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  1. Why am i tempted by this? Do i need it? No. But there's something great about these...and £500 is right on the money. I won't wish you good luck with the sale because i kind of want to get it. As a friend of mine once said, "if you bump into my ex-wife, no regards".
  2. hi jonny. I saw you're interested in an Ibanez - perhaps this will work for you... I'd be up for trading my Ibanez BTB Premium plus cash for this. I've been after a Spector for a while... please see my ad on here for info on my bass (just look up Ibanez BTB - it's the one with the two videos) it's on here for £1050. let me know if you're interested. cheers, mike
  3. Ha- @glassmoon thank you very much. Get in touch, we can maybe cut a deal. I'm in north London so perhaps a delivery is possible too!
  4. I am interested but ideally I'm after a black tiger (i prefer the look of the darker wood). Whether the elite is better is down to the taste of the individual i guess. However i would like a 19mm string spacing with a Smith sound. How much is shipping to the UK?
  5. The name Elite, does that mean a different wood top on the body? the wood looks a little lighter colour than others. Also is this bass still a Black Tiger or does elite nullify that? What year is the bass and how do you ship? Insurance etc? great looking bass. thanks, mike
  6. I don't even want a 6 string and i have an Ibanez BTB1825 for sale on here so why do i want it?! That's a good deal.
  7. To anyone who knows... What is it about these custom shop basses that makes them so expensive? (How much are they new!?) Is there a discernible difference from a USA made stock model? GLWTS Jack.
  8. Short video using my ibanez BTB 1825. I'm playing straight into logic using the SSL2 interface. this bass is up for sale in the "for sale" part of basschat. thanks for watching...
  9. Those are much better pictures. Great looking bass! Yeah I'd love the 36" scale...
  10. This bass has so many things that interest me! 36" scale! I played my friend's Shuker bass of that scale and it felt great to me. i wish there was some way to try this bass but I'm in London. It looks like quite a sturdy bass and as it has walnut in it, I am going to ask the most tire-kicking question of, "how much does it weigh"? Oh and is that a rosewood neck? it doesn't say in the ad whether you're open to trades but I have an Ibanez BTB 1825 Premium up forsake on here for £1200... does/did Overwater make its own pick ups? Are they similar in sound to any you can think of? Hmmm...
  11. Ha! Yes we do silly things sometimes. Two years ago I bought my dream bass, a Ken Smith Black Tiger for £3500. Last year I had to sell it as the 18mm string spacing was killing my right hand! I was so sad to sell it as it sounded amazing. I hope you sell the NE2. I have the NE1 and it is great... the NE2s are pretty expensive though! Good luck. mike
  12. Hi Larko am I right in thinking that the bass is only 1 month old?! what is it about the bass that makes you want to sell? good luck mike
  13. Up for sale, my Ibanez BTB 1825. Excellent condition/as new. Comes with original custom fit Ibanez Case. 35" scale bass with 19mm string spacing and a 47mm nut width. Bought new from Thomann in Nov 2019. Dot markers added by pro luthier. Low action, flat neck with good feel. Just not the tone for me - I bought this bass without ever playing one. Prefer a local (London and surrounding areas) but will post within UK. UKsales only I believe these basses are discontinued. Spec from Ibanez... Neck type BTB59pc Panga Panga/Purpleheart/Maple w/Graphite reinforcement rods neck-through Top/back/body - Walnut top, Ash wing body Fretboard - Bound Panga Panga Abalone off-set dot inlay Frets - Medium Stainless Steel frets Premium fret edge treatment Bridge - MR5 bridge (19mm string spacing) Neck pickup - Aguilar® DCB neck pickupPassive Bridge pickup - Aguilar® DCB bridge pickupPassive Equaliser - Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ Hardware color - Gold Width 47mm NUT Radius 400
  14. Al I think that the latter is the case. Smith make a 19mm option but it may come with a wider neck - I've definitely seen the term "wider neck" in their blurb somewhere...
  15. Sorry no, it was because of the 18mm spacing on my smith that I got rid of it! I would absolutely love a 19mm Smith and I would buy one instantly! Even though I really struggled with it, I still regret getting rid of it as I miss the tone so much!
  16. Hi there. I think you are much better to get a second hand NE2. I spoke to a bass shop in London and he agreed with me that these basses are overpriced from Yamaha. Sometimes here in the UK, they are over £3000 which I think is ridiculous. Sometimes these basses will go for around £1650 and I even alomost bought one for £1100! Anyway, good luck in you search. mike
  17. I struggled with the string spacing. I like it very wide (19mm) and I just found it difficult to play. I was gutted as it was the best quality bass I've ever owned and the tone was KILLER! Wish I'd kept it for a bit longer... i think I'd buy it back from the guy I sold it to but he loves it
  18. I think I might start a thread called, "Why the f**k did I sell my Ken Smith?!"
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