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  1. For £1400 I would sell mine 😂
  2. ACG with MC and new East preamp (DFM) will give you that sound for a fraction of the price. And way more.
  3. I had it in the late '90s, here in Italy, bought from Music Ground as I read the ad in a paper bass magazine.
  4. what a magnificient form of beauty!
  5. Well... Actually I'm playing New Orders songs, so I took the bass to have that signature sound. I also have a very faithful Clone Theory replica made by a firm here in Italy and based on an old Reticon SAD 1024 IC. I have rather small hands (like PH), so I feel really comfortable with the bass set like him.
  6. My question could be silly, but I set up my bass like Peter (using that heavy .060 G string) and I put the neck dead straight by tightening the truss rod. I also reverted all the saddles on the "edge" side and went with thru-bridge stringing. I experience a little fret buzz, so I'd like to have the opinon of the others...
  7. Calling all the BBPH owners (but for the others, too 😁 )! How do you set the action on these? What's your favourite settings?
  8. Unsigned? You are talking about a real PH signature, not the one on the rear, right?
  9. Pretty good results after the second hand of ink: However, despite the heavy masking with vinyl tape, I suffered some smearing, very hard to remove: I don’t recommend this!
  10. I used genuine Fiebing's Leather Dye. I'm going to put a second coat in these days
  11. Ebonizing the fretboard on my BBPH:
  12. Thank you Hooky6... I suspected that going thru-bridge would allow a little less tension on the G string. I'm going to buy a couple of single .060 Rotosounds (someone suggested me they are the same of Elites...) and change stringing in that way. Looking at Hooky's personal bass, seems to me that the G string is not the same set of Elite signature set.
  13. hello guys, I have an issue with my BBPH that only YOU, fellow BBers, can solve... I bought 3 sets of Peter Hook stainless steel strings from Bass Center (the are just .040-.105 with a .060 for the high G string...). I strung them through body, but broke TWO Gs as I tried to setup the bass (mine came with a nice flat neck but a high action...). Could be an issue with the string length? I noticed that the string retainer stay on the silk but when I see Peter Hook with his own bass I see and unwound G string. Could be this a custom made for the string through body?
  14. I ordered 3 sets, they are on their way from England to Italy...
  15. Here we are!! I like it a lot. I found the neck superb, much more than my Rick 4003 from 2017.
  16. No, this is my first BB! And yes, Santa allowed me to play, even because it is a self-present!
  17. Santa came yesterday in Italy with a brand-new BBPH! ☺️
  18. I use horse riding leather tan to "ebonize" rosewood fretboards
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