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  1. Thunderbird is go

    I messaged the seller about this one as I was quite interested (note the "was") - apparently it is rather on the heavy side and a bit of research suggests that the body may be plywood. It's still up for £250 but I think that is possibly a bit overpriced. Also didn't like how the jack socket had been modified - if you wanted to put a normal P-bass scratchplate back on it you'd be left with some mess to sort out, shame really.
  2. Feedback for TheGreek

    Mick just sold me his SGC Nanyo fretless (finally :D), easy deal - good comms, arrived as promised in great packaging and is a truly lovely bass - and to p**s off the h8ers... it plays like buttah... nah, just kidding, but it is a very nice bass, practically plays itself.. Thanks Mick. I'll be after that 5-string next... hold me back!!
  3. Hohner B2A

    Looking for a Hohner B2A fretted to go with my recently acquired fretless - and to replace the one that was my mine bass for 15 years and which I sold to a friend years ago. Needs to be in excellent condition (or as much as can be expected for a bass that might be over 20 years old...).
  4. Nanyo 5 Bass in Iridescent Ivory Pearl

    [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1509732646' post='3401317'] Adrian (Anzoid) if I ever think about getting rid of the fretless I'll send you a PM. [/quote] I'll be here waiting Don't take too long And I'm so tempted by this one too - the SB100 is my "go to" favourite bass since it joined the collection. Gigged it last Sunday night and it was magnificent. You just can't go wrong with these!
  5. Nanyo 5 Bass in Iridescent Ivory Pearl

    Mick, you ever want to sell that fretless then I'll take it off your hands!!!! Would love this one too but [a] got no money for it and [b] I don't do fivers anymore
  6. [b]Best:[/b] Bass Collection SB100 (from TheGreek) - now sports a KiOgon loom and SD Quarter Pounders (P/J) and is an absolute monster that plays beautifully. [b]Worst:[/b] Steinberger Spirit XT-2 - absolute piece of junk with a bad paint job and poorly finished body and neck. Arrived one day, got shipped back (at my expense) the next day. The day after that I bought Paul S's Hohner B2B and I'm very happy with that.
  7. Line 6 G30 wireless in good condition. Missing metal belt clip but comes with Levy strap-mountable pouch. Receiver has velcro on it. Transmitter has been well looked after and the plastic door works properly (always a bit of a weak spot on these...). Will include a set of rechargeable batteries. The PSU isn't the Line 6 original but does the job fine. Will also include a decent cable to go between the transmitter and guitar - neutrik (I think...) connectors and good quality cable. £95 shipped - 2nd class signed for in the UK. Contact me for shipping abroad.
  8. Just bought a Mark Bass Octaver pedal from Mart. Great communication, speedy delivery in a well wrapped package and the pedal is in perfect condition and does the job superbly. Thank you!
  9. Feedback for itsmedunc

    Sold my Tascam GB-10 to Dunc. Excellent communications, speedy payment - easy person to deal with Thank you!
  10. Just putting out a feeler... bought this to learn some stuff and have had no time to use it and the opportunity has pretty much passed, so I don't really need it. Useful little gadget though, and costs around £125 new. This one is as new, apart from the box which is tatty as anything. Plug in and play along to your MP3s. Visit [url="http://tascam.com/product/gb-10/"]http://tascam.com/product/gb-10/[/url] for the full details. Price includes shipping, a 2GB SD card and a set of rechargeable batteries. No USB cable though. [attachment=255490:tascam_gb-10-2.jpg] [attachment=255491:tascam_gb-10-1.jpg]
  11. TC Electronics Ditto £60 shipped - perfect working order. Bought on a whim... and then I realised that I completely lack the wherewithal to do anything interesting with it... No box or instructions but will be sent well packaged. [attachment=255135:tc_ditto-1.jpg]
  12. Scott Devine copies Lozz196

    I've ended up blocking him on Facebook - took a few attempts to swat every different thing he seemed to be using to try and get to me. Definitely lost me as a potential customer to his programme because I have no desire to be inundated with push notifications of every little thing that he outputs.
  13. Bloodstone - anyone tried their pickups?

    No-one tried these? I don't know whether to just go with the DiMarzios I was originally thinking of, or take a punt on a set of these and let you all know what they're like...