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  1. Isotope are 20 & they’re giving away Ozone Elements for free. https://www.izotope.com/en/shop/ozone-elements.html?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=SU_GN_SE_BR_UU_WW_Ozone&utm_content=Ozone-Elements_EM&utm_term=ozone elements|e|g|m||490429158139&gclid=CjwKCAjw5c6LBhBdEiwAP9ejG-XZcJyB8CFWMKLWhGE-KXoeMQJS4J9LZQqal5s-G-Zib6X0NnirsRoCbrkQAvD_BwE
  2. This is also good for the price (free). Has some good drums & other instruments too... https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/komplete-start/ If you're willing to spend £59, then Polyplex is a fantastic drum machine that'll do both Acoustic & electronic stuff.... https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/drums/polyplex/
  3. There's a small group of us in the creative team that have started songwriting. We've written (or at least made a good start on) about 8 songs and focusing on finishing 2 of them to bring to church. Our Worship pastor arranged a zoom meeting with Ray Badham from Hillsongs for 8pm tonight (I think that was about 6am in Oz for him). It was really good, as he spent time going over the 2 songs, listening to them, breaking them down & coming up with ideas to improve them even further. He spoke about what makes a good chorus, how to use lyrical rhythm to maintain interest and how to make a strong contrast between Verse & Chorus. For the chorus, he suggested using lots of repetition for the melody & even bringing back any memorable/meaningful phrases into the chorus more. Things that the congregation are going to latch onto. Also to think of how the rhythm of those lyrics are. Putting the melody of the 1st & 3rd lines the same, but having an interesting/catchy rhythm on the 3rd & 4th that differs from the others. It's also a similar thing for the verses. Really good of him to take a couple of hours out of his morning to meet with us & help us with our songwriting.
  4. And the plus is that you can stack them vertically for those gigs without PA.
  5. Is this into recordings or live? If live, then you'd be better off maybe getting a 2nd hand hardware synth. If it's for recording at home, then there's lots of software options.
  6. This makes the most sense. 10s are not snappier than 15s, it’s the piezo that makes the difference.
  7. Been listening to this young lady quite a bit this last several months. Great performance & a fantastic voice. I was disappointed to find her surname is not Debadoo.
  8. Hi peeps. I've been frustrated by the overall sound of my tracks for way too long now. I've come to the conclusion that it's me. I bought the Bx SSL 4000G last week hoping that would make the difference, and it does sound different, but my songs still sound like I made them with free software. Either my mixing & mastering skills are poop, my sound selection is poop, or I just don't know what I'm doing. So I've decided I want to do a course or two on getting a good sound and a good mix. It doesn't help that I'm partially deaf, but I can hear a huge difference in other people's work compared to my stuff. I've seen a few courses on Udemy for around £20 which is really good value, but if they're only going to teach me what I already know, then they're a waste of money. I've also saw a few on Skillshare, but that's a monthly subscription that I could do without. I've spent a bit of time looking through Youtube, but not found anything on there. So, any recommendations for a course that can help me get my songs release ready?
  9. I’m interested in this too. There’s a couple out there, but no idea if they’re any good. You’d think wit he today’s tech, it would be easily achieved.
  10. Just used it & got the Lindell compressor & Pultec (probably the same ones you got). Thanks again. 😎
  11. Ended up getting the SSL 4000G for £26! It's normally about £300!
  12. Hi Andy, another one here from north of the border. About 15 mins away from you. I play an Ibby too, but it's a SDGR.
  13. We were the same. It’s be Wednesday if you were lucky, but more likely Friday night with changes on Saturday. I don’t think it’s acceptable for a full set to be that late. We still occasionally change a song on the Saturday or Sunday morning before service, but that’s not fair on the band or the media guys. Sometimes they even change what the song after the service will be during the service.
  14. Yeah, which is crap. But if you get the worship leader (or whoever is picking songs) to send them out about a week before hand, then it’s not an issue. You’re really just learning the order of 1,4,5,6. 2 weeks ago we had a new phil wickham song to learn. I learned it from playing along on YouTube. We play it in a different key, which I hadn’t played it in at all. I had no issues as I played the entire song on the A string instead of the E string. I really don’t get what is with the last minute set list for church. Our church got really bad for it, so much so that some musicians gave up playing in church & then some had to raise the issue. They changed it briefly to 2 weeks before service, but it quickly went to one week before. Occasionally we’ll get a change on Saturday & I’ll learn the song if I have time, otherwise it’ll be predicting the bassline on stage.
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