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  1. Future Impact 1 Bass Synthesizer by Panda Audio An array of synth tones available, presets, midi etc. True class act. In excellent condition, like new with box and instructions. £230 posted within UK
  2. TC Electronic Spectracomp - Bass Compressor Good condition, no instructions or box £50 posted within UK
  3. Badass II Bass Bridge The mother of all bass bridges, like for like replacement for any 5 hole Jazz bridge. £80 posted SOLD - John East J-Retro Preamp Awesome preamp that provides an array of tonal options. As you can see one of the screw terminals has come off the board. However, (as I did) you can solder the wires direct to the board. No rocket science degree needed, justice soldering iron. £100 posted - NOW SOLD
  4. 2 brand new Speakon cables One about 45" long, the other approx 41" £15 posted
  5. Hi, sorry this sold. I have another listing out there somewhere for a disaster area DMC-6 midi controller 😁
  6. Boss RC300 Looper Station If looping is your thing, this thing is your thing. Check out some of the features here: https://youtu.be/sA7MD6cWUd4 Unfortunately it does have some cosmetic damage to the casing which can be seen in pictures. This doesnt affect the functionality. There is a minute rocking when on a flat floor as you can see one of the feet just misses the floor. It is is minimal and doesnt affect usage I'm just being honest. As such I've priced it accordingly. There are some normal signs of use as you would expect. £240 posted within UK
  7. EHX Big Muff in used condition £40 posted within UK
  8. Pair of Nordstrand NJ4SV noiseless Jazz Bass pickups. Bought for project a while ago, ended up selling the bass soon after and kept the pickups. Been sat in a drawer since. Like new condition as you can see from pictures. £130 posted within UK
  9. Disaster Area DMC-6 Gen 3 Midi Foot Switch Controller Complete with box and instructions It's in mint condition. Bought this and have never got around to using it. £190 Posted within UK
  10. Hipshot Kickass 4 in Nickel Brand spanking new, never mounted. This like a Badass ii on steroids. Comes with box, allen keys mounting screws. Classic 5 screw jazz fitting. £45 posted within UK
  11. TC Flashback x 4 Delay and Looper Great condition, no charger but original box. £115 inc postage within UK
  12. Tech 21 Midi Mongoose Foot Controller Excellent condition, with original tin and instructions £95 posted within UK
  13. TC Mic Mechanic Vocal FX Reverb, delay and correction Inc instructions, original box and power adapter. £80 posted within UK
  14. Morningstar MC6 MKii - Midi Controller in great condition An array of possibilities with this controller. Dont have original box or instructions. £180 posted within UK
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Digitech Bass Synth Wah Great sounding pedal with an array of effect settings With original box, no instructions. Used condition, totally functional £65 posted within UK
  17. Hi, moving few pedals on, all in excellent condition. Price includes postage to UK address. Source Audio Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter - includes original box and power adapter. Lots of great envelope/filter options here. £95 Now £85 posted Any questions, please ask. Cheers Tony
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