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  1. December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    I've got a great instrumental that I play on piano. It's originally an electronica piece. But, I doubt I'll be able to get the keys out until very close to Xmas, but more likely to be after Xmas. I'm redecorating the house.
  2. December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    I've got mine started. I've got the basics of the song & the vocals laid down. Iit really shows my ability to kill a song, I should stick with instrumentals. I still might do an instrumental instead.
  3. Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

    Does your doc know much about bass cabs?
  4. Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

    It makes sense to take anybody's pronouncements on anything scientific/technical with caution regardless of their beliefs.
  5. Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

    What's that meant to mean?
  6. Which 4x10 cab

    Do whales have tight ring pieces?
  7. To me, one of the most important parts of buying a bass is that it is comfortable to play. I've played many basses, but my Ibby with the flat wound strings on it is by far the bass that fits me best. And, it sounds decent too. A fellow bassist has a very nice Sandberg Jazz. Sounds lovely & is nice to play. He had a go on my bass & his first words were "Wow, this is just so comfortable". I've had a few different rigs over the years & yes, there's a difference there too, but regardless of whether I'm playing through the PA, the Markbass rig I used to have, the valve rig I have now or through whatever battered thing they have at a rehearsal room, the core bass sound is still there. It sounds good regardless. The best thing... Ibby SR basses aren't out of most people's reach. But then if you're used to a wider neck, then you might find the Ibby uncomfortable.
  8. Bass and synth into the same rig

    MartinB's idea should work fine. I used to put bass, synth, e-drums & vocal into a small 8 channel mixer & then through my MarkBass rig. Worked wonderfully, but MarkBass is a very clean sounding rig.
  9. 'Your' band

    Talking Heads. I grew up listening to them & the use of bass guitar in some songs & synth bass in others opened a lot up for me. The overall musicianship is exemplary as well.
  10. Testing the Poll option for photo use

    I think I know what I need to do.
  11. I've posted this pic in the Poll
  12. Billy Sheehan.

    IIRC he has been on here before.
  13. Billy Sheehan.

    Some cracking photos there! I'd love to go see Mr Big some day. Billy is one of my inspirational players. I can't even play 1/2 as well as he can, but I learned a lot of great techniques from his books & vids.
  14. I can only ever dream of being a B-lister. I like playing, but like Bilbo says, if the musicians are sloppy or not up to scratch, it can be frustrating & take the fun away. Finding good musicians around my area seems to be impossible. The ones that are here are already in bands or projects. So for the time, I'm a home player until I move to a different area (which should be in early/mid 2018).
  15. For me, it's probably this... And maybe a bit of this...