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  1. xgsjx

    Talking Heads

    A couple of weeks ago a kid at work asked me my fave band. Without hesitation, I said Talking Heads. SMS got me into Talking Heads back in ‘84 & I don’t think there’s been a year gone by when I haven’t listened to it at least once. Though I can listen to any of their albums with a smile on my face. I love the abstract arrangements on 77 & True Stories is one of those albums that I’m reluctant to put on, but when I do, the whole album gets played.
  2. xgsjx

    Gig bag recommendations...

    I just got an Ibanez IBB541 powerpad for £42 (inc postage). Seems like a well padded case & has 4 pockets too.
  3. xgsjx


    I think it depends on the song, though with many worship songs, it is knowing when not to play. Yesterday we did Glorious Day. No bass playing until the 1st chorus & then when the turnaround came, I overplayed & mimicked the guitar riff. A couple of songs later we did It Is Well. Pounding 8th notes on the bass along with a piano right up until the chorus & then stop. Organ & guitar take over. Many bassists (including myself) would keep the bass ringing whole notes in the chorus, but dropping out for a good bit means that when the bass comes back in, it adds power & depth to the song. Listening to the lyrics is very important too. You want to adjust your dynamics and/or octave to suit what is being sung. I was an overplayer when I first got put on the worship rota. You feel like you have something to prove, when in reality, you don't. Now, I need to join a funk fusion band to release this overplaying itch! 🤩
  4. xgsjx

    Hybrid amps - yes or no?

    I often DI through PA. Most of the time I use no backline, just IEM. It would be good to bring the valve amp & 4x10 along sometime. As for fx loop, my amp doesn't have one. The MarkBass had one, but I never used it either. FX loop is more for rack fx rather than pedals.
  5. xgsjx

    Poll issue for the Photo Comp.

    Thanks Ped. I'll have a wee play about. 😎
  6. xgsjx

    Hybrid amps - yes or no?

    There’s some great tube emulators out there for pre amps that can sound identical to tube preamps, but there’s the visual side of tubes. As for power sections, tubes do sound different. I loved my all solid state MarkBass amp. I also love the sound & look of my Radiovox amp, but it weighs more than my car and has no DI. I could do with another light amp for most gigs.
  7. The poll lets me put more than 14 answers to a question, but when I post it, it removes any from the top & only displays the final 14. I can ask a 2nd question, but it wants an answer to that too. I've made a temp solution by putting a "Don't count this vote" option.
  8. xgsjx

    August Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Ooh, got mine done. I'd tried a few things & never got anywhere that I liked. Then on Sunday I was playing my Seaboard & looked at this pic again. I came up with the chords & hook, so played them to a metronome, then tonight I added more strings, some bass and what I think might just be an appropriate drum pattern. ⛱️
  9. xgsjx

    World's oldest bass guitar...

    $7.5m http://www.delmarvalife.com/delmarvalife/lewes-man-sells-guitar-7-5-million-dollars/
  10. xgsjx

    Nick Rhodes - sequencer player

    I'd like to try & get a synth band together. Have a drummer that plays an MPC or similar. I've a funny feeling I'd need to live somewhere like London to get people with the same mindset. I'll be lucky to get a band that doesn't play the usual bunch of covers. 😂
  11. xgsjx

    Nick Rhodes - sequencer player

    I liked DuranDuran. The songs were good, the singist can sing, the bassist played some fantastic basslines & the keys guy made me want things I couldn't afford (hence taking up bass). I've always loved synths & synth bands. I don't know how any of Depeche Mode would fare against a good pianist, but that's not what synths are about. It's sound creation.
  12. xgsjx

    Nick Rhodes - sequencer player

    He played a mean arpeggiator.
  13. xgsjx

    Fan to musician - The significance of genre.

    I think "almost" anything guitar based (rock, punk, blues, folk, indie, etc) has more fans playing that genre than something like Electronica or RnB due to the guitar being seen as an easier & "cooler" alternative to just about any other instrument. Hence there being 1000 guitarists to each other instrument player. Drummers & bassists all seem to be able to play other genres such as the afore mentioned or even jazz or DnB, but very few guitarists seem to have that ability (maybe 1 in 1000).
  14. xgsjx

    ROLI Seaboard - any users here?

    There’s a patch that’s called something like “memories of analogue”, it’s a fantastic sound. Very BladeRunneresque.
  15. xgsjx

    ROLI Seaboard - any users here?

    Ooh, that I need to do. I haven’t played along with that for decades!