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  1. Wasn't it the same tune as Antiques Roadshow?
  2. AKA people whom either own a guitar (not bass) or sing in the car, I’ve had countless “singers” who are tone deaf, can’t ad lib, don’t own a mic & want to sing a bunch of pop hits in an originals band.
  3. I don’t get your point. Isn’t it the same no matter the amp? I had a class d amp for about 6 years & had no issues at any of the gigs I played (or at any point). I’d give the amp a decent run & see how it goes. Did the seller say what caused it to cut out? It could have been an intermittent short in a cable, such as speaker jack having a fray hit the shielding.
  4. The same could be said for anything. I’ve got an all valve amp, but I think my previous class D amp is a more reliable gigging amp (my valve amp needs a couple of new valves).
  5. Roli have some great deals on their hardware & software, as does Native Instruments.
  6. Playing that, finger style is pretty impressive.
  7. I've never been asked either. But if a band asked you to give them a song to learn that would put your bass playing skills to the test, what would it be? Forget whether it's a function band or covers, that was really irrelevant to the question. Another that's good fun to play & sounds great too is 24K Magic (the Bruno Mars song).
  8. The first few posts make a very good point & one which I totally agree with. I’m not joining any kind of band just now, I was just giving reference as to how I thought of this. The thread’s just for a bit of fun, what’s your song that shows your skills off.
  9. I follow a couple of Facebook "Musicians Wanted" groups. Not that I'm in a position to join a band just now, but hopefully in the future I shall. Something I have seen for function/covers bands (& even some originals) it to learn a couple of their songs & also a song that shows what you can play on bass. Got me thinking to what's good to learn as a showcase song. It used to be "Shy Boy" (the Billy Sheehan song) for me, but it's been a good few years since I've played that one. Now it's possibly Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver (Primus) or Hit Me (Blockheads). So... What's Your "showcase" song?
  10. I was. I moved to Stenny last year. Having to drive the cattle tracks was costing a fortune on suspension. 😂
  11. Been listening to Thomas Dolby’s “Aliens are my Buick” quite a lot this past couple of weeks. I’d almost forgot this album existed! The bass on the whole album is fantastic.
  12. I've got a bassline planted down. Shall veg out with it & see how it flowers. Just hope I can finish it in thyme.
  13. I had NI Start. Really good sounds. Install it & have a play about. I'm wanting Komplete (have wanted it for a while). There's lots of good free software instruments out there. KVR audio is a good website to find stuff.
  14. Digging this just now. The album is pretty funky.
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