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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Thanks itu, I am trying this now, but not the shop conversation...
  3. I have a carbon neck with a chip, which I think I can drop-fill myself with a bit of advice from someone who has this experience. The questionh is what to use. The manufacturer of the bass says polyester will be OK, but the polyester I have in stock is amber-coloured, not clear. I have tried a spot of EVERBUILD MITREFAST (with accelerator) which seems clear enough, but I do not know if it will adhere to the carbon and polish up correctly. All advice on materials and method gratefully received. I have watched several Youtubes of drop-fill, but they are all on flat surfaces, and also I do not want the finished job to look wirse than it is now, as the playability is unaffected by the chip.
  4. OK, thanks itu and LukeFRC for your replies. First problem is I do not fully understand electronics but can solder etc. from a laymans diagram. Secondly I have a Lakland preamp and controls in bits, which I want to get functional but I need the simpletons diagram, with colour coded wires if poss, to be able to do this. So, it iis the original Lakland loom with MM & J Bartos, coil tap, mid F switch, output preset, B,M & T tone; Vol/bal and push/pull passive.
  5. I have been here already but I cannot find a diagram of the Lakland loom
  6. It might be the onset of "oldtimers disease" but I have trawled the net to find a Bartolini wiring diagram for the Lakland 4-94, without success. Can anyone advise ? It is the NTMB-L preamp with coil tap and mid switch (internal).
  7. That is really great, BB, it looks foolproof to me, and I am greatly indebted to you. Thank you very much !!
  8. Hi, OK I am grateful for any help you can give me but only when you have time to do it. Thank you
  9. Well, Bassbunny, the bass and treble pots are 100K linear, but the rest is a bit unclear for me. Are you saying the best would be to get a 250k dual pot and wire it between the existing volume pot and the preamp ? If yes how would I do that. Is there any chance you could draw it on the circuit I included in my last post and post it back ? It is important that the passive tone works in both passive and active mode. With regard to the active bass and treble I would obtain an MEC dual concentric 100k linear pot and copy thye connections on the diagram
  10. OK ,BassBunny noted, I will investigate. However, since I posted I have thought that maybe all I need to do is stack the bass/treble pots and wire in a passive tone before the preamp. Having said that, I have no idea how to wwire it. Can anybody out there help with a laymans diagram I could follow ?
  11. I would be grateful to hear opinions on four-hole commercial preamps to be used in a P/J set-up. I understand pickup choice is an important element of this, so pickup advice also if poss. Question arises fro wanting to mod a '95 Warick Fortess One. The existing Warwick is OK but the Sadowsky, with passive tone control, beckons. 9 or 18 volt OK, I can modify the battery accomodation.
  12. I'll see what I can do, but don't hold your breath !
  13. Hi again Bill. From the heart of France, thank you again. You have been most helpful. I will suggest to President Macron you should be reccommended for the Légion D'Honour ! Brian
  14. Hi again Bill, I forgot to ask if a variable attenuator can be added to the circuit ? If yes, could you please advise me. Brian
  15. Thanks Bill, exactly the clear advice I was looking for, I am indebted. Brian
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