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  1. I am toying with idea of routing the bridges in about the thickness of the bass plate to try and avoid any shimming being needed later on.
  2. The Black Limba body is a bit thick at 50mm. So after some rummaging in the garden and shed I managed to make this completely out of scrap. Works really well. It cost me nothing which is just how i like it. The grey noard was" salvaged" from a skip outside howdens. 6ft end panel with a tiny mark.
  3. I had a go at routing the actual bass today. The Prejazzion Found the pickups more tricky. Then rouned the edges. I may have done this out of sequence with the body contouring. I love routers!👍
  4. May have a go at the Ash one tomorrow. Jazz basses are a mystery to me so where does the larger pickup go? Thanks. May have a go at a neck after. Just neet to know the order. Cut neck shape Fret Carve? Thanks
  5. What do you think? Maple or rosewood?
  6. Longest build ever Had to replace the entire roof on my garage so the basses came to a stand still. Any hoo Today i gave routing the cavitys a try.
  7. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant-Billy Joel Boys Dont Cry, The Cure Happy Hour , Housemartins.
  8. Surprised at tokai Using ply. To be fair As the neck was off, I gave it a set up and a new set of 110 rotos. Sounds thunderous.
  9. Going to withdarw this and use the neck in a project.
  10. No I do not think its Ply. I shall whip it apart tinight and have a look in the pocket.
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