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  1. Ha.... I was just thinking... maybe I was being daft wanting to get another one (had a black one)...and you went and finished with... "What a tone though" ..... bugger!
  2. I know what you mean... mine used to dig into my forearm... but weirdly I found it ok to play sitting down...
  3. Arrrgh.... when I bought my 734a it was a toss up between that and the red JC... you've made me lust after the red JC again now!!!😂
  4. About time Boss... I may have to have a look at this now...
  5. This just gets better ...matching neck. Reminds me of my Yamaha BB1200s
  6. Does anyone know anything about this ray...?? Love the colour... never seen it before. I was thinking black and maple but this has caught my eye...
  7. A few of mine sunning themselves...
  8. Arrrrrrgggh I'd love another one of these... Don't fancy a bb734a do you???
  9. Don't do it... they don't need them..
  10. Must be the lighting... It's a great bass, very versatile. Extremely well built... The one thing that irks me a little is I wish they'd come with the reverse pick ups like the 1200s....
  11. I used to have the red burst 92 version made on Taiwan... hated it!! But I was using my modded 300 with 1200s pups and circuitry...
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