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  1. anzoid

    This is not Andy Baxter!

    @vinorange have seen a few of these crop up - in particular a 5-string Steinberger for £1.32... craazy deal Initially couldn't find a way of reporting - the eBay help docs talked about a button that didn't exist. So I tried bidding on the item and it soon disappeared - obviously the person putting these up doesn't want to sell on eBay so any bids kinda ruin the plan. I eventually found a rather long winded way to report but the item didn't disappear... so bidding seemed to do the job when the official channels failed.
  2. anzoid

    Fretboard staining

    I have a relatively cheap Hudson PB5 that has turned out to be quite a nice bass that I'm "stealthing" (photos will inevitably follow...). The fretboard looks to have been stained but the job wasn't very good and it's a bit streaky. I would like to make it as black as the rest of the guitar (and hardware). I found a thread on fingerboard staining: The OP talks about using "Fiebings Leather Dye" and says that it was oil based. I've found the oil based version on Amazon (at a price...) I would quite like to end up with a slightly shiny (think Ebanol) look so wonder if this would be suitable - the non-oil based version specifically says "it is very hard to buff". I've read that India Ink produces a good effect but don't know how it copes with play wear. So, looking for recommendations for a black stain that I can buff to a light gloss and which won't lift off on sweaty fingers (The Fiebings may be the one... but would like to be sure.)
  3. anzoid

    One of a kind Curbow

    I think there's enough paint over the luthite that the luthite is safe from harm, though when I see one for sale with chips through to the luthite I steer well clear - that stuff stinks even with paint over it... Would love a 5-string Curbow... but will pass on this one.
  4. anzoid

    Steinberg XT25 vs Hohner B2

    Couple of photos:
  5. anzoid

    Steinberg XT25 vs Hohner B2

    Just looked back through some photos and my older Spirit XT did have EMGs... so that's probably the version that is worth looking out for. The XT25's pickups were unbranded and quite rounded off compared to the EMGs of the four-string. As I remember it the sound was pretty good, but the pickups weren't high output by any means. I no longer have either bass
  6. anzoid

    Steinberg XT25 vs Hohner B2

    Yeah... don't bother with the latest version XT25 - low quality is an understatement. Pickups are weak, body shape is just wrong compared to the B2, and fit and finish is laughable. I bought a four string Spirit XT online and it went back the same day it arrived. Complete rubbish. That's the current batch. If you can get a slightly older XT25 then it might be worth it - you'd need to look for something the same vintage as the Spirit XZ series of bodied/headless basses so, I guess around 2012-13 (maybe even earlier... can't quite find a reliable date at the moment...). I think the pickups tended to be squarer, and may or may not be branded. You won't find one with EMGs that's for sure, pickups might be branded "Spirit" in their script style lettering, if it's "Steinberger" then that probably indicates a later model (to be avoided). They also used quite rounded off pickups for a while... they're kind of low output but not too bad. As you can tell, going by the pickups is a bit difficult. You really need to look at the body shape - the latest ones are just more squared off, slightly broader "shoulders" compared to older XTs and the B2s. The transition from the neck to the body is also rougher, not quite so refined on the latest versions - just doesn't look (or feel) as good. Personally I would absolutely hold out for a Hohner B2V as it will be head(less) and shoulders above the Spirit, particularly if you can get an active with EMGs in it.
  7. bartelby - I ended up emailing the vendor of the Gotohs I'm interested in he said that 3L+2R was correct - so the eBay one looks like it's wrong. T-Bay - think I'll probably go for the Gotohs, the ones currently on the Hudson are... OK, not great on tuning stability for an otherwise very nice bass, and considering the price I got for, putting £50 into it for tuners isn't so bad. I put Gotohs on a Bass Collection SB100 a while back and was very pleased with the result... so probably worth the investment.
  8. Thank you! This is what had got me confused: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2L3R-Black-String-Tuning-Pegs-Tuner-Machine-Head-for-5-String-Bass-Accessory/282820547793 3R+2L that's the same way round as the Schaller set (and the ones on the Hudson). But I've read (somewhere...) that you just look at the front of the headstock - count the ones on the left, count the ones on the right and that's what you order. Maybe I should stick to 4-string...
  9. I recently picked up a black Hudson PB5 (kinda Cort Curbow style thing) and it's crying out for a bit of an "all black" stealth look. I've managed to find the exact same bridge in black and now I'm trying to work out what to do about machine heads. It's 3 + 2 but I don't know whether I should be getting 3L+2R or 2L+3R. So, can someone tell me, based on the attached pictures, what I should be going for? Thank you! And are those £10 sets of machine heads off eBay any good, or should I put on some Gotoh 707s?
  10. anzoid

    Feedback for mr.noisy

    Met up with Pat in Southall, Tesco's car park, to conclude the sale of an MB NY121 cab. Pat was there ahead of schedule and the exchange was swift and easy - only shame was that neither of us had more time to stand around chatting. Pat's an excellent bloke to deal with - great communication and a man of his word.
  11. anzoid

    Ibanez 5-string neck - Spector 5-string neck

    Still looking like an Ibanez (and JimBobTTD, your comment pushes me even more in that direction ), but Schecter basses have just come onto the radar and they look as though they have similarly slim necks... and look like they're a lot of bass for the money. Particularly drawn to the Stiletto Stage 5 which is neck-thru with MM style humbuckers. Any thoughts?
  12. anzoid

    BreadBin Feedback

    Met with Brendon Sunday to trade my SGC Nanyo fretless for his Cort Curbow. A real pleasure! Got to see his bass collection, try out a nice Spector 5-string and have a good natter about bass guitars - altogether an excellent outing! Brendon is friendly and easy going
  13. anzoid

    Ibanez 5-string neck - Spector 5-string neck

    Thank you both for the comments. After much experimenting with 5-strings (expensive hobby...) the Ibanez I tried is the only one that works due to a very weird shoulder problem I have. Much as I like the look of the Spectors, if the neck is chunkier than the Ibanez (even though nut and string spacing seem to be about the same) then it won't work out. So, looks like it'll be an Ibanez - l'll survive
  14. anzoid

    Kinda NBD - NS Design Radius

    That is gorgeous! Nowt else to say really
  15. I'm on the verge of buying an Ibanez 5-string, had one to try out for a few days a couple of weeks ago and the neck fits... I found I really got on nicely with the 16.5mm string spacing at the bridge, 45mm nut, and slim neck profile. But... I'm wondering... how do Spector 5-string necks compare to Ibanez ones? I believe the Legend series (and Rebop?) have 16.5mm spacing at the bridge too, not sure what the nut is, but is the neck similar in profile to an Ibanez? There's no way I'm going to be able to try out a Spector anytime in the near future. Any thoughts welcome on quality comparisons between, say one of the new Ibanez SR875s (or the SRMS805 fan fret) and either a Legend 5 Classic (or Custom) or Rebop 5. Thanks!