keep an eye out for second hand Korean Pro Series basses (now discontinued) - they sit somewhere between the Rockbasses and German Team Built/German Pro Series basses and are very good (but seem pretty rare), but not sure they ever did a Fortress.
  8. anzoid

    Warwick confusion

    LeftyJ has got it apart from the older Pro Series - 2011 to 2013 - these were Korean rather than Chinese and used (as far as I can work out...) the same body woods as their German compatriots but had maple necks. The electronics were the same as the German models - MEC Gold pups and preamps. Rumour is they were discontinued and production moved back to Germany because they were competing just a little bit too well with the German models of the same era. They originally retailed around the £900-£1,000 mark as best I can discover. I've just bought a Thumb Pro Series bolt-on fretless and it has an Ovangkol body (with high polish (poly?) finish), maple neck with tiger-stripe ebony fingerboard and is a seriously good bass for the money it cost me. If a fretted Korean pro series Thumb came up I'd buy it in a heart beat, and probably be willing to pay a couple hundred more than I payed for the fretless... yeah, got (I think) a bargain.
  9. "tads strong" - I feel you have a gift for under-statement. SGC Nanyos are lovely, I've had a couple and they are very very good. But £1,000 for that with the damage highlighted... somewhat aspirational. (Which may also be an understatement... but GLWTS to the seller...)
  10. Absolutely Swapped out for black it might look halfway decent though? Wonder what the quality is like - if the body and neck are good could be worth a punt for putting in some new pups and stuff.
  11. Looks like someone is ripping off Warwick, who ripped off Spector on this particular design... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sx-Arched-SWB1-Electric-Bass-Guitar-RRP-399-99-Warwick-Jazzman-Style/292981220727
  12. The look of resigned weariness that says "How the hell am I going to get that out the other end?!?"
  13. anzoid

    Entwistle JBX Pickups *SOLD*

    Bought a pair of these from Mr Wishbone - they're pretty immense and sound good. Also, very easy transaction and stuff arrived well packaged... someone buy these!
  14. But you can still buy the one on the private account using the "Buy it now" button?!? One claims to be a 2000 model and the other is 1998... so something ain't quite right.
  15. anzoid

    Get your STATUS-GRAPHITE basses out!

    I absolutely love Status basses - pretty much any of them have been on my GAS list since forever, since I started to play bass. I have had the pleasure of owning a 5-string Streamline and currently have a Washburn Status S1000 - and overall just cannot get on with the wide flat necks The hugest disappointment because everything else about them is wonderful and seeing all these beautiful basses... sigh.