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  1. anzoid

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    I'm in if there's still space
  2. £520, which isn't too bad I guess.
  3. And it's gone - anyone here?
  4. Looks like a Status Energy - http://statii.com/status_cats/catalogues/3/cat_1998status_page08.jpg
  5. anzoid

    Prison worthy "upgrades"

    I don't think "upgraded" means what he thinks it means...
  6. anzoid

    Hohner B2A

    This the one? https://www.hohner.de/fileadmin/documents/service/guitars/Gitarren_Hohner-HistoricalModels.pdf Can't remember which thread I posted it in, but I seem to remember there was some surprise at how bad Hohner had been at recording their own history
  7. anzoid

    Inspired to try

    Funnily enough, that's one I would walk right past as visually I find it totally uninspiring - even while recognising it's most likely a very good bass. But not a P-bass person either - prefer 80-90s style headless basses. Takes all sorts
  8. anzoid

    Madness NYE

    An article on JKG where Mark's bass is mentioned: https://www.pressreader.com/australia/guitarist/20180112/282930975749387
  9. anzoid

    Madness NYE

    OK, think I found the bass - it looks like it's a Joseph Kaye Guitars custom build - found a gallery on Facebook, so not sure if this link will work: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Josephkayeguitars-The-london-workshop-142235195836790/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1197588173634815&__tn__=-UC-R
  10. anzoid

    Madness NYE

    First two verses of "Wings of a Dove" was painful but the rest - very enjoyable, but spent most of the time trying to work out what brand the bass was - family wouldn't have appreciated me pausing the show for a better look...
  11. anzoid

    Ampeg or Orange?

    I've just acquired a couple of Ampeg SVT210AV cabs (pictures to follow, etc.) - running from the TC Electronic head in in my BG250-208 they sound pretty immense. I'm thinking I'd like to try out a new(ish) amp and the current options (both of which I can get for around £250) are an Ampeg PF-350 or and Orange Bass Terror (2nd-hand). From the little I've been able to find out about the PF-350 it's works quite nicely with a pair of SVT210AVs and sounds pretty good. For the OBT - apart from Happy Jack's re-valving thread from 2011 I've not seen a huge amount about these amps. Is there anything I should be wary of when buying (sight unseen, but from a shop) 2nd-hand? Any recommendations in the £250 bracket?
  12. anzoid

    Musicman Stingrays - Overrated ?

    You joke (perhaps...) but was in a guitar shop that had a secondhand Ray 34 in superb condition. Someone else was trying it out and it sounded rubbish through an MB CMD121P - weak and lacking. They put it back on the wall and left. I had a go and was unimpressed. Grabbed a sales person and asked if he would check the battery... lo and behold, it didn't even have one in it. He popped in a new one, I tried it out and it came home with me and was very pleased for the money I didn't actually keep it - neck was just a bit too chunky for me, but made some money on the sale (which is pretty much a first for me...).
  13. anzoid

    Does anyone have a Steinberger Spirit XT?

    For anyone still following this thread... Would anybody be interested in a straphook for their XT-2, XT-25, Hohner B2A, etc.? I have the possibility of placing an order for some properly made and finished straphooks that will shift these basses into a more manageable position for those of us that don't have arms like orangutans. If there's interest I'll put in an order and put together some packages that would include the straphook, felt washers to go underneath and two screws in black of the right dimensions (the screw on the XT-2 I have wouldn't fit through the hole) and P&P. If you're interested, message me for more details. Would need about 10 people for this to be worthwhile - are there even that many of us who play these?? The metal is not as thick as the Steinberger straphooks, but looks to be about 1.5mm, gives slightly but seems solid enough. The finish is good. The pictures:
  14. anzoid

    Wall hangers - good or bad?

    Oooh, nice. Would need two brackets for the bottom strap buttons to keep everything balanced, but that's a rather neat system. Now just need to see if the missus will let me drill holes in the walls... I'm notorioulsy bad at DIY
  15. anzoid

    Wall hangers - good or bad?

    Any ideas for what I should do with this one?