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  1. I’ve respect for good DJs (having DJ’d in the past). It’s a skill in itself to put together a good set list & be able to mix in snippets of other songs on the fly so that they don’t sound like 2 songs playing over one another is crucial. Reading the crowd (who are there to dance) is very important. I don’t class DJs as musicians. However, producers are very much so. Just on different levels as any other musician would be.
  2. On the 80s & early 90s one of my fave bands were RHCP. Then Californication came out & so started the "More of the same". John rejoined them recently, so I was holing for more pre Californication stuff, but the new album is a big bit pish. I love Jazz, but it has to be good. None of this 12 musicians playing different songs. R+R=Now's album is pretty good. Never got the fascination with Oasis. They're a bit average (& I even thought that when they first appeared). I liked "Indie" music back in the 90s, but it should have been left there & don't know why it continues to be such a prominent genre today. I'll listen to any genre of music from Holst to Moderat to Iron Maiden to Silk Sonic. Despite being a Christian, I can't stand the constant samey guff from the likes of Bethel, Hillsong & what other soundalikes there are. It leaves me cold.
  3. He’s not convincing me. As you probably know, thicker strings sound warmer than thinner ones regardless of what the fretboard is made of.
  4. For CCW, the number method is an easy way to remember things, as they only use 1, 4, 5, 6 in some order. Outside of it, get a key change & the number system falls on its face into sharp chippystones.
  5. We’ve used tracks on a couple of certain songs, but it’s been for an “item” rather than during worship. With IEMs, we get the click track (provided by drummer’s metronome) & the MD can tell the band whether we’re doing an extra chorus or a bridge and if it’s to be all in or down.
  6. Fair enough. What about a splitter to send one to the monitor & another to 1 or more headphone amps? I know it’s a cost & really it should come from church funds. But it shouldn’t be too much.
  7. I find IEM works really well. Do you have IEMs for the MD or is that sign language? My tip of the day is to drop the chord charts & learn the song's parts using the chord number method. That way you can free yourself up to focus on playing rather than eyes tied to a chart, and as it's the chord numbers, easy transposes.
  8. One thing I found helpful when learning church songs, was to have one listen to the original, then go find an acoustic version of the song in the key (or as close a key as possible) that the church singist wants it in & practice to that version. This way there's a high chance of the bassline being better than the original You're praising God with your bass.
  9. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m not convinced. After watching some more YT vids, pickups seem to be by far, the biggest factor on tone, then the electrics. My Sub Stingray sounds crap acoustically, but plugged in, it sounds decent. Will the pickups & electrics sound better if I put them in a MM Stingray? I don’t know, but I’m doubtful. A video I watched this morning, he took a Squier Tele affinity & put expensive pickups in it. The sound was hugely different, but he went on to say “the tone is only 1/2 the difference. They also change the feel of how you play”. Off to see if I can find any “cheap pickups in an expensive guitar/bass” vids.
  10. Found something interesting. Still points to the body wood seemingly not making much of a difference though...
  11. I'm not saying that the wood doesn't have an effect on tone, but so far the evidence points to it having very little effect. I'd like to see one that shows the effect the wood is having, balance up the debate.
  12. Why not replace the monitor with a headphone amp & then plug in a pair of earphones?
  13. Would be interesting to hear what the difference is if you swapped a maple neck & a rosewood neck over. The video didn’t take that into account, but I’ve heard it said many times that rosewood makes tone a little darker. My Ibby has a rosewood neck, but strung with flats (Chromes), though I have a set of rounds I could throw on it to compare next to my stingray, but then they’re completely different instruments.
  14. But the video seems to have pretty much shown that body wood has nothing to do with tone. We need a reverse test to prove otherwise. So 2 identical basses that sound different then change the pickups & electronics over & see what the outcome is. Because so far, I’m inclined to think 2 identical basses sounding different is due to the pickups maybe being at a different height, have a different winding or something different in the electronics.
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