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  1. anzoid

    Rare Basses

    Yeah, you'd think Hohner would have better records of their own instruments... maybe a new Hohner thread is in order to try and gather together everything known about B2s Jacks, B basses and all the rest. When I started out playing back around 89-90 I had a Westone Spectrum Series 2 in red, it was... a bass. A mate had a Hohner B Bass (black I think) and, wow, would have loved that bass but so far outside my price range at the time it was unbelievable. Got my first B2A in 95 from the classified ads in the back of the local paper. It was listed as simply a Hohner B2A, no other info, guess you had to know what that meant. He was asking £100 for it and, to be honest I was expecting a bit of a dog at that price - but it was immaculate. Seller was a semi-pro bassist retiring due to arthritis, he just wanted it to go to a good home. I like to think it did, had it as my only bass for nearly 15 years and it travelled a lot. Finally sold it to a friend who was just learning bass - one of my few regrets.
  2. anzoid

    Rare Basses

    Yeah, the B2 five-string is definietly worth a mention (and a picture). It doesn't feature in the PDF I linked, but I'm not convinced that everything is in there anyway - there's no mention of the B2A, though the B2A FL is in it... strange omission really. The Jack II is a very nice oddity, for which I have plans
  3. anzoid

    Rare Basses

    Not sure how rare this is - a newly acquired Hohner Jack Bass II. It's passive with a bolt-on neck and PJ pickups. I knew that Hohner did a bolt-on B2, but I've not seen one of these before. Don't think these are the original pickups, but they sound very good. Tone pot does absolutely nothing though For those interested in old Hohners - found this recently: https://www.hohner.de/fileadmin/documents/service/guitars/Gitarren_Hohner-HistoricalModels.pdf - the Jack Bass II didn't come out until 1991... whereas the (more common?) 4-string Jack Bass was in production from 88 to 93.
  4. That looks like it is in excellent, even amazing condition!! And all original too... nice. Just bought a Jack Bass II - passive, bolt-on PJ otherwise would be all over this. GLWTS.
  5. anzoid

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    Looks really good
  6. anzoid

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    @DarkHeart Did you paint the body yourself?
  7. anzoid

    Travel Bass

    Another option might be Anygig basses - https://www.anygigguitar.com/model/anygig/anygig-agb.html Full-scale, look to be pretty lightweight and cheap on eBay - around £200-220. It's got a piezo rather thahn "proper" pickups I've got a Steinberger XT2 and it's very transportable... and got an Anygig bass strap holder on its way to add to the Steinberger to make things a bit more comfortable.
  8. anzoid

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    Drool worthy photos is cool as far as I'm concerned - not sure what the protocol is in Gear Porn threads Although this is a yellow bass thread any photos of your Factors would be welcome... I wonder if there's a Kubicki porn thread... So, now I'm going to have to track down an unknown person (Dutch apparently - - thanks @LeftyJ - way to make the GAS even worse :)) and see if they want to sell... or maybe not, got no money for a Factor anyway.
  9. anzoid

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    It's rare that I get jealous of other people's basses - I'm generally pretty content with my collection - but this, oh wow... this is... yes please when you decide to sell it - which you never will
  10. anzoid

    Does anyone have a Steinberger Spirit XT?

    Hi @Kev Jefferies and welcome to the forum! Sounds like an interesting mod as most other mods seem to go the other way - trying to extend the neck strap button out from the body. OK, time for the questions... Have you found moving the strap button to the new position has affected the balance at all? And does it make the strap tight as you've got more of loop going on due to the distance between the strap buttons? Do you have any photos of the mod plus "in use" on a strap - I don't think I would be the only one who would be interested to hear more about how it's working out and see what it all looks like
  11. anzoid

    Feedback for Chewie.

    Just sold a Markbass amp to Chewie - brilliant transaction. Time spent having a drink and chatting basses was time well spent. Great communications and everything - A+++ and all that stuff Thank you!!
  12. anzoid

    New TC Electronic heads

    As long as they don't charge TE prices for it...
  13. anzoid

    Ibanez SRF705-BBF ... catchy!

    Just my opinion - have had four basses with Mk1s and they've all been a little bit disappointing *for me* - which makes me wonder why I kept buying 'em So I'm just offering a point the OP may want to consider in what is/are otherwise very nice basses. Glad your experience has been better than mine.
  14. anzoid

    Ibanez SRF705-BBF ... catchy!

    Not tried the five string but had a the four string version for a while. Very nicely made - typical Ibanez quality etc. Pickups are the standard Bart Mk1s - you either love em or you don't. I find them a bit "meh" personally - adequate but nothing to write home about. (Don't know whether a set of Nordy Big Singles would fit - they'd make for a massive improvement...). Where the SRF700 shone was the piezo in the bridge - so smooth and gives an extra dimension you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Double bass type thump and pretty mellow - no harshness that I've had with other piezo equipped basses. You can mix the piezo and the ordinary pups which makes for some nice combinations overall. Overall: Pros - build quality, bridge piezo. Cons (well, more like OKs) - Bart Mk1s
  15. anzoid

    New TC Electronic heads

    That BC208 cab looks rather nice - if it would fit size-wise under a BG250-208 then I reckon I might give one a spin.