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  1. There's a few threads about lightweight basses on here, do a search, plenty of options available.
  2. Same here. Had the head and two 210s, the cabs lack punch. Didn't think the head was particularly great, a lot of the effects were a little woolly. Replaced it with a Warwick head and cabs, miles better.
  3. Does anyone know the size or where to purchase two pot nuts for an Epiphone EB0 or EB3 bass? While cleaning the pots on my EB3 I somehow managed to lose two pot nuts. I have a draw of spares from other basses, but none seem to fit, they're all either too small or too large. 😥 The pots are 500k, not sure if that makes any difference, as the majority of my spares are from 250k.
  4. The Kills use a drum machine backing track on all their songs, Sleaford Mods use a full backline played from a laptop. Keys backing track is no big deal. Doubt anyone would particularly notice.
  5. I've had a few Kay sg's, for a bass they're pretty rubbish, the pickup is microphonic and has no punch. However, every overdrive or fuzz I ran through it sounded awesome, it has its own sound, and the short scale neck and lightweight body makes it super fun to play. Try your fuzz, it'll make that bass come to life!
  6. Do you play the little Kay through fuzz or overdrive?
  7. Mart brought a P body from myself. Top guy to deal with.
  8. As the OP mentioned fretboard oil, won't be maple. I use baby wet wipes first, to clean as much as possible, dry with kitchen towel. Leave for an hour to fully dry off. Then use Dunlop lemon oil fretboard oil, leave for 5-10 mins and wipe off.
  9. Probably Cech or eastern Europe.
  10. If the string sounds fine acoustically as the OP says, how would a different string improve output amplified?
  11. Sounds like it's not wired correctly. Get a Ki0gon harness and save yourself the headache. 😃
  12. Action is a personal preference. One thing to keep in mind if you prefer a lower action is the choice of strings, or more importantly the tension of the strings. For a low action you need high tension strings, so the oscillation of the string when played is smaller. A bass with low or medium tension strings won't get a low action without lots of fret buzz. To avoid fret buzz you need high tension strings. As for the zero fret, sanding with 400 grit is fine to lower it, done this many times myself, just mask off the fretboard and area around the fret.
  13. Some pickups just don't sound good on some bodies, likewise with strings. So a different pickup may help. I've had pickups which sound rubbish in the body of one bass, later put them into another body and they sounded great. No rhyme or reason, both bodies were alder, I've also had the same experience with strings.
  14. Maybe it's the way some go about things is what annoys people. Anything which overtly pushy or marketing speak I switch off. Which is why I haven't and won't check out Greg's videos. Also, anyone using caps in the title - DON'T!!!!!!! No need to shout. *Rant over* 🤣
  15. Have you tried different strings, to rule out it's definitely the pickup, and not the strings?
  16. Why not watch some YouTube videos, won't cost you a thing, and you'll get an idea what they sound like?
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