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  1. Will post pics when I get a chance, but I have a good condition bridge Model J pickup up for grabs. Out of a DP126 set but the precision pickup got claimed by a friend. £30 posted seems fair?
  2. I've played loads of Affinity's, and non have been totally awful. Of the new ones I've played, they've all been good-to-remarkable. I honestly think they're great guitars and quality control honestly seems no worse than anything else with Squier on the headstock. That colour looks awesome by the way!
  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement! So, I have my router, a 1/4" collet and Whiteside template bit. This all cost a pretty penny, but I'm still under the cost of paying someone else to do it, and this way I get to keep the router Finally had the time and the nerve to get to work on this today and I must say, so far, so good! I love this router to bits. I went super slow and followed all the advice I could find online. There will be a few days before anything else is attempted, but I'm feeling good about it all right now!
  4. My two Red Dwarfs Modified Bronco and Jaguar, my two fave basses from which I shall never be separated!
  5. I've dreamt of having a bass with a tremolo since I saw Les Claypool as a teenager. Obviously they don't show up often and I've never had much money, so never had a chance to even play one. However, after seeing a NOS scuffed up HipShot on eBay in the USA while drunk on my birthday, that dream has been kicked into gear. Lucky for me, and the budget, I have all the parts of an abandoned P bass project- super light swamp ash body, Mitey Mite neck with Schaller BM4 light tuners and (somewhere...) a black 3 ply scratch plate. Body is barely finished in dusky pink milk paint and due finishing post routing. Might stick with dusky pink and get a gold anodised pick guard, but I have other things to think about first.... This is my new bridge. Despite initial efforts, just pushing it into/ taping it to the body yielded poor results. I think I'm going to have to make an actual hole for it. To this end, I have bought a Triton JOF001 plunge router and a good template cutting bit. I have never used a router. I'm sure it'll be fine.... Stay tuned for disaster. Any advice/ thoughts/ prayers are welcomed. Anyone with tremolo experience please speak up if you feel you have any guiding words.
  6. You can be forgiven a baritone when it's as pointy as that! I love the shape. Hope the colour will be as striking I'll be watching with interest. Please let us know your thoughts on the router (JOF001 I think?), as I believe it's the same model I've ordered and due to get this week.
  7. If i could get a box and proper packing i'd post it happily, but with things being the way they are i cant really get it together. I was hoping listing it at a silly low price i could shift it. Having played it a while again i do think £70 is a totally ridiculous price If it's still sat here when the local guitar shops reopen i'll try and find a box and update the ad. Either that or i'll put it on evilBay for 99p no reserve and hope someone bites. I just want to buy a new Squier Bronco and mess with it, but i need this to go away first!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Not gonna drop this much further price-wise because it's too good, but wondering if £150 £140 posted is enough to tempt someone? Relisting due to previous sale falling through. Good condition Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe. Owned from new by me, gigged and recorded but always kept in a flightcase when travelling and comes with original box (can't find the manual but it's available online). Everything works as it should, only selling as i haven't used it much since buying an HX Stomp. Any questions please ask. Looking for £160 £140 posted first class recorded or £150 £140 collected in Brighton.
  10. Hmmm... Having done a bit of research I can't give a good answer to this, so i'm going to retract that as a statement. I wrote it in good faith, as that was what I read online when this model was launched, but it doesn't look like I can back it up. Thought these were discontinued but they seem to have made it back into the Thomann catalogue at £149, so i'm dropping the price to £100 ONO It really is a beautiful instrument for the money.
  11. 5 string open back banjo by Ashbury. Good condition, some marking to the head (see photos) and could do with some fresh strings. Complete with key to tighten the head and a decent quality soft case. Cash on collection only.
  12. Harley Benton "Custom" Tenor Guitar. "Custom" in this case means "rebadged Ozark" and it's a really nice guitar, beautifully finished and made to a high standard. These were a very limited release due to the fact they were originally made for another company. Just like an acoustic guitar, but with a superior number of strings!! Hardly ever played so in very good condition. Comes with two spare sets of Daddarios. Cash on collection from Brighton only
  13. I also have a couple of questions- could you confirm width at the nut and 19th fret? Details on this little bass seem few and far between
  14. Any photos/ dimensions/ more info on this? Struggling to find any info online. Ta
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