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  1. Oh I see. I thought these basses were around the 2k mark.
  2. Just to let you know I recently saw a BBNE2 for sale on here for £1475? It was a very cheap deal but I just thought you should know how cheap these basses can go for so as not to undervalue your bass if you're considering a straight swap. Good luck.
  3. Anyone got aSpector Euro 5 LT for sale?


  4. Another for Laurence Dixon. He's far from you but if it's a fairly quick job, he may be able to turn it around in one day while you wait. parking is right outside the shop and it's at south London prices (£2.70) per hour? He is very close to herne hill station so if you can park and ride, that might work. Great guy though. Very knowledgeable and helpful too.
  5. All good advice. Relax the right hand as much as possible. I'm a pro player on double bass and I never practice for more than an hour on the day of a gig because as sure as anything I'll (wrongly) play two or three times as hard as I do in practice. I'm working on endurance, playing in a more relaxed manner and breathing. Bananas!? Sounds good, I'll check that out on the next "three banana" gig!
  6. I think that they mean, as long as the bass is covered by a hard/soft case? I hope so, as I have insurance with Allianz. Been pretty good, no excess but expensive and covers unattended vehicles (but I believe the vehicle must be broken into and not left unlocked by accident).
  7. All of the above is great advice...simandl, using the bow and developing left hand. I would add triads! Play major, minor, diminshed and augmented triads just over the first five "frets" (from low E to C on the G string -fifth "fret"). It's a practice regime I got from Gary Willis and it is pretty mind blowing. If you want to know more about it, feel free to send me a message. Or just check it out. Good idea from above to introduce the double bass gradually and if you're using an EUB, you won't be short of volume and feedback won't be an issue. the Latin bass book by oscar stagnaro is the best Latin book I've ever seen. I use it inside and out - sometimes I just put a metronome on or a drum groove and play any Latin tune as swing, it's great for reading! Anyway, good luck. mike
  8. That's exactly right and that's why it's so difficult to understand. I'm going to remove both the E and B string to measure the distance between the two bridge saddles as they should be 19mm. The older string that came fitted with the bass was a slightly narrower B so may not have been as noticeable. It's a real freak out though... Your annotated diagram was really helpful and i sent it to my luthier.
  9. The E string saddle seems parallel to the A string. I can see what you mean about the screw at the front of the (B) saddle can be loose or may have even been drilled incorrectly?
  10. The "gap" you've highlighted in yellow is exactly what i noticed as not being flush but i thought that was deliberate as i think the the G string might look like it does the same? Your help is v much appreciated.
  11. Thanks. That's a great answer. The bass is brand new and everything is very tight but i will have a look at screws etc. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. When i looked at official ibanez pictures, it does seem as though the B string bridge is not straight and is therefore deliberate. What do you think? Mike
  12. Can anybody help!? Recently bought a new ibanez btb 1825. Just changed the strings to Elixir nanoweb long scale with extra long B string as it is a 35" scale bass and the regular long scale B is too short. Since changing strings there is now a noticeable difference between the B and the E string in terms of string spacing. It is narrower than the 19mm it should be. I know that as these two are the thickest strings, the distance between their edges will be smaller but their middle to middle distance should still be 19mm. It wasn't a problem with the strings that were supplied with the bass. Also the btb has five individual bridges and the B string bridge seems slightly squint- this may be deliberate as im sure these basses and computer manufactured. I'll try and attach two photos- one of the B bridge and one of the B and E distance. Any help gratefully received!
  13. Hi. Where is the bass located, what's the scale length and string spacing? Thanks
  14. Great bass! What's the string spacing at the bridge and the width at the nut, please?
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