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  1. xgsjx

    What are you listening to right now?

    Accidentally started listening to James Blake - Assume Form album. It's absolutely superb. Such a chilled out blend of old sleepy jazz meets electronica. Really love this song.
  2. xgsjx

    Marcus Miller 5 string or Ibanez SR505?

    +1 The Sire basses get excellent reviews & like Ibanez, are fantastic value for money. I'd happily have either. Ibanez had a rock image for a while (back in the 90s), but I find they have a great pallette of sounds and fit in with just about any genre both sound and visually.
  3. xgsjx

    What pedal/effect is this.?

    The main question still remains to be asked... Are they any good for metal?
  4. xgsjx

    What pedal/effect is this.?

    If you want to get that sound with a claranet, may I suggest one of these... 😎
  5. xgsjx

    Impedance etc

    The watts from the amp is an “up to” amount & not continuous. Use your ears when playing & if it sounds bad, turn down.
  6. xgsjx

    Amp EQ setting advice sought from pick players

    I’ve been a mix of pic & fingers, depending on the song. I’ve always kept the same setting on the amp for both & use the bass’ twiddly things to dial in the sound (if needed). Conan’s suggestion of a compressor to level things out might be worth investing.
  7. xgsjx

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    If you're not getting the low end grunt you're after, it could be your pickups or your bass that are the culprits. Though it depends on what gear you've already tried. Another thought for low end grunt, have you considered an octaver with just a touch of -1 octave dialled in with clean?
  8. xgsjx

    Valve World

    Tubes cooling down is a great end of set sound. 👌 One big downside of valve amps is the weight. Mine has 2 handles, but I still use a sack trolley to move it to & from the car. Looks is another great thing about valve amps. They just look so danm awesome.
  9. xgsjx

    Can you use 2 interfaces in a DAW?

    You make a good point there, Si. The pick up is in the body of the guitar... No one sticks their head through the soundhole to listen to the guitar. 😁
  10. xgsjx

    Can you use 2 interfaces in a DAW?

    I believe to get a great acoustic guitar recording, it is common to have a mic pointed towards the soundhole, a mic over the fretboard (to get the ambient sounds such as string noise, aka fret noise) and if it's an electro, take a line from that too.
  11. xgsjx

    Order of effects

    I tend to go with tuner > octaver > dirt > filter > chorus > DI. But it’s good to play around to see what you prefer. My previous board had split signals with different fx on each.
  12. xgsjx

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    A bit of weight? My amp alone is 33.4kg. That’s more than the cab, bass & pedalboard combined. 🏋🏼‍♀️
  13. xgsjx

    You can only have........

    I remember when Billy Sheehan was asked why he doesn't play a 5 string, he said something along the lines of that he's still learning how to play 4 strings. 😀 I've been playing the same 4 string Ibby since 1990, though I find I could now use a 5. So it's on the cards (has been for some time, but keeps getting delayed). I'd like a fretless as well.
  14. xgsjx

    Can I learn to stretch further?

    If you can take a little pain, then a stanley to the webs between your fingers will allow that extra reach. No pain, no gain.
  15. xgsjx

    Connecting MarkBass CMD102P combo to Trace Elliot cab?

    Like above, as long as the cab is rated at 8 ohm (which is most likely), then the only reason would be is how it sounds to you.