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  1. Yeh I agree the G&L L1000 would be perfect....just don’t have deep enough pockets.
  2. Right, got some money burning a hole in my pocket for a new used bass after selling my old trusty Jazz. I'm pushing 50 and play in a old school rock band (Cream, Hendrix, Bowie etc) so looking for something with old school tones and plenty of low end, I don't often need to play with a pick nor do I ever have the need to slap. So I was thinking, Yamaha BB 434 or G&L L2000 Tribute what are your thoughts, finger pointing or experience? BTW I live in lower bumble f*ck my local shop has 3 random basses so please don't say go and try them as I can't without travelling halfway across the company and I'm too lazy to do that....I know in an ideal world I would try them but there isn't such place. Thanks in advance. P.S I might go 5 so Yamaha BB435 or G&L L2500 makes no odds.
  3. If I had some gigging money coming in I would have this in a shot
  4. Because it’s a one of their new digital amps and you can’t drive the pre amp, sounds good eq is excellent..... just can’t drive it.
  5. Some advice please, before I buy and have to sell another wrong pedal. I’m looking for an always on pedal to go in front of my new Ashdown D class amp to give it some warmth and a little drive but only when I dig in. I’ve tried the Boss OBD-3 and Bass Big Muff both are great but even at their lowest gain settings they cause too much overdrive. I don’t want to spend a fortune so no Darkglass etc pedals. Pedals I’m considering - EHX Bass Soul Food EHX Hot Tubes TC Electronics Mojo Mojo Joyo American Any observations, suggestions greatly appreciated.
  6. Fender Jazz 1962 reissue Made in Japan in the early 90’s Black with tortoise shell scratch plate Refretted in the last 12 months by James Millman in Bideford. http://www.millmanguitars.co.uk/ Upgraded Schaller 3D bridge, greater mass and fully adjustable including string spacing Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pick-ups and I have the original pick-ups The bass is pushing 30 years old so is showing some wear but no major knocks or dinks. Some lacquer has come away at the neck socket but hard to see.. Priced to sell at £650 or would consider trade for quality 5 string. Would prefer collection but could organise postage at your cost.
  7. Cheers KiOgin, one last question. The neck black has three wires? Two coming from the pickup and one going to a copper plate, do I connect all three of those to the bridge white?
  8. Some advise from someone cleverer than I. I want to wire my ‘92 MIJ Jazz in series l using just the front volume knob for both pickups and keeping the tone knob as is. I’ve looked at various wiring diagrams and I thought it looked easy until I opened up my bass and got scared. Can anyone give me an idiots guide on what wires I need to solder and where.
  9. Thank you all for your words of wisdom, after much thought the Yamaha BB734a in coffee sunburst has won it for me. Now comes they hassle of selling my Jazz ....wish me luck.
  10. Looking to change my early nineties Fender Jazz MIJ to a modern P or preferably P/J style bass. I’ve been thinking either the Yamaha BB734, Sandberg Electra or Schecter CV 4. Any input on these basses? Am I missing another obvious winner bass around the £550 to £800 range? i live in outer bumble [email protected] so please don’t say go and try them all......cause that ain’t an option.
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