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  1. I'll see what I can do, but don't hold your breath !
  2. Hi again Bill. From the heart of France, thank you again. You have been most helpful. I will suggest to President Macron you should be reccommended for the Légion D'Honour ! Brian
  3. Hi again Bill, I forgot to ask if a variable attenuator can be added to the circuit ? If yes, could you please advise me. Brian
  4. Thanks Bill, exactly the clear advice I was looking for, I am indebted. Brian
  5. Hi. So, I have a 2 X 10" cab (which is really two 1 X 10's", as the internal space is divided) to which I would like to add a high frequency driver. The advice I am looking for is, which driver (the 10" are Deltalite 2510's) which needs to be as small as possible as space on the baffle is tight, and which x-over (off the peg if possible but would build one if not too difficult). Is the tuning of the cab important regarding this x-over ? The cab is driven by one side of a Yamaha PX 3 power amp, 500w at 4ohms
  6. I have had a message from H.P.Wilfer to say that the side tags (indicated) need to be cut off and that there are some tags on the inside also that need to be removed for easier battery replacement. So, question answered, and it may be of interest to anyone trying to add a Warwick battery box to an instrument.
  7. Are you sure about this BassBunny ? If you look at the photo at https://shop.warwick.de/en/parts-for-instruments/warwick-spare-parts/pickguards-covers/21524/warwick-parts-battery-compartment-for-2-x-9v-block-battery?c=3591 the lid is not the hinged variety, you will also see the side tags I mentioned. Tell me what you think.
  8. Anyone out there with experience ofthe Warwick dual 9v battery box ? I want to fit one to my Fortress, that is why my first choice is the Warwick box, but looking at it on the sites of variuous suppliers I am not sure how it is supposed to be fitted. there appear to be some kind of friction/pressure tags on the side of it but I cannot decide what routing will be required. Any words of wisdom would be helpful !
  9. I am re-thinking this. I have been spoilt by the neck on my Vigier Passion ii carbon, which though I did not take to immediately, I now think is probably the most comfortable neck (and bass) I have owned in sisxty years (you were right Ped!). I can't make the Warwick the same profile etc. but after some very careful adjustments it is not uncomfortable, and I think it is better to leave it alone as it is in unbelievable original condition for its 25 years. The preamp mod I have now configured so that it is completely reversible. Time to get back to actual notes and music and avoid the rabbit hole of "perfection". Just further to the topic of comfortable instruments, the openening pages of "Bird Lives" by Ross Russell about Charlie Parkers' alto sax puts it all in perspective !
  10. Thanks for the replies. Yes, HazBeen, it is the slide-in trussrod. I have never seen one out of the neck, I did not realise it was bigger than the two-way.
  11. Hello again. Further to the re-furbishment of my Warwick Fortress One, 1995, (subject of a previous thread for preamp upgrade) I am hoping for advice on the possibility of reducing the front-to-back thickness of the neck. I would be interested to hear how much wood people think, if any, could be removed without compromising the structural integrity of the neck, and possible ways of deciding this. A luthier once told me there was a way to decide how much wood was underneath the trussrod by using a magnet and shims, anyone else know about this ? Also, assuming I go ahead with this, would reducing grades of sandpaper followed by reducing grades of steel wool reproduce the existing finish on the wenge neck ? Answers on a postcard, the winner will be drawn at mid-day............. Brian
  12. Thank you, that answers it, I have those marks so it must be cast. The only thing that made me query was its weight. On the Warwick site the brass version is shown to weigh 0.15Kgs, and mine just the bridge, without the base plate, weighs 0.156kgs. Must be a heavy alloy !
  13. Can anyone tell me what material the 3D bridge on a '95 Warwaick Fortress One would be made of ? Was it alloy or brass or what ?
  14. Hi Hazbeen. Yes that is what I thought you intended and I think probably the best solution so far. Brian
  15. Hi Hazbeen. This is sounding interesting but my elderly brain is having difficulty visualiising. Do you mean cut the end off the barrel jack and thread it internally to match the thread on the 9 pole socket ? At this time I do not know the relative diameters ( internal and external) of the two sockets. Maybe you can enlighten me !
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