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  1. A lovely collection And having visited BreadBin and played most (or all of these...) I have to say the man has impecable taste in basses. The jazz second in from the right at the top is, in particular, a thing of beauty and plays and sounds so good. For me... I'm down to one - a Warwick Rockbass 4 LX in metallic blue that I picked up for a very reasonable price recently. Everything else apart from my TE Elf + 2 Ampeg 2x10 cabs has been sold. I would probably like to add the Rockbass's fretless brother (sister? sibling...) at some point, but hard to justify at the moment as I only play at home and haven't played anywhere else in rather a long time. My musical attention is mostly on computer-based music these days, even the bass is virtual...
  2. Just had a very good experience with BTN Music - https://www.btnmusic.co.uk/ - bought a bass on sale but a look round the site shows a very good selection of bass hardware - Hipshot (US and Licensed), Schaller, ABM, Babicz and even Yamaha (wish list started..) Also Some Wilkinson pickups at good prices, though not a huge range - guessing would be able to get stuff in if requested. When I placed my order I got a call from Alex, (one the directors no less) and had a chat about Warwick basses and importing stuff from the US. So, great to have a supplier of bits and pieces who is friendly and keen to help. Recommended, A+ and all that
  3. Bit pricey and doesn't look to be all original either. Shouldn't have that LED above the jack socket. And there's a third toggle switch been added - looks like the new one is in the original hole and a new hole has been drilled between and the old toggle put in the new hole... I think those toggle switches are quite fragile as quite a few pics online show at least one replaced, but none with three toggle switches. And definitely none with an LED. So, unless the owner can say exactly what's been done to it I'd pass, even though I'd quite like one of these (and not at that price either...)
  4. I've had a cheap (RedSub/Gear4Music) 5-string fan-fret up for sale on a Facebook group and finally it got some interest and I got it out of its case to check it over and have a play... and now I'm thinking whether I really do want to see it. For what I paid (less than £200) it's a pretty stunning bass. Only reason to do so is to help fund a pair of Chowny SWB-1s - fretted and fretless - but its sale is not essential... Would it make me a complete jerk to just tell the guy I've decided to keep it?!?
  5. Thanks. Going to be hard to beat the £15 it was going for on Amazon... but £30 isn't horrendous...
  6. Ah well, that's the end of that then I guess Such is life. I'll have to nick borrow @BreadBin's copy
  7. Well, when you all get bored of your copies (as if...) you know who to send them to - the queue is growing longer
  8. Glad you got a copy I ordered mine 14th Feb and that got cancelled...
  9. Out of interest, do you remember when you ordered your book?
  10. Thanks for the idea... have done the same. Seems unreasonable that they cancelled a series of orders and now the book is available and apparently being shipped... As you say, let's see what happens.
  11. This would look so cool with an Elf amp perched on top... at least one part of the rig would be an easy carry.
  12. So, we won't get to see you in this neck of the woods?
  13. You could gig it for a couple of weeks and just lean it against the amp and hope the drummer doesn't trip over it... instant relic!
  14. Could do a setup for him and get it ready for collection - maybe a bit of light relicing... 😈
  15. Well, if you win and come down this way give us a shout and we can have a meet up!!
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