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  1. DHL Customer Service can't be as bad as Hermes? If something happens, there's NO contact info for any sort of customer service with them. The seller has to sort it all out. When I lived in Perth, Yodel seemed to be the better of them all. Parcefarce were pretty crap too. Best of luck with getting the bass.
  2. I got a little time today, so I've added some bass playing.
  3. Got mine done. I'd have loved time to lay a bit of bass, but just too busy. If I get time before the deadline, I shall update it. But for now, Enjoy. I've tried to create what I picture being played. Logic supplied a great alien vocal for it too.
  4. Yup, it was not easy to choose 3. I like that every entry is a different genre & actually good songs in their own right.
  5. Got it done. Really happy with the sound too (sounds great in the car). My view of the pic is night driving, passing the large spruce & seeing it move to the rhythm. The song goes through a couple of changes & then heads back from where it began. It was originally 124 bpm, but to get it under 5 mins, I had to make it 126.
  6. You’ll be glad to know that I had no time to record me singing. 🙁 Ill post my track shortly.
  7. For that, I’m gonna sing! 🗣
  8. Mines is a laid back house vibe. Night time driving past the trees. It’s getting there.
  9. You can still sing much better than I can. 😂
  10. & here's me expecting a song about a Douglas Fir. 🤔 Nice track. You've set a high bar.
  11. Good to hear from you Shep. It’s been a while. I know how irritating it can be to lose stuff to the internet. Where it’s there, but you can’t do anything with it. Hope you’re keeping well & still play bass.
  12. Well done NickD. Got one of my votes too. Looking forward to a Fir September. 🤠
  13. When I used to set up PA, the choice of reference material would depend on What was going to be played. Quite often it would be dance music, so Groove Armada’s Vertigo or Goodbye Country was a good reference.
  14. Just been listening to this in the car. Brings a little tear to my eye.
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