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  1. xgsjx

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    It’s fantastic. It’s equally as fun to play too. 😀
  2. xgsjx

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    That's twice today that someone has mentioned Thomas Dolby. I'm off to dig out my old CDs... Hang on, I've not got a CD player! Apple music should have some TD. 😎 On the subject of great synth basslines on bass, have a blast of 24k Magic by Bruno Mars. Fantastic bassline. I learned it on the Seaboard & then transferred it to bass. I'll video it sometime.
  3. xgsjx

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    Wynona's Big Brown Beaver by Primus is an immensely fun song to play, especially the instrumental parts of the song.
  4. xgsjx


    The only reason I’ve missed the past few comps is because I had written songs using panpipes & bagpipes. Liking this month’s inspiration. 😎
  5. I'd tell your luthier friend to stick to making things with wood. Have you heard the GK in a live situation and did it do what you wanted it to? Can you add a 2nd 1x12 to it if you need to? I'd try as many rigs as you can & get the one You like the best. It's been mentioned many times on here, but watts are not how you measure volume. Decibels & SPL should give you a better indication.
  6. xgsjx

    October Composition Challenge - GET WRITING!

    I too was hoping to have an entry. It’s not gonna happen, too much on just now. ☹️
  7. xgsjx

    The Greatest Showman

    I finally got round to watching The Greatest Showman about a month ago & it's possibly the best musical I've watched (I don't usually dig musicals). Some great sounding bass parts in there too. Every year, the church I go to has a musical production through December for the run up to Christmas & this year I've been asked to play bass. 3 of the songs they've chose to include are The Greatest Show, This Is Me & From Now On (all from The Greatest Showman). I've just got round to looking at playing The Greatest Show & I have to say, it's probably one of the most fun songs to play that I've played in ages. Nice tight thump with the kick to start with, builds with some octave & 3rd lifts & then a grooving (if predictable) chorus. Then there's the fills in it. They're just so satisfying for some reason. I have to say, I find the simple & predictable arrangement makes it more fun to play as I can concentrate on being tight in the groove and nailing those runs. Now I'm looking forward to learning the other two songs. I've listened to them, but not played them yet. Anyone else had a blast at any of the songs?
  8. xgsjx

    Impedance etc

    If it’s a 2 driver combo or cab, then it’s usually 2 16 ohm drivers to make 8 ohm. But then it could be just one 8 ohm driver or 4 32 ohm drivers.
  9. xgsjx

    Which DI to record to computer?

    I’ve always heard good things about the Focusrite interfaces. I use a Native Instruments KA6 & cannot fault it. I believe that there are some preamps out there that have XLR and usb outs.
  10. xgsjx

    Markbass CMD 102p vs Fender Rumble 500 v3

    I had the markbass cmd102p. Probably the best combo I’ve ever played, let alone owned.
  11. xgsjx

    Bad bass review

    That does look uncomfortable & it is awkward for me to do (I just tried it), but then I do the involentary "square pinky" when I'm playing. No idea why & I don't feel any discomfort.
  12. xgsjx

    ‘Nose grease’.

    Isn't this what groupies are for?
  13. xgsjx

    October Composition Challenge - GET WRITING!

    Great pic. I’ve got some lyrics in my head too. Was disappointed to have missed last month’s. I’d got a track 1/2 done too.
  14. xgsjx

    Talking Heads

    A couple of weeks ago a kid at work asked me my fave band. Without hesitation, I said Talking Heads. SMS got me into Talking Heads back in ‘84 & I don’t think there’s been a year gone by when I haven’t listened to it at least once. Though I can listen to any of their albums with a smile on my face. I love the abstract arrangements on 77 & True Stories is one of those albums that I’m reluctant to put on, but when I do, the whole album gets played.
  15. xgsjx

    Gig bag recommendations...

    I just got an Ibanez IBB541 powerpad for £42 (inc postage). Seems like a well padded case & has 4 pockets too.