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  1. I know. 🙂 I removed the original track & uploaded the new version with the same name, which causes the embedded link to go funny for a few hours. It should be okay tomorrow, but there's a link straight to Soundcloud if you want a listen - https://soundcloud.com/gxmix/this-was-how-it-felt
  2. I've added some lyrics to mine. Bought myself some samples, so not me singing. https://soundcloud.com/gxmix/this-was-how-it-felt
  3. I think I've got mine's done. Though I might go back to it at some point (another that I'd like to put some lyrics on). I've tried to get that French JM Jarre vibe & give it a sense of mystery (like the black cat). Anyway, it's electronica, but not sure you could dance to it...
  4. Lemon is better than Orange. 🤠
  5. I've got an idea in my head & made a wee start on something today that sounds noting like what's in my head. My inspiration is the cat, but trying to go for a French sounding vibe (like Air's Moon Safari).
  6. Oooh wow. Thanks guys. I’ll get an inspiration pic across shortly.
  7. Good to hear it’s back. Hopefully you get the other bits back & the thief gets a bad bout of COVID.
  8. I’m all for lose a finger for a theft. It would make many think twice & the determined idiots are gonna find it hard to steal with just 2 pinkies.
  9. My dad in law gets acrylic nails on his right hand for playing acoustic guitar. I use the boney bit of my finger tips to play.
  10. Here it is now... It might go more versions, it might not. Depends what time I get. Enjoy...
  11. I'll join in on the classic 90's EDM. Love this one as it's written to be played by musicians & the bassline is a joy to play.
  12. Okay, I'm in. I see this as looking into the hazy past. So I've went with a late 80's early 90's vibe. I got a couple of new soft synths that sound fantastic, Serum & Pigments. The other synths on this are Cypher2, Equator & Logic's Drum Synth for the kick. New version... Played the bass, changed some sounds & added some textures. I'm planning on adding some further textures & maybe add some vocals now that I have a mic (don't worry, it'll be vocoderised), but I thought I'd get my entry in.
  13. Made this using Serum. Not bad for a 1st attempt & mostly using it's own presets.
  14. I've recommended Cakewalk to a few friends recently. I'm a Mac user & have Logic Pro X. There's a good selection of synths & so in within it, but I'm wanting some good pro quality VSTs. Having played with Serum a wee bit, I'm sold on it. It sounds fantastic. I'm gonna try Pigments2 & V Collection, but from what I've done with Serum so far, I think It's likely that I'll go with Serum & Pigments2.
  15. Indeed. I’ve got Labs & Discover.
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