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  1. I’ve been trying to do a little research on these, but there’s not much info. 6 reviews on trustpilot (there’s over 2500 for DJ Deals & they get over 4 stars). There’s a couple of mentions on DJ forums, one from 2012 & one from 2008, both saying good things about them, so it seems they’ve been on the go for a while. Just cautious, but it seems all legit.
  2. I’m thinking about getting myself some software & stumbled upon a company called DJ Finance Direct. They do 24 months interest free, which is t unusual for a DJ shop, however, most want a decent deposit for 2 years interest free. With DJ Finance Direct, you can have the deposit as low as 5%. I’m a little cautious of them as they also trade under the name “DJ Deals” and don’t offer 0% finance. Has anyone on here used them or should I steer clear? They do get a lot of good reviews.
  3. Stumbled across this & what a fantastic album it is too.
  4. That was awesome. I've seen others, but not that one. Moon Safari is one of my all time fave albums. Just love that most of the instruments are played rather than sequenced.
  5. Probably my fave song of his. I was singing it yesterday too.
  6. Such a sad loss. This fine man made a few classic songs. https://apple.news/AWRYcK472TkOv0ZEvouUrwQ
  7. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve been enjoying listening to this today...
  8. This sounds impossibe! So it's Bass > fx pedal > Amp > audio interface > Mac with LPX. Whatever is going into the interface is what Logic is going to record (less any VST fx). I'm looking forward to hearing what the outcome is.
  9. Cheers. Just had a look at that & the first 2 on the list I've been using for years, just not as collab. I've just signed up for Bandlab & had a wee play about & it seems to tick the boxes I need, but any other options are welcome. I'm gonna go & have a look at Blend & Splice for the collab side.
  10. Hey all, Whilst I'm in iso with the rona, I've decided to do some songwriting with some friends via the web. I'd like everyone to be able to see what's happening as we work on the song(s). It'd probably start with one of us writing a simple chord arrangement & posting it, then each person adding parts, changing layout, etc. Is there any good websites or online software for this? The only one I've looked at in the past was Ohm Studio (which I'm gonna have another look at).
  11. I’m really enjoying Tame Impala’s new album, the slow rush. Some nice bass lines on there too.
  12. This version of Here Again by Elevation has quite a lot of emotion in it.
  13. I’ll share it on some Scottish FB music pages (Perth, Tayside & Stirling) if it hasn’t been already.
  14. I’ve been enjoying listening to this young lady quite a lot recently.
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