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Ancient Mariner

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  1. Gibson ES175.

    Ovations were all about the playability, rather than the tone, and that's something you won't find in a typical 'proper' acoustic. If you already know what they're like and don't mind the idiosyncrasies then there's no reason not to love an Ovation.
  2. What have you got GAS for at the moment? ... Guitar version.

    I've long wanted an SGV: cross with myself that I missed the boat when they were cheap because no-one wanted such an odd looking instrument 10 years ago.
  3. Show us your Harley Bentons

    I used to find playing a P-type neck good preparation for playing my Tokai '59 Les Paul replica, making the neck feel just a little slimmer.
  4. Show us your Harley Bentons

    Like the look of the SC550 - very much like the shape of early Aria Pro II Les-Paul-alikes apart from the headstock. Been fancying a Tele from HB for a while, but don't really need one.
  5. Good value reverb pedal, preferably small.

    I've given up on reverb for now, but thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Short scale Strats - anyone tried one?

    There's a small group that love original Fender short scale guitars like the mustang, and I guess this is trying to tap that particular market. Not for me though - scale is a big part of both how a guitar plays and sounds, and I'm not really keen on the shorter scale. If this kind of thing appeals then also try the Brian May red special replicas - the more accurate versions are also short scale IIRC.
  7. Suggestions for amp please.

    If he could find an old Carlsbro Top 50 he'll get about as clean and loud a valve amp as he'll find anywhere - breakup just isn't on the menu, but outrageous volume levels are. I had one for a little while (came along as a combined purchase with a Ceriatone 18watt trem clone) but I had no use for something like that.
  8. What have you got GAS for at the moment? ... Guitar version.

    Feeling miffed - I've kind of fancied a Washburn WI series guitar for quite a long time, and just 'won' a Trohman version on ebay for £67. 'Cept the seller cancelled the auction when he didn't get as much as he wanted.
  9. Acoustic guitar hard case £20

    Interested in case - fit dreadnought? Might be able to collect.
  10. The THRs seem to be exceptional for a home practice amp - by reputation - though sadly I've yet to own one.
  11. What have you got GAS for at the moment? ... Guitar version.

    This: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151787032836?
  12. What have you got GAS for at the moment? ... Guitar version.

    I'd like a strat with 3 P90s and a 12 string dano. Don't 'need' either though.
  13. My ghast is well & truly flabbered.

    Someone with excessive nostalgia and a bleeding wallet.
  14. My strats are generally wired wth a blend on the 2nd tone pot to add the neck pickup to the bridge & bridge+middle positions. Mostly I use the neck or middle, plus blended neck&bridge for lead work and one of the in between tones for funky rhythm. The (master) tone control also gets a bit of use.