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  1. Still looking for Yamaha BBNE2 or BB1025...someone must want to sell!

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    2. NotAsGoodAsJaco


      Thank you! Yes, I saw this. I think that 1700 is right at the top of the price range for one of these basses (this one is from 2001). 

      Great bass but still a factory Bass...

    3. pete.young


      Current list price for a new one is around £3900, according to Yamaha Music London

    4. NotAsGoodAsJaco


      I know! Completely overpriced in my opinion. 

  2. Still looking for a Yamaha BBNE2 and/or Yamaha 1025. Let me know what you got!

    1. thebigyin
    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Must admit - I do like the look of the 1025....
      Not as nice as a TRB1005 in red / orange though! ;)

  3. Is the bass still active and passive with the same range of controls as a regular sire?
  4. It's an amazing bass and I wish I could keep it because there's nothing else like it for me...however the 18mm is just too tight for me. It feels like my hand is cramping up! i really got "bass shop fever" - the guy at bass gallery Camden is very helpful though and does a great job. sure, if you want to get in touch, please feel free. mike
  5. Get the -27db ones! They are great. I've been a pro musician for 30 yeras and I've been using these for about 10. i had the -25db ones before they made a new model at -27db. Anything you put in your ear for protection will affect sound obviously but I just love how these things are. My original pair came with -15db I think but I've used the maximum ones as I say for about 10 years. I can still hear conversations, hi-hats and any other high end frequency and I can also easily hear my bass. good luck. mike
  6. I'd fix those bridge saddles before selling and definitely before buying! Wrong way round surely!
  7. Hey. Did you buy the bass in Bristol? I’m not getting an answer from the op

    1. NotAsGoodAsJaco


      No I didn't. He said he had someone viewing on Saturday I think. Was this you?


  8. Hi there. Still have the bass? I'll be in Bristol today so could collect. mike
  9. Hi OJ. UK based. Somerset or London. thanks mike
  10. For sale. Beautiful Ken Smith Black Tiger 5 from 2011. Comes with everything shown in the photos (Smith case and strap, spare set of Dunlop strap locks and Smith letter of authenticity). I bought this from the bass gallery in Camden in Sept of 18. Tried it in the shop and thought it was amazing. It is amazing! However, for me the 18mm string spacing at the bridge is just too tight. It's a dream bass for me - the tone, the options, the feel, the look of the wood, the neck, the body...everything is incredible but being as I have rather large hands I just can't cope with 18mm. Looking for serious offers on this price. Postage and pick-up can be arranged. Good luck, Mike
  11. hi there. sorry if you have answered this before but is the bass till for sale if so, where is it? thank you. m
  12. anyone got one of these recently? (or anyone selling?) just trying to get one now with the 9v input option.
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