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  1. Just came across this from an old auction. It was new to me so thought i would post the link. Thought it was quite interesting. Imagine what the actual one would fetch! https://www.julienslive.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/216/lot/89733
  2. Thanks very much. Had a really annoying slight buzz on A 5th fret so had the neck off and gave it a flat and crown.
  3. Couldnt wait till tomorrow! Play great new set og chrome flats. Lovely.
  4. Really pleased I asked your advice guys, I went for bronze, the gold was tok blingy. Well chuffed with the overall look. Love it. Bolt the neck on tomorrow and tuners and see what it sounds like.👍😍😊
  5. Ooh hadnt thought of gold knobs.😊
  6. Which bridge do you think guys?
  7. Got some lacquer on the limba body today. Hope to be playing it by the end of the xmas hols.😊
  8. More luck than judgement I feel!!😂
  9. Not very wavy. Should it be? Its hard to tell what it should look like!
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