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  1. Or leave the sponge there and just enjoy playing! 😎
  2. Something else which will lessen overtones are brass saddles, brass is a little softer metal than the standard metal used for saddles, the result is an ever so slightly dampening of the string.
  3. If you like a medium or high action than it shouldn't be an issue with the thicker base. May be an idea to add a shim to the neck, to offset the height from the thicker base.
  4. SOLD - 2001 MIK Cort Action with reversed P pickup and J pickup. Solid alder body, in semi translucent Teal (greeny / blue colour), with wood grain beneath. Straight rosewood neck, which was recently cleaned and lemon oiled.
  5. This, along with Westfields and SX's.
  6. Maybe because the stock pickup sounds pretty good. Its short coming is that is lacks a lot of output, but if the music you play doesn't need huge volume, then it works and sounds decent. My EB3 and EB0 both are stock and sound good, to me atleast.
  7. I have no idea why people are mentioning 5 string - the OP hasn't?!? Anyway, it sounds like you're getting overtones, a quick and easy fix is to put some foam under the strings like the picture below. This will stop the strings from ringing when you move to the next one. There's nothing wrong with your Rebel bass. The biggest affect on the sound you get on any string instrument is the strings themselves! You need to try out a few sets of strings by different brands, or let folk here know the type of sound you want to get or favourite bands, and we can guide you to the best string choice. Having an expensive bass with poor or cheap strings will still sound poor, it'll just feel nicer to play.
  8. Not sure Level 42 or the Undertones were new wave?!? There was a lot of Scottish bands which were new wave and didn't get there appreciation, if you're talking UK only.
  9. Unlike some of the old farts on here I like the Sleaford Mods. Punk ethic, a little political, passionate, honest. A lot of their stuff is bass driven, even if sampled, melodic.
  10. Don't want to rub it in, but it's a cracking bass. Luckily I have an even better P for sale currently. 😉
  11. If you can find a set, the closed back tuners on full size P or J squiers are pretty much a drop in replacements. They're more sturdy than the original bronco one's, and will allow you to put on heavier guage strings. I did this to one bronco I owed, and fitted fender flats. Sounded fantastic, even with the stock pickup.
  12. Go to the limelight website, and email Mark.
  13. Kim Deal of the Pixies used/uses DMs exclusively. One very good reason right there! 😉
  14. Totally agree. These are very decent flatwounds, sound good and are very reasonably priced, ideal for first time flatwounds imho. Medium tension too, so they won't feel like you're playing steel rods. They won't sound or feel as nice as higher priced flatwounds, but an excellent starting point.
  15. Heavy guage strings for short scale. Because short scales are lower tension, they need thicker strings to get a fuller, richer sound. Light guage strings at low tension will lack any presence, especially in the low end department.
  16. Andy purchased a jazz bass from me. Very easy transaction and communication. Fast payment. Top guy. 👍
  17. Why do you require a second bass?
  18. 2010 Squier Matt Freeman precision, gloss black body, vintage-tint gloss maple straight neck with virtually zero fretwear, did have flats on, but currently has rounds. The previous owner customised the bass including pearl pickguard, Ki0gon loom, Wilkinson bridge and black hardware. Small bumps and marks, but very good overall condition. Weighs 9.14 lbs. Excellent balance. £385 plus Postage. Features/Specifications: Body & Bridge: Body: Basswood Body Shape: Precision Bass® Colour: Black Neck: Neck Shape: Modern "C" Shape Number of Frets: 20 Fret Size: Vintage-style Fretboard Radius: 9.5" (24.1 cm) Fretboard: Maple Fingerboard Nut Width: 1.650" (42 mm) Scale Length: 34" (86.36 cm) Pickups & Hardware: Bridge Pickup: Custom Precision Bass® Split Single-Coil Pickup Hardware: Chrome Controls: Volume, Tone Control Knobs: Knurled Chrome Dome String Nut: Synthetic Bone
  19. The link to the website says "This replacement neck is for a Fender or Squier® by Fender guitar." So will definitely fit. One thing to note is that generally Fender necks are 63mm at the heel, and Squier are 64mm. There may be a small gap around the Fender neck as it's 1mm smaller, put into the Squier body.
  20. Post in the General Discussion section looking for help to get a lovely bass from Sutton Coldfield to Sunderland. Sure the kind folk here will be able to get the bass to you safe and sound. 😀
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