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  1. Brand new never fitted. Never taken out of the packaging. 45 quid posted for both seems a bargain.
  2. Asking price is 325 posted, plus any PayPal fees. I know for a fact that I will regret selling this, but I want to invest in something synthy and I'm really trying to commit to a policy of one-in, one-out with music stuff. No introduction needed really, this is the best sounding gear I ever had. However, I'm making more electronic music than stringed instrument playing. Condition is pretty much mint. I'm the original owner and it's probably not seen more than 25 hours use. The stomp switches have never been stomped as it's been sat on my desk the whole time. It did briefly have 3M dual lock on the bottom, but that came off no probs. It does mean it doesn't have little rubber feet at the moment though, so I'll include some foam rubber 3M pads which are suitable. I have taken a close up of the closest thing I could find to cosmetic damage which is a ~1mm nick to the paint on the bottom edge which I'm 99% sure was there when I got it. The screen protector is still in place (though I cut off the edge with the tab on it because it annoyed me) so the screen will be mint for the next owner. Will be updated to latest 3.01 firmware and all presets reset before shipping to new owner. Comes with original box and power supply. Annoyingly I cannot find the manual or the cardboard sleeve for the box. I know they're somewhere but I haven't seen them since moving house. If it turns out to be a deal-breaker I'll renew the search later this week. Due to the cost of this I am not looking to sell to any brand new members with no feedback. No disrespect intended to anyone, but I am cautious about such things. Obviously in this post brexit world shipping internationally is pretty pointless. If I've missed anything or if you have any questions please ask. Kind regards Frank
  3. I have two brand new, untouched Retrovibe 32" bass necks with blackwood fretboards, bought for an unrealised project. "What is blackwood?" I hear you ask. No idea. It's sort of a... blackish... wood. Looks pretty cool though. Check the Retrovibe site if you're curious - https://retrovibe.co.uk/product/retrovibe-bass-neck-32-medium-scale-20-fret-maple-blackwood/ These are out of stock on the Retrovibe website and usually £65 + £10 delivery. I'm asking £65 each with free delivery. Will be sent in original packaging. Photos added as requested. Lighting doesn't do the fretboard justice, they look quite chocolatey irl. But I'm a horrible photographer with a very average camera. Final pic shows a slight streak in the grain which I was thought someone might mistake for a crack in the wider shot. Just wanted to make clear that both necks are solid as can be.
  4. Buy anything overdrivey/ distortiony you see in the for sale section for £40-£60, try it for a few weeks, flip it, keep going. You'll need to try a few things to get an idea of what you want. You'll only lose a few quid postage each time you roll the dice. Demo vids and other people's advice are nothing compared to giving stuff a bash with your equipment/ style/ technique/ ears. Personally I love any generic tubescreamer style effect on bass, but it's not a very popular choice in general for bassists.
  5. I was just about to add an extra "pro" to the HX as an edit, and that is that you can access every effect, every parameter, every option without hooking it up via bluetooth to a tablet, phone or computer. The PC editor is nice to use, but if you just have the unit in front of you you aren't being limited. Honestly that's why I would never want the Plethora or any of the new Source Audio pedals. The idea of not being able to use my gear to it's full capabilities without extra (quite expensive) toys really bugs me.
  6. I recorded and gigged with a Zoom B3 for a few years, and about a year and a half ago upgraded to an HX Stomp. B3 Pros * Dead simple to use with the pseudo individual pedal layout * Cheap as chips * Seemingly indestructible * In a band mix it's hard to pretend that anyone listening would be able to tell the difference between a DI'd B3 and a rig costing ten times as much B3 Cons * Ummm... I guess a few things sound a touch "lifeless" when playing through headphones at home? Still, if you can't enjoy the sound of a B3 then I can't relate HX Pros * Sounds better than I have any right to * Parallel routing options are a lovely bonus * If you ever play one of those awful squeeky six string basses in the wrong octave it's still amazing * For me it replaced every bit of sound processing gear I have except my WMD bitcrusher * So tiny it is crazy HX Cons * Expensive * A touch fiddly to use until you get used to it * Though it's not happened, I worry that those multi-function encoders could be killed in action one day, and impossible to fix for a reasonable price. To conclude, if you have the money I would highly recommend the HX. I love it to pieces and it's killed my GAS totally for 18+ months. If you don't have the money, buy a used B3 or another modern Zoom product and get to playing. They're more than good enough for anyone.
  7. Afraid I'll not be packing this up and sorting a courier, so first to PM me to arrange local collection gets it. Totally understand that's unlikely given the new lockdown but I thought I'd offer it up. I'll hang onto it until after the weekend
  8. It's pretty flat heeled, no idea other than it's meant to fit a flying V kit which is being built up as far from the intended spec as you could imagine
  9. Going in the bin when I move house in a few weeks if no one wants it Collect from The Level area in Brighton
  10. Found that Goldo bridge btw, if you want it you can have it for postage.
  11. I think spacing could be anything 19mm or under to be honest, I keep mine at that with no problems. Pics attached so you get an idea of what you'd be looking at for the end of the neck
  12. The bridge on mine (the red one) was one of these Goldo bridges from Thomann- https://m.thomann.de/gb/goeldo_hw50c_bass_3d_steg.htm?o=88&search=1604047006 Since then I swapped it out for a HipShot KickAss which is much nicer and also has adjustable spacing. One thing I really didn't like about the Goldo is that it has those grub screws that set the saddles in place by tightening into the channel in which the saddle sits and they're a pain to set up. I really don't know why a few booteek builders use them, I would rather a cheapo BBOT myself. Are you going for 17mm spacing because that's what the original bridge has? Mine is set up as 19mm so it's the same as my other bass and plays just fine. The KickAss would allow you to experiment though, so still gets my vote.
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