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  1. B.Flat

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    Thanks for the link dave_bass5
  2. B.Flat

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    Hi Ped, you remember me ? I have the Vigier Passion 11 N°. 278, probably from the same tree as yours ! IEMs are all new to me, can you tell me where to look for ones (make and model would be gratefully received) such as you describe.
  3. B.Flat

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    OK, jrixn1, thanks for the advice.
  4. B.Flat

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    Just to clarify uk-lefty, the problem is that I am told I am too loud, which is a result of my turning up the vol. because of my deafness. I need to turn it up for my my benefit but not mess up the balance for the rest of the band; As footnote, any adevice on suitable IEMs that do not break the bank would be useful, assuming anyone is still reading this thread !
  5. B.Flat

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    Thanks to all reponders. I am remiss in not saying that I do not require a full band mix in the IEMs, just my bass, and probably only in one ear. dave-bass5 has probably answered my question in his first response.
  6. B.Flat

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    Thanks BigRedX for your reply. I have read the online manual for the Stomp, but my lack of technical knowledge is the prob. There is a headphone out with controllable volume, but I cannot find anything that answers my question about IEM. I am intending using the Stomp for bass, and need the IEM (as simple as poss) to reduce the wrath my fellow band members heap on my increasing deafness!
  7. B.Flat

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    Hi Stomp users, advice required. I have seen a Youtube of the full Helix model using the headphones out as a controllable IEM. Question, is that possible with the Stomp ? I would like to find this out before I pull the trigger on one.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Thanks itu, I am trying this now, but not the shop conversation...
  10. I have a carbon neck with a chip, which I think I can drop-fill myself with a bit of advice from someone who has this experience. The questionh is what to use. The manufacturer of the bass says polyester will be OK, but the polyester I have in stock is amber-coloured, not clear. I have tried a spot of EVERBUILD MITREFAST (with accelerator) which seems clear enough, but I do not know if it will adhere to the carbon and polish up correctly. All advice on materials and method gratefully received. I have watched several Youtubes of drop-fill, but they are all on flat surfaces, and also I do not want the finished job to look wirse than it is now, as the playability is unaffected by the chip.
  11. OK, thanks itu and LukeFRC for your replies. First problem is I do not fully understand electronics but can solder etc. from a laymans diagram. Secondly I have a Lakland preamp and controls in bits, which I want to get functional but I need the simpletons diagram, with colour coded wires if poss, to be able to do this. So, it iis the original Lakland loom with MM & J Bartos, coil tap, mid F switch, output preset, B,M & T tone; Vol/bal and push/pull passive.
  12. I have been here already but I cannot find a diagram of the Lakland loom
  13. It might be the onset of "oldtimers disease" but I have trawled the net to find a Bartolini wiring diagram for the Lakland 4-94, without success. Can anyone advise ? It is the NTMB-L preamp with coil tap and mid switch (internal).
  14. That is really great, BB, it looks foolproof to me, and I am greatly indebted to you. Thank you very much !!
  15. Hi, OK I am grateful for any help you can give me but only when you have time to do it. Thank you
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