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  1. Love missile F1-11 (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
  2. They're about the same price as the Kali LP6s. But getting them with stands for £302 is a bargain. NEarest I could find elsewhere was about £340.
  3. Well, I've now got a wait! ☹️ I ordered the monitors from Music Matter as they were doing a bundle (2 monitors, cables & stands) all for £302 on 13th Jan. Got an email to say they were ordered & that they were "On hold" with an estimated delivery date being 19th Jan (based on normal lead times). Never got any further emails, but checking their website, I can see my order status. It never changed yesterday or today (still says "On hold"), so I decided to email them to ask what the status was. Got a short email back just saying "I have contacted the supplier regarding delivery of the Kali Audio LP6, and they are due in around the 1st of February. Apologies for the delay.". Nothing else. I'm not in any big hurry, but it would have been nice to have been offered this info, rather than asking for it.
  4. I went to try a few decent basses about 3 years ago. A gold & black 5HH Bongo was among those I played. Coming from an Ibby player, I found it very easy to play & the sound was superb. It's certainly a marmite on looks. Though prior to seeing it in the flesh, I was never a Bongo fan, but in the flesh, it was lovely. Useless trivia: It's designed by the same team that designed the BMW i3 (Designworks).
  5. Lonely town, lonely street (Bill Withers)
  6. I managed to sell something (no, not the Mrs) & pulled the trigger on the Kali LP6 in white. Found Music Matter doing a package deal that includes stands & speaker cables for £302. Expectrd delivery is next tuesday.
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