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  1. Mica Paris in fame the musical. Bloody awful show.
  2. Thanks, I think thats more to do with the router bit ,then to do with me!!🤣🤣
  3. I think I will go natural on both of these? Maybe with a bit of pop to the ash grain. At least painting I know I can do!! Cars anyway!!
  4. Clue... Prejazzion Bass Got carried away with my felt tip!!
  5. Anyone notice the deliberate mistake!🤣
  6. Thanks for all the advise everyone👍 Thanks to you all I have managed a what I consider fairly proffessuonal cut and body route on my Ash Blank.
  7. Good points and bad points..... So glad I decided to do a practise one..soooo. I still have all my fingers I am still pleased with it But had a bit of break out. My own fault the first one was the very first touch, didnt have the router going fast enough, second was where Ithink I may have made contact with the bit a bit to heavily . Still...got a feel for it and a bit of confidence. May have a go at the ash soon.
  8. Geat pics thanks. I guess the only bit that was worrying me is the large horn. But with the dual bearing bit on the new 4 flute bit i guess I can just turn it upside down so I can still route right to left.
  9. So as i suspected it is not entirely possible to follow that map.
  10. To be fair how close i am with the bandsaw i think it is going to be ok. Yes I shall be using a template. Also purchased a 4 flute bit today which are quite well regarded.
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