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  1. Sparse basslines

    On keys. She likes her synths. & slapping together 2 bits of wood.
  2. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Got mine finished. Roli Equator for the double bass & one of the violins, FExpansion Strobe 2 for the other violin & trumpet, Logic EXS24 for the piano & the drummer in the box that the guy's sitting on is Logic's very own drummer. Apart from the drums, all was played on the Seaboard.
  3. Mike Anthony - Van Halen bassist

    I've got some score/tablature if you want it PMd?
  4. Sparse basslines

    That white Welsh bloke can groove with very few notes.
  5. Pedal board messiness

    Now that's tidy idea.
  6. Bass players still poor relations in a band...?

    Having been in one of those types of bands where it's just really the guitarist wanting to solo & play riffs in between the solos, I had no intention of ever playing in a band that played 60s - 80s rock ever again. But then I have musical frustrations & can't commit to a band, so we jam the out of songs that I'd pay never to hear played again. The singist in the following video never came back ( I think he was number 6). We auditioned a new singist last week & he seems like he may come back on Wednesday, but then previous singists said they would & didn't, so I shan't hold my breath. I try to wreck these songs as much as I can. We played Gloria by Van Morrison 2 weeks ago, I found the bassline for Ghostbusters fitted it perfectly. The guitarist has tried to get us to play Hey Hey My My several times & I can have a great time with octave & filter on that one. Anytime I play, I just try to enjoy myself, even if the song is crap.
  7. Bass players still poor relations in a band...?

    If the guitarist made the same comment to me re "Something funky in A minor", I'd have responded with "Paedo?". As for Jamming with widdling guitarist, it's fun. I can be a widdling bassist when I need to & will play off the guitar & then go back to my main job of laying a solid groove for him to widdle on.
  8. Small monitors

    That couldn't ring truer with me. We spend a bloody fortune on cheese! The Mrs probably spends more a month on cheese than I've ever spent in a year on music!
  9. Ibanez SR jack plug problem

    I've got an SR. Like above, get or make a decent lead. Any worth it's salt has the jacks gripping the cable so you an pull the cable without it leaving the jack in the socket. Also the Neutrik jacks are long enough to grab hold of.
  10. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    2 years ago I was gonna get a Rise 25. Had a couple of plays on it & everyone, from the dad in law to the guys in music shops all said "You don't want that as your main keyboard", so I got the S88. As great as the S88 was, the Rise is much better for me. It can be used like a keyboard, but it just opens up expression much more & screams to be played. I wish I wouldn't have listened to anyone back then & just got the Rise.
  11. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I know someone called buttons. From my trumpet playing days, I know them as valves.
  12. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    it could well be.
  13. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I swapped my NI S88 for a Roli Rise last week. I've been sitting here for the past hour & a bit just going through sounds that match what's in the pic. I've got a great double bass sound, a good solo violin & other strings & a great selection of brass instruments (though there's a pretty good brassy reed instrument that might get the place). I'm toying with going for a lekky piano, though the acoustic pianos that I have are pretty good.