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  1. Why am i tempted by this? Do i need it? No. But there's something great about these...and £500 is right on the money. I won't wish you good luck with the sale because i kind of want to get it. As a friend of mine once said, "if you bump into my ex-wife, no regards".
  2. hi jonny. I saw you're interested in an Ibanez - perhaps this will work for you... I'd be up for trading my Ibanez BTB Premium plus cash for this. I've been after a Spector for a while... please see my ad on here for info on my bass (just look up Ibanez BTB - it's the one with the two videos) it's on here for £1050. let me know if you're interested. cheers, mike
  3. Ha- @glassmoon thank you very much. Get in touch, we can maybe cut a deal. I'm in north London so perhaps a delivery is possible too!
  4. I am interested but ideally I'm after a black tiger (i prefer the look of the darker wood). Whether the elite is better is down to the taste of the individual i guess. However i would like a 19mm string spacing with a Smith sound. How much is shipping to the UK?
  5. The name Elite, does that mean a different wood top on the body? the wood looks a little lighter colour than others. Also is this bass still a Black Tiger or does elite nullify that? What year is the bass and how do you ship? Insurance etc? great looking bass. thanks, mike
  6. I don't even want a 6 string and i have an Ibanez BTB1825 for sale on here so why do i want it?! That's a good deal.
  7. To anyone who knows... What is it about these custom shop basses that makes them so expensive? (How much are they new!?) Is there a discernible difference from a USA made stock model? GLWTS Jack.
  8. Short video using my ibanez BTB 1825. I'm playing straight into logic using the SSL2 interface. this bass is up for sale in the "for sale" part of basschat. thanks for watching...
  9. Those are much better pictures. Great looking bass! Yeah I'd love the 36" scale...
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