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  1. Mmm.. interesting Any sound samples of the fx out yet. Or are they based on the core of the B3 fx. Particularly focused on envelope filters and synths. Cheers
  2. Source Audio Manta Bass Envelope Filter. Offers and array of filter options. Good condition. £90 posted within UK
  3. Hi, I have the above bass which I love dearly. It sounds great the neck is totally ace. However the only gripe I have with it is the solid body. I find that after playing for a while it becomes uncomfortable on the forearm. So I wondered what are the alternatives in the stingray/sterling family with a contoured body and a 38mm nut. Thanks in advance. Tony
  4. Hi, this has probably been covered a million times. I just wondered if anything had changed sine we left EU. Looking at buying a Helix Stomp XL from Thomann as a lot cheaper than UK. Didnt want to be stung on any import tax. Thanks in advance
  5. EHX Bass Mono Synth in box, like new, never been out of house. £75 posted within UK
  6. GK MB200 Bass amp head Great little amp, sounds ace. Has larger feet added so it clears cab handles. £180 posted within UK
  7. Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe Pedal Great pedal allowing you to capture a range of tones and save in 6 presets. Used condition, fully functional. £145 posted within UK
  8. BOSS RC-3 Looper Pedal Compact looping pedal in excellent condition, boxed but no instructions (can be downloaded). £80 posted within UK
  9. Helix Stomp FX pedal board unit, small and compact, vast array of FX, amp sims routing options to list just some of its features. Works well with bass and guitar. Comes with original box and all documentation, also power adapter (used once to take photo!) Good condition. £340 posted within UK
  10. BOSS LS-2 line selector in good condition, some small signs of use. £60 posted within UK
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