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  1. I've got a bassline planted down. Shall veg out with it & see how it flowers. Just hope I can finish it in thyme.
  2. I had NI Start. Really good sounds. Install it & have a play about. I'm wanting Komplete (have wanted it for a while). There's lots of good free software instruments out there. KVR audio is a good website to find stuff.
  3. Digging this just now. The album is pretty funky.
  4. What BassTractor is trying to say is "Get a Moog". I agree. Get a Moog.
  5. Like is said earlier in the thread, but have pros & cons. I’ve got a 4x10 & a big valve amp. Looks & sounds great. Total pain in the butt to move about. I’d sooner have my markbass combo back. Here’s another option to consider... FRFR. I’m thinking about going down this route myself.
  6. Sorry, nothing from me this month (again).
  7. I’ve not had any latency issues. Just be aware of what software you have running & don’t overload the cpu.
  8. Yes. Safe to run through your bass amp. When I'm using mine, I take the lead from the pedalboard (which would normally go to the bass amp) & plug into the audio interface. I create a channel in Logic for the bass (you can do this in Ableton) & however many VST channels I want for synths, etc. I then take a cable from the output on the audio interface straight to the bass amp & another can go to the PA (mind make your DAW output mono). Oh, & 24k Magic is fun to play on the bass guitar too, just tune the bass to Eb.
  9. Not a Moog, but just before Xmas I played a gig with a few songs from the Greatest Showman. This Is Me was all synth. The Greatest Show was a mix of bass guitar & synth bass, great fun switching between them. Another fun song to play is 24k Magic. A bit of pitch bend wheel practice for you 😎 Don’t be afraid to grab those dials on the Moog whilst playing for some extra expression. The filter cut off is a good place to start.
  10. I’d this just for me? I don’t do either of these. Though I did excessively swear at a piper once.
  11. “Tie the shoelace like you were tying your shoes”. I take it he can’t tie his shoelaces in a bow, just a knot?
  12. Have you tried getting your TE head serviced?
  13. It’s in the basement of the electric guitar store.
  14. xgsjx


    Add some sugar for abrasion to move the tough stuff.
  15. Did it! 😟 That's a shame. I've not been for a few years. Just googled. Permanently closed.
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