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  1. Do you have to be so utterly vile? Not your thread, the comment wasn't for you, and you just pop in to type garbage and mock someone? Not needed.
  2. HX Effects has allowed my to stop messing about with pedals and start... well... whatever this is
  3. Any idea where or what the neck is from? Pretty bass, always wanted a LPB Precision
  4. Looks like an old school Shine/ Harley Benton from back before Thomann took control of the ship. I remember seeing these all over eBay under a bunch of different names back in the day. This is a guess though. I had a Shine in trans black which looked very similar. Nothing wrong with it at all.
  5. No washer, the backplate is deffinately slightly curved, see below for a pic with a straight edge
  6. Hope this is the right place to ask (tuning pegs don't feel like an "accessory" to me...?), sorry to all is it's not. Wanted to ask opinions on this GB7 tuning key i picked up from the classifieds on here, as i've never used one and i'm not sure what is normal with these things. As seen in the pics below, the full plate on the tuning key doesn't sit flush against the headstock, but about 1mm away from it on one side. The hole is deffo the right size and the right angle, so i'm sure that's not it, but the plate is so solid i just can't imagine how it has bent without showing any other signs of damage. I can't see how this would effect the operation of the key, but wanted to ask opinions of the folks on here before the final fitting. Any input welcomed with gratitude.
  7. Bought some machine heads from Mark. Quick comms, great packaging, super fast postage. Great chap to deal with, many thanks!
  8. Oh come on, who care's if they're saving £1800 or £300 by buying used? A drop in the ocean! /s 🤠
  9. Bought this Bronco from the classifieds on here, I'd been wanting one for a while and I couldn't resist the slightly absurd flame maple neck on this example. The bridge had already been swapped for a funky high-mass number when I bought it, and it's a pretty decent (slightly fiddly) unit. I swapped out the pickup for a Nordstrand NM4 which required a new scratchplate courtesy of a Dremel. I swapped the standard ceramic capacitor for a Darkglass Tone Capsule, which really helps this bass cover a lot more ground than most single pickup basses. Battery compartment on the back and the output jack has been moved to the side. I really love this bass, I think it looks just home-made enough while not being a total junker
  10. Bought a Squier Bronco from Colin. I don't think he likes sending basses through the mail, but he posted this one probably because of the low value. I would happily let him post me a £3k bass, because the Bronco was packaged better than from any factory/ shop i've ever used! Totally stand up guy and a pleasure to deal with.
  11. How is this still for sale??? God I wish I had the money, this is a silly bargain...
  12. [quote name='51m0n' timestamp='1329918825' post='1549686'] Other than that the rest is purely so I can make stupid noises innit [/quote] +1 I have a shedload of pedals, but never take more than 3 or 4 to a bass gig (EQ, Octave, Overdrive and that's about it, though sometimes it's fun to add pedals to freak out the other bands- I used to have two big muffs on my board and never used them, but other bassists would boggle at the sight of it ). That's the problem with a pedal board- it just seems to grow and grow, like it's becoming self-aware.....
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