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  1. It is a great place for whenever you need a bit of a lift. It’s good that you can have a debate & argue about one thing & be in full agreement about something else with the same person. Most (if not all) whom spend any time on here come across as great people, the sort of people that you can get on well with. You can even learn a bit about bass too!
  2. This is probably my fave Xmas song just now.
  3. Wasn't it the same tune as Antiques Roadshow?
  4. AKA people whom either own a guitar (not bass) or sing in the car, I’ve had countless “singers” who are tone deaf, can’t ad lib, don’t own a mic & want to sing a bunch of pop hits in an originals band.
  5. I don’t get your point. Isn’t it the same no matter the amp? I had a class d amp for about 6 years & had no issues at any of the gigs I played (or at any point). I’d give the amp a decent run & see how it goes. Did the seller say what caused it to cut out? It could have been an intermittent short in a cable, such as speaker jack having a fray hit the shielding.
  6. The same could be said for anything. I’ve got an all valve amp, but I think my previous class D amp is a more reliable gigging amp (my valve amp needs a couple of new valves).
  7. Roli have some great deals on their hardware & software, as does Native Instruments.
  8. Playing that, finger style is pretty impressive.
  9. I've never been asked either. But if a band asked you to give them a song to learn that would put your bass playing skills to the test, what would it be? Forget whether it's a function band or covers, that was really irrelevant to the question. Another that's good fun to play & sounds great too is 24K Magic (the Bruno Mars song).
  10. The first few posts make a very good point & one which I totally agree with. I’m not joining any kind of band just now, I was just giving reference as to how I thought of this. The thread’s just for a bit of fun, what’s your song that shows your skills off.
  11. I follow a couple of Facebook "Musicians Wanted" groups. Not that I'm in a position to join a band just now, but hopefully in the future I shall. Something I have seen for function/covers bands (& even some originals) it to learn a couple of their songs & also a song that shows what you can play on bass. Got me thinking to what's good to learn as a showcase song. It used to be "Shy Boy" (the Billy Sheehan song) for me, but it's been a good few years since I've played that one. Now it's possibly Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver (Primus) or Hit Me (Blockheads). So... What's Your "showcase" song?
  12. I was. I moved to Stenny last year. Having to drive the cattle tracks was costing a fortune on suspension. 😂
  13. Been listening to Thomas Dolby’s “Aliens are my Buick” quite a lot this past couple of weeks. I’d almost forgot this album existed! The bass on the whole album is fantastic.
  14. I've got a bassline planted down. Shall veg out with it & see how it flowers. Just hope I can finish it in thyme.
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