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  1. I did a days course Here. https://www.guitartechcourses.com Loved it and has saved me a fortune. I am doing the fret leveling one this month.
  2. He is also selling a Genuine Wurlitzer as well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Retro-music-centre-/113766178186?nav=SEARCH 😁
  3. It really is a lovely thing. Just not using it compared to my Maple boards.
  4. Oh yes of course I am Adamant that we have those.😁
  5. I am in "Perro Tarquin and his amazing Tricorn Hats" We do not have anyone called Perro.....or Tarquin come to think of it.
  6. Sold J a yamaha motion Bass, Top comunications and really nice guy to deal with. Thanks very much👍
  7. Purchased Tobkits from John one p bass and one jazz. Both superb quality with a lovely tone. When I went to fit the jazz one this weekend I realised I had lost the wiring instructions. I messages John and had an almont instant reply. Thanks very much
  8. I sold Andy, A Yamaha Pulser body for a project that he was working on. It was a pleasant and smooth transaction from begining to end. Highlr recomended.👍😁
  9. Sold My P bass to Tricky...smooth as a smooth thing to deal with. No problems at all!
  10. Cheers mate. Only just seen this. A pleasure.
  11. I would not have a clue how to take, edit and post a video!
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