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  1. Hi, what‘s the scale and tuning of it?
  2. ...i do have a (more simplified) fretted IV of this kind for sale, if sb is interested? very well build and super easy handling these Lett´s basses bang for buck, i´d say, only too sad i can´t even handle 33" anymore, otherwise this fretless would have been mine, i swear! now i go on with my 26,5"... glwts!!
  3. ...i gave Clarky's Ballbass a home... sorry, you 're loss / my gain 😃 THIS fl would be the perfect match!!
  4. superb & easy, trustworthy & safe triple AAA feedback from me thx, Chris
  5. Yep! couldn`t wish for more! thx for your patience Peter, it took me a while tripleAAA, Chris
  6. already had 2 perfect deals with Clarky. swift, friendly, reliable thx, Chris
  7. 100% trustworthy & full of knowledge, swift & easy, tripleAAA thx, Chris
  8. perfect & swift conversation, trustful in any manner! nice trade triple AAA thx, Chris
  9. right, but my limited fretless playing doesn‘t bring me into rushing stunts along the fretboard that much more chilled playalong = less trouble
  10. Nice! Would you grow me a fretless, IV please?
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