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  1. Did you get it to work? There is definitely an order to updating the pedal. I switched mine on and off and it was recognized on the Mac.
  2. spyder


    Unfortunately you can only do that when it's hooked up to a computer. There is no way of changing it on the fly. You have use one at a time.
  3. spyder


    I've used the NUX MLD for the past year. It is very flexible now you can load 16 ir cab sims and three individual voiced preamps. Check out Talk Bass thread.
  4. I know there's not a lot of love for these here. Tell me more. Why do they get no love. I'm thinking about a Nash for a future purchase.
  5. That's looks great. Thanks for the info.
  6. I'm on the look out for a new 5 string jazz type bass and came across Anaconda Basses from here in the UK. Anybody tried one? There is one at the bass gallery and wondered if any of our London based members tried it. Thanks.
  7. Boxed in very near mint condition. Sadowsky SBP-2 Preamp. £50 plus £5 UK postage.
  8. Fantastic idea. Thank you for your efforts.
  9. Agree with you Bill. If I turn up the bass on the Sadowsky preamp (40hz) there is very little if any extra deep bass. The cab - driver combination has no real beep bass.
  10. It is strange. Unfortunately I have only used the cab with my one and only bass, so can't compare basses to see if it's mine that has a naturally warm sound.
  11. Without sounding rude or condescending, even if the amp is only 4 months old it is still second hand and prices for second hand items are rock bottom at the moment. Given the poor prospect of a sale due to the current gigging and Covid climate you need to offer it at a bargain price just to get people interested. I would look again at the price and offer it 50-70% of the new price. Maybe not what you want to hear but it is realistic. Good luck with the sale..... It really is a fantastic amp.
  12. Can someone please run these numbers for replacement drive units. I have a sealed 63lt ( 30x35x60 ) cab with cut outs for two 12" drive units. I'm looking for a flat response from this with very little bass hump. I'm currently using two Celestion BL12- 200x which are very warm. Thank you in advance.
  13. My RM800 arrived this morning from MP. Contained a European mains cable and UK adapter. This is not a problem for me as I have lots of spare UK cables. The amp sounds fantastic and I really wish I had discovered the Ashdown sound earlier. Clear with lots of punch.... What's not to like. Also EXTREMELY loud.😄
  14. Just pulled the plug on one... crazy price.
  15. I'm looking for an experienced tutor to help with polishing off my playing. Mainly looking for groove / fills and theory lessons around South Devon. Thanks.
  16. Anyone tried this...... Black Country Customs by Laney. The Custard Factory Bass Compressor Pedal.
  17. Or.......... why do you have a White feather duster coming out of your trousers. 😂
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