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  1. Will give that a go, thanks Overall, is the noise potentially a sign of imminent component failure? Because I could probably live with it at gig levels...
  2. Thanks @grandad I used to have a BG250-208 and it was a great little amp. From what I've read about SMPS issues - whistling as identified by @goingdownslow can be due to bits having come loose, or being bashed. So, I'm guessing that the amp was fine when it left the send, but had a few bumps along the way. The packaging was OK, not double boxed, but also no evidence of damage. Kinda sucks
  3. Thanks @BassBunny - brought it into work with me this morning to see if it might be an EMI thing (which apparently can affect SMPSs), but it made the same noise. Tapping the case made a difference - the noise changed to a rapid ticking noise. Well, looks like it's going back... which sucks because the basic tone of the amp when you tune out the noise is good.
  4. Hmmm, that is definitely a possibility - from a very unscientific test of putting my ear to the amp, the noise does seem to be coming from where the power supply is from looking through the grill. Realised the noise also starts well before the fan kicks in... Easily fixable (like £50 or less?), or do I just send it back? And edited to say - thank you!!
  5. Just bought a secondhand TCE BH250 amp off of eBay. Condition externally is good. It powers up fine but there is a constant whine that I don't think is the fan. Listening up close to the amp it sounds like a tiny little modem is screeching away in there. It's loud enough that playing sitting next to it in my room with volume at a quarter and all the controls flat it is noticeable. From across the room you can hear it when nothing else is making a noise. I would imagine that at a gig it would be almost un-noticeable. I'm reluctant to open it up - thought trying to disconnect the fan to see if that was the cause. When the mute switch is engaged the tone of the whine changes pitch slightly. Wondered whether this is a sign of imminent component failure? Any ideas what it might be? So, am I being overly critical of a cheap amp or have I been sold a duffer? Could this have been from being rattled around on route? It came in the original TCE box and a thin layer of extra cardboard. Does anyone know of a quick fix - or whether this is even just a TCE thing?? Not fancying the hassle of boxing it up and sending it back, but not exactly happy with it either. Sorry for so many sub-questions! Any help appreciated!
  6. Fair enough. May I suggest an update on the eBay page, because if I bought that and I looked the bass over and found that chip, I'd be super annoyed because the rest of the bass is otherwise impeccable - and rather tasty
  7. Noticed the eBay listing doesn't show the chip on the lower horn that appears on all the listings here... hmmm.
  8. Beautiful piece of work! I had the privilege of seeing this whilst "under construction" when I visited Tom to buy his Warwick Thumb. The body was (is) graceful and carved with real attention to detail and form. Would love to try this out!!
  9. Thanks for all the advice! Very much appreciated. I'll definitely look for an amp with SpeakOn jacks - it's kind of annoying that the super-mini amps I'm interested in tend towards jack sockets @BassBunny - thanks for suggesting cables from your clearout I'm thinking of making my own - not exactly rocket science but fancy having a go!
  10. After an age just using a small combo, I'm about to take possession of a couple of Warwick Gnome 1x10 cabs, each rated at 150W. They'll be powered by an as yet unpurchased amp - probably 200-300W max, so a little one. I'm planning on getting some custom cables made - speakon one end, jack or speakon the other depending on the amp I end up with. Looking at customs cables... I can have 2×1.5mm²,2×2.5mm², 4×2.5mm² or 2×4mm² cores. I have no clue as to which would be sufficient and/or worth getting. Advice very much appreciated from those who know their cables!!
  11. Bought recently from a fellow Basschatter. Apart from my fretless Corvette, not played anything else since.
  12. Bought an Ibanez SR500 off eBay a few years ago. Bass arrived rattling around in the box and the neck at a rather funny angle - could fit a couple of fingers in the neck pocket. Had been shipped ParcelForce. It went back to the seller who said he'd claim on the insurance. Didn't like to tell him he'd not have much luck there...
  13. Have just bought Tom's Warwick Thumb custom - and feeling like a very lucky bassist indeed. Tom has been superb throughout - great response to messages (and dumb questions) and was willing to hold onto the bass for me until I was able to drive up to pick it up. A wonderful welcome on arrival and a very nice hour chatting basses. The bass itself is gorgeous and exactly as described in the ad - the mods that Tom has made are all spot on and complement the bass nicely. Thank you!
  14. Have to admit it's not had a lot of play recently - so just dug it out... it's passive and setup VVT. The EMG Selects are OK, sound is quite tight and solid but not got a huge range of tones. Bottom end is a little thin. Don't think anyone would mistake it for a proper Q series v2 Steinberger. I like it though, it's very light and plays nicely - I like the neck profile - 38mm at the nut but thicker front to back than your average Jazz. I also have one in cherryburst (not for this thread :D) and put EMG HB pickups and EMG BTC System in it - that one rocks and I guess is as close as you're going to get for the money.
  15. Steinberger Spirit XZ-2.
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