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  1. Stumbled upon this by accident. Some sweet bass playing & gets pretty funky at 2:50.
  2. My valve amp only has an on/off switch. No "Standby".
  3. I just got one of these. Much less overspray.
  4. I use one when recording, but not live. If you're looking at getting a compressor, try & get one with a meter, it makes life sooo much easier.
  5. I agree that the Z matcher is not an ideal choice for matching a cab to an amp. I don’t agree that you need a minimum 300 watts. Though there’s plenty of threads about that already.
  6. For the gigging musician, go specialist (New Moon, Music Guard, Musician's Union, insure4music, etc. If you're willing to take the chance or just jam now & again, then getting cover under your home insurance may give you ample cover, but often only covers in a vehicle if in a locked boot & out of sight. I was covered with Blue Moon, but as I'm in the latter camp for the present, Home Insurance it is.
  7. Any usb mixer or audio interface is going to do exactly what you want. For a budget route, that mixer is a good choice, then in the future, if you get more into recording, you’ll have a better idea if it’s a mixer or interface that you require. Ped’s shout for GarageBand is a good one, not least for the bass amps on offer.
  8. It’s like a small guitar with the E & A strings missing & a capo on the 5th. Then the G string (which would have been the D string) is an octave up. Then the other uke is a bass uke. It’s tuned just like a bass guitar. You also get tenor, concert, super soprano & pineapple ukes, but they’re all pointless unless you’re playing in a ukulele band (which is also pointless).
  9. Magic Eraser would ave removed it all in one go.
  10. Magic Eraser will remove it without issue or damage & can be bought from most supermarkets & budget swag shops (B&M, the range, etc). Isoprop & rubbing alcohol will also remove it, but you’ll find a lot more uses for a Magic Eraser. Clean the white on your converse to like new, clean the inside of the car windscreen with no streaks, remove scuff marks or permanent marker. I don’t even sell the things!
  11. Have you hard this chap. I just discovered him a couple of weeks ago. Ventura is a fantastic album.
  12. When I lived in a flat, one of the previous downstairs neighbours liked to play his music a bit too loud. After a short while, I decided to play bass along with the songs at a decent volume (decent enough to make walls rattle). Didn’t always play the same notes as the songs, as I could just hear the beat.
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